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Pain was not something Taiho was fond of, the body aches that still remained from the pretty disastrous if somewhat successful gambling ring crackdown, plagued him terribly. He idly thought about cancelling his attendance for today, or sending Shizuka in his stead, but he knew that shirking this opportunity would eventually come back to haunt him, or worse, end up on his record. Luckily for him, the commanding officers had deemed that the whole group could have three days off, the break being well deserved considering the fact the genin had gone up against what amounted to special jounin and some more... well versed fighters.

Regardless, today their second mission would begin and the group would once again have to meet up at some predetermined location. Luckily for the group however, today’s mission was objectively easier, especially since three of them had promoted since the last mission. It seemed that his and Kennosuke’s performance in the Chuunin Exams had been worthy enough to warrant an immediate promotion to Chuunin. This meant that todays mission could be split up into three groups of two, with one Chuunin for one Genin for two of the groups leaving one group with two Chuunin.

Today’s mission was relatively simple, just proctor some Exam matches to make sure the genin didn’t kill each other. They weren’t expected to do much fighting, especially considering most genin were pretty well behaved, but if necessary the Chuunin in each group should be more than enough to handle the situation without having to seriously injure the children. It should be a relatively quick job as well, considering most matches were fairly fast, if his own experience was anything to go by.

Of course to Taiho this whole mission felt like a clusterfuck, but it wasn’t something he was adverse to, especially considering how strapped for cash he had become after having to pay for most of Shizuka’s expenses since arriving. And with him having to fight in the CE’s he couldn’t keep the flow of income steady enough to maintain the both of them, so missions like these were seen a sort of godsend for the young blonde.

He would once again wake up groggily, the sleep still crusting his eyes as he groaned and shifted about in his bed. His thoughts again idly thought of just sending Shizuka without him, but knew that his young charge looked up to him and thus shirking his duties was not something he’d like for the young boy to pick up. Shouting to the rafters, he’d once again yell for Shizuka to wake up, this time not knowing if the boy was up before him or not, regardless his head would slam back down on the pillow as he stared at the stark white ceiling that seemingly stared right back at him. Today was going to be a long day.

Combat Summary

Resource Management

Word Counts

Post WC: 480
Mission WC: 480/2500
Bonus Ryo WC: 0/2000 (+500 Ryo)
Bonus EP WC: 480/7,500 (+3 EP)
Topic EP WC: 0/12,500 (+5 EP)
EP Gained:


Mission name: Extra Pair of Eyes.
Mission rank: B-A.
Objective: Proctor a match for the Exams.
Reward: 500/1000 Ryo +3/4 EP.
Mission Description: There are hundreds of matches taking place for the Chūnin exams, and more overseers are needed than ever to ensure the safety and fairness of the bouts we host.
Mission Details: You are in charge of half a day’s worth of matches, about 5 or 6. They will mostly go without incident, but a few entrants are especially bloodthirsty; restraining them will require defensive and/or supplementary jutsu of at least B-rank. This is overall an easy or boring mission, but necessary enough that you receive pay regardless.


Extra Eyes [Mission] [Kisei, Shizuka, N'Jobu, Kennosuke, Kizmaru] 2f73949cb5ebecf54a5746d5fc0c93e4

Extra Eyes [Mission] [Kisei, Shizuka, N'Jobu, Kennosuke, Kizmaru] LATo3uk

Shizuka Nakamura

Shizuka Nakamura

Today Shizuka was up bright and early, unlike most mornings where he was the last to get up and took ages longer then Taiho to finally escape the peaceful grasp of slumber. Sat on a wooden stool hunched over a wooden desk the boy could be found, sketching down designs and descriptions of various puppets and gadgets. Shouts resonated through the house, probably Taiho's best attempt at waking his charge today.

"Already up sleepy head!" Shizuka would yell back before putting the finishing touches on the blueprint he was working on and standing up. The boy meandered down the hall to the kitchen and started up the coffee machine before heading back to his room, steam already billowing off the pot as he left the kitchen. He picked up a change of clothes from his room before walking back down the hall to the bathroom, turning the shower on and letting it heat up a bit before stripping and hopping in. The hot water and steam was quite refreshing after such a busy week, the heat soothed his sore muscles and washed away any grogginess left over from waking up. After finishing up washing his body and hair he turned off the water and hopped out, grabbing a towel and drying off before putting on a green T shirt and a grey crewneck sweater followed by his typical black leggings. After getting dressed he moved on to brushing his teeth and hair before leaving the bathroom and heading to the kitchen. Shizuka would make his way over to the coffee machine and pour out a cup for himself, while he wasn't drowsy or anything coffee was coffee.

If Taiho hadn't left his room yet Shizuka would pour out another cup of coffee and walk over to Taiho's room and knock on the door before enter and offering the coffee to him. He had been working his ass off to keep a roof over the two of them and food in the pantry, it was only fair Shizuka tried to help out even if it was just tagging along on a boring mission or bringing a cup of joe to him in the morning. After the delivery of the coffee Shizuka would return to his room and kinda just lounge around, his morning was pretty empty aside from getting ready and until Taiho was ready to go he had nothing to do but sit and wait.

WC: 405

Kizmaru Uchiha

Kizmaru Uchiha

It seems Kizmaru was taking part in another mission that require the minimum manpower of chuunin and most likely some other Genin not participating in the exams this time around. Ironically enough, these were the same Chuunin exams he had taken part in recently before he was shuffled to this sort of request. He was instructed to monitor and proctor the exams, stepping when deemed absolutely necessary when Genin involved let too much of their "shinobi way" onto the battlefield. This wasn't as glamorous as he had wanted his missions to go from Chuunin on but he figured he might as well take the easy ones that paid decently well while he could since he could use the money anyhow. This wasn't gonna be too much fun since most likely nothing of interest would happen or so he assumed. He figured he'd watch some guys duke it out, both of them got too serious and he and the other two assigned to this task would have to step in and stop the fight.

Other than that, Kizmaru would take this opportunity to watch some other genin fight and even considered it a free pass to watch the people who hadn't gotten the title yet bash each other's brains in. Hopefully, at least THAT much would happen but figuratively and not literally or technically, he and his comrades would fail the request and that's not what he was planning to to do at all. Speaking of his comrades, he looked over in their general direction to see what the two of them were doing before he had even arrived here himself and from what he's gathered, nothing. Nothing of interest to himself anyways. Sighing, Kizmaru squatted down to the ground and decided he observe the Chuunin matches from the location he was in. Hopefully something eventful will happen that will make him either take interest or take part in stopping a killing blow.

W.C: 322



Kisei, bored and with nothing to do, was on another job. In the same week, what a miracle. Call it a festive mood, but Kisei had the strange itch to get up and actually be productive for once. Not that managing the shop was mild work… He had already gotten involved with the exams before, working on a stealth mission to expose an illegal activities ring. Though right now he was actively watching the chuunin exam matchs, umbrella over his head shielding him from the sun, his pinwheel strapped on his back, and his puppet invisible to most eyes, was busy floating around him. The Ushinatta gladly hiding inside the hollow skeleton of a puppet as he watched this particularly hardcore match up between an two members of the Iwagakure, an explosion style user and an earth bending ninja. Currently the explosion ninja was dominating the match, tossing away his opponent like a rag doll. The earth style user was struggling a bit, apparently more of a taijutsu user than their initial ninjutsu attacks in the beginning of the match had us believe.

Despite the best attempts to end the match on both sides, neither of them were doing enough damage to end the match. But with how it was going right now the thin emergency steel wire he had requested for this match was ready to be deployed at a moments notice, his foot keeping it in place as he watched the match. Judging but the current pace it wouldn’t end any time soon, but he did expect it to at least end spectacularly. It wouldn’t be often that you would end up fighting ninja from your own village with such intensity, Kisei would relate to the feeling of wanting to go all out on someone. They were probably enjoying the adrenaline this fight brought, as it would more than likely be the last time they’d be actively fighting against each other. As much as he could agree with the sentiment that was were lines would have to be crossed. These exams could be extremely brutal, and death wasn’t an odd visitor in these events. It was barbaric, but that’s why him and a few other ninja were here to watch the fights. To stop unnessecary ends to the talented genin that made it this far into the grueling exams. He didn’t expect many problems, but this match just might be one of them.

The way that the explosion stylist fought, it was beyond anything he had ever seen. Their moves held all the brutal power of an explosion at the end of them, but their moves were graceful and calculated. Almost as if they were born to battle. Kisei sweated a bit at the sight. Honestly, he himself would probably have a lot of trouble against an opponent like that. Even though they both had similar styles of fighting, they took this too a whole new level. Their mobility and fire power was insane, put that together with that clever mind of theirs… Well. Suffice to say that it wouldn’t end without great injury to both even if he did win against them.

“Man, do I pity the girl fighting that him. She’s got one hell of a fight going on.”



Extra Eyes [Mission] [Kisei, Shizuka, N'Jobu, Kennosuke, Kizmaru] BIgWlMn:3 | Jutsu | Arsenal  



Kennosuke had been up so since before the sun had risen over the horizon. His weapons he had commissioned were finally completed and he was waiting at the Smith before the man was even awake. As soon as the shop was open he was inside collecting his new equipment. The first thing he was given was the brown leather harness that held his quiver, the holster for his bow and sheathes for his knives. After settling the belt and harness into place, he was given his bundle of arrows.

He took a moment to inspect them, grinning as he toyed with the mechanical blades that deploy when it hits a target and would leave a truely nasty wound. After stashing the ten arrows into his quiver, the Smith slid his fighting knives acrosd the counter. Taking both of them off the counter, he could feel the Raiton chakra flowing through them and after a quick inspection he sheathes them across his lower back, under the holster for his bow. The smith presented Warpath, Kennosuke's new bow, a proud look on his face.

The craftsmanship was impeccable. When Kennosuke received it the bow was fully extended, ready to fire. A button was recessed into the handle of the bow and when Kennosuke pressed it the limbs of of the bow slid down toward the handle. He tests the mechanism a few times and then slides it into the holster on his back. The last thing gave Kennosuke was Rekka, the sword Kennosuke had for sometime. While he did no actual work to the blade, the smith added a simple tsuba, covered the blackened wood sheath with brown leather and wrapped the hilt in leather as well. Affixing the blade to the harness on his left hip, Kennosuke thanks the Kimura smith and leaves the shop.

He had other things to do today, namely his first mission as a Chūnin. It was ironic for him, as the mission was proctoring matches. Considering not long ago he was supposed to be in those matches, it amused him a small bit. He hits the street outside the Kimura Compound and pulls the hood of his tunic up over his head before making his way toward the arenas. It wasn't long before he arrived and since he still had some time before he was supposed to be there for the mission he decides to catch the rest of an in going fight.

He makes its way through the multitude of seats, to the small wall at the edge of the seating area looking down at the arena floor. The match was between an Doton using Ninja and an Explosion release ninja. It was quite a show and it seemed he showed up just after it began. Lean leaned on the railing and watched the two ninja fight, a smile playing across his lips.

WC: 481

N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame


Given his own tenure within the Chunin exams had come to an end, he was free to do whatever he pleased at this point given he was promoted to Chunin for his performance within the exams. Not one to pass up the opportunity to make some spare ryo for an easy job, he signed up to be a proctor for some of the others matches going on. Having just gotten out of bed, he still had to do his morning routine to get himself ready for the day as he normally would but there was no real pressure as he no longer had to compete anymore. All he had to do was sit back, watch, and make sure the genin didn't kill each other during their match and he would be on his way to a good chunk of change. He stretched a bit before hopping into the shower to rinse off the night's residue from his body and invigorate himself with some cold water to the face. After washing himself up, he stepped out and dried himself off while calling for his mantid companion to wake up. "S'Yan time to get up," he would quip to his tiny friend. S'Yan would stir from his sleeping spot and stretch before hopping onto the floor then hoping up to N'Jobu's shoulder. N'Jobu would finish getting dressed and head out the door towards the stadium where he would be proctoring matches for the day.

It was a beautiful day outside without a cloud in the sky with a slight breeze cooling the air from the sun's rays. The walk down to the stadium wasn't very long but the hustle and bustle of people made it a bit more exciting than usual. The streets were filled with competitors, visitors, spectators, merchants, and everyone in between for such a large event and it made for a lively village at these times. After about 10 minutes or so walking, he had finally reached the arena which where he would be proctoring his matches. Normally there would be a few proctors per match just in case things got out of hand so he wasn't too worried about not being able to deal with any unruly genin. He made his way to the seating area where proctors took their stead and came upon a familiar face, his friend Kennosuke. "Hey Kenno, proctoring matches today?" he would ask of his Leaf comrade. Having been around Kenno several times, N'Jobu had grown somewhat fond of him which was unusual given his loner nature but he was tolerable to N'Jobu's introversion. He walked over to the railing to get a better view of the match doing on below between two genins using Explosion release and earth release causing chaos within the ring. He watched closely at the explosion release user as he had faced one himself during his time in deserts of the destroyed Sunagakure. "Interesting, another ninja with that style..."

WC: 504


Extra Eyes [Mission] [Kisei, Shizuka, N'Jobu, Kennosuke, Kizmaru] Wm6Woa7

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