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N'Jobu Aburame

N'Jobu Aburame


Mission Brief:

Apples to Oranges [Private | Mission] GhEc1DS
Mission name: Apples to Oranges.
Mission rank: D.
Objective: Sort Doppelganger Fruits.
Location: Small South Forest.
Reward: 150 Ryo +1 EP.
Mission Description: The exams fell right during reaping season, and a great many autumnal Konoha delicacies require ripe, juicy fruit! Amaguriama is handing out open gigs for those that will help pick and sort the Burning Sky Harvest.
Mission Details: There's nothing out of the ordinary here at first, but it turns out not only the foliage is the varied colors of fire. Every single one of the fruits can be orange, yellow, crimson, or any color in-between! This is a tedious task that either takes a Konoha palate and nose, a Perception stat of D-3 to tell between the different types of fruit, or a sensory technique that lets one discern their interiors without damaging them.

Boredom was running high in between the matches of the chunin exams for N'Jobu. Looking for something to do, he went into the central hub for the exams to see if he could find an odd job or side mission he could do to pass the time and earn some spare ryo. "Let's go find something easy to do S'Yan" he muttered to his mantid companion who was resting upon his shoulder as he normally did. After a few minutes of perusing the marketplace, he noticed a post at Amaguriama offering an odd job to sort out some fruits for their confections. "Sounds easy enough," he thought to himself as he walked into the shop and asked one of the workers there about the task at hand. After a brief exchange, N'Jobu and S'Yan set off towards the south forest with a few baskets to pick and sort the fruit.

It was a beautiful day outside so the small trip down to the forest was quite the pleasant one. The sun was shining brightly without a cloud in the sky and a cool breeze drifted along N'Jobu's skin, which was the perfect combination for doing anything outside. After about 15 minutes or so of strolling towards the forest, the pair reached the groves where the colorful fruit was grown. "Well looks like we have quite a bit of work to do but it shouldn't be too difficult," he quipped to S'Yan who screeched a bit and bobbed his head up and down. The pair set off down the rows of the grove, starting off with a tree of reddish fruits. "S'Yan, fly up there and knock down one of those fruits. I wan't to try one," he asked of his companion. The leaf-like mantid scurried into the air into the branches of the tree, knocking down a ripe red fruit which fell down into N'Jobu's palm. "Come back down and I'll give you a bite little guy!" he shouted up to S'Yan who dropped back down from the tree quite quickly.

He lifted the fruit to his mouth and took a bite of the sweet and tart fruit, which had a slightly acidic citrus taste to it. He broke off a small portion of the fruit and handed it to S'Yan who began to nibble on the fruit, rocking with glee. After devouring the rest of the fruit, N'Jobu and S'Yan began the tedious process of picking the various fruits from the several trees in the grove. The first tree with the red fruits was the easiest as he could simply kick the tree with a bit of force and down came all of the fruits to be easily picked from the ground then sorted into the appropriate bin. To the untrained eye, most would think they were all the same but upon closer inspection, there were several different varieties of the fruits. The reddish ones were of the sweet and tart variety while the orange ones tended to be sourer. He went around mindlessly sorting the fruits into their various bins which he had brought with him, filling them up rather quickly with the help of S'Yan and his insects which could spread around a large area rather quickly. Before he knew it, he had filled up all three bins he had brought with him with red, orange, and the sweet and refreshing yellow fruit.

"I think we are just about done here, little buddy. Let's pack it up and head back to get some ryo!" he shouted to his companion as S'Yan scurried back up to his shoulder to take his perch. N'Jobu picked up the three bins and strapped them to his back before heading back to the shop to turn in his hall and get his ryo. The sky was still clear and the cool breeze swept across his face as the pair trekked back to the marketplace to turn in their bounty. After about 20 minutes or so of walking, they made it back to Amaguriama and walked into the door to drop of their haul. "Great job! Thank you so much!" the shopkeeper said to N'Jobu as she handed him his well-deserved ryo. "Thanks! You are very welcome. Anytime" he replied back to her as he put the ryo into his pocket and walked back out the door.

[~Exit Thread~]

WC: 752

Mission Debrief:
Mission Status: Completed (750/750)
Mission EP: 1EP
Mission Reward: 1 D Rank Jutsu


Apples to Oranges [Private | Mission] Wm6Woa7

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