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Mission name: Securing Assets (Repeatable)
Mission rank: D
Objective: Secure important assets for Kirigakure’s effort
Location: Kiri
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: “Raw metals are needed for the smithies and crafters. There’s an old abandoned mine on one of the islands west of here to collect them. Some say it’s haunted, be careful.”
Mission details: Go and collect 5 to 10 kilos of raw materials from the old abandoned mine, the mine seems to have had an accident some time ago, leaving raw materials lying around after travelling 200+ meters deep, haunting sightings up to the writer.

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Michibo made it to the top of the hill overlooking the mine. A steep decline almost like a cliff but not a straight drop was right in front of him but for now he would stand there with a sucker in his mouth. Blueberry flavored. His silver eyes taking in the old mine with genin here and there collecting bits lying around and a foreman marking them off once they collected enough. His eyes rolled back in his head impatiently just from looking at it. For all his talents manual labor wasn't one of them. Still it was a paying gig and as an adult he needed to make the rent. If ever he actually managed to get promoted he would need to avoid ever doing this again. No more D rank missions for him if it could be avoided. Regardless he needed to get to work for the time being. So he would shift and step forward. Leaning his weight back and spreading his feet out with one hand behind him so as he slid down he could balance himself. Stumbling a little at the end of the slide due to a lack of gracefulness but he was a genin after all. Still he would dust himself off and look around for a moment. No one had noticed his lack of graceful entrance and on one hand he was satisfied for not coming across a fool but on the other disappointed because if he had pulled it off no one would have seen it.

Michibo was wearing his usual outfit for the day despite it being manual labor. White jeans tucked over black scuffed boots with his headband being used as a belt and the face plate being used as a belt buckle. He was wearing a white loose button up with an unzipped white coat and a brown fur hoody. The hood was pulled up over his head to stop the slight drizzle from bothering him as he walked. His grey hair hung about his silver eyes as he rolled a Blue berry sucker around his tongue. A necklace with a cross dangled on his chest just above the open collar of his shirt. One single kunai made of bone sat sheathed on his thigh. He didn't expect to have to use it but he did not like not being armed where ever he went. It wasn't like he was expecting anyone to be after him. But boy was he hoping for it. His silver eyes tinted slightly pink for just a moment as he imagined fighting every last genin there. Some of them were bigger than others and a few had swords on their person. Some even had a look of skill and experience around them. He wanted to test that but he was here for a job today. He would sigh as he approached the foreman and waited to be noticed. It took a moment which left a frown on his face when the man noticed him finally.

"Michibo reporting in."


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The foreman would glance over his chart. His features gruff with a rough beard and hard eyes. He didn't communicate so much as grunt and point to a nearby cart before marking something off on his chart. Probably his name to show that he was present when expected. Still being grunted at was not something that Michibo valued. He would grunt back mockingly under his breath before receiving a hard look from the man. Idly he would suck his tongue behind his teeth before turning and collecting the cart and heaving it towards the entrance of the mines. The damn thing sure felt heavy under his arms. He supposed at least he would get some sort of work out doing this. A glance over his shoulder back to the foreman showed a muscular frame with hard hands. The hands of a working man who had likely ran the mine for years from experience. Nothing frightened him or bothered him. Some part of Michibo wanted to fight him but that meant not getting paid. He was fight happy but not stupid. No point in fighting a civilian for fun even if he was a big one. All it would do is land him in a world of trouble if he was caught. That had been part of the thrill of the street fights but he was attempting to move passed that. To get his life moving as a shinobi and progress to something more. To attempt to be a man who could fight the bullies in the world.

For now though as he moved down one random tunnel he would begin collecting bits of coal from here and there with chakra strings. Choosing not to dirty his clothes. Here and there he would find bits of the resource he was after and collecting it with little effort beyond pushing the cart a little further in. Using the brake heavily to keep it from rolling away with his payday. Or in this case pay dirt? He chuckled at his own thought a moment as he went deeper and deeper until it was only the dim light from the light bulbs. However as he progressed ever further he swore he heard a chuckle back. From the corner of his eye he kept seeing the shadow of someone around the next corner but when he went there no one was ever there. Remembering the rumors this place was haunted he would reach down and touch his kunai once more. Not that it would help against spirits but it was a comfort to him. Soon he was picking up less coal as he was nearing the end of the wire on the cart and had a pretty full load and spending more time trying to catch the chuckling shadow. Deeper and deeper he was lured until he reached the end of his line and some memorial for a collapsed tunnel. It was there that suddenly a man as pale as the moon rushed forward from the dark tunnel rushing at him screaming.

"Leave my treasure be you filthy bastard half breed!"

517+508= 1025

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The spirit would rush him and in response Michibo would slash out with his bone kunai. The figures skin faded away to old bones as it passed right through the slash and the boy laughing maniacally. It was cold to the touch and left his stomach spinning. Realization was quickly hitting him that he couldn't do anything to this thing. No physical attack could hit it apparently and it had intent to torment. It was malicious and he could feel its want for his head as it passed through. Its intent to kill him somehow. He needed to get out. Disregarding his white outfit he would turn and launch himself onto the coal cart. Kicking the lever back as the mechanism began to pull the cart back down the tunnel. Slow at first but quicker as it went. Behind him he saw the skeletal man in a miner outfit watch him leave with hollow eyes before fading back into the memorial. Whatever that thing had been he didn't want to go back. He didn't want to be in these mines anymore. Something he could fight and make bleed was great. Something he couldn't touch was different by far. Impossible task.

He would come slamming out of the mines as the auto brakes would take effect with a loud screeching noise that drew the attention of those outside. Bodily throwing him off the cart as he landed in another pile of coal. It hurt but he would live. He groaned as he picked himself up before the foreman came running over with a what the fuck look on his face. However Michibo was having none of it. He glared at the man as if to suggest he dared him to say anything negative before grumbling out. "There is your coal. My jobs done for the day." With that he stormed off from the group of onlookers. His face turning pink as he did. He knew they were staring at him as if amused. His first time with a spirit was amusing to them. Man he wanted to deck one of them in the face. Instead he stormed home as fast as he could to shower and throw out his clothes he had been wearing.

1400/1400 Double mission payment.

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