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1 The start of the fall [Kirei] on Tue Dec 25, 2018 6:31 pm



Mission name: The start of unraveling Seikō
Mission rank: C-rank
Objective: Find new clues on the streets and follow up on those clues.
Location: Konoha’s slums
Reward: 300 Ryo + 1 EP
Mission Description: Go to the slums of Konoha and gather information and act upon that.
Development References: Thread: Hush
Most relevant pieces of text from the thread:

Another failure. It was the first operation she unofficially took upon herself since having joined the ANBU of the hidden mist village. While she wasn’t in the hidden mist, helping out their allied country while she was there seemed like a very reasonable thing to her. So even if it wasn’t an order from the Hokage to join up with the villages ANBU, she just decided on her own to help out. Mostly because she felt like she wouldn’t be allowed to help. Why would a foreign person be allowed into the secret ops of another village. So instead she took it upon herself to help from the shadows, be a sort of vigilante. And while yes she could’ve passed on the information to the village and they would then act accordingly, that would leave herself without the task. It would leave her without being able to experience the darkness that loomed over the world. An evil that was hidden from the common people and was only shown to those that let themselves be engulfed by it. She wanted that experience, she felt like she needed that experience to grow as a person. To be able to overcome her fears in a time of need.

The trail she had found that was potentially connected to the case she was working had resulted in a dead end.

“But yeah in all seriousness, I am here on a mission, but not one that was assigned by any of the villages. I’m out here on my own, because of some rumors I caught out on the street. Taking matters into my own hands instead of reporting to the village and waiting on their response. However the intel I had gathered this night let to a dead end.” She said as she let out a drawn out sigh. “I’m going to gather more information later today after I’ve slept a little bit, would you perhaps be interested in joining me?”
Mission Details: After overhearing a conversation within the crowd that’s listening to a preacher. Herself and Kirei decide to follow up on it. The clues lead to the warehouses of Konoha in which the two of them most uncover what the contents of the shipment is. If the grunts working in the warehouse with the goods find out that you’re investigating their goods they will engage you in combat. They have tools that are equivalent to C-rank items with minimum values. Their stats are also flat C across the board. There are a total of 12 grunts in and around the warehouse.

It was dark and cold outside, clouds covering most of the moon that had taken on the color of crimson red. Without really knowing what was going on Fuyuko ran through the familiar streets. The streets weren’t lit by lanterns and the like. No they got their red, orange and yellowish looks from the flames that were spread all over the place. Buildings ablaze, and slowly crumbling down to the ground as the foundation crumbled away and turned to ash. The whole scene left her extremely confused. Wanting to find out more she kept on running through the sea of flames that surrounded her. The moon that was partially blocked out by clouds was instead replaced by the smoke that rose from the fire. Darkening the streets she was running through.

She took a step around the corner when… The dream ended as she shot up straight in her bed. Sweat slowly dripping down her back as she took a couple of seconds to look around the room and get her bearings again. She was back in Takao’s room, back in Konoha. Lifting her right hand covering her right eye as her head rested in her palm. Her eye ached but she was unsure why. “What was that all about?” she spoke softly but for no one else but herself to hear. The room was empty. Takao had already left the bed and presumably was already back hard at work. While she was the one that had to disappear most often while they were in the mist, now it was his turn to go back to work.

Having recovered a bit from the shock she looked around the room looking for the clock. It had only been a handful of hours since she had gotten back from her late night mission and headed into bed. She let herself fall back onto the bed that felt rather empty. Her arms spread out beside her as she stared against the ceiling. By now it had been a couple of days since she arrived in the hidden leaf and stayed in Takao’s house. However it was hard to feel at home in this foreign country, house or room. It simply wasn’t her place. It was impossible for her to predict that things would turn out this way. She had only slept outside of the mist village a handful of times, once during a mission that took place in the lightning country. However since she was on a mission at the time she wasn’t expecting much or a good sleep anyway, because her body was on high alert. The other times were on her travel together with Takao towards the hidden leaf, where she was just too excited too get a proper sleep. So not sleeping well for an extended period of time was something that was unfamiliar terrain for her.

There was no point on laying on the bed and wonder about the vague dream or how her sleeping schedule hadn’t been the best as of late. So without further ado she rolled straight out of bed and got herself dressed. There wasn’t much for her to do for the rest of the day. The sun had only just risen above the horizon which meant she had an entire day ahead of herself before herself and Kirei would investigate a group of people. Without having really anything to do until then Fuyuko just slowly slaved through the day.

As dusk started to arrive Fuyuko prepared herself for her leave. With her ANBU gear hidden underneath a big poncho and the hood hiding the mask she’s wearing she left the house and headed for the southern gate that left Konoha.

In a tree not far from the gate Fuyuko sat down on a sturdy branch awaiting the arrival of her partner for the night. When her companion for the night would show up in her field of view she’d approach them, or if they appeared next to her, regardless of which sequence happened she’d quickly start the conversation. “There isn’t too much time to waste before they start, lets talk on the move.” If she noticed they were ready, she would head in the direction they were going. “So there is this small community not far to the west of this gate, I came across of it when I was first learning the layout of the village. They’re somewhat… not too happy about the village and some of its latest changes. Honestly I didn’t pay too much attention to the context of the speech, however in the middle of that speech someone was whispering to someone else about things that was interested in. I didn’t really get much of the information the first time because I dropped in late on the conversation. There is however another speech going to happen tonight and I’m hoping that those people will show up again and have another conversation hidden in the midst of it. That’s basically the gist of it all, got any questions?

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