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The Land of Demons

The Land of Demons, also known as the Land of Ogres, sits on the mainland to the east of The Land of Water, past even the marsh country itself. It's a quite nation that sits within a small mountain range but still finds itself a mostly modest country despite its location and history. The land itself often focuses heavily on its traditions and passing them down, doing the minimum to maintain themselves. Having gone through many changes, they are renowned for techniques such as the Shadow Mirror Changing Body Method (影鏡身転の法 ~ Kage Kagami Shinten no Hō) a permanent transformation technique and the Shrine Seal (社の封印 ~ Yashiro no Fūin) which once imprisoned a powerful demon spirit called Mōryō.

Though these times have passed and with the defeat and death of Mōryō, the land has managed to cultivate well and though still carries some impoverished areas tends to do well for itself. The land is severely restricted in its capabilities as it is entirely land-locked and leaves much to be desired of their country and culture. The country itself was founded long ago and like most of the world, found itself cut up and divided during the warring states era having been the subject of many wars and battles. Because of this, their small population still holds a good number of warriors and shinobi, making up around 10% of their total population of nearly 2,500,000 people.

Even more importantly than the history of the country is the priestess' which the country holds, a sacred icon within the lands. Having abilities passed down in a single lineage over generations, the priestess is able to use a dojutsu in order to predict the future in a literal sense. Referred to as Future Telling, the dojutsu is an almost involuntary ability the priestess has, appearing like a kaleidoscope pattern on their eye and granting the user the ability to predict the future. Not publicly known outside those who possess the dojutsu, the eye allows the users soul to return to the past and inform them of events of the future, particularly their deaths and allowing the priestess to inform others around her that they will die, allowing the priestess to trade their lives for her own and changing the future in the process. The priestess is protected within a compound, similar to a temple, but guarded by countless soldiers and housing various hidden passageways for the priestess to escape the compound if necessary.


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