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The city of Konohagakure - a place where friends and foes alike had spawned whether it be the slithering serpent Orochimaru or the not so slithering but very much serpent Orochiyaru, Konohagakure was home to the greats whether they were the greats that brough descrution of all things or the greats that brought forth peace. Among them was certainly not Xiao, the spider-ninja of the hidden mist who so often found himself in the most unusual of situations - primarily revolving around the leaf, so much in fact that he often wondered if fate was informing him he had been born into the wrong village. Regardless, the little spider was there right now in those grand walls of the Konohagakure, histories beloved village for no other reason than the Chuunin Exams! Yes the chuunin exams. A place where children who had been manipulated into being human weapons threw knives at each other and were deemed worthy of whether they could indeed throw said knives at more than just cats in the future. Xiao was unfortunately not one of these who would be deemed able to progress and he certainly knew it having no real desire to be a 'chuunin' or a shinobi at all but rather seeing himself as a freelance hero who happened to be linked with a system he detested.

As Xiao had been doing so often time and time again he had found himself once more in the sparring grounds. A sight that was becoming far too common for the onlooking genin as the spider-boy of the mist made his way once more again to the center of the sanded rounded arena and placed his small crate in the center to murmurs of varying onlookers.

"Is that...God damn it, Is Kyutai doing this again?"
"Hey it's that mist shinobi. Does he ever quit?"
"Are y'all being serious y'here dat dere darn cowpoke be wrastlin up some moar varments ya here?"

Sounded the voices of the crowd as Xiao, known as his 'Alias' Kyutai to most others stood atop the box and cupped his hands to make a makeshift megaphone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen as you so well know the time has come once again for the spectacle you have all been waiting for, from web warriors to Suiton Soldiers, From Katon Comrades to Raiton Rangers, the time has come - and so have I - to give you a spectacle the likes of which have never been seen before."

You literally JUST did this! We've SEEN this!

"Or have you my good sir genin? Yes this may be yet another fight for the undefeated-"

You literally lose every fight!

"Undefeated, in spirit, Kyutai but this is one unlike no other for my opponent today shall be the Macho Man, the Legend, The Immortal, The Man with the Iron fists...uhhhh..."

Xiao honestly had no idea who his opponent would be, he hadn't really prepared this far but his silver tongue allowed him to continue without worry - atleast for now. Pointing randomly in the crowd his finger made his way to a man who was honestly everything Xiao wished he would. He didn't know the man's name, or anything about him really but nicknames were a craft to Xiao that he had very much perfected "Uhhhh...You! I mean, Yes this man right here! This fellow, the immortal himself! The Legend Killer! Some say he went to am all you can eat...and asked for seconds!" Not knowing the man's name but making quick assumptions he eagerly tried to edge the man forward "I'll allow him to introduce himself! The man, The legend...." Xiao stated looking with desperate eyes obviously hidden behind his spider-like mask looking to Maikeru to finish his introduction as Xiao didnt exactly know who the heck the man was or if he would hold a grudge at his sudden thrust to the limelight.




Maikumaru hadn’t been paying attention. He was too busy reading a book on Military strategy. He had picked it up from the book store. They were just as good as the ones in Iwagakure. He nodded his head, eyes fully mesmerized by each word on the pages, as he read about a circling strategy. However he was caught off guard when his name was called. He looked around. Oh...I’m going to fight someone. Maik stuffed the book away in his bag, and leapt from the front row of the stands. He didn’t care of the circumstances, and he didn’t care who his opponent was. He was prepared to fight. However, his feelings changed when he saw that there was but a Genin in front of him. He lowered his head. Well this won’t be much fun.

“Welp, I don’t exactly think you will be much of a challenge, but hey, you might surprise me.” Maikumaru cracked his knuckles. He ran straight towards the Genin, ignoring the announcer and everything around him. He attacked, hitting hard and heavy. He was aiming to go for an unstoppable and oppressive offense. He swung his fists like heavy Maces, putting his weight into each attack. He wanted to see how much the boy could handle. This fight was very much beneath him. And he wasn’t a Genin from Iwagakure. So there wasn’t much to be gained by doing this, except for a time killer. “Come oooonnnn little Mist me what you are made of.” After he finished his assault, he would charge up one final punch. He yielded back his arm, tensing his muscles on it, and going for one final punch. He didn’t put too much into his attacks. He was mostly aiming to demoralize rather than damage. When his hits connected, he put more force into them only after contact, trying to ragdoll him around, pushing Xiao with his fists.

“Come me what came out of the Hidden Mist.” Maikumaru raised his hands horizontal to his body. “COME ON! HIT ME!” He wanted to see how much power this Genin had. He wanted to know if he was underestimating the smaller Ninja. “Give me your best shot.”

383 WC


Spider on the rocks, shaken not burned [Xiao V Maikeru] 1200px-Earth_symbol_A.svg

Ninja Ability:

Name:Earthbound Brawler  
Concept: Maik’s fighting style has evolved as he has gained experience, but one thing has always remained the same: take blows and keep on rolling. SLowing him down might be easy. Stopping him is a different story.  
Description: All physical damage Maik takes is decreased by -1 rank.



As Maikeru cracked his knuckles the little spider began to smile with delight, this guy wasn't just a shinobi - this guy was exactly what Xiao aimed for when he thought of the tougher ninja that existed. He was the sort of fellow that Xiao, if he had not been so prone to his outburst, would have most definitely loved to emulate. Xiao clasped his hands together, playing the roll but as soon as he attempted to perform a rather daring introduction he was met with a swift rush forward causing the Genin's eyes to bulge "Whoah! Hey! Don't want to buy me dinner first?" he stated as the attack came flying in across the broad side of Xiao's chest causing his entire frail and thin body to be jolted to the left axis as it contorted to his fist "Well...That's gonna sting" as Xiao winced in pain twitching at the impact of the mace like hand that felt as if it was ten thousand tons coming down into his ribs firmly. It jostled the boy but due to his light weight caused the boy to quite literally be lifted upward as Maikeru taunted the genin who began to roll along with the punches as final punch came towards Xiao. "S...So you like to talk too huh?" Xiao stated as the final impact caused him to roll upon the dirtied floor in a fast motion causing him to lay for but a moment as he attempted to slowly regain his footing, carefully swaying as he began to stand "So...You're from the village hidden in the semi-trucks?" Xiao questioned swaying from side to side as he eyed Maikeru, the hulking beast of a shinobi who Xiao still couldn't help but admire.

“Come me what came out of the Hidden Mist.” the words shot Xiao deep, that's right, what did come from the hidden mist? The pride! The nationalism of the grand mist village it was all on....Kaito, Samuru and Yoshito's shoulders. Xiao was a laughing stock even in his own clan, he really wasn't much more than a moral support even in these exams and when it came to being some legendary warrior he couldn't care less. If anything his dream would certainly be opening a noodle store or even just becoming an academy teacher. "Dude can you be any cooler?" Xiao stated, already battered. Closing his eyes he breathed deeply and gave a nod, he knew what he would have to do. With Stoic shinobi, with the powerful, there was only one attack method. Firing small webbing to his clothing connected to his wrists he rushed forward at Maikeru and as he neared closer and closer still proceeded to use the webbing to launch the shoe on his left foot to his right hand and proceed to launch it "SHOE NO JUTSU" Xiao stated as a way to distract his opponent, his hands webbed as he activated the Unmei technique a passive webbing that allowed him to swing freely, a technique dear to his heart as his arms began their sticky assault, he dipped low into a crouching forward roll then proceeded to launch upward towards Maikeru's solar plexus as his arms outstretched forward hoping to utilise the web previously implanted onto his forearms hoping to attach to Maikeru's shirt, then slide through his legs to strike his groin with his knee. If it failed - and it would - he would simply be laying at the man's feet with his hands rubbing his stomach but it was worth a shot.

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