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Kaito Osoroshi

Kaito Osoroshi

Mission Details:
Mission name: A Call for help (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: help the smaller village
Location: anywhere
Reward: 300
Mission description: A raven arrived early in the morning from a small village within our boarders requesting some help with a group of bandits raiding their village, you are charged with finding these bandits and dealing with them however you see fit.
Mission details: The Village is located near to the border of the country and is raided almost every other day by a group of 5 bandits all are low level to where a genin can handle them in a fight and only wield a kunai. mission is repeatable due to multiple bandit groups being able to raid the small village and the small village can be different. when confronted the leader will send in the first to fight when he loses he will send in the second, after which the last two will jump in and the leader will try to escape while you're distracted, do not let him get away for he will go get another group of bandits and come back resulting in a failure. if he is captured the leader will attempt to cut you in on a deal, whether they are all caught or all killed mission will be complete, if one gets away mission failure.

Name: Bandits
Age: N/A
General Appearance: they all wear tan colored clothing with a bandana wrapped around their face hiding what they look like, the leader's bandana is red as opposed to the black the others wear
Personality: self interested
Motivations: gold and all things shiny
Fears: not having shinies
Abilities: basic Taijutsu D-Rank Boxing, and 2 kunai each. The four bandits all have D-Rank Stats while the leader of the bandits have C-Rank stats
Other: only the leader of the bandits actually talks all the others only make noises like whooping and hollering.

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It'd already been two days since the two of them left Kirigakure, Kaito had been tasked with traveling to one of the farming villages on a nearby island within Mizu no Kuni to deal with a group of bandits that had held up in an old abandoned watch tower just outside the village. Luckily, Kaito had been able to gain the help of a fellow Kiri-nin, Kisuke whom Kaito had only just recently met and hadn't had the chance to get to know all that well yet.

What little conversing they had had between them along the trip to this small farming village, hadn't given Kaito much information on Kisuke, though to be fair to the genin Kaito had more on his mind than normal. Things hadn't really changed after he was promoted to Chunin, though in a way everything felt different. Kaito no longer worried about not being good enough, and instead felt like he needed to become stronger to protect his friends and village. It wasn't a matter of not being strong enough, Kaito knew he would die before anything happened to those he loved, but it was the things he had no control over that worried him.

There had been so many talented shinobi in the Chunin Exams, and it only made Kaito more aware of the dangers outsiders posed to his people. While Kaito understood there were always bandits like the ones he and Kisuke would be tracking down today, Kaito was far more aware of the dangers beyond the borders of the Land of Water than he had been previously. In truth, it only made him that much more determined to join the Hunter-nin and work towards maintaining peace for Kirigakure. It wasn't death Kaito feared, it was the mourning period after battle, when he was forced to face the reality of what war could do to the people he loved.

Looking over at the genin behind him, Kaito silently looked for any signs of weariness in Kisuke's face before quickly looking away. Kaito was aware that his constant checking up on his fellow shinobi often made them feel like Kaito thought lesser of them. It was an old habit Kaito picked up working in the hospital of Kirigakure and taking care of the sick and wounded. The medical-nin in him was always looking to help his peers, even though it often came across as searching for weakness. Kaito remembered how his friend Yoshito had been so mad at him when Kaito attempted to protect the Yuki clan member from a wolf attack.

"Kisuke, we're almost to the village, the watchtower where these bandits are held up won't be much farther, want to take a load off before we get our hands dirty?" Kaito asked with a huge grin, attempting to be friendly. Kaito had done what he was about to do multiple times, and though he had no idea if Kisuke had killed before, if this was his first time, Kaito wanted to be there to guide the darker skinned boy through it. Kaito himself had been forced to kill his best friend when he was only six years old, his grandmother holding his hand while Kaito and the other child both cried and begged her to stop. To be fair to the old shinobi, the child wouldn't have survived his injuries, but it had still scared Kaito deeper than even he would admit to. Kaito would make it a point of making Kisuke's first kill easier than it had been for him.

As the two of them walked along the dirt path in between the rice fields, there were a few people about, despite the late hour of the evening. If Kisuke wanted to grab a meal or something before heading out to the watchtower, it'd likely me night by the time they finished, which meant the bandits would more than likely be out and about looking for people to rob. If they skipped the meal, Kaito was hoping to catch the bandits off guard while they ate their own dinner. "Ramin or Ronin, you decide Kisuke, either way my treat." Kaito offered with a hearty laugh. Regardless of which Kisuke decided on, Kaito wasn't all that worried. His priority was simply to get Kisuke out of this with as few injuries as possible Together, they would make sort work of the grunts, it was the leader that Kaito had to worry about, as it was doubtful Kisuke would be able to deal with him on his own.

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Kisuke kept adjusting the headband that hung loosely around his neck showing that he was now a shinobi of one of the five great nations, Kirigakure. It had been two days since he and Kaito left the village to one of Kiri's farming village on a distant island, whose residents seemed to be having troubles with a group of raiders taking refuge in a watchtower. Kisuke overall was quite content with the opportunity to gain some in-field experience with one of his fellow shinobi, hoping to open new doors and avenues for training ventures and building rapport with the variety of ninja he's seen back home. Hmm, Home, that was a strange word for Kisuke as he still wasn't completely adjusted to his new scenery back in Kirigakure, he wasn't sure if he ever would not after the hell he'd seen and gone through, to witness your own mother murdered in front of your eyes all to ultimately just end up in a hospital receiving physical and psych evals one after the next. Kisuke never made mention of this life scarring incident as he didn't want to burden others with his troubles but never stopped him from replaying that day over and over like a broken record in his head. He'd made it his mission to make sure nothing like that ever happened to anyone else and getting rid of these bandits was solid first step ensuring the future didn't have a life as he did, even if it meant he had to take someone's life to ensure that goal was met. Killing was something Kisuke had never done but he'd definitely seen enough killing up to this point that either way it didn't feel much different, but not entirely sure on the subject he had a point of reference at least with walking pointer, Kisuke assumed that he had taken a life already as it would be quite rare to be promoted without taking a life at some point in a shinobi's career.

Once Kisuke got back to the village he'd make it his priority to train like crazy. Kisuke knew that there would always people stronger than you, but whether or not you became stronger than them depended entirely on one's work ethic and dedication. Kisuke's only real problem was trying to find someone he could learn what he needed fire ninjutsu in a country full of water users it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. He thought with Kaito as a connection he could maybe find his spark amongst the ocean that was Kirigakure.

Up to this point in their journey neither of them really talked, it seemed to Kisuke that Kaito had troubles on his mind as well... and there it was again, for what seemed like the umpteenth time on their journey, Kaito would do this, let's call it ritualistic, craning of his neck with what looked like worry etched on his face though Kisuke couldn't be certain as he only did for a second every time. He could understand the concern though if he was worried he could just come out and say what he wanted to instead throwing glances at him it felt like he diminishing his value as a shinobi with this mother hen attitude he was currently showcasing but Kisuke assumed it stemmed from his medical background from what he was able to gather from their mutual friend Xiao, information came from that one like heat from the sun.

 Nonetheless, Kisuke would just let it slide no reason to start any sort of disagreement, especially on a mission no less. Kaito finally spoke with a grin in an attempt to be friendly saying that maybe they should take a load off in the village before they reach their destination that only a little further along with some foreshadowing that they would indeed be performing a cleaning service for this mission.  They walked through the small village through a couple of rice field into town passing a couple of food shops, where Kaito made an offer to buy him some food should he want anything his treat, but what caught Kisuke's eye was the little tea shop in between it all coming to a dead stop, eyeing it for a few seconds then looked at Kaito as if looking for permission of sorts. Kisuke knew they were on a mission but he couldn't help himself, he said "I'm not  necessarily hungry but some tea would help get us on the same page plan wise that is, that way you can share with me what our plan of attack is gonna be, because you really haven't shared too much other than the bare minimum on our trip here."


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Kaito Osoroshi

Kaito Osoroshi

Ramin it was then, well, tea at least, and to be honest after the trip they'd had Kaito was more in the mood for something a little more filling than just ramin. Nonetheless, the chunin took the que from the younger shinobi and started heading towards the small restaurant. The thought that Kisuke hadn't been properly briefed on the situation hadn't really crossed Kaito's mind either, which left him rather taken aback with his own mindlessness. "Forgive me Kisuke, I meant no offense, I've just had a lot on my mind recently." To be honest, there wasn't really that much on Kaito's mind in the last few weeks, which was the problem. When he was so wrapped up in whatever he was working towards he was always able to focus on the task at hand, leaving nothing at the waist side, no matter how medial the task. What had been getting to Kaito was the blankness of his mind, the only real goal he'd set for himself was to convince his superiors to transfer him to field service so he could get out of that damned hospital and be a real shinobi, which Kaito had completed when he was promoted to chunin. Other than that, the only thing he had wanted was to discover the truth behind the fate of his mother, which after learning the hidden truths of his clan, Kaito no longer felt the same urge to lay his mother to rest. After all was said and done, Kaito's mind had gone blank, and with nothing to focus on and work towards, he realized he was slipping on the job.

As the two of them made their way into the small shop and out of the rain, they were greeted by an elderly woman fanning herself at the counter and a young boy, maybe seven or eight years old sweeping the floor near the door. The boy watched both of them closely, turning to look outside before casting a short glance towards his grandmother as he returned to his task silently. Kaito noticed the child had looked in the same direction of the tower just past the town limits, which could actually be seen just on a hill overlooking the small village. The older woman continued to fan herself lazilly until her hand came a sudden stop once she noticed the Kiri headbands on Kisuke and Kaito's foreheads. "Shinobi from Kirigakure I take it, good, good, come and sit. We've been waiting for you all to arrive." Kaito noticed the short glance from the elderly woman to the young boy sweeping the floor, but otherwise took no interest in it before sitting at the counter ready to order.

After a quick exchange of words as Kaito ordered his food, the elderly woman disappeared behind the door in the back. Two bowls of the stew they had on hand as well as a cup of jasmine tea for Kaito and Kisuke's choice of tea. With the woman gone and the young boy steadily doing his job, Kaito decided the two of them were alone enough to discuss their plans. "There isn't much special here Kisuke, a group of bandits, roughly half a dozen or so, have taken the local watchtower as their domain and are terrorizing the villagers. We kill them, stay the night after disposing of the dead, then return home. The watchtower didn't look like anything special, so I'm not really worried about anything there, other than that this is a simple straight-forward mission, we put them down like the dogs they are and go home." Kaito wasn't sure what else there was to talk about, sense the only other option was to capture the bandits, but then they'd only be a nuisance on the way back to Kirigakure where they'd end up being executed anyway.

Right then, there was a tug at Kaito's lap coat, the boy that had been sweeping a few moments ago had managed to somehow sneak up on Kaito without being noticed by the chunin. "Sorry sir, but your wrong. Those bad guys took my mom and are demanding we pay them a thousand Ryo for her release. They've been kidnapping people for days now, and their ransoms have only gotten higher and higher." The boy paused to look over the counter towards the door where his grandmother had disappeared behind as if to see if the old woman was gonna catch him speaking to the shinobi before whispering again. "Please, we can't afford to pay the bandits, but can you please save my mommy?" The child asked, with no hesitation or fear in his voice. For a second Kaito thought he might have seen rage behind the young eyes of this child, perhaps the boy would make a fine candidate for the ninja academy where he could learn to use that hatred. But Kaito's thoughts were cut short by the shrill voice of the old woman screaming at the boy, who in turn went white head to toe.

The boy ran towards his broom as if returning to his previous task would allow him to escape the old woman. She had managed to place their bowls of food and their tea in front of both Kisuke and Kaito before moving to snatch the young lad up by the ear, berating him the entire time. "What have I told you about harassing the customers Yuuto? Leave them be before I put you on dish duty." The boy could be heard muttering to himself once his grandmother let him go, something about already having to do the dishes, but his grandmother swiftly turned her attention back to the two shinobi sitting at her counter. "Well then, I apologize for my grandson's more inquisitive nature, his father was a shinobi so he tends to take an interest whenever ninja such as yourselves pass through. Forgive him." The older woman offered before fanning herself furiously as she eyed Yuuto, who was glaring at his obasan as he swept the floor. Kaito noticed the boy's knuckles turning white as he held the broom.

Taking a moment to consider his options, and giving Kisuke a short glance to see if the genin would do or say anything, Kaito turned his attention to the grandmother. "Yuuto said your daughter was taken prisoner, one thousand Ryo ransome. I have the Ryo if you need it." Kaito offered, causing the woman to slap her fan against her palm, shutting it in the process before throwing it at her grandson in one fluid motion, hitting the poor boy on the back of the head and causing him to yelp. "No need for that ma'am, Kisuke and I have come here intending to help. It's no trouble either, take the Ryo, get your daughter back safely, that way she'll be out of the way and we can deal with the bandits as befitting their crimes. I'll just reclaim my Ryo from them once the Mizukage's justice has been done." Kaito spoke sharply, eyeing the grandmother and her grandson's reactions, as well as Kisuke's as he spoke.

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The small shop although a bit rundown held a rather quiet atmosphere, an interesting spot for a strategy to be made that was certain. They were greeted by an elderly woman and what looked like her grandson where they promptly took Kaito's order for their quick meal, Kisuke noticed the elder woman's face of recognition upon seeing both his and Kaito's headbands but immediately recemented a face with tranquility. Ah, tea the one true remedy for the mind for if there was trouble upon it or a problem that needs answer it would grant those who seek it's answer better clarity or that was what Kisuke's mother always told him when she still ran their tea shop back in his home village. It was with tea Kisuke found a rather superb amount of comfort, though it still wrought a pain Kisuke could never quite place accurately if he had to wager it brought a sort of twisting pain to his heart. It was Kisuke's hope that whatever was on the Kaito's mind would help be eased. Kaito chose at that point to come from his musings and explain their duties on this particular mission, that they were performing extermination of the vermin holding up inside the tower, he mentioned this being a straightforward mission, this was where Kisuke internally smirked at the notion, nothing in the life of shinobi was ever straightforward.

The boy showed no interest in either of their presence inside the shop, that was until after his grandmother went behind the door making it seem he was skulking about for information. He tugged at Kaito's coat asking if we could save his mother as they were holding her for a rather large ransom from a family who did not look of deep pockets, the boy mentioned people have been kidnapped on and off for days and held for ransom, which for scum like them was not uncommon. He kept looking behind the counter expecting his grandmother who apparently has struck fear into the heart of the boy he was not sure, but one thing Kisuke was sure of was the anger the boy had behind his eyes asking total strangers for help with no ounce of doubt in his voice which either spoke his quiet rage or the amount of courage the boy had either suited him well. Kaito exchanged a knowing glance with Kisuke their thoughts along the same, there was potential if nurtured correctly, but those thoughts were for another time as the grandmother came yelling like a banshee at the boy about harassing us all the while serving the tea and food that was ordered.

Swirling the tea around in its glass cup, Kisuke watched as the boy swept with peaceful rage and listening to his grandmother apologize to both Kaito and Kisuke for the boy's intrusiveness with some excuse about the boy's father being a shinobi the cause of it. Kaito waved it off being the kind of guy he was and then he would shock Kisuke with what he said next offering to pay for the families ransom with no care in the world in which the woman used the fan she was using and throwing it at the boy now identified as Yuuto and nailing him with it in the back of the head. Not the exact response Kisuke was expecting raising an eyebrow at Kaito for it, Kaito mentioned he would just get the ryo back from the mizukage after their mission was over. "Captain, I think you should reconsider your offer. Think back on what the boy said earlier they've been kidnapping people for days now and we have no idea if those ransoms have been paid or not. Paying for one woman's safety seems rash and unfair to others. With that in mind, it sounds like we have a hostage situation on our hands." Kisuke looked at the boy and then the grandmother "I think we should ask around if there is anyone else being held and not go around offering our coin for their return. I don't have a problem with the boy but the grandmother and her lack of affection for her daughter are a bit disconcerting so for now, I suggest we make ourselves scarce from this establishment."

Kisuke thanked them for the meal but before leaving took them both with him outside for a question or two. "How many people have been kidnapped or rather how many are still captive? Also, What's with your grandmother?" "The bad guys I think have three people with them counting my mom. The other two live in that house down there." Yuuto said while pointing to a house down the street. "There was a boy and a girl I would play with all the time before they came here and everything changed, their parents are poor like us. My grandma has been acting weird since they took my mom, sometimes the bad people come into the back of the shop with grandma and they talk about something but I don't know what it is though." It was then Kaito came up and spoke his piece. "And you said this was going to be a straightforward mission, this is anything but from the sounds of it." Kisuke said all with the look of indifference etched on his face.


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Kaito Osoroshi

Kaito Osoroshi

Both the words of her grandson and those of Kisuke had the older woman in tears, and Kaito moving to her side as she leaned against a table for support. It was clear more was happening here then simple bandits and hostages, and Kaito figured those responsible were holding more hostage than just the people they had kidnapped so far. "Ma'am, are you okay?" Kaito asked, stepping closer to her and offering his arm to help her stand. It wasn't until the older woman accepted his offer that he noticed the pain in her eyes and the bruises on her arm, normally covered by the winter kimono now exposed. Kaito immediately looked up, meeting the woman's glance as she broke in his arms. "Ma'am, is all right now, no one will hurt you anymore." Yuuto came over, emboldened by Kisuke and Kaito's earlier words, and yelling at his grandmother as she sat down, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Kaito quickly pulled the young boy to him, his arm resting across the boy's chest in a backwards hug to reassure him. Calming down, Yuuto reached for his grandmother, moving the sleeve of her kimono to expose more of the bruising, before he too started to cry quietly. "Yuuto I'm so sorry, I tried to get your mother back, but I didn't have enough money." The woman eyed Kisuke disdainfully, his earlier accusations having not yet faded from her memory, though she didn't say anything on the matter. "I understand your offer shinobi, but your companion is right, it wouldn't be fair for you to pay for the release of my grandson's mother and not the others who have been taken. There have been children that have gone missing, if anyone you should pay for their release, my daughter-in-law would understand." She spoke with an elegant authority Kaito didn't expect from someone that had likely been beaten within an inch of her life before being accused of collusion with the criminals that nearly killed her, but Kaito wouldn't hear any of it.

"You misunderstand me, both of you." Kaito began, looking between Kisuke and the woman before he sat down at the table across the woman, motioning Kisuke to sit down as well. They had much to discuss and plan, and Kaito wanted to at least finish his tea. Yuuta managed to find a spot on Kaito's knee, as he was still very upset an obviously in need of comforting. "You have a history with these bandits, a sort of relationship." Kaito started again as the older woman attempted to cut him off and interject, but her assumption that he was accusing her of something was wrong. "As I said, you misunderstand me. I'm suggesting you take my Ryo and use it to secure the release of Yuuta's mother, but understand I have no intention of being shorted a thousand Ryo. I'm going to get it back once the scum are dead. In the meantime, we can use the situation to both find the location of the prisoners, securing their release, as well as use the distraction to gain the upperhand on the bandits." Kaito spoke in between sips of his tea.

It only took a few moments of thought before the older woman spoke up, seeing the flaw in Kaito's plan. "But if you two are dealing with the bandits, how are you going to free the hostages?" Kaito couldn't help but smile, going into detail about how the had to be plenty of people in the village willing to risk their lives to get their family back. Kaito and Kisuke would need to get to know a few people, being both quick and quiet about it, least the bandits catch on. If they could figure out where the hostages were being kept when Yuuta's mother was released, then the villagers could go reclaim their family while the two shinobi occupied the bandits. "Very well, this is a good plan, now eat, no fighting on an empty belly. Yuuta will keep you too company, if you need anything just ask, I'll start getting the word out, the watchtower overlooks the village and if two shinobi are seen moving house to house, those criminals will know what's happening before we have a chance to do anything." The woman stood up, looked at the two shinobi and her grandson, nodded, and walked out of the little restaurant.

Kaito moved Yuuta to his own chair, moving towards the kitchen to find a bowl and some food for the boy before returning, food in hand. Picking up a cup and the tea kettle the older woman used to pour the jasmine tea, Kaito made sure there was still some tea left before he first poured one for Yuuta and then refilled his own cup. Sitting down, Kaito turned to Kisuke. "So, what do you think of the plan? We not only free Yuuta's mother, but we use the distraction to ambush the bandits while the villagers storm the old tower to free their family members. Normally I would wait and send for more shinobi, but given the state of those bruises on Yuuta's grandmother, I doubt we have the time to wait." Kaito didn't like having to rely on the villagers to free the hostages, as it was messy, but if he and Kisuke did their duty, the bandits wouldn't live long enough to hurt any of the villagers, Kaito would make sure of that. Besides, as a medical-nin, Kaito planned to stay in the village for a little while after the mission as those hostages would likely need medical care. Kaito already knew he'd send Kisuke back to Kirigakure, not only to report the mission, but also to request a team of medical-nin to come help the villagers recover from everything.

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