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Basic Information

Name: Seiker, Taiho
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: 12/18
Clan: Uzumaki Clan
Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Element(s): Wind Release [S] | Earth Release [C]
Specializations: Fuinjutsu [S] | Taijutsu [C]: Strength +1


Subject #103 - Codenamed: Ōji
Iwagakure Detention Facility
Date: January 25, XXXX
Observation Docket #215:

Oji has grown slightly since our initial observation of him two years ago. Now standing at a modest one hundred and seventy centimeters and weighing around sixty-four kilograms, the young male is a force to be reckoned with. Having trained in solely close combat styles since his induction into the shinobi forces, Taiho has a sculpted musculoskeletal structure that befits his chosen shinobi focus. He has well defined pectoral and abdominal muscles, however they are not hulking nor outstanding. They are however very slim and dense giving him a more athletic triathlete type frame. His body shows to finally be going through puberty because of the increased protein and hormone ladened diet that is here in Iwa. His jaw has sharpened some and his shoulders have broadened more to fit his boxing/brawler body type. His arm and leg muscles now show clear definement and clearly display a sense of explosive power when in use. Like his core muscles, his limbs are slimmed down to befit more of a athletic track star. He tends to wear his Iwagakure uniform in a more feminine fashion, forgoing the sleeve on his right side and wearing it more like a dress instead of a coat or cloak. Even with his muscular changes, Taiho still appears overly feminine at a glance and without further inspection, could even pass as a female.

His typical outfit consists of a ruby red Qipao with gold floral designs embroidered along the neck and left breast and down the left side of the center of the dress. The dress is slit along the right leg from the hip down and is also missing the right sleeve. Over the dress he wears a red and black military jacket with a gold neck piece and the Iwagakure symbol and black over the left breast. He wears a pair of black martial arts slippers over his feet and his black and white gauntlets can usually be found hooked to the sides of the dress for ease of access. He also sometimes wears a simple get up of a white tank top with the symbol for Iwagakure over the left breast and a pair of black and brown martial arts pants tucked into a pair of martial artists sneakers.

His hair oddly enough has changed colors from a bright blonde to a more rustic golden blonde with light blue tips and fringes. The young man has also cut his hair much shorter after using his Berserk Mode technique in the Chuunin Exams that caused him to lose a good portion of his hair. His eyes have grown to a deeper hue of blue, no longer a bright crystal blue and more of a deep oceanic blue. They seem to grow duller depending on his emotions and flash red as an indication of his anger spiking. They seem to turn completely red when his rage has fully manifested into his Berserk Mode.

As for his Berserk Mode, it seems to give him some physical changes. Upon entering the form, his hair changes completely blue and grows out to around mid back. It seems to naturally tie itself into a ponytail however it seems incapable of being grabbed or adjusted. His eyes gain a blood red hue and sharpen in clarity. The eyes seem to gain a sort of angered focus to them as his incisors grow into sharp fangs that don’t seem to puncture or damage his mouth in any way.


Subject #103 - Codenamed: Ōji
Iwagakure Detention Facility
Date: June 12, XXXX
Psych Evaluation #125:

Having now been observed in a natural environment of the village at large, Subject seems to show the necessary mental capabilities to function within society as a large. Highly independent if a bit unorthodox in his methods for securing the proper resources to survive, Subject showcases that he is incredibly crafty and resourceful when the situation dictates. Subject still shows a slight deficiency in social interaction however, this is not to say that the Subject cannot function and interact with others, but the Subject clearly finds it a challenge to find a common ground with others in a normal social setting. It is clear the subject still occasionally loses their cool in non threatening situations and is not above goading or baiting even fellow ninja into an altercation, please see Incident Report #3 for further details. Subject shows a lack of concern or empathy for fellow shinobi at times. According to the subject this is not actually the case and offers examples (See: Incident Report #1 for more information) to refute this claim.

It is noted however that when the Subject is in combat, their perception of friend and foe are slightly skewed to be better attributed as self and target. It seems that when in a combat situation, the Subject will often forgo all considerations of their opponents life and well being and focus solely on the act of winning. This is shown to progress further if the Subject feels that they are on the cusp of being defeated in any way and will spike an emergency reaction to start a fight or flight response in their body. This leads into the Berserker Mode which was detailed earlier in the report. This Berserker Mode seems to be a hereditary trait passed down through the Subject’s family. Further attempts will be made later on to see if it can be replicated without the debilitating effects it produces.

Special Characteristics

Name: Inheritance
Type: Positive (major)
Description: This individual has had an item passed down on them through their family in order to become a ninja. They begin with a single free C rank item which can be upgraded at no ryo cost as they rank up (to a maximum of SS-rank).
Inheritance Item: Luckless End | Gauntlets + Hidden Blade

Name: Multitasker
Type: Positive
Description: This individual is able to divide their focus equally among multiple tasks, allowing a Shinobi complete multiple tasks at one time. Ninja with this special characteristic are able to perform any jutsu requiring hand-seals with one handed seals instead of two.

Name: Strong-Willed
Type: Positive (Clan)
Description: The individual has unmatched bravery. They overcome their fears easily and are very difficult to break. The individual cannot be easily interrogated and can overcome their limits with sheer willpower. If the character hits their lethal threshold limit they can persevere for 1 additional post before the threshold takes effect.

Name: Pharmacophobia
Type: Negative
Description: This individual's body is resistant to medical based techniques. All forms of medical ninjutsu suffer a -1 rank in effectiveness when used on or by this individual. This ONLY applies to positive healing effects, not offensive medical techniques.

Name: Foolhardy
Type: Negative
Description: This individual is incredibly overconfident in their abilities as a shinobi, to the point where they think it is almost impossible for them to lose against a foe. Because of this, shinobi with this special characteristic are unable to flee from combat in any capacity other than as a dodge in reaction to an attack except from foes which exceed their own Ninja Rank by two or more ranks (i.e - a C-ranked shinobi could only flee from an A-ranked or higher shinobi). This includes using bodyflicker to flee a thread thread before their Lethal Damage Threshold is triggered.

Name: Rage of the Seiker’s
Type: Negative (Character Specific)
Description: Born of the Seiker Bloodline, members of this family are incredibly passionate when it comes to matters of combat. Each member has their own way of expressing this rage but it generally manifests itself fully in the users Berserk Mode. In Taiho’s case it’s his assumed inferiority when it comes to other combatants and his inability to accept the fact that he may be inadequate in some areas of combat. When he’s forced to mentally acknowledge this either through being close to being defeated, or simply being outclassed, he will instinctively snap into a blind fury. While in this state of fury this SC essentially operates like the Short Fuse SC.

Name: Hesitant (Element)
Type: Negative (Clan)
Description: This person has a comfort zone that he/she doesn't like to venture out of. Learning a new field of techniques can be scary, and this ninja puts it off, ignores it, or lacks the affinity. This individual cannot have a fourth element.

Name: Defender of the Weak.
Type: Negative (Clan)
Details: This ninja is bound by a strict code of honor. They will go to all reasonable lengths to prevent harm coming to any individual whose ninja rank is two or more ranks lower than their own, and they may not retreat from a fight in which such a ninja is at risk of harm. When fighting against a ninja whose ninja rank is lower than their own, this ninja will hold back, reducing the damage output of their offensive techniques by one rank (to the minimum of the new rank).


  • 9 Threads
    • 3 Missions
      • 2 B’s
      • 1 C

    • 6 Socials/Missions

    • Must have at least 1 other person in each thread.
    • Must have 2500 words per character in each thread.
    • Socials must have at least 4 posts between each participant.

  • 4 Jutsu
    • 2 B rank jutsu over Chuunin Minimum
    • 2 C rank jutsu over Chuunin Minimum
      • Reduced by 1 for each weapon that meets this requirement

  • Stats
    • 2 Stats trained up to D-1
    • 2 Stats trained up to C-3
    • Or All Stats up to D-3


Subject #103 - Codenamed: Ōji
Iwagakure Detention Facility

Date: January 12, XXXX
Observation Docket#1-A:

The subject seems to have finally adjusted to his new life within the elemental nations. Due to his discovery at Sukērukurō Beach, it was unknown if he was a native or unidentified immigrant. After the initial psyche review it has been determined that he is indeed an immigrant reasons for why he has left his homeland are still unknown. Upon awakening the subject was questioned for further information based on the fact that he seemed to be clutching what looked like a cannon when he was washed ashore, it is still not known how the weapon did not weigh down his body causing him to sink.

Date: January 14, XXXX
Observation Docket #6:

The Subject appears to be a young male of unknown descent. Likely a sire of the far eastern lands past the Land of Water. Body type is that of a typical young female with an accentuated hip to waist ratio, feminine facial features and lower back length blonde hair; and yet retains more notable masculine traits such as a defined jawline, extremely well defined musculoskeletal structure, well endowed male genitalia, and a more distinct leg to torso body ratio. His fair skin denotes a land of far less sunlight than what is normally garnered in the Elemental Nations and the tongue he speaks with does not seemingly mesh well with our own. The clothing and armor he wore when he was found also denotes some form of royalty or nobility. Likely a Knight of some kind as seen with those of the Gelel faction seen eons ago. He seems to prefer much simpler clothing, going for primarily shorts and jeans. He does not seem as fond of the armor that he washed ashore with, however he has not removed from his sight the other item that washed ashore with him. The strange tubular object is massive for lack of a better term. Standing at just around his height, it could easily be seen as some kind of ballistic weapon, and yet he seemingly swings it about as a staff when allowed to practice with it. His body type betrays the amount of strength held within and more observation is necessary to see if his genetic makeup can be replicated within our own forces.

Date: January 24, XXXX
Psych Evaluation#12-B:

After reviewing the information with a panel of my fellow psychiatrists we have come to the conclusion that the subject is mentally suppressing his memories, to get him to open up on his past we were forced to bargain with him, using the trunk that was discovered later farther down the beach that seemed to contain much more information on the cannon like weapon he wielded. After agreeing to transfer one of the scrolls that seemed like a personal diary of sorts he gave us a small outlook on what his homeland was like.

From what he's told us, he was born in a kingdom, though he still refused to name said kingdom due to still not trusting us. In his kingdom he was part of the royal family which is where he earned his nickname prince from. His father was apparently the king and the leader of the royal guardians, a unit that apparently used superior taijutsu and long ranged weaponry to overwhelm their enemies. From this we have come to the conclusion that his people do in fact have chakra however due to years of use with this brand of weaponry they must have evolved to use their chakra to power their weapons and in use of various war cries as it has been stated by the subject that they do not have any form of conventional jutsu.

Due to the subjects secretive nature we have not been able to decipher the rest of the materials from the chest that was found. It seems that he understands and uses our language quite fluently however it their form of writing does not seem similar to our own which hinders our ability to decode it. Due to this we will continue to use the material as bargaining chips in our efforts to better understand the boys history.

Date: June 12, XXXX
Psych Evaluation #14:

A calm character. Subject 103 does not possess any drive to return to his homeland. He has given up all forms of attempting to regain contact with those he once knew and instead focuses intently on training and bettering himself. His anger at himself grows with each day as he seems to be unable to grasp the weapon he washed ashore with, with the same level of skill that he apparently previously held it with. This has lead to him having a rather short fuse as it were, snapping at various things if they so much as annoy him slightly. Sometimes he is easier to calm down than others, but he rather much prefers perfecting his craft over addressing his current mental instability.

It is currently unknown how he acts in combat, throughout the various tests we’ve placed him in, he has only gone for the most direct approach to handling the situation before settling back into his previous state of being. When particularly enraged he will often go out of his way to completely destroy the test dummy with his full might and anger. It is unknown if this rage can be harnessed in some other fashion that would make it far more effective to use.

He lacks tact when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Lacking any ability to see through double meanings and lacking the ability to give them himself. He seems very straightforward in his day to day social interactions and will often times walk out of a conversation that no longer interests him. He currently shows no interest in the female form at all but does profess that one day he would enjoy taking a ‘mate’.

He shows very little interests at the moment. Seeming to prefer training and learning how the world works around him now. He once again lacks any sort of drive to give us information about the life he lived previously and only states that it would not matter anyway. He does seem to enjoy some foods in particular, some of those including Beef Stew, some forms of meaty pasta dishes, and some forms of meaty Ramen dishes. He does not care much for vegetarian dishes and will even go so far as to starve himself if there is not some form of protein on his plate.

Subject does not show much motivation outside of bettering himself. He seems driven to grow stronger, for what he has not told us. He does show interest in the fact that this is a military state and has expressed his desire to join our shinobi corps in whatever division will take him. When asked if he wished to climb the ranks, he disagreed but stated that if climbing the ranks will make him strong enough to accomplish his goals, he would do it. When asked what those goals were we were only given a calm serene smile. Further observation is needed.

Date: February 15, XXXX
Observation Docket#27-A:

During today's Observation, the subject has expressed his interest in our villages shinobi program, stating as I quote "I am a warrior by birth and a defender by choice, I wish to fight for those who have earned the right for me to defend them". As such we have performed the necessary psychological tests to ensure that not only is the subject mentally stable but can also deal with the trials and tribulations of becoming a shinobi. Due to his presence in the village for only two months however it will be sometime before he is allowed within the program, an additional psychological examination is suggested before full admittance into the program.

Date: June 23, XXXX
Observation Docket#100-C:

Due to this being the one hundredth review and the subject's graduation we feel it is imprudent that we summarize all of our findings over the subjects recommended two year minimum in the academy. Please note that any opinions stated during the recounting of this time period is to not affect future decisions in whether or not the subject is ready for combat duty.

During year one the subject displayed an acute sense of withdrawal from his peers and seemed to actively isolate himself from others of his age. This may be due to a personal coping measure that allows him to get used to his surroundings before opening up to others, during this time the subject remained focused on his studies however he fell behind in Basic Conventional Ninjutsu (CN-101) and other related studies (BG-101: Basic Genjutsu). It was noted that the subject seemed to be physically unable to mould and use the chakra properly outside of his body without some sort of medium which may be attributed to his genetics. It is however observed that he is still able to mold it internally when he was observed in using a modified Body Flicker Technique.

During Year Two the subject expanded his studies into sciences and sealing, particularly in the unique way that seals interact with the users chakra and the environment. Our researchers have taking keen notice into the various notes and considerations the young man has brought forth and have even put forth a request for him to be transferred into the Research and Development sector upon graduation due to his findings.

During this year the subject seemed to excel heavily in the art of hand to hand combat and when questioned expressed that due to his choice of weapon, hand to hand combat was often preferred since opponents could close the reasonable gap needed to use it properly. Due to his innate strength when wielding the weapon, he often overpowers the other students in bouts of hand to hand combat prompting the instructors to factor more strength exercises into the classes.

Due to his apparent handicap the subject was given a modified test in which he displayed his current proficiency in molding chakra, his current hand to hand ability, and his current level of stealth. Upon passing all three he was granted acceptance into the shinobi corp however before he is given a team we request that he once again go through another Psyche Review.

Date: July 14, XXXX
Psyche Review #105-A:

The subject has completed the recent psyche evaluation and is clear for duty, however we still have not made any progress in his history, because of this we have requested Tsuchikage-sama with the task of having the boy placed into the Monolith’s program to get him better acclimated with his current environment so that he may open up further to his comrades. Should this initiative work, further tests will be performed in the future to discover further results.

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