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Interacting with Ting


Bright yellow daffodils poked through pink plastic. The bouquet was beautifully made and Sencha couldn’t help but stop and stare at the arrangement. Her eyes fixated on the cute packaging until the sound of someone clearing their throat pulled her from her stupor. A middle aged woman with frizzy blonde hair pulled into a chignon met Sencha’s gaze as her head snapped to meet the maker of the sound.

“Do you like that arrangement?” She spoke.

Her voice was refined and strong. Just like her mother’s. The smell of bleach filled her nose and Sencha bit her cheek to stop any rush of irrational thought at bay and out of her answer. She nodded her head ‘yes’ to the woman and fixed her eyes back on the bouquet.

“I made it just this morning! A stroke of inspiration took the helm and I threw it all together. I thought it was a failure until I saw you gawking at it through the window there.”

Sencha felt her cheeks warm and knew she must’ve looked like a cherry tomato. How could she not realize she was in front of window probably looking dumbfounded at flowers.

“Well they are quite lovely. Daffodils have always been a favorite of mine,” Sencha stuttered out. A small silence ensued before the blond Genin spoke again a bit clearer this time.

“Did you know that yellow daffodils are often associated with new beginnings? But if you’re given a pair with a single bloom it could mean misfortune.”

The older woman made a sound of thought.

“I did not know that.”

She spoke short and sweet. Though the silence was probably meant to feel comfortable Sencha couldn’t help the creeping suspicion she was being a looky loo a bit too long.

“How much is it to buy the bouquet?” She asked and her suspicions were confirmed when the shopkeep seemed to perk up. She relayed the cost and Sencha scrounged the ryo from her pocket and handed it to the woman. Within a few minutes the bouquet was plucked from its position at the window and placed into Sencha’s arms. Sencha thanked the shopkeep and bid her goodbye.

The rumbling of her stomach reminded the teen what she was doing out of her apartment anyways. There was a new restaurant that had opened a few weekends ago. Sencha was set on trying out some of their recipes to get inspiration for her own cooking. It felt like she’d backed herself into a creative corner making only small sweets. Lucky for her she wasn’t too far from the restaurant when she got side tracked. Even if she was the weather was unusually warm today. Warm enough to prompt a pair of high waisted shorts with a graphic tee shirt tucked sloppily into the waist.

Sencha arrived to the restaurant or lack there of.  The establishment was nothing but a glass awning sheltering cute square tables from potential rain. Greenery hung from the sides creating shade with only some sunlight peeking through. The kitchen was off in a corner with a grill and several chef stations pushed together. There didn’t seem to be an inside or any building otherwise. What seemed stranger is though the place was beautiful and newly opened it seemed to be realtively dead. Only a few patron were sat scattered about the place.

There didn’t seem to be a hostess so Sencha picked a table that had two seats and a small tea kettle in the center. She layed her bouquet down on the table and poured a small glass of the green tea for herself. She relaxed into cushioned wicker seat while she observed her surroundings further. The restaurant was somehow prettier on the inside. The overgrown ivy let through scattered light and soft music played seemingly from nowhere. On her table was a piece of cardstock. On one side it read ‘I’d like to eat alone’ in red print and on the other ‘Come dine with me’.

How cute

Without much thought Sencha places the card stock on its green side into the metal holder. She sipped her tea and sat patiently waiting for someone to serve her or for someone to join her.


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“How do you feel about being so close to the final round? Do you believe you will bring victory to Konoha?” Inquired a reporter with long dark hair and a smile fit for the journalism. would be a massive honor to win on behalf of my home. The feeling of having reached this point is exhilarating and yet exhausting. I will be very relieved when it all comes to an end.” Ting would reply with a light smile as she continued along the path toward literally anywhere other than her current location.

All in all, with such an odd amount of time allotted between each of her bouts, Ting had a hard time finding things to do with that time. After accomplishing each basic function necessary for daily life, she would always find herself idling. In all honesty, she could not wait until this was all over and she could return to her traditional duties.

Even missions would have held more excitement and fulfillment than being mindlessly bored each day after what consisted of a usually hour long episode of fighting competitively for an international audience. It was tedious. The fights themselves were fun, but the interview requests and paparazzi that followed were far from Ting’s idea of a nice time.

Wearing a burgundy colored cardigan atop a black low cut undershirt. Her high waisted blue jeans were formfitting and left just enough to the imagination in the way that they accentuated her curves. She would wave and smile at those along the streets which recognized her, not being rude but not making the mistake of stopping to chat with each and every one.

A gentle breeze whipped the lukewarm air currents of fall through the festive shopping district and Ting took the familiar chatter and excited gossip in the distance aas a signal to dip off to the side where it seemed a sort of establishment made its home. It was minimalistic, but the smells Ting could make out from the small kitchen in the corner was enough to draw her in. Her eyes would be drawn to a bright yellow bouquet on a table next to a cardholder that simply read “Come dine with me.”

As her hazel eyes scanned the table carefully they would rise up over a form and then directly meet a pair of pale blue eyes. A very cute woman sat at the table of interest. Her blonde hair was long and curly with a sort of “bounce” to it. She wore shorts and a tucked tee-shirt, perhaps not as prone to the cold as Ting who was dressed a bit more warmly.

It was no trouble at all for Ting to engage in this way, and it was a much needed break from the constant rush. She would pull out the chair just a bit and smile at the woman before her with an inquisitive gesture with her left hand.

May I join you, miss? My name is Ting.

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