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Shinjo would hum to herself as she walked along. The festival was in good spirits around the chunnin exams and she was able to move freely without questions rising. Easily within two hundred meters of anything she wanted to observe. Her black and golden eyes would meet the eyes of those who looked at her too long. Her animal like nature quickly forcing the eye contact to break with most causing her to smile. The intensity of being so primal was exciting. The civilized city folk were too comfortable within their walls. Little piggys with no sense of survival. Just work and eat and sleep. Breeding here and there. Where was the fun? The parties, the music, the dancing, the drugs. All of it seemed to be missing from plain view. Hiding in fear of some authoritarian figure. Not that she cared much for it. Issues with authority was one of the things they would likely diagnose her with if they knew the half of it. She didn't want to be chained down to this. Simple people with simple thoughts. She craved adventure and more. She craved freedom and for now she had some of it. Even if her shackles were unseen but there all the same.

However she wasn't wandering aimlessly. She had been dropping small inquiries to unimportant parties about where one might pick up a specialty bow. For hunting she had said but it had begun the rumors. Shifting through them as she heard them until one man bragged that he had seen one of the best bows ever made. Some said better than the Hokages. A young craftsman had designed a harpoon gun that had some crazy range to it. It was perfect by the sound of it but the kid had shifted to a sales tent to advertise his wares at the festival. It made sense but that meant she would have to look about. Still with her tracking skills and ability to see small details as well as her wolf walking by her side she would narrow her search down to some of the grouped tents for weapon smithing. Here everything smelled of hot metal and oils. Her snow white wolf would wrinkle its nose and glance at her before shaking his head and padding over to one of the smaller ones. Looking inside a moment before shaking his head again and moving onto the next. Each of them had some basic weapons inside but nothing fancy. Shinjo did the same for a moment as well.

She of course was wearing her baggy white tank top with her chest wrapped and the big blue coat with the fur hood on it. Blue jeans were tucked over black boots that crunched on the pavement here and there. Two necklaces of attractive jewels hung from her neck both yellow in nature. Her snow white hair draped across her pale features only serving to highlight the pitch black eyes with yellow irises. Like a bird. However a gruff bark from her wolf drew her attention to a tent. She would shift the tent flap as it took post up just inside and immediately she saw it on display. The beautiful design and craftsmanship. It was that design that drew her attention. The designs, the construction that drew the eye. It was soo beautiful. She would reach out with pale fingers with painted black nails before stopping just short of touching it. Oh my it was pretty. Still she realized that she had tunnel visioned on it and stopped before just snatching it up to look around for the shop owner. Certainly not expecting a very young man.


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