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1Round Four: N'jobu vs. Xiang Empty Round Four: N'jobu vs. Xiang on Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:07 pm



Round Four: N'jobu vs. Xiang TF2a3bh

Taking place at the historic Blossoming Pillars Stadium (Jūhi Dōhyō), the final rounds of the Exams forego the tricks and surprises of earlier, making way for an arena that is both iconic and neutral. In spite of a modest 25m radius, this arena is no less grand than those which preceded it, boasting stands that raise high above for observers to watch the anticipated final matches and a fighting zone where legendary heroes and Kage once fought. A dusty circle surrounded by sparse shrubs and a high wall encloses combatants, who enter from opposite ends of the arena, the crowd roars, the Chūnin Exams draw to a close.

1 - N'Jobu
2 - Xiang



J U T S U | | I T E M S

2Round Four: N'jobu vs. Xiang Empty Re: Round Four: N'jobu vs. Xiang on Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:32 pm

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame


His fourth match of the exams was upon him and his excitement overall was waining. At least he had made it decently far into the exam brackets to ensure the likelihood of one of his fellow Konoha shinobi winning the tournament overall, which to him was perfectly acceptable if he didn't win. His next fight would be up against a member of the Hyūga clan, another of the four noble clans like the Aburame. He would likely need to find some way to deal with the famous Byakugan and likely the gentle fist. The prospect of fighting yet another close quarters brawler was something he wasn't looking forward to but at least this time he wouldn't be fighting in a complicated arena. From this point forward, all of the matches would be returning to the historic Blossoming Pillars Stadium which was a simple arena. There would be nothing to focus on but fighting whoever your opponent was and dealing with them.

It was nearly time for his match so he headed into the arena's staging area where the combatants would remain until it was time to fight. He was outfitted in his usual attire, his bow adorning his back with his cloak draped over his shoulders concealing most of his upper torso. He wore his advanced gauntlets, ready to make use of them a bit more this round as the arena was considerably smaller than the previous ones so it was likely he would be forced to use them as opposed to relying on his bow. "Ready for another one, S'Yan?" he muttered to his companion perched upon his shoulder. S'Yan nodded and flapped his wings as the pair prepared for battle. N'Jobu did a final check of his gear to make sure everything was in working order before heading to the door to enter the area. The crowd was already beginning to roar with fervor as the proctor began to announce the contestants. He heard his name being called as the door to the arena opened and the roar of the crowd bellowed into his ears. He stepped out into the arena, pulling his bow off his back with his left hand, looking for his opponent on the opposite side of him on the other side of the arena. The proctor began the counter down which helped N'Jobu focus on the task at hand while slightly drowning out the roars of the crowd.

The proctor began to seek out his opponent who failed had yet to show within the arena, prompting the no-show countdown to begin. "Xiang Hyūga, please make your way to the arena in the next minute or be disqualified!" Time seemed to move in slow motion as the seconds passed by waiting for his opponent to appear. He stood still near the entrance of the arena, soaking in the chants of his name and the thunderous roar of the crowd as he waited for Xiang to appear for their match. He wouldn't be too disappointed if she didn't show, but the opportunity to fight with a Hyūga provided an interesting prospect to understand the capabilities of the Byakugan and the Gentle Fist. It would appear however that he would not get the chance to see them in person however as the proctor began to speak once more. "It appears that Xiang Hyūga has not appeared within the allotted time. The victory goes to N'Jobu Aburame!" The Aburame clan went wild in the stands, with one of their own continuing on within the exams closer to the finals. "Well, I guess that was easy enough. Time to celebrate buddy," he muttered to S'Yan as he turned around to head back into the staging area so he could head out into the market for some food and downtime.

WC: 653
TWC: 653

Event Debrief:
Match Victory: 5EP
Total EP: 5EP

Chakra | Hive Count:

S'Yan Chakra: 75/75
N'Jobu Chakra: 50/50
Hive Expenditure: 15,000
N'Jobu Hive: 35,000/50,000

N'Jobu Active:
Name: Insect Art: Draining Tether Arrow
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive | Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu | Aburame | Bow Weapon Style
Duration: Until broken
Cooldown: 3 posts after opponent breaks free.
Description: The Aburame will draw back a Kyūjutsu bow and upon fulling drawing the bow, the user summons Kikaichū to compress together to create an arrow which can be fired like a regular physical arrow. Upon impact with an object, the insects will tether themselves to the impact point. At the users command using the tiger seal, the insects will moving out at a speed of 25m/s up to 25 meters in a 45 degree 3m radius cone from the tether point latching onto the target binding them in place and draining them of 5 chakra per post. Natural strength of C-3 or higher can break free without the use of jutsu in 2 post, increasing by 1 post per tier below C-3 up to a maximum of 5 posts. This jutsu must be cast from a bow weapon (item or justu) and does not have an inherent speed or range, only dependent on the speed and range of the bow. As such, it cannot be cast without a bow weapon.

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Round Four: N'jobu vs. Xiang Wm6Woa7

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3Round Four: N'jobu vs. Xiang Empty Re: Round Four: N'jobu vs. Xiang on Fri Dec 21, 2018 3:25 am



Xiang has not appeared to fight. N'Jobu advances.


Round Four: N'jobu vs. Xiang Sagahikasig

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