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Inarri was lost. Not only was she certain that she was lost, but she was not in a place that she was meant to be. This she could confirm by the hairs on her neck standing on end as she moved through the dense mist. The young Kiri-Nin had found herself in a forest. Where? she didn't know. How? No answer for that either. She had been exploring the outer reaches of Kirigakure when this mist rolled in and she lost all sense of direction and where she was going. Slowly she noticed the buildings fading away and the forest slowly creeping up on her until she was completely submerged in the frigid depths of the mist. What was worse was that Inarri couldn't shake the feeling that someone or something was watching her. The time had long sense passed that Inarri had pulled out her Kunai. She was moving through the forest as stealthily as possible. Moving from shadow to shadow, bush to bush, and tree to tree as quietly as she could constantly on edge and noting her surroundings. And yet even still she couldn't shake the feeling that something was behind her. Something was stalking her like prey, and to make matters even worse she could hear things. Whispers barely catching her ears. Bushes of which she wasn't near moving, twigs snapping, and it occasionally felt like someone was breathing right down her neck. The girl was inches away from a full blown panic attack when she stumbled unto a cobbled road that was buried underneath years of growth. Turning she saw an archway made of iron propped up by two stone pillars, and beyond lay a graveyard.

For one reason or another the mist seemed to pull apart to allow her to see further than a few feet, but only into the graveyard. As if it were inviting her in. As if this is where she was being lead. She didn't like this situation in the slightest. However she figured being able to see 9 or 10 feet in front of herself was better than the 3 feet was able to see before hand. It also helped that as she stepped onto the path the sounds that had been following her for some unknown amount of time up until this moment seems to slow and die down. As though whatever it was was watching. Waiting to see what she would do next. As if it had been herding her like a sheep to this graveyard. Either that or it was scared to enter in and follow after her. Whichever was the case Inarri steeled herself deciding that whatever her fate was, was in that graveyard and so she stepped in.

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Something carried about in the air, heavy and dense aside from the fog. Maigo stood silently over a plaque that marked an abstract grave, names etched across it with the symbol of Kirigakure no Sato at the top, reading with a small phrase to commemorate their sacrifice,

A Tsunami needs ever drop of water to become powerful.

It was a sentiment that Maigo understood well, to understand their sacrifice and what they had done for the village but they weren't drops of water. They were people and carried weight. Every impulse in his body wanted to take his weapon and shatter the anonymous graves marker, scatter the stones out and make something better of them, but for the old comrades of his and whoever in the village built the commemoration, he would hold himself together and avoid it. No tears coming to his eyes but a clinched fist as he turned and began to walk away from it all. His footsteps carrying recklessly on the gravel path, crunching at every turn as he made no effort to really conceal himself within that graveyard.

His hands would reach to pull his cloak up over his head, not to cover his face fully but to cover the features he'd had. His mind wandering to former squadmates and even students of his that would have had their names scratched there, friends gone and never recovered or lost in battle. There was always a chance they were alive but it was never seemingly so. He'd given up on the notion long ago and only meant to pay his respects in a small moment of silence and prayer to any deity that might take pity on him and listen. But instead of musing about his own sufferings the entire way back, his attention was broken, as someone ahead of him was walking within the graveyard as well. Maigo's head and body would lower slightly as he would pull his hood back again, hearing the steps light like a childs and walking slowly, non-malicious.

Still, the side of caution aired in Maigo's mind as he stepped quickly away from the path and leaned his body against a tall tombstone nearby himself, waiting to see who would arrive in the distance. Some tension carrying in the air as Maigo's eyes would focus intently on the area in front of him, Maigo dressed only in plain clothes without any of his real weapons on himself, not even the kunai that would normally be strapped to his thigh.

Steps would carry, seconds would drag on but instead of some random stranger or grieving person, he would find a kid emerging from the fog, seeming more lost as she would focus on her path and where she was going more than on where she was. Her focus didn't carry on the path even, but instead on the ambiance around her, Maigo couldn't even tell in the couple of feet she walked if she knew what she was looking for but he breathed a small sigh of relief and would instead turn quickly around the corner while speaking up,

"What are you doing here so late? A graveyard at night is no place for a kid..." Maigo would speak with a commonly commanding tone and a glance that would be curious but appear more stern than anything. Standing up straight he would try to catch her with a five foot gap in between them while he waited for any sort of answer.

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