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Mission name: If It Ain't Broke....
Mission rank: B.
Objective: Dissolve a hippodraming ring.
Location: Market District.
Reward: 500 Ryo +3 EP.
Mission Description: The initial matches have been so uninteresting as to arouse suspicion - a few exceptionally skilled or lucky combatants are cleaning house with almost no resistance. The average audience member might see a real fight, but more experienced eyes know that the participants are successively holding back against a single opponent. The payouts are less than conspicuous, and sources have traced the group to a specific inn that they’ve completely booked.

Mission Details: The profiteers of this operation aren’t ninja, but are exceptionally well-hidden. You can either infiltrate their ‘place of business’ and organize a formal arrest or take matters into your own hands. If you take the stealth approach and attempt to gather concrete evidence, you’ll need a stealth technique of A-rank or higher to evade notice. The three guard ninja present all have B-3 stats and a combined command of all the elemental libraries. Defeating the trained combatants will lead the illicit gamblers to surrender themselves if they haven’t fled already - you will have to round them up yourself if this is the case.

WC Requirement: 2500 words


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