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Channeling chakra through the body is easy enough without explaining. Making chakra flow from the body takes practice, especially dealing with certain elements of the person's affinity. Mujin knew that best - harboring Earth Release: Aftershock and Earth Knuckles was the prime example of both offense and defense, and Heart of Rock was just an added bonus. But, there was something else crowding his mind - he couldn't put his finger on it. It was like... a voice. No; wait... yes it was. A voice... but not just any voice. Oh no; it was his master's voice. Hozanzu was his master's name - the one he killed while learning the technique Feral Assault: Intensive Murder. Why out of all people was he in his head? His master's voice was tainted with the voice of an old man; an old sensei of dark arts with a rapsy tone to it. Hozanzu said unusual words, some even Mujin himself could not comprehend at his age now. But, somehow... those unusual words held a meaning; a purpose; a reason. It was up to Mujin to find out what it was though. He secluded himself from the busy streets of Iwagakure and walked further east. He then found himself arriving to the Fissure Training Grounds in preparation for his new technique, Feral Assault: Raging Hatred. Another Feral Assault technique that his master had taught him before his time was up. There, he sat on the ground in meditation - crossing his legs in indian style, putting his two hands together in contact (the left hand was balled into a fist as the left hand's knuckles came in impact with the right hand's palm). He closed his eyes as he entered his mind; his conscience to confront his master.

In his mind was a field, a field unknown to the likes of mankind. Blood everywhere; Spilled, and splattered. It would seem like a war, but the war was over, and no one lived to see who was the victor. Then, all of a sudden, everything was blank. Mujin looked around to see what caused this, only to look in front of him and find his master looking at him as well, not even blinking once. Hozanzu let his hand rest on Mujin's stomach; And in an instant, the force from the touch pushed Mujin back 10 meters away from Hozanzu. "What is the meaning of this?" Mujin was confused as to why Hozanzu did that to him. Hozanzu gave away a slight chuckle and let his left hand rest on his long, grey, beard as he stroked it, looking at Mujin in the process. "You dare question your master, little Inuzuka?" Hozanzu's tone of voice was more expressionless than his face right now. Mujin clenched his fist, trying to channel his lightning chakra onto the gloves, but it seemed as if they were of no use. "You're supposed to be dead old man." Mujin reminded Hozanzu of the time he did killed him. Hozanzu tilted his head to the left while looking at his student still stroking his beard. "Correction. I am dead. I am merely in your head. You needed help on your techniques; I answered your pity." Hozanzu said. He was dead, but not forgotten.

Mujin was now furious. How can he let some dead ghost talk trash of him? That made him furious enough to lunge to his master and punch him, and so he did. Clenching his fists much harder, he sprinted toward his master with two fists, one cocked to the back, and one in front for a possible combo. Hozanzu did nothing but still stroke his beard while looking at Mujin coming to him. There was a small smirk that hid on Hozanzu's facial expression. When Mujin got close enough to launch his attack, Hozanzu immediately swayed to the left, avoiding the the punch and countered the punch with a swift kick to the chin. The impact and force together was strong enough to elevate Mujin into the air for 5 seconds and back down to the ground. A small growl was heard from Mujin as he got up and try to charge at Hozanzu a second time, but his charge was halted when Hozanzu pointed two fingers together in front of Mujin. "As always, you are persistent, and yet arrogant. Which was why I took you in as my own. You are to train your Chakra Flow, not your Taijutsu. Understand?" Mujin scoffed at his master's words, but nonetheless, he was right. So, Mujin relaxed himself and stood up straight with his arms crossed, waiting on further instructions from Hozanzu. "Good. Now, the technique I am about to teach you is called Raging Hatred, so listen carefully." There was a slight pause in Hozanzu's words as Mujin stood where he stand and listened to his sensei. "Raging Hatred dwells from within the emotions of the shinobi. He who wants power, must first tap into the emotion of hate, and anger. You must have the desire to win at all costs, even pressing yourself past your limits to become the strongest. You must have the intensive rage, even if it means to kill. You will lose your humanity and your compassion, and will forever be consumed in eternal darkness of the human instinct and the desire to survive. Do you understand?" Hozanzu explained.

Mujin was surprised at all of this, yet he nodded his head as of saying, "Yes". A jutsu that can tap into the hearts of the dark and hate, only to make them stronger, but losing humanity and compassion? This jutsu could make a human into a non-human; more-so a beast or even a demon. Or worse, a devil. Sure, Mujin had all of this hate against Dengen and even against Iwagakure, so the jutsu would be a piece of cake. No worries. "I must warn you though Mujin. If you so desire to use this technique, your stamina will decrease at a much rapid rate." Wait... what? Did Hozanzu just say that, you will lose your health faster? That's a HUGE drawback for such a jutsu. How can Mujin even cope with that? He needed his stamina so he can press on and continue to fight. It was in his blood - his gene - his character. Mujin scoffed at that statement of a sentence. The f*** kind of sh** was that? All this thinking was pissing Mujin off, but he had to calm his nerves if he wanted to master the technique at best. He was still furious about what was being said, and frankly, his master could see it in his face. Hozanzu shook his head in annoyance; The nerve of these kids nowadays. He thought to himself. He continued to explain. "But, the jutsu will give you great power. It is your duty to harness the hatred in your heart and master that power to use to your benefits. Understand?" Mujin shook his head yes.

"Good. Now sit. We have much training to do." Hozanzu commanded slightly. Mujin sat in the same formation with his master as both crossed their legs. Hozanzu's hands parted from each other as a means of meditating, while Mujin's hands stayed in connect. As Mujin closed his eyes, Hozanzu stood up from his sitting position and sat on the head of his cane while keeping his perfect balance, looking at Mujin in the process. "Now what, old man?" Mujin was getting impatient, very easily. Hozanzu looked at Mujin with disgust on his face. "Patience is but a virtue, young warrior. Quiet your lips as you would do to others. Quiet your mind of all the peace that shrouded your brain, and think. Think of what the past has took from you, and the present which is about to give to you." Hozanzu paused while looking at his student.

What was he talking about? Think of what the past has took from you... o_o his parents. The past took his parents away from him. Someone was trying to kill Mujin, yet his parents had gotten in the way, trying to protect to him. Those murders... were still out there... somewhere... his parents were innocent. It was all but a set up... someone wanted Mujin dead. That was Iwagakure's gift to Mujin. Because of that... -_____-; Mujin went into solitude for years... Hozanzu took him in... and told him of the news. Mujin will get his revenge. He felt his anger rising... and as he remembered... the Tsuchikage did not do sh**... nobody did. And... nobody cared to do. Now... it was personal... Mujin was entirely done with Iwagakure.

Now... he said something else. ...and the present which is about to give to you... What did he mean? Mujin hated Hozanzu's words. O__O; wait... he doesn't mean... Mujin had a flashback of what happened months ago... when he tried to kill Dengen but failed miserably and escaped unharmed, fleeing the village. Staying in Konoha, he always wondered what Dengen was planning for him for when he returned. But enough of what happened. He heard from Moussa that Dengen and Moussa had went to Konoha for something. And it involved the Hokage and an Uchiha. An altercation occurred, which left Dengen to flee, giving Iwagakure a bad name. That was the other reason. Mujin did not care for what Dengen, but this new Tsuchikage scum gave Iwagakure a bad name... especially because Mujin was the leader of the Inuzuka pack that resided in Iwagakure. Giving Iwagakure a bad name... gave the Inuzuka clan a bad name... which means... it gave Mujin Inuzuka a bad name as well.

Dengen probably had his reasons... but Mujin did not care for reasons. Oh no... Mujin wanted blood... and that person's blood was Dengen's blood... and anyone else who was in Mujin's path... standing between him and Dengen. Mujin had a quarrel with the old man... and he still did now. Clenching his fists... he cared for nothing more than bloodshed... and he wouldn't stop until doing so. He wondered Iwagakure as an outcast to society. It was time to put the Tsuchikage to sleep... permanently.

Channeling the chakra to flow to his body, the chakra speculated itself in all parts of Mujin's body. A surge of dark chakra that it was which enabled itself to the darker aspects of the human nature, gradually coursing in Mujin's body. Unfortunately, it came with a price - as Mujin lost all hope of humanity and his compassion as a person as his soul became darkened by hatred, and he started to take upon a demonic form because of it. This was another side effect of Raging Hatred: You tap too deep into the technique, it can change how you look. Mujin's eyes went from light blue and light green, to blank white as his beliefs for fighting became very dark and cold-blooded. "You didn't tell me this technique... had other side-effects old man." Mujin's master sighed only at the boy. When Hozanzu had done Raging Hatred, he too took on the same state, but Hozanzu lessed it down to give the less experience fighters a chance, vowing to never kill nobody again as his eyes went from red to their normal color. "You need to maneuver around the side effects yourself young one. I will not always be in your thoughts to tell you everything." Hozanzu said. Mujin growled at his sensei's words once again. Now he knew why he killed him, so he would shut up from his constant "wise" ways of talking. He now took on a more demonic appearance to match his darkened soul.

Feeling the dark chakra coursing through his body, he felt much stronger and faster. The shroud of darkness clouded him of his vision as a human and awoken the true nature of Mujin Inuzuka, "The Devil of Iwagakure." He lived by and with that nickname, and will continue to do so until he dies. All he had to do now was to understand the jutsu. That way, the side-effects will come around much easier, and much easier for him to understand the side effects as well. He felt the power surging through him as dark flames of chakra arose from his clothes, outlining his entire body. These were part of the effects of Raging Hatred, something his master knew all to well. "Understand the jutsu better. Then, when facing lesser opponents, you can seal yourself off from Raging Hatred, or embrace it to a much lower degree, giving them a fighting chance. However, you cannot return to your human self. Ever." Hozanzu said. Great... more side effects... Mujin hoped that the last side effect was the only side effect that was left. If not, he would have to re-kill Hozanzu again for not telling more about the technique. But, no matter. Mujin Inuzuka was a devil to society - his appearance gave it away. "You mean... I'm stuck like this... forever?" Mujin asked only to be sure of what his master was saying to him. He looked at Hozanzu with his blank white eyes as Hozanzu only shook his head in a yes formation.

Great... he was stuck like this... forever. But, on the bright side, he gained control of the jutsu and with the help of his master, he even mastered it himself. But, undergoing a new appearance, he had lost all humanity inside of him and his compassion (pity, forgiveness) for others. Now, he was nothing more then a fighter who's only purpose in life was to train and fight only the strong fighters with a darkened soul. This was the life he chose to sell his soul too, and the life he had to endure for the rest of his very own life. He continued to look at his sensei as Hozanzu said his last few words to Mujin before departing. "There is no running away from your purpose, your reasons, and the darkness that resides inside of you. You have mastered Raging Hatred to its fullest extent. The memories, and the emotions, awoken the beast inside of you. Use this power well, for it may be your ticket to everlasting power my boy. Farewell young Inuzuka. Until we meet again." Those were the last of Hozanzu's words as everything that had happened in Mujin's mind came to him back in reality while sitting on the ground at the Fissure Training Ground. He looked at his hands - his gloves, as the dark flame chakra lit up to his finger tips and vanished into thin air. He clenched his fist together as he was now fully aware of the jutsu, and even the darkness inside of him.

"Goodbye, old man." Mujin had said his goodbye, before taking his leave from the Fissure Grounds.

Even he knew best, that when he saw his old master again, it will not be the last time. He could still hear the old man's laugh in his head. "That laugh never gets old..." Still...

...he was kind of glad/sad that he killed him. But, it was what Hozanzu wished, and Mujin granted.

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