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Mission name: Apples to Oranges.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Sort Doppelganger Fruits.
Location: Small South Forest.
Reward: 150 Ryo +1 EP.
Mission Description: The exams fell right during reaping season, and a great many autumnal Konoha delicacies require ripe, juicy fruit! Amaguriama is handing out open gigs for those that will help pick and sort the Burning Sky Harvest.
Mission Details: There's nothing out of the ordinary here at first, but it turns out not only the foliage is the varied colors of fire. Every single one of the fruits can be orange, yellow, crimson, or any color in-between! This is a tedious task that either takes a Konoha palate and nose, a Perception stat of D-3 to tell between the different types of fruit, or a sensory technique that lets one discern their interiors without damaging them.

Fruit. Everyone needed it, Joe was harvesting it.

Of all the resources that Konoha was known for, of all the exports and imports, out of everything that a foreigner might know- agriculture was probably one of the biggest parts of the village. No other country in the ninja world had the kind of fertile land that Konohagakure did, endless swathes of farmland stretching far and wide across Hi no Kuni, unperturbed save for the occasional river or natural barrier. They were the breadbasket of all the other nations, whether they realized it or not. Kiri had some farming, but they were the kings of harvesting the boons of the sea. Kumo and Iwa certainly were both large and respectable, yet they were both all mountainous or highlands, with only the occasional elevated rice paddy. Suna was, well, suna- thus none could truly compare to the bounty of the land of fire's endless sunny days. It was that time of the year when the days grew shorter and the nights grew longer and colder, it was autum, it was the harvesting season. Even in the midst of the hubub of the Chunin Exams, the need to harvest still was a pressing matter to most of the nation, any extra hands that could be spared by workers were hired up quick to help in the fields.

Joe was one of such temporary farmhands, walking up the dirt path to the modestly sized farmhouse where he had been assigned for the upcoming mission- if one could even call it that. It was more of just helping out around the ranch than a true task of importance. Truthfully, Joe was just grateful for the chance to get out of the walls of Konoha and breath the pine-scented air of Hi no Kuni. It was only a couple hours by foot to the farmstead in question, the seamless rows of blooming crops, of fresh fruit, blossoming brilliantly against the maturing rays of the sun. If Joe hadn't been here for official business, he surely would've brought his eisel and painting kit to do a watercolor of the scene. He was clad in simple working clothes, his Konoha head-plate wrapped around his waist like a belt. He watched as an old but strong looking woman set a wheelbarrow full of freshly picked fruits down on the grass in front of the farmhouse, looking at him as he approached. "Why hello there sonny! Have ye come to help your elders mind the farm?" the woman asked, grabbing handfuls of fruits and placing them up onto the back of a large wooden cart hitched to a pair of plain looking horses. "Me and my husband've cleared the first couple fields, we're trying to finish half of them all by the end of the day to bring them all into town. We'll give you and your partner a life so you don't have to walk" the woman stated, looking past Joe to the path he had come up along.

"Speakin' of partners, I think she's comin' up now" she squeaked, prompting the Genin to turn and look to see who was coming.



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8:33 am
Shinwato ; Orchard
Interacting with Yoshihiro


Sencha was never much of an early riser but as she trekked the path towards her very first mission, she was starting to reconsider her stance. Sunlight filtered through the tree leaves and dotted the ground creating millions of little diamonds on the forest floor. The morning air was crisp but not cold and the orange leaves crunched beneath her feet with every step. It was perfect out. Sencha tugged her jacket closer and continued with a steady pace through the woods soaking up all the beauty the autumn season had to offer. The walk from her apartment to the orchard was a bit long and definitely tedious but, the ever excitable chef was just happy for the experience.

She had never been to an orchard before or at least not a large one. When Sencha was younger she recalled a nanny had brought her to a smaller remote farm but it was nothing too special. It was also certainly not memorable but this, this was bound be something to remember. Sencha fingered the cloth of her Konoha headband. She wore it like a scarf around her neck in an effort to defeat her nasty habit of leaving it at home. Today was possibly the first day she was been able to actually remember it since becoming a genin.

The never ending green seemed to clear and a dirt path formed as Sencha pressed forward. A wooden sign marked her arrival to the farm and the excited blond gained an extra pep in her step as she passed it. Rows upon rows of colorful crops lined the property and Sencha marveled at the sight of them. She briefly thought of asking the owner if she could have some for herself. She quickly shooed the thoughts away and shook her head as if to further distance them from herself. Her purpose here wasn't to go grocery shopping, it was to be of use to the farm owner.

As she walked further voices could be heard and then into view came an old woman with graying hair talking to what she assumed was another shinobi. The older woman must've noticed Sencha's arrival as she prompted the other person to turn and look as well. She briefly stopped in her tracks and gave a brief wave to the pair before jogging up to meet them.

"Good morning," She said greeting the pair with enthusiasm. With a quick glance at his headband which he wore casually on his waist, Sencha confirmed he was indeed from Konoha and perhaps the same rank as her as well since he was on this mission. Sencha gave him a once over and contemplated telling him that she liked his eyes. She was always a fan of brown eyes and often wished hers had been a hue similar to his but instead she gave him a small smile and nod. She didn't want to seem weird and they'd only just met.

She turned her eyes to the older woman who had her salt and pepper slicked back into a tight bun. Her wrinkled features and small stature made Sencha that much more eager to help. Though the way she handled the fruit basket suggested she was anything but frail, the young genin was here to help after all.

"Sorry if I'm a little late you've got some beautiful property ma'am. My name is Sencha by the way," She addressed it to both of them but looked towards the dark haired ninja.

The older woman smoothed her hair down and smiled kindly at Sencha.

"That's very sweet of you dear. The two of y'all should hop up on on this cart now so we can get you two to the orchard."

Sencha nodded at the woman and hopped onto the wagon and settled herself on a hay bale.


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