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Masu walked around the small blocks of shops around looking for something to do, she lacked a proper motivation or goal to do today but she knew something had to come across her at some point. But she roamed around the block looking around at the shops and the small little venues open. There wasn't anything that seemed to appeal to Masu still yet she waited patiently for someone or something to arrive. She checked out on the park bench while she liked to observe the flowers and the small little grass patches drifting in the wind, while the birds chirp upon a tree next to her. She always loved the calm environment that was brought upon Konoha's garden and more. She entered her thoughts, she very much had a positive mindset and the happiness flooded her system like it always does. As she looked over near the stores, she saw the kids and parents walking around talking laughing and enjoying themselves and memories that they may remember for a long time, maybe something may come around to her, but for now just a simple trickle of thoughts and ideas came to her. As outrageous as it sounds she would think of the most illogical ideas such as a world without chakra or ninjas and how much different it would be, what would there jobs be like? What do they fight about? Or what do they even do in their spare time.

During her thinking period she looked around to make sure no one was stalking her, but it was a pretty bad look around for a ninja. She merely glanced at nothing pretending as if she did, but to her it seemed safe of course. Her carefree nature and letting go of those that may impose her would never reach her mind at this moment in time. She didn't have much to really do, but that was no bother to someone like Masu. She would simply start twiddling her fingers letting reality pass her and awaiting the next chapter or moment that would come to her in time, she could smell some of the food from the oncoming stores she smelt on as the noodles and beef would assume a position to make her hungry. But she didn't want to go by herself or even give into the idea of spending to much on food at this moment and she knew she would. She wanted to lose some more weight as she was nearing a journey ahead of her, and wanted to adjust her body right for the conditions of the Land of Wind. For now she kept on smelling upon the food, but resisted for as long as she could. She needed something in her system and the tea she had earlier was barely suppressing her appetite for any much longer, she was gonna break.

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Akaneya had been enjoying the winter day, as much as she could enjoy anything in particular. Although many thoughts flooded her mind, as they always did, she remained as stoic as she ever had been in the face of the crowded streets. Also in usual fashion, she took every precaution to avoid having to come into direct contact with crowds. In fact, she tried to avoid as many people as possible, always taking roundabout ways of travel that, in the proper circumstance, would confuse and disorient any who had been trying to follow her. The ANBU who kept watch might not be so easy to get rid of, but she had become somewhat accustomed to them; certainly, they were no worse than what she'd known for much of her life already anyway.

Wandering eventually into one of the many garden spaces throughout the village, Akaneya stood at the edge an observed the scene. It had been kept green and relatively warm despite the season, and was kept miraculously free of snow like much of the village. Perhaps some jutsu was cast to keep it in such a state, or perhaps its position in the village simply made it ideal, but all the same it was empty of people, empty of ice, and empty of distraction, the perfect environment for Akaneya to make herself empty of mind in her usual meditations. Stepping inside the garden at last, she had a place in mind.

Overlooking the koi pond in a roughly central location, she leaned on the railing of the bridge crossing over and looked into the water. The colorful fish danced about as lively as if it were the warmest spring day. A few types of birds had likewise shown up, some bobbing while others sit near the shore. One might suppose the sanctuary of green that the garden had been would only naturally attract such animals. Watching the water swirl with the movements of both, Akaneya's mind began to clear. It was not a typical meditation, and most certainly not the sort that monks in the temples would teach, but the unusual circumstances of her life simply meant she never did anything quite the way that she was supposed so. So it goes, she cared not - it was effective, that's all that mattered.

In tune with her senses, her vision began to blur as she zoned out. She heard the small splashes and dribbles of the water, and the subtle noises of the birds. She smelled the fresh garden air, the faint scent of flowers in the chilling breeze, and the spices and sauces of the nearby restaurants. Most importantly, though, she felt the presence, the disturbance in the natural atmosphere of sounds and breezes and the flow and vibrations of the air, of the girl sitting nearby, staring at her.


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