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The stage was set for the final tribute in the only way he could
As the pain of losing in his exam journey put him in the darkest of a mood
The various musicians gathered here for this battle among losers in life
As he set the stage with his unique mic at the edge of a knife

Makoto took a deep breathe as he felt the voice inside him speak as he felt water on his shirt already
He kept thinking of that strange jutsu he saw that looked like someone's mom's spaghetti
He did not have it in him anymore, but he could not let himself once more choke
He had to give it his all, so Makoto would raise his voice and go for broke.

A mist began to gather as the announcer began making the announcement that the concert was going to set the pace
Makoto needed to relax, he had to let go of his worries and all his feelings and be free like the jutsu he would make all will bow down and kneel before his greatness. He closed his eyes as wind seemed to blow as the mist was passing along the stage the wind flowing like it was blowing and then like a plant it was growing as he was inspired and so it would begin. He had a dream as he faced his hand up to the sky a giant misty bow formed in the clouds and then it rained down misty arrows as this was all special effects for the event.

"Jutsu never die, when the world is using you
Can you hear us screaming out your name?"

As a faint voice in the back ground whispers 'katon goukakyu no jutsu'

"Jutsu never die, they become a part of you
Every time you bleed for learning greatness"

As a large fire ball is shot up into the sky that looked like a grand fire ball ninjutsu.

"Relentless you survive"
As he begins to walk along the stage as the mist intensifies and the winds blow against his small frame
As this was the mark to signal Makoto's rise to fame

"We never lose hope when everything's cold
And the fighting's near"

As Makoto walks forward without falling back and no turning back as he looks forwards as the mist starts changing

"It's deep in their bones"

A burst of smoke appears and then a blast of flames seems to appear as he dashes through it and seems to be caught in an explosion of flames.
"They run into smoke when the fire is fierce"

Then the mist clears and a small boy lays on his back center of the stage as a girl picks up and says.

"Oh, pick yourself up 'cause""

"Jutsu never die, when the world is training you
Can you hear them screamin' out your name?"

Girl whispers the words 'suiton, kirigakure no jutsu', while another voice whispers at the same time 'doton, doryuheki'

"Jutsu never die, they become a part of you
Every time you bleed for teaching greatness"

As he catches his breathe as the mist gathers and some unique bluish white luminescent moon glow appears as the sun is being eclipsed behind misty clouds.

"Jutsu never die"

Makoto appears before a small desk as he scribbles while singing in the mic

"They're written down in eternity
But you'll never see the price it costs – the scars collected all their lives"

As makoto gets hit with a prop that looks like it killed him as a puff of red smoke blasts forth as he flies back as the desk explodes. A girl picks up the mic again and sings on.

"When everything's lost, they pick up their hearts and avenge defeat"

As Makoto gets up slowly holding his chest looking tired and fatigued as he rises slowly to his feet.

"Before it all starts, they suffer through harm just to touch a dream"

As he walks forward being blasted with the five elements of fire, water, earth, lightning and wind as he falls down again

"Oh, pick yourself up 'cause"

"Jutsu never die when the world's mastering you
Can you hear them screamin' out your name?"

A girl then whispers "Raiton: Raigeki" as a guy seems to whisper the jutsu "Futon: Kamaitachi" as blades of wind seem to fly past as a bolt of lightning clashes as the explosion clears the stage as it becomes bright.

"Jutsu never die, they become a part of you
Every time you bleed for mastering greatness"

"Jutsu never die" as Makoto says this with the lady as he sounded almost like he was going to cry.

"When the world is callin' out your name"

As jutsu seem to gather upon the stage in various elements as he stands there continuing the words.
"begging you to fight"

As the jutsu explode with vibrations that pick up with the bass as the lady sings the rest

"Pick yourself up once more
Pick yourself up 'cause"

"Jutsu never die when the world is mastering you
Can you hear them screamin' out your name?"

As people all start shouting out various random common library jutsu in unison as the final part has an overloaded kit of jutsu on the stage as Makoto starts sweating from the pyrotechnics

"Jutsu never die, they become a part of you
Every time you bleed for creating greatness"

As a huge giant orb of water forms over Makoto that drops down and splashes down on him before spreading out as a form of hidden mist as he speaks softly

"Jutsu never die"

As he drops his head as the sounds slow down as drops the mic as he feels his hand shaking as he had this idea of a new jutsu as he felt inspired. His eyes so wide that it began to look like Makoto was now wired as he took a deep breathe and felt the urge deep down inside.

Words = 1004


Makoto's Melancholy
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