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Clan Name: Uzumaki Clan.
Location: Konoha.
Specialization: Fūinjutsu.
Elements: /
Type: Restricted.

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Clan History: The Uzumaki were a prominent clan that once lived and resided in the land of Uzushiogakure before it was destroyed by an unidentified collaboration of other ninja nations due to their powerful fūinjutsu skills. Cast out, they retreated to the Land of Fire where they had diplomatic ties and alliances in order to bunker down and survive. Being descendants of the late Asura Ōtsutsuki, the Uzumaki also shared distant blood relation with the Senju clan, making them welcome and becoming one of the great clans of Konohagakure during their stay, so much so that two of their own clan members became Hokage of the Land of Fire. Through the years, the Uzumaki and Senju kept close ties, with members at times marrying between clans, as with Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki. Following the founding of Konohagakure at the end of the Warring States Period, the Senju chose to symbolize their clans' friendship by adding the Uzumaki's emblem to Konoha's flak jackets and even within the symbol of the Leaf itself. Konoha and the Uzumaki's own Uzushiogakure remained close allies over the following decades, with the Uzumaki providing fūinjutsu (among other things) to Konoha whenever there was a need. In time, the Uzumaki Clan's Mask Storage Temple was even constructed on Konoha's outskirts.

The Uzumaki's skill with fūinjutsu earned them both respect and fear throughout the ninja world. At some point after Kushina Uzumaki immigrated to Konoha and of the other known members, Nagato was raised in the outskirts of Amegakure, Karin apparently lived in Kusagakure for a time, Kushina in Konoha, who had a son, Naruto. Naruto would re-establish the clan officially in Konoha years later, having children of his own with his wife Hinata Hyūga. This marriage, as a result, strengthened the Uzumaki clan's ties to the Hyūga clan re-establishing the close tie the Uzumaki had with a noble clan of the Nation of Fire and breathing new life into the clan. In the following years, those Uzumaki who had not risen to greatness had worked hard to re-establish their clan in such a manner that they could once again walk proudly onto the world's stage. Political marriages and children being almost pressured on members of the Uzumaki clan as their ninja would be on a near eternal quest through the ninja world to look for any signs of Surviving Uzumaki who might be able to teach or have records of their lost sealing style.


  • Uzumaki, Ashina † ⋆
  • Uzumaki, Himawari † ⋆
  • Uzumaki, Kushina † ⋆
  • Uzumaki, Menma † ⋆
  • Uzumaki, Mito † ⋆
  • Uzumaki, Fuso † ⋆
  • Uzumaki, Karin † ⋆
  • Uzumaki, Nagato † ⋆
  • Uzumaki, Naruto † ⋆
  • Uzumaki, Boruto † ⋆

Deceased =
Canon =

Uzumaki Clan Y4syLuV


量魂 Immense Lifeforce

Members of the Uzumaki clan are known to have large sums of powerful, revitalizing chakra within their system that keeps them vibrant and healthy enough to live much longer lives than most ninja, while retaining a youthful appearance throughout their life.

Uzumaki clan members begin with ten additional chakra, and gain ten additional chakra each time they rank up, granting them up to 50 additional chakra upon reaching S-rank. In addition, this immense lifeforce confers upon the Uzumaki clan the Strong-Willed Special Characteristic without the need to balance it.

四象封印 Uzumaki Sealing Style

The Uzumaki Sealing Style is focused on doing away with the prerequisite that something may only be unsealed from what it was sealed in. By combining the principles of Ninjutsu and Fūinjutsu, members of this clan instead use a special sealing formula which seals objects within a shared collective void that can be drawn upon with the user's chakra signature at will, without requiring the original seal. This method effectively allows the Shinobi's Fūinjutsu to transport objects and techniques from place to place with the use of two separate seals instead of moving or maintaining a single seal.

封印 制覇 | Sealing Mastery

The members of this clan who decide to pursue the mastery of its secrets are known to obsess over Fūinjutsu so much that it becomes like a second nature to them. This complete specialization dominance is granted to a clan member when they achieve a ninja rank of at least C-rank, if they have Fūinjutsu as their Primary Specialization:

練達変成者 - Student of Transcriptions

  • Clan members perform Fūinjutsu techniques without requiring the need for Hand Seals.

力の印章 - Strength of Sealing

  • 10% Word count reduction to train Fūinjutsu techniques.

When a member of this clan reaches A-rank, if they have Fūinjutsu as their primary specialization, they may perform a 3000 word training thread and pay 1000 Ryo to also gain the following additional bonuses:

力の印章 - Strength of Sealing

  • Increases Word Count reduction to 20%.

知識の搾取 - Exploitation of Knowledge

  • Immediate identification of non-hiden Sealing Techniques. This ability allows a clan member to immediately identify what a seal or sealing technique will do upon seeing at least half of the seal provided they are not clan-related abilities.

金剛封鎖 Kongō Fūsa

Members of the Uzumaki clan are able to mold their chakra into durable chains capable of being deployed to perform a multitude of functions such as forming weapons with which to attack, defend, restrain targets, or suppress the chakra of their victims. Chakra chains originate from the user's body and serve as a suitable catalysts through which an Uzumaki clansman may apply the effects of Sealing techniques, as well as create shapes within which they may project barriers. Chakra chain techniques are always afforded maximum defensive value as a free effect.


名誉の手 - Hand of Honor

An honored teaching of this clan is the sworn duty to protect those weaker than they are. Members of this clan must, therefore, take the Defender of the Weak negative special characteristic and are unable to balance it.

Name: Defender of the Weak.
Type: Negative.
Details: This ninja is bound by a strict code of honor. They will go to all reasonable lengths to prevent harm coming to any individual whose ninja rank is two or more ranks lower than their own, and they may not retreat from a fight in which such a ninja is at risk of harm. When fighting against a ninja whose ninja rank is lower than their own, this ninja will hold back, reducing the damage output of their offensive techniques by one rank (to the minimum of the new rank).
[b]Name:[/b] Defender of the Weak.
[b]Type:[/b] Negative.
[b]Details:[/b] This ninja is bound by a strict code of honor. They will go to all reasonable lengths to prevent harm coming to any individual whose ninja rank is two or more ranks lower than their own, and they may not retreat from a fight in which such a ninja is at risk of harm. When fighting against a ninja whose ninja rank is lower than their own, this ninja will hold back, reducing the damage output of their offensive techniques by one rank (to the minimum of the new rank).

Sealing Focus

Members of the Uzumaki clan are renowned for their skill with Fūinjutsu, so much so that it can become an obsession. Heightened specialization in Fūinjutsu demands sacrifice from other areas, and as such, Uzumaki clan members must take the Hesitant Element Negative Special Characteristic and may not balance it.

Immense Chakra Signal

Because of the unique and powerful chakra signature possessed by the Uzumaki clan, they are more easily detected by sensory techniques capable of detecting chakra, which may sense them from ranges as if they were a rank higher (Max range of new rank), and require chakra suppression methods of a rank higher on the part of the Uzumaki in order to hide from.


Whether it be fame, stature, utter confidence in their own power or their ninja way. Members of the Uzumaki clan are incredibly proud to the point where it can lead to recklessness while in the heat of an even battle.  This affords the Uzumaki -1-tier in their Perception stat for each 100 chakra missing from their chakra pool.

Power of Friendship

Throughout history, the Uzumaki clan's ties with Konoha's Senju clan have fostered a deep relationship between them. These ties that bind have permeated the Uzumaki's ethos, drawing power from those around you in order to grow stronger, and relying on your friends. Like their brothers in arms, the Uzumaki clan require an additional 2 social threads per rank in order to rank up.

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