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From a lone shinobi in Sunagakure.

Hey Kazekage-sama, if you receiving this message, the mission has failed
We did our best to contact you, in the wake of the devestation
The fields of wheat are burning, our supplies for the coming drought are all but gone
I have several shinobi with me, we have only a few shuriken and some kunai.
The children are being led out by some of our genin who are all fleeing as I write to you now

In the aftermath we have one last thing to say, there was a man.
Burning bright like the sun casting us into flames.
There was another with eyes red making us forget our names.
Also, a woman, whose name we do not dare say
Who has consumed many helpless souls on this day

I plead to you, who would be the next Kazekage
Avenge us...



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