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“I’m here ahead of time.” Satoru said to himself as he swiftly landed in a spacious area within the forest of Konoha where many shinobi have came to train. He posted a mission in the village for any genin to come to this area and take down the VIP and he then gave a description of the VIP that fit his appearance. He removed his weapon from his sash and held it with its scabbard within his left hand. He held a kunai in the other hand.

He knew what came next so his stance was one of anticipation. Satoru posted a D-Rank mission that pays genin to beat him up. This wouldn't go well if a squad of genin come for him. He comes to his senses and realizes that since he is here early. He can disguise himself using the transformation technique until his opponent(s) arrive. After devising his tactic, Satoru put away his weapons and used the jutsu to hide himself in a nearby bush as a brown boar. Whenever a shinobi comes scouting for him he will get the drop on them by rattling the bushes a bit, stepping out as the boar then attacking them when they drop their guard because its “just a boar”

WC: 214

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An anonymous request for... something. It seemed like a bounty of some kind, but the description of what exactly he was supposed to do was, confusing? He couldn't tell if he was supposed to recuse this white haired guy, (wow there are a lot of those in this village now that he thought about it), or take him down. Either way he could simply take them down and return them to the village to sort out which was which. When Yugen went to ask his grandfather whether he could go out and do this, mission, all he gave was a thumbs up, as he worked over his sores and stitches from recent mission. "Better be active out there alone than lounging around all day with me." He said. And Yugen wasn't one to argue with a jounin. So with permission, the frail ninja headed out to the forest to find his 'target'(?)

Yugen had been looking around the forest for a while but there was no sign of the white haired boy he was supposed to find. The trees offered shade from the overbearing sun but that was all the assistance they offered. Ugh. Lazy wood. In the middle of rolling his eyes a brush of bushes rustled like bells ahead of him, about five, drawing his eyes toward it. A moment later a boar stepped out into the open. Yugen tensed, this could go one of two ways. One- The boar started charging. Option two then. Reflexively he summoned his bubble jutsu and proceeded to roll backwards, matching their speed to keep a constant distance between them while he extended a second jutsu to the trees around him. Focusing on four trees, all of them five meters around the boar. Then with his mind he forced all of them to uproot themselves and slam towards the boar. Eliminating the threat on his life if they didn't move. If they were somehow able to jump out of the trap of maneuver out of it there was a fifth tree Yugen was focusing on to thrash it with.



Name: Reality: Sudden Expression of Psionics
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Up to 35 meters away from the caster
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration + 2
Description: Yūgen reaches out to a jutsu or item up to 30 meters away from him and infuses his chakra into the mix. Allowing him to psychokinetically control the movement and direction of something beyond its usual limit.

For cases of jutsu: If the jutsu belongs to the caster, they can manipulate it flawlessly. Controlling both the speed and direction of the jutsu controlled. This boosts the speed of the jutsu by 35m/s and allows for psychokinetic control. However when trying to manipulate an opponent's jutsu he can only manipulate one aspect, speed or direction, with limited results. The caster can affect a jutsu they don't own by changing the speed by 15m/s (increasing or decreasing it), or by changing direction of the jutsu up to 45 degrees. AoE effects such as massive explosions cannot be affected with directional manipulation, unless it belongs to the caster, in which case is can be manipulated so long as the radius doesn't leave the point of center point. While when using this jutsu on a jutsu the caster owns there is no cap on how high the rank of jutsu this can affect, but when affecting a jutsu that doesn't belong to them the they can only affect one jutsu of C rank or lower. Of course if given IC permission, this jutsu can affect a person's jutsu with none of the aforementioned reductions. This is mostly to allow for allies to also benefit from this jutsu. And jutsu that produce multiple projectiles still count as one jutsu for purposes of measurement.

For items: Yūgen can manipulate up to 30 E rank items, 15 D rank items, 10 C rank items, and 3 B rank items by encasing them in his chakra and then manipulating the chakra. A concept similar to the puppet technique but acting more like a shell than strings. These, if they don't already possess the capacity to move on their own for some reason, can be 'psychically' manipulated at 35m/s and each item can move up to 35 meters away from the caster and behave as if they had B-1 strength and endurance. (For the purposes of strength contests and resisting knockback effects.) The caster can use this to grant increased movement speed for close quarters combat or to have an item fight their battles for them.

When manipulating an opponent's item, only two items can be affected at once, not regarding rank of the item. Affecting  non weapon and weapon item types is ironically the same, the item in question can be manipulated at a max of 25m/s. When competing with the strength values provided by this jutsu for items and the strength of the opponent, this will typically play out according to the stats interaction guidelines as described in the stat rules.

Again, if the target gives IC permission for use of this jutsu on an item they are holding or wearing, this jutsu will behave as if the caster was using this jutsu on an item they themselves owned. Though when attempting to manipulate an item that doesn't belong to the caster and isn't being wore or wielded by an opponent, OOC permission will suffice and the item may be manipulated at the user's own for the intents of this jutsu.

Name: God Amongst Men: Light
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Defensive | Supplementary
Element: Non-Aligned
Range: Self | 1-2 meter radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable | -5 per post
Cooldown: Duration + 2
Description: A technique built to overcome his movement deficiency, as well as he lack of strength and defense. Yūgen projects a bubble of concentrated energy around him anywhere from one meter to two meters away from his body. (Meaning a spherical barrier either two or four meters in diameter). It suspends him in the center of this sphere and he can control it to roll in whichever direction he pleases. The movement speed of this bubble is 20m/s. It is still a physical barrier however and blocks any jutsu trying to enter or leave it without his expressed permission, jutsu he casts will be able to leave or enter freely. People in general can't enter his barrier, meaning the only way to get to Yūgen is  to break the barrier. This can block up to three D-ranks or two C-rank.

As a more specific mechanic, the small section inside this barrier is not negated by other chakra signatures near Yūgen. Meaning that he can still cast jutsu directly from the daydream with the one to two meter space he has to work with. If for any reason an opponent should find their way inside the bubble, this effect is rendered null and void.

Inspired by Violet's (Incredibles and Incredibles 2) barriers, mechanics provided in part from Kisei with permission.


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