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As this will take place all over Kirigakure, placing it here so we don't have to constantly change topics. Welcome to Saga my dudes

The city of Kirigakure. My city. My city screams as crime continues to litter her streets...My night goes back to that night. Two kunai. Two bodies...Two sounds of my mother's pearls rolling on the floor....Nah just kidding. But I am patrolling today. New faces. New Genin. New world. Gotta love that ever turning cycle of renewal that is the shinobi.

Xiao thought as he stood perched upon one of the slanted rooftops of Kirigakure's outskirt walls watching as genin came to and fro to complete their D-rank and E-rank missions, from taming cats to shoveling dirt the grunt work was truly a climb for any involved in the process and Xiao knew it all too well. Though he had a habit of finding himself in S-Rank and above situations at most times, the little Spider had a real heart for the community of Kirigakure his personal goal always attempting to ensure that everyone was taken care of and 'friendly' atleast a little to one another.

His fingers perched lightly on the shingled roof that slid from the wall as he watched the gates of Kirigakure. The new faces. That's what he wanted to aim for. Those that he could sweep in and ensure that they were undertaking their responsibilities as Kirigakure shinobi effectively and with the optimal effort on their part lest they suffer the same fate as the masked spider shinobi who had a tendency to toe the line of dissident despite his unwavering loyalty to his adopted country. "Come on...Just one...Someone walk through the gate"

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