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N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame


Mission Brief:

Every Party Needs a Pooper [Private | Mission] GhEc1DS

Mission name: Every Party Needs a Pooper....
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Bounce.
Location: Konohagakure -> Construction Site or Shushaya Pub
Reward: 150 Ryo +1 EP.
Mission Description: That's why they invited you. Festivities can get a little wild when spirits are high and...spirits are flowing. Be sure to keep people from disturbing the other guests too much and escort any of those who incur property damage or start fights off the premises.
Mission Details: There's bound to be an incident or two, from some poor ninja uncontrollably emptying their stomachs from too much sake to shinobi duking it out over a bet that got personal. Luckily, they're rarely belligerent enough to require actual combat. You might be tasked to help clean up the place after hours, though.

The end of the exams were nearly here, and N'Jobu was now free to do what he pleased given his elimination from the tournament. While he was a bit disappointed in no longer being alive in the competition, the weight of the competitive pressure was finally off his shoulders and he could simply enjoy himself for the rest of the duration of the exams. Given his boredom and desire to make some spare ryo on the side, he figured he would take up another odd job to earn some change. This time the mission would be a little more involved than the tedious picking and sorting of fruit. For tonight's job, he would simply have to keep the peace during the festivities at the Shushaya Pub. An easy enough task on paper, but knowing how rowdy people can get after a night full of drinking sake could lead to some more raucous situations that would require him to use his skills to stop. He wouldn't bring his bow or his gauntlets for this task as it would be in close quarters and he didn't actually want to hurt someone by accident due to the collateral damage they could cause. He figured any drunken shenanigans caused by patrons of the bar could be quickly solved with a swarm of insects which would likely sober up any unfortunate soul who happened to want to start a confrontation.

"Ready for another fun night S'Yan?" he asked mantid companion who nodded his head up and down as he sat perched on N'Jobu's shoulder. The pair would arrive at the pub and talk to the owner who asked that they play the role of bouncer for the night to ensure that nothing got too out of hand involving drunk patrons. "Seems easy enough," he thought to himself as he looked around at the half full pub. He posted himself up by the door, giving himself a good view of everything going on in the bar and a sightline to deal with any issues caused by people trying to get in or leaving. Most of the night would go by quite smoothly as most of the patrons simply come in to the pub and get a few drinks, socialize, then head back out into the square to party some more. A couple of the patrons were clearly a bit too liquored up for their own good but they managed to keep themselves out of trouble except for one older woman who seemed to be instigating a confrontation with another female at the bar.

"You bitch!"the drunk woman would shout at the other woman who was seemingly minding her own business before the drunk woman escalated the situation by throwing a drink on the woman to her right, who responded angrily to being showered in sake which N'Jobu didn't blame her for but he would need to shut down this altercation quickly before it escalated any further. Moving towards the bar he summoned a small localized swarm of insects to subdue the drunk woman from moving, causing her to freak out a bit about the crawling black mass engulfing her body causing her to faint. Holding her upright temporarily, he set her down on the floor gently as to not injure he further before apologizing to the woman who had a drink spilled on her. Luckily enough for him, she was gracious enough to let the situation cool off and leave the bar without causing any fuss of her own, which he wouldn't really blame her if she did want to. He shifted his attention over to the drunk woman now lying on the floor, who appeared to come to. "What happened?!" she shouted as she sat up. "I subdued you miss. You were being belligerent. I'm going to ask you to leave. Now if you resist, I'll be forced to make you leave and we all don't want that now do we," he said with a sharp tone in his voice as he summoned several of his insects into a small ball in his ball. "Your choice". The woman picked her self up and decieded to take the easy road, leaving the bar of her own fruition. The rest of the night would go quite smoothly, requiring very little of him other than to sweep up a bit after the altercation before recieving his payment for his services. He thanked the pub owner and headed off into the marketplace to hang out and socialize a bit more before heading home.

[~Exit Thread~]

WC: 768

Mission Debrief:
Mission Status: Completed (750/750)
Mission EP: 1EP
Mission Reward: 1 D Rank Jutsu


Every Party Needs a Pooper [Private | Mission] Wm6Woa7

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