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Mission Details::
Mission name: Glad Tidings.
Mission rank: C-A.
Objective: Accelerate Konoha trade by giving.
Location: Marketplace.
Reward: 2/3/4 EP + give an item of equal rank to the mission. [See Details]

Mission Description: It's that semi-commercialized time of the year! Think about your Ninja Way and those of others on the Day of Vision; work with the smiths, tailors, and craftspeople of the Leaf to give something special to someone important.

Mission Details: In the giving spirit of the Rinne Festival, you're allowed to grant this mission's item reward to another player in the thread with you as a present! (That person joining the thread counts as another ninja accompanying you, letting you take this mission up to 1 rank higher than your own rank.) You can only take this mission once.

Masu was more than happy with her chosen gift for her 'friend' Shizou, she couldn't resist, she used the word 'friend' sarcastically in her mind and giggled at the concept like a giddy school girl. She called him many things, but she simply also put a lot of thought into the gift and the delicate wrapping she had planned to be around it, hopefully he couldn't tell what it would be but she knew it would be something he would want, at least in her mind it was something he wanted since he talked about it so many times before. She was also very much keen to see Yosei after such a long time, if anything ever changed about him maybe his hair had finally changed from white to something else. But lets be real she knew he'd probably just be regular old Yosei, with his charismatic and marvellous smile and his similar views on the world like Masu. She would quickly pull herself out of her thoughts as the clerk behind the counter would smile and say to the young girl, "Was this the gift you wanted young lady? Are you sure its this one that they want?" Masu would simply smile and nod her head in agreement to caught up in the moment of her thoughts once again. She never really thought about it that much but both Yosei and Shizuo were a tall and never really knew who was taller, but if she had to take a bet it would probably be Yosei considering she always feels towered when he's around. She looked at the several wrapping papers which had been laid out for her to choose, some coming in very distinctive colors and others coming in hideous and needlessly bad patterns. She chose the blue and white star spangled night wrapping paper as she pointed at it. She was usually a lot more talkative but when she was making choices that meant a lot to her she would be a lot more calm and less talkative and take her time in the right choice, hopefully it would pay off and he would even just admire the wrapping paper if the gift wasn't enough. Yet she knew the wrapping paper and gift already was some of his favourite things, and she had little nagging voices in her head saying it may go south and changed those thoughts for the better. She placed the present in front of her hands and on the counter as the employee would hand her the gift wrapping delicately. She would lift the present atop the wrapping and start folding and making sure she didn't leave any creases or marks on the paper itself although she tried her best there was some small errors and marks, her perfectionist side started showing and she would simply pick it up carefully and handed the person of service the ryo needed.

She walked out the store, pushing the door open with one hand before slowly letting go of the handle so the door wouldn't slam shut. She had the gift ready and carried it in her hands, but now she had to make her way to the point of interest. A small park bench and a quiet little area which very few people visited, obviously for security and a quiet place to talk and exchange gifts. She would slowly start making her way there all the way on the other side of town, Masu would have to start shoving her tiny little feet all the way to the west side of the village and then it hit her. It had been so long since she had been away from Shizou's she was usually right by her side or at least near him in some way. The two of them were usually very clingy and it was a weird feeling to be without him, one she didn't particularity hate nore one she loved at all either. But she knew in her right mind she at least wanted him some way closer to then usual. Masu remembered the second gift she had in her pocket for safe keeping and wanted to protect it at all costs, she didn't want to lose this. As she was slowly making her way closer and closer she stopped and smelt the nature around by her, but was quickly overpowered by the meats and food nearby. She peaked inside the venue and a few men sit by, looking a little suspicious to be in an area like this. They wore black clothing along with some hoods which had been down along with masks that were lowered, this could either be because of the weather being a little colder than usual or something else they had planned, who knows what. She walked on as she could see a small park bench along with a few more people than she expected, she couldn't see any sign of the cute Shizou in sight or any details about Yosei either.

She would make her way through the bigger than anticipated crowd as she held onto the box containing her item and double checked her pockets for everything she had. For now she needed to find a park bench to sit upon and in the distance there was one, looking ready to be sat upon. She would make her way and traverse through the crowd as she would edge her way closer and closer to the seat by the shade. She would finally make it there sitting down and enjoying the shade as the birds chirped on and the wind blew through her ears, nothing seemed more peaceful than now. Well it would probably be more peaceful when they both arrive. Masu saw a few flowers poking out from behind her, and made light of this by picking a small sunflower and bring out the gift she had in her pocket, it was a much smaller box compared to the big one. She simply opened it and inside was a portrait of the two together doing silly faces in a small watch. She took the sunflower and planted it on top of the small box trying to make it stick and eventually getting it to land properly and stay there, she hid the smaller box behind her body and kept the bigger one in front of her at her feet.

WC = 1073


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