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The endless sands were something that warded off flora and fauna alike aside from the odd oasis which usually sprang forth from the remains and precious nitrogen found in the victims of the sanded land that sprawled throughout the enormous rolling valleys and peaks of Sunagakure. Different from the other villages, though which one was not, this was a land of harshity and constant survival in which the harsh environment played the part over the ethos of the village itself.

'Village' of course was a loose term, or honorary as it had seemed the village once mighty and named the crown of the dessert, the oasis for the dry and thirsty was now naught but cindered ash upon a glassened hill in which it once stood. A once beautiful dessert rose now one of Ozymandias's lot lost to the sands of time that it itself had opted to protect for so long. Walking in a poncho made of web the young spider made his way across the blistering sands for no more reason than to find a way to help.

Kirigakure had been sending out those to help with refugees and the like but the question seemed to be which Kirigakure shinobi were worthy of such a task? When it came to the decisions of the elders, they seemed to be the Jounin or Hunters that protected the waters now sent to protect the wind and with it so too came the responsibility. If one shinobi knew of great responsibility it would most definitely be found within the small spider, Xiao and thus the spider at the murmurings of rumors had found himself wandering through the desert in an effort to find one of his misted compatriots in hopes of giving his aid in anyway he could though unfortunately had become utterly lost.

Resting aside a large stone that held a reddish hue the young spider slunk down and let out an enormous sigh "The the nine tails of the fox, this is what they mean by heat...I think...I think I'm literally stuck to myself."

Find shade.

"Oh yeah let me just find shade at the shade store where they hand out free shade to shadeys."

You are a shinobi. Make shade.

"Oh. Right." Xiao stated as he began to emit wedding as much as he possibily could, shooting wildly until a makeshift teepee was formed about the shinobi providing him with exactly what he sought - shelter from the sun "They made a village all the way out here? Why? Sounds kinda like a death wish..."

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