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There was a location deep within the forests with a white wolf pup running rampantly in the village in search of the one who could help save her master. To save her master from the cursed fate that seemed to befall him as she knew no one else with the strength and the power to help as she made her way towards her target.

Deep inside the forest the mist was dense
The feelings suspense so intense
Dropping all feelings and all emotions
Raging hearts like raging oceans
The worlds collide the earth divides
Broken apart from all sides

In this world without a heart
The hopes and dreams of Makoto torn apart
Everything he worked so hard to get
Every moment he wanted to forget

Intensity, losing reality, trapped inside a fantasy, the ongoing calamity, as insanity, reveals his humanity.

Makoto took a moment to realize
That all the thoughts he had were unwise
To just look on and see his defeat
In the end as he took look down at his broken feet

The mist was hidden and hidden the mist
All that it took was an iron fist
From cuts he could not see, to the speed he could not keep
The moment when he felt free, he felt wounds get deep

Skies crack and split apart the clouds as raging storms break out
As his voice unhinges and cries out in the unbroken shout
Crying out loud, getting knocked out, wondering how he will ever make it to his next bout

The challenge of battle or the challenge of life
The hardships and challenges he faces at the edge of his knife
Swinging his blade and hitting nothing but air
Feeling so weak in a world unfair

Break away let the flare unleash itself as you prepare
For a moment so rare it comes once in a glare and a stare
of the moon and the shift in the tides
As his blood boils as his last feeling hides

Going crazy in his mind, finding the found hard to find
All this time going forward only falling behind
In this endless training and endless grind
With eyes wide open, but still blind.

The unrivaled and unadulterated pure rage
A rage you could only find at a delicate age
Set the stage, turn the page and watch us see the dawn of a monster breaking out of his cage

A beast unleashed as the rage was growing
All his emotions honestly showing

As Makoto was crying out loud hidden inside the hidden mist, Ashe would run to find that man, the muscled man, Maikumaru man, the real man's man Maikumaru. Ashe the wolf pup searched for him and when she found him she would bark at him to indicate that he would need to follow as some trees started to tilt slightly as Makoto was raging in the mist deep inside the forest with no one to turn to and all alone as he threw his tantrum for the first time in his life. Well the first time he threw a full blown one that is as time was short and so was Makoto as he felt this burning feeling deep down inside.

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Makoto's Melancholy
One Step Closer to the Edge[Makoto/Maikumaru] MiBtKGN



Maikumaru realized that there was no shortage of criminals in the wilderness of The Land of Fire. He was surrounded, but naturally, when isn't an Iwa Ninja surrounded. After traversing through the Forest of Death, Maikumaru had found that there were criminal scum in their woodlands. It was something to be expected, given his former line of work, and how frequent his visits to The Land of Fire were. He had his arms crossed over his chest, looking at everyone around him. They had their weapons drawn. Kunai, Swords, Windmill Shuriken. He stopped keeping track, and crunched his fists. There were three of them. A windmill shuriken came Maikumaru’s way. He ducked underneath it to avoid the attack. Reaching out with his hand, he grabbed it, and threw it back at him, into his midsection.

The other With the swords flew at Maikumaru, screaming like a wild animal. The Champion of Iwa respected his strong personality, however, it wouldn’t do him much good. Maikumaru grabbed his wrists, and yanked them around. The one with the Kunai tried to sneak up on Maikumaru. However, he maneuvered the swords while behind him, and jumped backwards, impaling the enemy. He swung the swordsman around, and threw him aside.

Looking to the side, he felt the heat of a fire jutsu that was coming his way. He rolled off to the side to dodge the attack. Maikumaru deduced he was forty meters away. The situation turned from an easy wipe, to a bit of a difficult one. But given the power of that fire attack, he was a pretty strong Shinobi. Maikumaru’s eyes widened when he saw a crackling string of lightning headed in his direction. Maikumaru had to take the forefront of the damage, and become shocked by the result. He felt his body spasm, burn and twist. When it was over Maikumaru’s body went stiff. He fell to the ground, face first. The power of the jutsu affected him, but not enough to incapacitate him. He was waiting. Maikumaru was playing dead. The Katon and Raiton user waved the other guy aside to approach Maikumaru’s body.  

When he knelt down to his body, Maikumar sprang into action. He jumped up and grabbed him by the face. He yielded back his fist, and drove into his face. Holding the back of his neck, his face would become acquainted with his knee. The Champion of Iwagakure threw him aside. “I’m not in the mood for killing right now. I am willing to let you both go, if you want to save whatever dignity you have left.” The two looked at each other, and sighed. They both picked themselves off and left. Unsurprisingly, they left the corpses of their dead companions behind. The alliance was probably built on nothing but utility. When Maikumaru started to walk off, he was approached by a small wolf. It barked at him. It kept running away a few meters, and coming back. The Champion of Iwagakure knew that the cub wanted him to follow it. And so he did. Maikumaru was led into a thick foggy mist. It was obvious that it was Makoto. “Makoto is that you? What the hell are you doing out here.”

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One Step Closer to the Edge[Makoto/Maikumaru] 1200px-Earth_symbol_A.svg

Ninja Ability:

Name:Earthbound Brawler  
Concept: Maik’s fighting style has evolved as he has gained experience, but one thing has always remained the same: take blows and keep on rolling. SLowing him down might be easy. Stopping him is a different story.  
Description: All physical damage Maik takes is decreased by -1 rank.



The sound of the jeers and the teasing were loud and proud inside of Makoto's head as he began thinking back to his days in the academy.


"Hey, Makoto come play with us", as a girl smiles while tilting her hair to the side as the hair drooped to the side, her flower broach was meant to stand out as she kept tilting her head from side to side trying to get the little stubborn boys attention. He had remembered that day well as he ignored her, girls could not be trusted just like his mom when she left him for a new discovery. Makoto knew once she was bored with him she would just leave him behind as he rather avoided it from the start, he knew deep down inside he could never trust girls again, and to be honest he had other issues to deal with as a boy approached.

"Leave the kid alone, he got beaten up by the training post the other day. Just let him sit there by himself, its not like he wants to be our friends so leave him alone", as the boy grinned with his spiky hair as he was one of the boys who sometimes picked on Makoto quite often.

"Hey! Who do you think you are, I am talking to Makoto!" as the boy grinned back and replied, "What you going to do, beat me up if I bother him" as they had a glaring contest they seemed to argue for a while longer only to find that Makoto vanished from view as the boy said, "As usual, always running away, he should just become a baker or something safer", as the girl glared once more she shouted out, "One day you will need him, and he will run away" as he laughed she was still glaring.

The little boy Makoto just sat alone having found refuge in the library he started reading a small book about ninjutsu as he looked at images of blue water dragons and raging flaming fireballs among other things as he sat in the chair his feet swaying in the air, looking to the ceiling as if someone was there as he thought to himself that life could never be fair. He did not get along with any of the other kids and he was always all alone all the time, as a well behaved shinobi boy never getting out of line.

Makoto did not understand how things could be the way they are, and it did not matter if the journey was going to be far. He kept being in a daze.


Makoto's tears were hidden as he was sulking the mist became even thicker and began swirling around him as it was not dangerous enough to hurt Maikumaru, it was enough to show the swirling storm spinning and whirling around him as he had lost not once, but twice and both times he lost to only one thing, speed that went beyond what should be possible, speed far exceeding that of a genin as he felt that they were probably all on some kind of super genin juice. The mist started fading, but the storm was still spinning around as the water in the air began to gather all around there as the heat was an example of his heat jutsu he had been developing as well as he was struggling to hold in his emotions having chosen this place away from others, a place that was safe from their eyes of harsh judgement as he tried to avoid looking at himself as there was not wind, only mist moving to his will as he felt his chakra draining as he had done something he should not have done.

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Total Thread = 537 + 544 + 628 = 1709(1 EP)


Makoto's Melancholy
One Step Closer to the Edge[Makoto/Maikumaru] MiBtKGN

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