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They had recently fought which ended in a hospitalization of Xiao, an easily constant for the spider shinobi who tended to always find himself in such a way but when it came to Kashiki the fight had been something that Xiao had truly enjoyed. It was the sort of fight that was exactly what shinobi of old had meant when they refered to the clashing of ideals through fists and from it Xiao had gained his most valued treasure - a friend. He truly had appreciated Kashiki's presence and when it came to perhaps extending that friendship the spider had opted to do so. At the current time the Chuunin exams first rounds had gone forth with Xiao's being one of the last to commence and Kashiki's gone through, though Xiao knew Kashiki's impressive forray may have been a lot there was a sense of sadness about the defeat he had suffered and Xiao wished to see his friend before his own battle with Ryo of the Iwagakure Folk.

Opting to stand outside the arena some hours after Kashiki's fight, Xiao awaited the youth in hopes to provide him support and of course provide him reassurance to the best of his ability. Xiao was a loser, but he loved his friends more than anything and if it meant focusing on them he would happily opt for this over any other strategy.

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