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Mitsunari Chikamatsu

Mitsunari Chikamatsu

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Puppet Ideas:

Rank: C
Primary Use: Offensive
Modifications and Weapons:

Jutsu Ideas:

Weapon Ideas:

Name: Peerless Whisper
Type Of Weapon: Pipe
Elemental Alignment:N/A
Quantity: 1
Ability/Function: When any form of herb is lit within the pipe the smoke produced by it has the effect of confusing any of the five senses after a target has inhaled it. The 'confusion' is basically the manifestations of past events, or fears in the form of hallucinations. Such as seeing something that wasn't there before, or smelling burning corpses. Normally this effect would be akin to genjutsu, but unlike it one must provide a constant flow of 10 chakra into the pipe in order to keep the smoke from simply vanishing. Now what is really important is that these illusions aren't directly related to the person that sees them, and therefore can't be used to dramatically harm a their mind. Nor can they reflect the fears, or memories of a target without first having the castor know of such information to begin with.

Appearance: Peerless Whisper is a Kiseru, or smoking pipe which has a mundane appearance at best. Crafted from the wood of an extinct breed of cherry blossom tree. Seemingly nothing more than a smoothed out, and hollowed branch that was made to retain the appearance of a pipe. It was painted lightly pink, and has been sprinkled with tiny shards of an unknown glass in order to give it an eternal sparkle. Yet what really stands out for it is the brass mouth piece that holds the appearance of gold whilst retaining a single moth engraved into it. A similar carving can be found in the center of the pipe if you looked hard enough as well.


Poison Ideas:

Armor Ideas:

Mitsunari Chikamatsu

Mitsunari Chikamatsu

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