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Save me~

The building crashed on top of the young man. He was buried alongside his family, and his colored eyes witnessed that horror as his limbs were pinned under rocks and the rubble of his crashing home. The young man angrily screamed at the top of his longs hoping and praying someone would hear them and rush to their aid but as he was buried, no one appeared in his sight. He cried as he witnessed his family buried dying in front of him. He witnessed the horror of being buried alive as the pain of every bone in his body breaking tore his brain to pieces.

The eyes once known as beautiful were drenched in blood terrified and angry, cursing at the bloody existence of those that brought upon this calamity that has befallen the young man and his loved ones. There was no glory in this weakness he felt. He was incapable of escaping the rubble that buried him. He was incapable of saving his loved ones. His family's screams filled his ears as he fought against his helpless situation with every ounce of strength. It was all for nothing.

However, the calamity that hit the small family of four would not take them down. His sister and mother survived, and the young man barely survived. However, no calamity leaves without prices paid. His sister was crippled, and his mother became frail, weak, and sickly. The young man remained in bed for a full year. Ninety per cent of his bone had shattered. It took miraculous Jutsu and expert medical attention to save him. He regained all functions of his body and he was fully saved and not crippled. However, scars of the calamity that occurred remained. Thirty-three of the young man's body is covered in scars.


He woke up in terror in a quick motion as he sat upright on his bed his eyes wide open as a tear rolled down his cheek. Another problem that scared his body, or specifically his eye, was the function of his red eye. His red eye could no longer shed tears, it was damaged during the collapse of their home. he stood up and wore his typical black outfit and left the house in secret. The young man's destination today wasn't the training field. The young man was headed for a secret destination that was recently established by the young people around Suna. It was a secret underground club. There isn't any criminal activity in the club, while there were a lot of underage people drinking and smoking.

The young man was never into either but for tonight he wanted to forget the painful tragedy. Perhaps today was when he'd get a stiff drink. He walked barely hidden thanks to his height. He went down the stair leading to the door of the club. The young man knocked on the door and a lady opened the door asking for a password. The young man gave the lady a disapproving look, and in reply she said "Ugh fine! You could just say it you know!" She opened the door fully and he went in and sat in the corner.

He relaxed and asked for a glass of whiskey to drink and it was delivered to the young man with a note under the glass. The young man held the glass and took the note with his other hand and opened the note. Within it was information for a destination and a mission to do. The young man waited and looked at the people dancing and drinking. After half an hour, he drank what was in his glass, and nodded and left money under the glass as he slid the note  that he received in his pocket. He then got up and left the club and as he was a few meters away he spat whatever he had "drank." He didn't drink anything but kept the whiskey in his mouth. The club's organizer and owner was an accomplice. The club owner would give Shizuo the information about suspicious activity and Shizuo would act like a regular customer. The reason behind the club was for them to collect information they wouldn't obtain anywhere else. It was a small but organized scheme. The young man read the note once more. He was supposed to head to a location in three hours. Apparently, a bunch of bandits are planning on sneaking some sort of bundle of drugs. Shizou would stop them. However, until then he enjoyed a silent and calm walk in the streets of what remains of his town. The wind brushing against his hair and caressing his face as he walked.

The young man was determined to save his country and its people. He was fifteen, but he was no idiot. He would utilize every aspect about himself. His mind, his physical strength, and his strength in Jutsu, all in order to save his people. It was funny, the closest thing he had to a friend was that club owner and they were simply doing business. Shizuo helps fund the club, the club owner obtains all revenue, and in return Shizuo gets the information he needs.

The young man felt lonely, but his loneliness was something he ignored. He'd rather focus on people's trouble than his own problems. Still, the young man didn't whine or complain. He wanted to serve his people and he wanted to help his country. However, more than anything, he wanted to find his target and kill her. The path he's taking is a dark one, and it is even more difficult when he is so alone. Still he enjoyed a relaxing walk. He wouldn't pass the opportunity of a relaxing walk an enjoyable moment of respite while the duty he owed his people and his vengeance were pushed to the back of his mind for a moment. But moments of respite don't last long. He knew that in a few hours he had a place to be in, and people to harm, criminals to stop.

"Tonight's wind is rather pleasant..."

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The wind brushed through as she noticed the distance between herself and the former hidden village became closer than she imagined. She would admire the sun before it would set, a final glimmer of light for just this one day. She had been to Suna a long time ago although she was rather out spoken and friendly she lacked friends on this side of the country, it didn't help that she only ran small errands for the village by herself and no one else but to her she didn't mind. She walked down as she zipped up her red jacket and kept her overalls stashed underneath, making sure limited amounts of sand would breach through and cause discomfort.  

Masu looked upon as day fell short and her long journey from Konoha had finally come to a close she had made it. Suna wasn't her home but she did stay here for a long enough time she may as well call it that. The young girl decided to do the smart thing when she arrived in the former village, and that was to search any of the former places she had stayed in, to make sure she could find a place to sleep at least for tonight. She examined the remains and ruins as few to little people were out at this time, few people gave her looks but as soon as she looked back at them they ducked their heads, where they scared of her or maybe something? Fear had obviously brewed up in time due to Lamya's deeds to this place.

Masu never ending up in Lamya's hands was always one her proudest choices, as that women may have continued on Masu's dark path for vengeance and greed. She looked back at the surrounding areas and tried to find sign to tell her where bouts she was. The 16 year old remembered of the time she had stayed in a small motel named "Pyramid to Stay! The name was funny enough to her, yet now that she thought about the name it didn't have the same affect, almost eerie if you will. A few figures behind her continued to move along but chatter wasn't the biggest thing here, a simple breeze could be heard and felt as it rang through you're body. Nevertheless the breeze was calm, nothing seemed to be brewing of tension or thickness in the air but something else maybe, who knew. She most certainly needed to find a place or something to do and quick, she noticed a small little group of people huddling off into the distance."Criminals maybe?" She thought, a few seconds they lifted their hoods and revealed themselves to be a lot younger than she would of guessed. They had made their way to a door, Masu crept along keeping her distance and watching them as the young group of people talked to the door, before it opened and let them inside.

She was a little confused at first, but soon came to the conclusion that people had simply stuck indoors more due to the hostile and unsecured nature at this time or any time of day. She kept note of the location before moving on, that would be her way to tell how far she had gone from her starting point. She still didn't have a clue where she was, she knew the former motel was at the north east end of the village but she didn't know where she was. She had to suck it up and ask someone for some directions, and that may not turn out the best if she would do so. If she ran into someone that may be harmful or takes advantage of her lack of knowledge she may be blind strike by something.

She decided if there was any time to bite the bullet, now would have to be it. Her eyes bright up close as the mix of red and blue in the eyes seemed to sparkle in the night, As the night became more apparent, she was slowly realising that she needed help and fast. She planned that the next person who exited the underground nightclub she would ask, as everyone on the streets thinned out. Masu waited for a bit of time as a flock of new people continued entering but no one seemed to leave. "Damn, this must be a pretty decent club." She thought before finally someone came outside of the club.

She watched the figure come out of the club, not entirely catching a glimpse apart from they were very tall, compared to herself. The outfit was way to dark and blended right in to the surrounding pitch black nighttime. She watched the figure start to head a direction, and pop around the corner from her little hiding place as she would slowly make her way closer to them. Before being a little slower and just decided to yell at them from a few paces back. "Hey there you! Wait up I need some help!" she would quickly reach the figure running and facing them front on, and for the first time in her life she did a double take at someone.

As she finally got to see the face of the figure, she blushed for a moment. She stared into his eyes as she noted that his right eye was red and his left was blue. Unlike her own which where both colours in both eyes. She didn't talk for a few moments as she feel silent red and simply staring at them, as his skin looked very delicate and a great figure to him. She noted the small earrings that glimmered off his ears and his luscious white hair. She was left dumb founded for a second before trying to correct herself. "Uhh...m--y..names...Masu, what's yours?" she completely forgot the question she was meant to ask and seemed to make a fool of herself. She brushed her hair aside and looked him in his soft eyes.


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If you only look for darkness Guest, thats all you're ever going to see.

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Shizuo kept walking and enjoying a relaxing walk. The moon shining down on him behind a veil of starry skies. The young man walked in his solitude under the moonlit town. Shizuo would begin thinking of things that frustrate him. He didn't know what he looked like to others. He's usually the silent lone wolf. He'd speak to others when he needed something but he kept quiet. He never shared much of his feelings. However, when faced in situations such as the one where his sister was in danger; his true emotions come out. That was the only time he had truly come close to killing someone. He's gentle when treating others. The children around the village constantly run around saying they like it when they see him smile and pat their heads but aside from the children not many have seen him smile. He hid his smile but the hope in the eyes of those children forced a smile out of him. He resolved to protect those innocent children. He failed his people once, he wouldn't do so ever again.

The young man stopped walking as he heard a feminine voice call out to him. He hoped it wasn't the lady guard from the club sensing any suspicious activity. The whole secret he had with the club owner was a rather dangerous secret if found out. It could paint him as though spying on the people of Suna when, in fact, he simply needed to hear all rumors and confirm which was true and which was false. He turned to the voice calling out to him only to find a beautiful young lady around his age speaking to him. His mouth slightly opened as he saw the young lady in front of him, her eyes were too beautiful. Her beauty to him was jaw dropping. Red irises with blue rings as though it was a red iris with a blue iris. Her eyes were far too beautiful, and her beautiful gentle brown hair short to her shoulders. She was much more shorter than him she looked fragile yet tough. She was for sure from out of town. If he had seen a beauty such as her he would have noticed. The young man snapped back to reality as he listened to her words.

She politely introduced herself with a soft but outgoing voice which crumbled as he turned to face her. He looked at her bewildered only to find his hand was on her cheek. His eyes opened wide slightly. He took back his hand as he apologized "I apologize, that was uncalled for... Your eyes are.... beautiful..."  He uttered the word 'beautiful' quietly as he realized what he just did. He wondered what the hell he was saying and in his mind slapped himself back to reality. His calm as ocean look returned firmly gazing into her beautiful eyes as he replied "I'm Shizuo... What can I help you with?"

The young man scolded himself for being so easily drawn to her beauty and aura, but regained focus as to what he heard. She asked for help as she called out to him and so he would listen to her and attempt to help her.

The young white haired listened, and tried his best not to get lost in her eyes. It was a strange feeling he had never felt before. The young boy was confused, he had never experienced attraction to a different person and the situation confused him.

Her eyes, even if for a moment, made him forget the pain he had suffered. He was lost for a second. A fuzzy warm feeling filled him as he sank in clouds. Still the young boy was too driven by revenge to let himself feel that ease once more. He had much filling his mind, his training, his family, his revenge, and his overall development. His beloved country had fallen, his home was crushed, and he constantly shoved his mind into its dark corners. He can't let himself grow soft. He can't let himself be weak as he once was. He chose a life of relaxation once and when he needed strength, he had none.

Shizuo kept in mind his remaining time for the operation to start. A drug trafficking group of bandits is bound to show at a certain location after a bit of time. His visit to the club was solely to determine that suspicious activity. He would intervene and prevent the trafficking operation. He swore to protect his people, and he swore revenge. However, despite saying he'd die for revenge. Deep within, Shizuo held protecting his people far more important than some person he wanted to kill.

He was sickened by the thought that someone was controlling his life. Sickened that through her vile acts, the Ophidian like woman controlled his mind and what his plans for the future were. Which is why he was astonished by the young lady in front of him. Even if for a  second, she liberated him from his hatred. It lasted no longer than a second but her eyes had liberated him even if for a moment from the strings of hatred that manipulated him as though a puppet in a theatre act of puppetry.

She looked him in his eyes, and before long he realized what she needed help with. Her face was slightly red and he realized she could be sick. He spoke saying "Are you okay? Your face is red. I can take you to the infirmary nearby." His voice was calm and his eyes were as calm as the ocean as they always were. He spoke in a quiet and calm voice. His voice was neither too cold nor too gentle; but instead, a mixture of both. The young man awaited her response so as to determine his next action. He would attempt to help her but never forget his mission. The drug cartel attempting to infect his village must be stopped, the determination to destroy this corruption and evil was visible in his eyes along with the emptiness of his solitude.

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Masu continued to look into his eyes once again, the lust and love plagued her mind as she kept looking into his soul driven eyes. Nothing else had been like it before simply elegance and beauty came from his eyes before she started tilting her head softly and slightly to the left before her mouth opened the slightest bit and her own eyes being dumbfounded. She realised she couldn't just stay and stare at his eyes for the next however long forever, as much as she wanted to that was for sure. She didn't realise it but as soon as she put her mind to it his hands were on her face. She could sense the warm sensation and became infected with a sense of happiness and tranquillity as her soft voice came to a halt, her question didn't even bother her as much anymore as she felt the small little sensations vibrating just by his touch. Before he would pull it away as she looked at the hand and realised what had happened, getting slightly embarrassed and going red once again. He would begin speaking and to the young girl she just wanted to listen to his voice for a long time, it was calm and warm like a sea breeze. Why was this happening she couldn't figure it out before suddenly realising. Slowly mouthing of but never saying it out loud, "He's..super gorgeous, wait I like him." Before she slowly came to notice she said it ever so softly. As he opened his mouth to speak she would continue to glance and stare obediently as if someone was telling her she must always stare at him, and she enjoyed every second of it.

His teeth were shiny and white as she thought about just simply placing her lips upon his, while watching him she started paying attention she missed his apology but she didn't care to much about it, but she heard his compliment about her eyes and she blushed and started fidgeting with her hands. She would simply start melting as her body became warm and begin to present an aura and feeling she hadn't even experienced before. He opened his mouth again and spoke and introduced himself as Shizou. She liked that name a lot, she just began fantasising about him just based off his name, and it all came flooding in. A gentle and kind soul yet a little more mature than most boys she knew something about him was intoxicating, he seemed like someone who liked to care about those or maybe resent them she couldn't tell but she took a stab in the dark. Shizou she just kept repeating the name in her head before she once again looked foolish by forgetting to respond for a moment and opening her mouth once again.

"" Masu began speaking but simply became loopy and forgot she had already introduced her name and then began speaking again, being a little louder and back to her outgoing self once again. "Um sorry about that, ahah so I'm sorta looking for a place to stay it's been a while since I've been here but there was a place named Pyramids to Stay is that place still around? If not do you know where I could stay? she laughed for a moment before realising her desperate plea to the attractive stranger in front of her. She thought for a moment, "Maybe just maybe, if I reached for his hand in an attempt to feel his soft warm skin again I could get away with it" She looked at his hand and made a desperate attempt to try and just feel him once more, as she reached for it and spoke again. "I mean or I could just stick around with you until you can find a place for me to stay."

As she said those words her mind flooded with two very distinct emotions, one of love struck nature with happy and suggestive thoughts about Shizou while the other nagging voice began speaking of anxious nature, she replayed it all in her head but also thought of the outcome that he may flat out reject her. She was a very positive person, but her negativity can also be just as strong as well. She would continue to blush while looking up at him with her hair a little in the way, as she would just continue holding his hand, hoping he wouldn't notice.

What was she to do, she just didn't want to leave him just yet. She was clingy and wanted to be with him for a while hopefully longer even. She would think about the relaxing feel of holding his hand, as her hands became a little warmer from his touch. His aura presented itself in front of her, she could be engulfed by it. She made sure she still had everything with her, her tools, her sword even just basic necessities but he didn't seem to pose a threat to her. Even though Masu was a very outgoing person, and could read social cues expertly to the last detail she was never able to tell when someone was interested in her. Her anxiety fluttered before she would quickly shut that window and continue her happy thoughts.

She didn't realise it yet but her cheeks had become more red than before, it was like she had just eaten a chilli and was trying to hold back the fact it was hot. Shizou began talking once again Masu listened again patiently and eagerly as he spoke and she listened to every last word. His words calm and relaxing her even further before she was struck by the fact he was trying to make sure she was fine. Masu looked at him in confusion when he said if she was okay, she was more than okay. He could do what he wanted with her and she would just be happy enough to be with him just there, but he continued on and spoke of her face being red. She went to speak and stuttered, face is fine, I'm just super..uhh tired. she laughed it off hoping he wouldn't realise her ruse, even though it was poorly constructed and made no sense at all.

She began speaking again as he suggest an infirmary as she shook her head quickly, "No, no I just need a place to stay or something to do until the morning." she said in a lot softer and higher pitched than usual, as she was trying to find any way to converse with him even longer. She began to think again as her mind drifted away as she stared him down, going into a dreamy state and loving every moment as thoughts of him began fluttering itself in her conscious. She waited to hear his voice once again as she endured the 'long' wait to his his soothing tone.


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If you only look for darkness Guest, thats all you're ever going to see.

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The young man's heart started beating horribly fast around her he didn't know what's the deal with himself or her. Why was he reacting this way to her. He focused his thoughts on her words and  she explained that she was a visitor from some other place. For her visit it's normal she'd want to ask about a place to stay in. She asked about a place Shizuo was familiar with. Pyramids to Stay was an inn for travelers to stay in. It was a cheap in that had lovely workers. He knew the owner and she was a kind person that liked helping out others. Often she'd let the visitors stay in for free  and just pay for it from her own pocket if they were in that big of a need. The place was no subpar inn, and it was well taken care of. The inn looked very beautiful, however, now all that remains is the rubble of its crash and the graveyard of its owner.

The destruction of Suna had demolished many of the similar establishments. He had to help this visitor but he had no idea of where to take her. He also remembered the job he's to complete. He had to go and deal with the drug traffickers. Despite the fact the he didn't want to, for some reason he was pulled towards her. He wanted to stay with her more for some strange reason but he wouldn't neglect his duties. He spoke to the young lady once more "Hmm follow me." The young man had room in the place where he stayed a small house he began living in and training in.

He walked in front of her and guided her towards the house. As they reached the place where Shizuo resided, he turned to the young lady and spoke "You can stay in my house for the mean time... Housing establishments, hotels, and inns were all destroyed." They'd have to share some things such as drawers, and closets, but he had an extra Futon he can sleep on. She can sleep on the bed in his stead. The young man explained as much to the beautiful visitor. He hoped he didn't look like a pervert, he was simply trying to help.

If she accepted his offer he'd take her hand and place the key in her palm. He'd nod and then speak "I have an errand to run for now. I apologize for being so brief. If you'd like to eat something there's a nearby curry stand. Mention my name and he will put it on my tab." He smiled slightly as he nodded at her "My treat for your visit." He wouldn't ask her to come with him to arrest a drug cartel, she's a visitor and he would never involve other in his risky missions. He left  and rushed towards the destination at which the drug cartel will arrive. He had a backpack with all the necessities he needed for the mission. He was happy people still looked at Suna and came to it, his beloved country may be destroyed, but at least the memory of what it was remains. People remember it, and someday they may witness its rise as does a phoenix rise from ashes.

Before long he arrived at the location, and as he hid behind the rubble of an old building, he scouted the place. The information he received was correct. There were four bandits and one seemed to be their leader. The leader was unloading a cart with the drugs they would sell in the towns of Suna. Taking them one five versus one, the young man would surely lose. So he planned an excellent plan to separate the bunch.  The young man would grab a bunch of small pebbles and throw them under at a nearby piece of broken metal that scattered from the building's crash.

One of the bandits would get suspicious and as he rushed towards the metal can. The bandit would look around, and it was then that the young man appeared from behind him and hit him with a rock on the nape of his neck knocking him out. The young man carefully tied the bandit restrained him. The white haired vigilante place some tape around his mouth to silence him.

The others were alert to the fact that one of them is nowhere to be found. Shizuo then exposed him by placing his restrained body in a place where he could be behind  whoever finds him, and close enough to knock them out. The young man approached from behind and formed a Karate chop hand form with his hand and slid it under the man's neck all the way under the man's neck up until his elbow was in the same line as the man's jaw. The young man's other free hand  rested to the side of the bandit's shoulder as his hand that wrapped around the man's neck took hold of his free arm's bicep. His free hand was no longer free as he used his palm to push down on his head. The young man performed a perfect blood choke, and continued to choke the bandit until he was knocked out. After knocking the second one out. Three remained. He restrained the other with ropes and handcuffs and moved on to the next target.

The young man had to be cautious, he only took out two, three were still out there and they were on high alert. He hid the two he restrained and proceeded. It was time to test what he's been practicing. The young man was stuck in a rut as to how to deal with the other three. However, imagination is a power he had and he would utilize it. He rushed towards the cart at full speed, stole a pack of the drugs and rushed away escaping. The two guards rushed after him and things were going according to plan.

He continued running and took a turn into a corner, and the two fools followed. Shizuo aimed his forearm to meet the throat of either one of the two chasing him and as soon the first one Shizuo launched his forearm into the man's throat and before he's pushed back away, Shizuo rushed with his other hand took a hold of the bandit's hair and in a powerful move he flipped the man to the side and smacked him to the ground. The bandit's partner soon followed, and the young white haired boy launched his elbow to the man's face. The bandit however, quickly retaliated and stabbed Shizuo's thigh with a kunai. Flinching for a second from the pain he pulled himself together and stepped on the man's foot  took a hold of his collar and pulled him downwards  towards his knee as he removed his foot from the man's foot. Two were knocked out but their boss remained and Shizuo was not prepared.

The boss abandoned his post and followed the two only to grab the young Shizou by the neck in a surprising motion. He began choking the young man harder and harder as he lifted him up with one hand. Shizuo resisted the pain and the panic. Shizuo would rish to the Kunai planted in his leg remove it in a quick motion and stab the boss's arm. The boss angered and in pain threw Shizuo against the rubble of a collapsed building. A slight gasp in pain escaped the young man's lip, but he was nowhere near done. He stood up and looked the bandit boss dead in the eyes. The angered boss rushed at him with a superior speed and  punched him in the stomach. Shizuo let another gasp in pain escape him but what he didn't let escape his grasp, was the bandit boss' arm. he took a hold of it and with his other hand the boss began beating on Shizuo's head. Shizuo's head was bloodied but he wasn't ready to give up. The bandit boss smirked as he spoke "Now you die." To which Shizuo replied with a laugh before speaking "Not even in your dead dreams." Suddenly a Chain of pitch black color began choking the man as he punched in panic. Shizuo jumped away but the chain remained on the man's neck choking him. It was a technique Shizuo had been practicing. A chain made of sealing symbols. The final part of his training in using the chain was practical usage. The bandit boss collapsed due to asphyxiation and a practical training was complete. Shizuo restrained the three and dragged them to the other two. After he was done rounding them up, Shizuo headed to the cart lit a match and threw it at the cart full of drugs. He made sure to reload the unloaded drugs back into the cart before letting the sparks fly.

Shizuo returned bloodied to the town and handed the group of criminals to the police, or the group that was formerly an instrument of the government that upheld the law. Nowadays they're simply a group of strong men and women that police the neighbors and they own a prison in which prisoners are kept. Shizuo gave the group of criminals to the Shinobi police and was thanked. He received his payment and left. He returned back home before long and searched for the young lady. He wore his hoody hiding his bloodied face and attempted to walk normally into the house. The young man if he encountered the young lady visitor would speak to her ina  courteous manner. "Is the house is to your liking...?" Should she say yes he would nod and hide his face. If she'd say no he would ask her what was wrong and attempt to fix it. He would struggle his way to the bathroom where he would wash his body and face, hopefully without her seeing the mess he was. He didn't want to trouble a visitor.

A childish side of him, however, was excited a beautiful young lady is living with him for whatever time she would remain. A beautiful lady with eyes more beautiful than anything he witnessed in his short life. His heart began beating faster and his cheeks got redder but it wasn't very clear as blood filled his face at this point. He wiped some of the blood and shook his head out of silly thoughts. He enjoyed this encounter. She was a lovely beautiful lady. Hopefully he would come back alive from his mission. He wanted to see her. To see more of her and be around her. However, it was now time to clear his head from all distractions. It was time to focus on the mission, and only the mission. Stopping those drug dealers would be a major win for the people of Suna.

Still, it was nice having someone over~

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The girl simply looked at the attractive young male she wanted to know more about him, but didn't know how to bring it up so she just decided to ask. "Soooooo, are you seeing anyone? Or doing anything?" She tried to hide her intentions in the question and overcompensated her voice and the tone to be a lot more drawn out. While she continued to hold his hand as he seemed to lead her to a destination and simply said to follow him. She didn't know what to expect but she felt comfortable by the touch of his hand, although it was soft it was also firm and made her feel safe and she didn't exactly feel that way before he had arrived.

As the two finally arrived closer to their destination by his way of motion and slowing down, he began to speak again all the housing and inn's seemed to be destroyed in their devastation which now consumes Suna. She listened to him speak as their seemed to be limited availability in terms of privacy and where she could sleep and keep her belongings, but it all but bothered her. She was used to being in a lot smaller places with more people and she was more than happy to be in the company of someone who is just as attractive as this guy. She stared down Shizou once again as he spoke that he had some errands to do, but apologised in the process, he even offered Masu a place where she could go eat and he would put it on his tab. She smiled and appreciated it greatly, before she would start unpacking a few of her clothes. Before she had a thought and decided to ask a question to her new person of interest. "Hey, where bouts are you going? How about I just come with you then, I can help out with whatever it is!" She asked this because she knew this time of night was dangerous, and she didn't want to leave him all alone and she wanted to be near him.

She looked at him with dog eyes as she desperately pleaded, but she felt like she already knew the answer as he started to head out and open the door to leave, she would say something before he left "Please come back safe, I dont know where your going but I at least want to see you again and chat!" She finally met someone who she was interested in.

She would start unpacking pulling out her kimonos and opening draws to put her stuff inside, pulling aside his boxers and her thoughts flooded of seeing him in those boxers. She would neatly fold and put her clothing inside the draws and also try and organise his stuff a little more, as she put his stuff neatly in piles and next to each other while she put her own underwear and clothing beside it. She thought that she could go for some food but was way to lazy to venture out and take a look outside. She took a few minutes but finally unpacked her stuff her bag had been laid out and she decided to swiftly put it away and explore his small little home while she could, discover and uncover more about the boy she seemed to have a thing for.

The young girl decided it may be time to take a shower, it had been a while since she washed her body and by the seems of it she probably didn't smell the best to other people, and she certainly wanted to impress someone. Masu decided to quickly enter the shower quickly before her friend could return home to her like that, she quickly undressed and entered the steaming water as it cleansed her body of all the dirt and made her pores open once again. She wet her hair as she knew it could probably dry it quickly before he came back, as the water rushed down her back. She turned off the water before grabbing a towel, she was consumed from the relaxation of the hot water on her body before she would use the towel to clean her body and finally exit the washroom. She had dried her body and would put on a new pair of underwear and just her blue overalls, leaving her red jacket on her backpack. Quickly she decided to take a peak around the small home, while she wanted to see what their was.

The girl took a little walk around and find what she could, a few photos of Shizou maybe as a child with some people that didn't seem to be around, except he didn't have the different coloured eyes. She assumed maybe this was his family and something had simply happened before she would quickly look around for anything else. More of his clothing popped around the house, it seemed to her that Shizou's clothing was rather comfort over fashion which she had the same opinion on. She could hear a few footsteps coming back and the door starting to open, she rushed and put the photo back on its original position but in doing so she forget she didn't have her bra on and simply had her overalls, wet hair and some underwear. Hopefully he wouldn't notice it but she didn't have time to worry about that as she looked at him and knew he was hurt straight away.

"What happened? Are you okay, dont turn you're head away from me. I can tell that you're hurt, look at your thigh its bleeding. Here let me help you." She quickly rushed to him grabbing him and pulling him down the bed and quickly looking at his face, as it was bloody as it could get. "Honey are you alright, let me clean your body and get rid of infections before its too late. It's the least I can do, and the house is wonderful thank you for letting me stay here, I wont stay
for to long unless you want me to?"
She said in a subtle hint before quickly grabbing some water and a little alcohol, hoping it would disinfect quickly. She grabbed a small towel before dampening it and putting it firstly on his face and saying. "This may hurt a little, but I need to get your cute face fixed" In her panic she didn't notice that she complimented him as she got the blood to stop and the wounds started to take into affect by the alcohol. Now that his face had been cleared her own hair got in the way of the view but it seemed to be a lot better than when he first arrived. She would grab his thigh and start disinfecting that quickly as well, hoping it would take effect as soon as possible. "What were you doing at this time? You should of brought me along I can defend myself and help you." she didn't have time to argue before patching him up and leaving his wound to heal.

Masu took a quick glass of water and decided to hand it to him, "Please drink some water, I need you alive, now do you need anything else, I'll help you as much as I can!" She looked at his eyes as they were still as cute as normal, and took his hand and made sure he was alright at least and not in to much pain.


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If you only look for darkness Guest, thats all you're ever going to see.

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The beautiful young lady asked if the young white haired boy was 'seeing' anyone in a curious tone. The young man spoke in reply "As in dating?... No, I don't have time for that. I have a job that requires my full attention... Also my training." He kept walking and after they reached his home she pleaded him to go with him. He didn't know what to do when she looked at him with her big colored beautiful eyes. Flustered he poked her forehead and spoke "Maybe next time." He smiled a small gentle smile as he walked away and heard her say a few more nice things. How she wanted to see him again. He thought to himself "I would also like to see her again." He, however,  nodded to the young lady and left the place and headed to his destination.


Her beautiful eyes were not to be trifled with. She caught the young man red handed. He was hurt and it showed. She rushed towards him and as he turned to her the young boy's heart beat faster as he noticed she was not wearing a bra and had come out the bath not so long ago. Her pleasant scent filled his nose and it lit a fire within his hurt body. She made him lay on the bed and he resisted the urge to look as hard as he could.

She asked if he is fine and all he could say in response while resisting her seductive current appearance was "I'm alright, it's my job." She spoke of how she would treat him and thanked him for the house as it turns out it was to her liking. The young man was relieved that she found the house to her liking and smiled a feint smile he hid right away. She then, however, spoke about how she won't stay for long. The young man was shirtless, exhausted, and laying on the bed but as soon as she said she wouldn't stay for long he lifted his upper body in quick motion and grabbed her hand "You can stay!" He interrupted her as he looked straight in her eyes his face no longer bloodied thanks to the young. His eyes stared directly in hers and before long he realized he was holding her hand for too long and as he blushed and looked away he spoke "I... Mean if you want to... You can do whatever you prefer to do..." He then whispered "I don't mind if you stayed."

She wiped his wounds more and he resisted the pain, but she then also asked about what he was doing and what got him in his current shape. The young man replied "I help out the group policing the town... Sometimes it gets messy." She handed him water to drink and he thanked her as he took a sip and placed the glass on the side as he got up and spoke "Thank you, you're kind, but really I'm okay.." The pain in his thigh caused him to lose balance and as he fell on the girl he found himself on top of her and the current situation could very easily be misunderstood. She was bra-less under her overalls, he was shirtless and his toned body was on her. The young man noticed that his face was buried in her neck and his warm lips were planted there. He lifted his head backwards quickly as he apologized and attempted his best to prevent the small tent in his pants from becoming a bigger tent. 

He was messing up this entire relationship whatever it was he had with Masu with his idiocy and he felt ashamed, but not as ashamed as when he realized his hand had been on her right chest the entire time. He apologized repeatedly as his eyes widened and his face became as red as a tomato. The young man sighed as he attempted to get up but it was difficult. He was stuck with his towering body on top of her.

He sighed and spoke "I am very sorry... I- I don't know what is wrong with me..." He looked into her eyes and spoke "M- Masu earlier you said my....Cute face..... Masu you... Are beautiful...." He looked to the side as his blush intensified and a bulge in his pants was even harder to suppress. He had no strength to get up and so he told the young lady as  he shamefully recognized his weakness.

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The brown haired girl looked at her toned young friend as he spoke about 'seeing' people and didn't seem to interested in that sort of stuff, which made Masu a little less happy as she frowned for a single moment. "Aww so dating isn't in your wish list right now okay." She said as she looked at his big circular coloured eyes a little upset by that fact but in doing so Shizou poked her face as she giggled by the touch of his finger and smiled as she could feel the soft touch of his hands once again yet only for a brief moment. As he left she watched him walk out memorised by his walk along with his body which was more than attractive to her.


As she tended to his wounds and he laid upon the bed, he tried to defend himself and his injuries "You're job huh, I don't want you getting hurt though it'll ruin you." She watched him as she could see his shirtless, toned and bloodied body made her a little curious to touch it and rub her hands around him. She stopped tapping and attending his wounds to full attention while they stared into each others eyes, before he said "You can stay!". She smiled before she blushes and saying in a cautious manner "Are you sure, I'd feel bad?" she didn't realise it but they were holding hands once again, until he answered her plea, saying it was fine and she may do what she wanted but ultimately was fine with it. Masu noticed he whispered something under his breath she didn't catch it but wanted to know badly.

As the young hottie seemed to resist the pain she examined the wound on the leg properly and noticed it must of been a Kunai or a sword that stabbed him, he half confirmed this by saying that he worked for the police in a way and it can sometimes go south. He took a sip of the water she had handed upon him, "Well next time, bring me along with you at least I can provide you with support of some sort." She was a little upset that he was hurt even angry at a point still she didn't understand why, was she finding him more and more attractive. While she was daydreaming he was talking, but suddenly he lost his balance and fell atop of her, she could feel all of his body. From his upper toned body pressing against her bra-less body she could just keep him here and feel his warm embrace touching her. She didn't realise it but her hands were touching his back as she simply closed her eyes and imagined everything she could. Until his soft warm lips were close to her neck, as she could feel his breath pressing her neck and making her ready for him even more unknowingly.

She kept her eyes closed until she realised his head being lifted backwards quickly she pouted without opening her eyes, until she opened them to see him above her a little messed up by the fall, but it was more than cute for her. She saw his eyes widen until his face became nearly as red as her own before, before subtly suggesting and saying "Hey you're face is pretty red, are you sick? I could take you to an infirmary." She laughed as she stood up coming close to him once again, he was a towering figure who stood above her but she liked that idea of protection.

"There's nothing wrong with falling on top of me, you're hurt don't worry about it. it's nice enough your letting me stay least I could do is help you when your hurt." She smiled before tilting her head, until his eyes caught her in a state of trance once again, he started opening his mouth to reveal those fuzzy lips and warm tongue to her. Until she half embarrassed Masu, she didn't remember what she said in the heat of the moment and as he sat down she would watch his body glow in an aura she fell in love with so quickly. " said that!" She would quickly pout once again embarrassed to be called out for finding him attractive, but in doing so she just heard him say that she herself was beautiful.

She blushed quickly as she fiddled with her hands and brushed her hair behind her ear, "You..think I'm beautiful?" she smiled as she would quickly made sure this wasn't a dream or a trick. Before moving to sit beside him and hold his hand for a moment looking into his wonderful lustful eyes.


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She commented on his current state due to his job. What she said is true, his job was a dangerous one. Someday these wounds will be his end, but he couldn't stop. Until all danger is purged away from his beloved fallen village, he wouldn't rest. It was his duty to eliminate the threats that plagued these innocent people around him. He was no legendary hero, nor was he an overly powerful Shinobi. However, he would train more and more, and in time he would become strong enough to shield the people he loves from the dangers that come looking for them.

She then asked him to come with him the next time and he shook his head slightly. "This is my burden to bear." He couldn't bear letting others get hurt in his stead. His desire to pursue vengeance and his desire to fight against the evils that plagued his land were his own. Asking her for help when he can't even make sure of his return would betray what he stands for. He never believed in first look love, but whatever feelings he felt towards her were definitely strong. He would never put someone he cares for in harm's way.

He would hear her talk but he wasn't precisely capable of making out what she was saying. His body would radiate heat as he felt lightheaded. He didn't know what was wrong with him. He placed his palm on his forehead and he felt as though he was one fire. A fever? How could it happen. He did feel overly sluggish, and his reaction was quite slow during the fight with the bandit boss.

Everything was hazy and his vision was a blur. As his vision cleared up all he could see was the beautiful girl.  All he heard was her reconfirming if he said she was beautiful and all he responded with "I won't say it again." A cheeky grin on the young man's face. He felt as though he was in a dream. He leaned in as they both sat so close on the bed. His grin and half open eyes only witnessing her beautiful form. If this was a dream why was he holding back his feelings and behaviors. He decided to let loose. He took a hold of her hand and ran it across his chest to a scar slightly above his right nipple. Thirty percent of his body was covered in scars and he was worried he looked abhorrent. He grinned as he looked at her "I must look ugly" His grin never faded. He smacked the the bed beside her head with his muscular arm as he pinned her between both of his arms. As he held her pinned down on the bed in a double Kabe-don like pose. He wasn't thinking clearly, he was hallucinating that he was in a dream so he didn't need to hold back. "Since this is a dream... Why should I hold back from a cute girl like you?" He leaned in with his grin as he whispered in her ear with his warm  breath hitting her flesh "You're mine now." He then moved in as he nibbled on her ear wanting to make her blush more, to light her body on fire, and much more. He moved his knee between her legs till it reached her private part as he rubbed slowly but consistently, teasing her even more.

The young devil was nowhere near done as he took hold of both of her wrists and pinned her hands above her head. He'd let the tip of his tongue slide from her cheek all the way to the base of her neck. The young man let his tongue slide once more above the base of her neck to the middle. He sheathed his tongue back into his mouth only to dig in with his whole mouth sucking on her flesh teasing her and leaving a hickey. He then rose his head backwards as a string of saliva connected his mouth and her neck. He licked his lips "I want more of you."

He tore away her overalls as he exposed her body to his lustful eyes. He grinned once more and licked his way from her neck to her left breast. He'd let his tongue circle around her nipple before digging in with his whole mouth on her cute nipple as he sucked on her breast as though an animal. He'd tease her nipple between his teeth as he pulled on it. His other hand sliding across her thigh before grabbing hold of it and digging his fingers in her flesh. After he was done showering her left side breast he moved to the lonely other one. He would love both of her breasts with his mouth as he enjoyed the taste of her flesh in his mouth. He would suck hard on her other breast and tease it with his tongue. He'd let his teeth take a small bite around her nipple leaving a mark but not hurting her too much.

He smirked as he sucked on her nipples more and teases her breasts with both of his hands. His knee consistently rubbed her private place as he dug into her breasts with mouth while one hand dug into her thighs. The bulge in his pants growing even more and more. He smirked as he let go of her thigh and took hold of her breasts with both of his hands. However, he was nowhere near done. He licked his way with the tip of his tongue as he fondled her breasts all the way to her stomach below her bellybutton and slightly above her panties.

He smirked as he took hold of her panties from each side and began stretching them on her pussy pulling harder and harder as he looked her with his lustful eyes straight into her eyes. His body radiating with heat from the fever and his lust for her. He smirked as he let go of her panties after teasing her only to lick her panties all over in a rough fashion sliding his tongue against her. He'd soon find her clit and before long from behind her panties he'd sink his teeth into her clit and bit her as he teased her clit between his teeth at times gently and at time roughly.

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Fun times ahead for 18+ only:

The young girl wanted to scold him harder for his choice of putting himself at risk with the assumption of no backup, because if he had backup she would highly doubt he would have injuries and scars like he did right now. But he obviously had a sense of accomplishment and commitment to it that he wanted to fulfil which she could highly understand. As he took a second to respond to her words of wanting to help him, she noticed the slight shaking of his head and spoke that is was his burden to bear. She was frustrated at this because she obviously wanted to help him in some way, even though they were newly acquainted she felt they may be with each other for a lot longer than just a few days or even weeks. She opened her mouth once again and spoke to him in another more direct and straight forward bargain. "I don't want you to go out by yourself, next time I'm forcing myself to come along and don't you dare say no."  

She would sit beside him as she could feel his heat on her, the scent of his body drove her wild. Her legs began to shake a little even, she just remembered her body simply only had her overalls and panties, nothing else. She didn't have enough to get changed before he arrived and she could feel each part of her body get warmer and more ready for something. Her anticipation drove through the roof before she listened back to what he had to say. Citing that he "Won't say it again" she pouted and was a bit annoyed by this fact, until she decided to pull out puppy dog eyes and beg, "Did you say I was beautiful?" in a calm and soft voice she looked into his eyes as he grinned knowing that she surely would get the upper hand against him this time. She edged her hands closer to his own before he would suddenly take hers and used it to run across his own body, she began melting and feeling each muscle on his body as if she owned it. He spoke about him being ugly while grinning, she simply blushed and looked away as her cheeks fell red. "You know I think you're pretty hot right?" The girl lost control of herself, she thought it of a dream that she was just envisioning but she couldn't tell, so she simply let go and let it all happen.

He would smack the bed right beside her head as she was pinned down with him above her, she would simply become entranced by him in a dream like state, before quickly losing her own thoughts as her body started to melt with his own smell and heat come on top of her. He didn't seem like he wanted to hold back either and in doing so she smiled and bite her lips as she looked into his eyes, he would then lean in and said that he wouldn't hold back for a cute girl like herself. She lost the plot as she envisioned everything that was about to happen, she was already gasping softly at the sight of his body and words alone before he would come in closer, his breath close to her eat as he whispered with his warm calming aura hit her flesh whispering "You're mine now" She couldn't contain her excitement anymore as her body finally lit the spark that set her off, her body was warm and sweating from his very words. He would nibble upon her ear which she had never experienced before she was blushing and her heart content on Shizou but his knees moved between her legs and into the spot she wanted him to touch. As he would begin teasing her and making her moan softly and blushing to this very boy she had just met. She didn't understand it but she couldn't care less a gorgeous boy with lustful eyes was touching her, the first person ever to do this to her. She couldn't express these feelings through words alone as she was slowly becoming more lustful for him.  

The young devil himself had taken both of the innocent giddy girls wrists and pinned them above her head, she didn't know why but this excited her even further as she would begin melting all through her body, feeling her sensation build through his knee pressing against her. But his warm tip of the tongue began to slide through her neck as she could feel the saliva dripping down and embracing her body making her, his. Masu began to grab upon his back for support and to feel his soft warm skin that she had just attended to began to excite her further, as he would quickly suck upon her neck. She knew that would leave a love bite, but she was more than happy for this to be left by him. She had only read upon this types of stuff in lewd books, but now she finally got to experience something she would seem like she wanted to do for days without an end. "I'm all yours to take."

She could feel his saliva as it left itself there on her soft body, he tore away her overalls. She wasn't scared at all by this being her first time, she trusted him so quickly and his lustful eyes kept her at bay. Her nipples growing in shape and ready for him to take her away where no one had taken her to before. His cute grin sent her over the moon as she watched him start slowly dropping from her chest to her left breast, until she was feeling sparks of her lust through to her toes and back. She was moaning to him and his warm embrace taking her, he circled his mouth towards her small perky nipple as she bite down on her lip while he sucked upon them, as soon as he sucked like an animal she moaned even louder unable to contain herself. She was finding the biting more than exciting and wanted him to just do what he pleased, her body was nothing more than his personal treasure that he may do what he wanted to it. She could feel the digging from her thigh as she continued to try and hold onto her sanity but just had to let go, as she began digging her nails into his back yet still remembering to avoid any of his wounds in the process. Her legs began to spread a little more as she could feel it dripping through, it was something she knew about and had happened but never as much as this. He took her right breast and started showing affection towards that, as she continued to gasp for small pints of air. She could feel the electricity generate quickly throughout herself as he didn't bite as hard around the nipple, which was super cute and she blushed and began slowly moving her eyes towards him before softly whispering "Shizou...please..I..wa-want..m-m-more"

She would quickly watch his smirk and have butterflies sent to her stomach, as she would begin squirming her body and legs unable to contain her feelings about his small little smile and quirks that he gave off to her. Her legs had become accustomed to being in the air now as she could feel it flowing into her panties, his knee becoming the centre of attention for her now as she could feel her clit pulsating rapidly by his rhythm. She looked down and noticed his bulge began to show and grow, obviously wanting something or more someone to do. Until his tongue starting making its way lower and lower, she was shaven and ready for his warm tongue to take her over.

He smirked once again, the smile plagued her thoughts again as her eyes began to roll back and her tongue starting to droll from the overwhelming pleasure she was receiving, she knew sex and this stuff was fun and great. But she never imagined it to be this hot and so outstanding, her voice became nothing more than moans and gasps from his pleasure. She hadn't even received the full experience yet she was already starting to love it. He took her panties and stretched them on her pussy, leaving her shivering from pure ecstasy he was simply so good to her body and understood it inside and out already. Her eyes became more and more pleading for more as she stared him directly down into his blue and red eyes knowing that he was doing this to her. Her body had become so red and hot from his work, before he smirked once again and let go of the panties giving her a little time for breathing room. But he knew what to do to send her mind into bliss as he licked her panties which had been soaked from her love juice, once again he found a way to out do himself. He would find his way through to her clit as she would raise her legs for him and holding his hair while he did so, tugging that white luscious hair she wanted to hold and caress. Quickly she was moaning louder and louder, people on the streets or nearby could probably hear her as she moaned for him and his work that he was doing, he bit her clit as it started to light up and pulse even harder for him to do it. She simply let go off his hair since she was pulling him down to lick her soft privates and raised his head and stared him down. "Please," She watched Shizou and his magnificent body as she couldn't contain it anymore. She quickly moved down her hand a little and started to try and take his pants down slowly as she kissed his body and making sure that he'd get the attention he needs.

"I know your loving my taste, but now I want yours baby." She whispered in his ears as she would quickly roll him over to his back with her body all naked except her panties themselves. She slowly edged herself off the bed and onto her knees on the ground while she had him sit on the frame of the bed. She slowly pulled his pants down to reveal his very happy member, who had popped out for her eyes to witness. "How about I take these off." She slowly started to take her panties off as they reached the floor, dropping revealing her full naked body to him as he wanted to give him a little time to just enjoy that he would be the first one to witness her like this. She dropped back down to her knees quickly excited to do this for him. "You know this if the first dick that's gonna be in my mouth" she giggled as she would slowly rub the head upon her lips and grab the middle of his shaft slowly moving up and down. She continued the movement with her hand, as she slowly opened her mouth finally for her mouth to consume his member, as her saliva went all on it. It would quickly slid its way down to her hands as she began to grin and start going down upon him. Slowly reaching her hand, she stopped the movement in her hand so she could go even further. Her warm mouth gripped onto him and slowly slurping the taste of his pre-cum. She swallowed and and even enjoyed the taste before quickly coming back up and smiling. "You can use your hands to push my head down Shizou" She would smile and wink at him, as she slowly pushed her hand down once again, but using her hand to mimic the movement to his head, she gagged a little but got over it. She finally had a penis in her mouth, and she was loving every second of it. She began to continue the rhythm and tempo to match the speed of her head as she continued to go further and further down reaching his balls and wanting every last bit of him for herself.    


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Only christian threads for kids no kids allowed here NSFW:

Moonlight (Masu)(NSFW)(Masu X Shizuo) Secksy10
The young man smiled as she admitted her thoughts about him in overall. The white haired young man's smile turned into a smirk. Every moan, every motion, and every twitch of her body made him hungrier and hungrier. His lust for her body grew more and more the more he looked at her, the more he tasted her, the more their breaths collided; the more he wanted to dig his teeth into her flesh and pleasure her more and more. Before long she expressed her lust herself; She wanted more, hearing that, in his hazy mind Shizuo lost control. The heat of this lust and his fever weren't going down and he lusted for every inch of her body as would an animal their prey. The young man would hear her speak once more. She wanted to taste him, it appears lust had not only taken over him alone, but her too. He let the beautiful seductress take control as she removed her panties, and doing so exactly before the lustful eyes of Shizuo. He smirked as he took a hold of her in a rough fashion grabbing her from her ass and thigh pulling her close till her pussy was in the grasps of his mouth. He smirked as he let his tongue lick her pussy while she stood. His tongue slid around her pussy and all over it. He would let his tongue slide roughly pushing against her from the bottom of her gash till the top of it where her clit rested. As soon as his teeth reached her clit he would begin nibbling on it before giving it a small slightly painful but pleasurable bite on her pretty and wet clit. After leaving her pussy drenched with his saliva he let her go to do her thing having had his fun with her pussy he gave her a turn to enjoy his cock. She begged him for it and he loved every second of it.

She sat on her knees as she took his cock into her mouth as she began sucking and teasing his cock vigorously with her mouth. He felt every inch of her tongue loving his cock as she sucked more and more. The  young lady would look up at him as her head moved forward and backward on his cock. Her lips caressing his member with each move. She spoke about his cock being the first to go in her mouth, but her skill at pleasuring him was amazing and only made him more and more lustful. As he began to leak pre-cum in her mouth. He would watch as she went even harder with her mouth taking every inch in and letting her tongue slide and wrap along his length. He smirked as he ran his fingers through her hair only to be met with a cheeky smile and a wink from her after telling him he can push her harder on his cock.

The she-devil turned on the young man more and more, his body lit aflame as he desired to dominate her more and more. He took a slightly rough hold of her hair as he looked into her big jewels for eyes. His smirk spoke volumes of what he wanted to do to her. He desired her with every atom in his being and he would take her. He fixed his posture as he stood up and taking a rough hold of her hair he began fucking her mouth harder and harder. He would force his cock to slide across her tongue as he pierced her mouth with her lips tightly wrapped around his cock. He continued fucking her mouth till she drool and their fluids mixed. In one final motion he thrust his way deep into her mouth as deep as he could making her gag once more with his cock in her mouth. He would held her there for a couple of seconds suspending air from her lungs, only to free her and let her breath.

He took a gentle hold of her neck as he had her stand in front of him pulling her close to him till his hard cock was pushed down under her wet gash rubbing against her. His hands took a rough firm hold of her buttocks as he pulled her closer into a messy kiss. The sloppy shape her mouth was in messing his mouth as their tongue intertwined in a loving, passionate, hot, and messy kiss. His tongue would roam her mouth as her did his mouth. He'd catch her tongue between his teeth gentle but slightly roughly as he let his fingers slide across her stomach reaching her pussy. He'd tease her clit with a few rubs and pinches before letting his fingers bask in her wetness as her pussy drooled over his cock. He smiled and began rubbing her pussy faster and faster and each time her body came close to cumming or twitched too hard he'd pause and slow down. The entire time he teased her he kept her mouth locked to his in a long kiss that by the second became sloppier and sloppier. He'd continue to rub her pussy more and more as his mouth liberated her lips only to lick and bite her across her neck covering it with hickeys, or a more accurate word for the passion he instilled in each time his mouth attacked her neck would be, love bites.

He'd whisper in her ear as he rubbed harder and harder, and this time he would continue rubbing until her pussy nearly gave out and came. He would come close to her orgasm but prevent it as he whispered. "Tell your master how much you enjoyed his taste, slut." He smirked as he began rubbing his cock between her thighs and against her entire gash. He'd whisper once more this time with his hand pinching her nipple "Go on Slut, beg your master, and tell him what do you want him to do to your slutty lusty body." His smirk grew slightly wider as he rubbed against her harder. He would enjoy her begging and her dirty lust-filled words as he teased her more and more.

However, he was nowhere near done teasing the hungry little slut. While she wasn't paying attention and wriggling in please squirming and begging to cum he'd handcuffed both of her hands with one of his handcuffs. He smiled as he let go of her body only to wrap a blindfold around her and leaving her on the brink of cumming. He'd lay her on his bed and in her sensitive state he'd get on top of her, take a small piece of ice from his glass of water and place it in his mouth. He'd lean in to give a soft kiss on her neck as his fingers gently tickled her pussy keeping it at the brink of cumming. After kissing her neck he re-situated the piece of ice from inside his mouth to between his lips. After he pinned her cuffed hands above her head, he'd slide with that piece of ice between his lips across her skin. With her eyes blindfolded and her hands cuffed, the young man slid the piece of ice between his lips gentle across her body. From her neck to her breasts. He'd then move to her nipples torturing her with the pleasure of the warmth of his lips and the cold of ice. He slid his mouth around Masu's nipples as his mouth danced across her breasts and to her abdomen sliding all the way till he was slightly above her wet begging pussy.

He'd set her hands free and let her remove the blindfold only to look up at her as he vigorously launched his mouth at her pussy licking it all over from top to bottom. His tongue roughly sliding against her wet pussy. He'd tease her pussy more sucking on her clit and nibbling on it. But the slut had to pleasure her master. He balanced himself on top of her and as he ate her pussy out, he'd shove his cock right into her mouth. He would start fucking her mouth vigorously. He flipped her over so that she was on top and he was under her. He'd simply say "Here's the cock you love so much, suck it my lovely little slut." He smirked as he began pinching her clit and teasing it while his mouth worked its way around her pussy licking  over and over. He'd suck on her pussy and lick it all while letting the vulgar sounds of him eating her pussy fill her ears as he thrust against her mouth fucking it more.

He would let slight moans of pleasure escape his lips before deciding to punish her. He would suddenly start rubbing her faster and faster. He never let her rest from his tongue but she never let his cock rest as she sucked his cock. He would keep pleasuring her pussy till her whole body twitched and she came from his mouth loving her pussy. As the beautiful masu came he would no longer hold in his cum from her mouth as he let his cock pulsate in her mouth and unload his cum in her mouth. "I hope you enjoy t-this treat." He smirked as he came along with her. He'd flood her mouth with his warm fluid. He'd get up and bend her over  as he stood on his knees on the bed. He smiled and leaned in his warm body pressed against hers "Don't let a single drop escape your lips my sweet little slut."

He smirked as he whispered in her ear once more "It's time to feed your other mouth." He rubbed his still hard as rock cock against her ass and pussy prepared to fuse with her body as he penetrate her. However, he was not one to make things easy. He took hold of her hair as he pulled it back while the tip of his cock sat at her entrance. "I'm not sure I should fuck you... Maybe if you beg for it my little slut?" He would wait for the little lovely slut to beg for his cock as he rubbed his tip against her hole. Upon hearing her please the beast inside could no longer wait. It was his first time just as it was hers but his animal instinct took over. He gave into his instincts as he bit the nape of her neck like an animal and took hold of her breast squeezing it roughly as he pushed his cock deep into her pussy. 
He moved his hips gently as she bled a little. He didn't want to hurt her and he contained himself for the first few thrusts. However, after a few gentle thrusts, he'd contain himself no more. He began thrusting deeper and deeper. His cock pushing inside and outside her faster and faster as he leaned back and pulled her hair once more and freed the nape of her neck from his teeth.. Sliding his whole length into her deepest part reaching her G-spot and attacking it with each thrust.

He would pull back on her hair as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper. He would keep fucking her faster till his legs felt numb and even faster then. He continued ravaging her pussy and ordered her "Tell me everything that's happening, everything you're feeling you dirty little slut." He'd then lean in and pause as he whispered once more in her ear "MY little slut." He'd the lean back once more and stand on his feet on the bed as he pushed her down and began fucking her with much more vigor. He'd let her feel every ounce of passion and lust he held for her and every inch of his hard lustful cock.

He teasingly pulled his whole cock out of her each time they'd each come close to cumming. He then took his cock slowly out of her one more time. He would then turn her over and carry her from her thighs as he dug his fingers into her flesh.  He pinned her to a wall as he lifted her and shoved his hard cock right back into her hungry tight little  c u n t. The tightness of her pussy around his cock pleasured him beyond sanity. Her tight little pink beauty between her legs squeezed harder and harder on his cock showering his whole body with bolts of pleasure. He would continue thrusting deeper inside her as he carried her pinned against the wall. He kept going and as he fucked her he showered her neck and breasts with loving kisses, but no longer could his lips stay away from her lips. He smiled as he threw his lips towards her lips. He'd tighten his embrace in a passionate loving manner as he kept thrusting in and out of her tight wet ****. His lips locked to her in a loving passionate kiss as it turned more and more sloppier as they fucked their brains out.

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naughty times lie ahead 18+:

Moonlight (Masu)(NSFW)(Masu X Shizuo) Original

The young passionate girl could feel each spark flow within her as she seemed on the verge of cumming the whole way through, he managed to make every motion and touch make her feel in bliss, she couldn't replicate it if she tried. As she took her panties off he continued to try and grope and take her in rough fashion, she could feel her ass giggle from his hands holding her. She was his property now and no one else. He continued to touch her as he pulled her close and used his mouth to flick her small pink hole, she could feel each movement of his tongue going up and down and a small little bite on her clit, she moaned loudly as she couldn't handle his overwhelming effort and care for her in a sexual sense. She quickly stopped his hot hands from touching her getting down on her knees and staring into his eyes before opening her mouth, "I really want you in my mouth"

She was so lustful for his throbbing cock, she continued to breath softly onto his hot steaming member. She stared him directly in his eyes as she made sure to savour each moment the taste of his long penis and the look in his eyes made her happy that she considered herself his so quickly. The she devil began fiddling her tongue around him as she could have her saliva rush down his shaft to his balls, she continued to tease him as she wanted to work that white surprise to shoot every and as much as she could on her face. As the pre-cum started to emerge she stopped sucking and stuck her tongue out to show him then swallowing it and saying, "That was really yummy, please give me more." She began pumping him faster and slurping down on his dick as hard as she could, she noticed she didn't have that much of a gag reflex and she loved that and he would to. She looked back up into his eyes as he played with her hair as she smiled and gagged on her pleasuring toy. She quickly released his cock and said her words of encouragement about using her mouth. "You can use you're little slut, however you want, master." She couldn't believe what she was saying, such vile words for such an innocent girl but she loved it she was consumed by his powerful lost and couldn't help it. Quickly she whimpered on his dick and even started using her own free hand to play with herself as she continued to suck him off. She went faster and faster with the pace as she was also getting herself on the brink of cumming, she loved the taste of his penis so much, sparks lit her mind as she had a yummy treat and also fingers inside of herself as her ass was spread from him to just observe from the front.

He took a hold of her hair as she loved him tugging on her pretty little hair due, her man obviously wanted to get himself as much pleasure as he could get and the obedient little girl wanted him to have as much pleasure as she could give, even if she couldn't stand and wasn't even able to talk properly from the rushes to her head, she wanted him to get all that ecstasy. She continued to stare him down, always smiling whenever he looked at her, before quickly she got off for a second to gasp for air like a little whore and whispering. "Is that good enough master? Please keep using me until you're satisfied." As soon as he finished talking she hopped back onto him as he would stand up and began face fucking her, for some reason she loved this and couldn't even continue pleasuring herself. Her fingers plopped out of herself as she started playing with her left boob to try and get him off further, in doing so he quickly used her hair as a base to start thrusting and moving her head. Quickly he went faster as her throat took each hit harder and harder until his cum started spurting out, she had her first real taste of cum inside of her. He went for one final motion and went as far down her slut mouth making her gag, she was stuck their to suspend air from the lungs but letting her free at the very end. She began gasping as cum had been swallowed but some lingered on her tongue as she had her tongue sticking out as all of his sticky mess rushed down onto her breasts and covering herself in his delicious taste.

She slowly rose back up feeling a wave of second wind hit her as she was ready to be used like a common bitch once again, she loved it. "I'm grateful for you're sperm master, its the only one I have tasted and ever will."  She smiled for him and stood in front of him waiting for his every need. Slowly her neck was in his hand as he pulled her closer towards him, slowly reaching near vicinity, she could feel her wet gash be rubbed against his massive throbbing cock. She couldn't take it she was moaning, she just wanted to cum so badly she knew he could do it whenever he wanted but chose to take his time. Suddenly he grabbed her ass and brought her close as they began kissing sloppy just how she liked it. Her tongue merging with his as she used it to have his saliva in her mouth and biting his lip. The hot steaming mess of a kiss lasted for enough time that she couldn't stand not kissing him after that moment again.

The handsome Shizou began to slowly move his hand lower down her body, as she could feel her pussy start to gush with lubrication so she could please him. He would begin teasing her clit as she moved towards the bed and lie down as she couldn't stand if he continued to touch her, he rubbed her furiously even pinches as well as she became overcome with pleasure. Her moans grew as she began to scream pleasure as her tongue stuck out and mouth continually open and her eyes became so mindless." As soon as she was reaching her orgasm he would slow down and play with her, using his little toy properly, she loved being the toy for someone. She always loved making people happy and what better way then being used for this type of pleasure. He locked lips once again in an attempt to make her pleasure rise as it became sloppier each time, as her pussy became hot and sticky ready for something to fuck her. He covered her with hickeys as she squirmed with her legs suddenly moving different ways without her control.

His whispers of grace into her ear, as she was so close to orgasm until he asked how much she loved his taste, "" The young Masu's attraction rose for him even further as he began to pinch her nipples as she began to drip white cum from her pussy as he would whisper once again about what she wanted him to do. Her body grew so hot and moist for him as she didn't hold back a single word as she moaned and screamed, yelling at him and not even stuttering so that the whole neighbourhood could hear. "Shizou, I want you're cock so fucking badly, please make me a cum dumpster, just use me to as long as you want no matter what. I NEED THIS COCK IN ME!"
Small little spurts of liquid started to come out of her pussy from her thoughts about his cock alone, she couldn't contain it any longer when she got the chance she was gonna grab his cock and force it inside of her.

But as she was squirming and wriggling around for her proper orgasm he cuffed her hands. He seemed to smile and enjoy himself, quickly she was spread out upon the bed as a blindfold would now be put on her eyes as she couldn't wait for whatever he wanted to do next. Blindfolded, handcuffed and on the brink of orgasm as he'd slowly take his time, her wet **** began to ooze from her lust and sexual drive. He slowly started to give soft kisses on her neck, they were cold but the icy feeling of whatever it was sparked her joints and muscles as she continued squirm. "Yes, Master punish me I've been so bad I need you to show me what a slut I am and fix me." She yelled as she continued her gasps of unrivalled sexual pleasure, nothing was ever gonna be as good as him and she already knew that. Slowly her pink clit was being tickled and a cold feeling that she assumed was ice began to roll across her body, her nipples perking with excitement that she could feel like something was just gonna come out from them when she came. The difference between warm and cold became apparent when she couldn't contain her feeling anymore as she simply held the bed sheets moaning at his every gesture and movement, those bolts of pleasure striking her at every moment.

"!" she said as she wanted him to know how badly that hole needed to be filled with his enormous cock. Her hands had suddenly been freed and in doing so she took off the blind fold, before feeling his tongue slide on her pussy. She moaned to her heart was content as she held his head down by his hair, before moaning and shaking cumming all in his mouth, her legs shaking by his tongue and more liquid squirted him as she couldn't contain it, arching her back and grasping the bed sheets as she moaned to the top of her voice. But he rapidly flipped her over on top of him as he would demand her to enjoy her treat, "Yes..master, I''re...lollipop..more." She began to  suck his dick while he ate her pussy, she couldn't take it the sounds made her even more turned on as she became limp and having his cock all the way pushed down to the back of his throat, then coming back up once again slowly as she couldn't concentrate on him, he made her feel so damn good. He rubbed her faster as she began to pulsate from his work.

Masu began twitching at the very smallest touches as she knew she was going to cum again for the third time, he was so good at it she couldn't believe it. "I'm..i'm.i'm--i'm..go..gon-gonna..CUM!" Her pink flower began to squirt onto his face as she could feel her wet cum fall out of her own pussy onto him. He seemed to be ready to unload as well, as she continued to half heartily pump him because she felt drained of any brain capacity by this sexual feeling. Her mouth became warm in white, precious semen until he got up on his knees behind her pressing their bodies, telling her to not let a drop go. She didn't want to it tasted so yum that she swallowed it slowly so that she could have the taste linger for as long as possible.

He whispered once again in her ear to feed her other mouth, she finally was going to get what she wanted. She was dripping so badly as her legs shook in anticipation until he started speaking again. He needed her to beg, and she followed along to her master like the obedient girl she was but with a twist. "I-I..need...this..m-master, and..I''re..perfect...dick!" She begged and whimpered before suddenly feeling the tip of his cock, as she grabbed upon his dick through her legs and inserted it inside as quick as she could. Her hymen breaking in two in a split moment from the amount of lubrication and his rock hard member. Her face ran itself into the bed as she would droll all over the bed as she used her body to push herself against his cock and he would do the same. He seemed gentle at the start which was weird for a beast, but she couldn't feel any pain so she went as fast as she could. This pleasure was ten times better than what she was feeling before, a massive hot cock inside of her. " so gooddddddd!" Her moans dragged out with each thrust as she screamed his name so many times as she could feel herself orgasm, but she knew that orgasm wasn't going to be the main course, she wanted the main meal and dessert and he was gonna give that to this little slut.

She could feel her hair tugged upon as his cock entered further and further, nothing else had hit those spots before, not even her fingers as her pussy became stretched and red from his sheer power alone. "This cock..makes me feel so good..I can't explain it..give it to me I'll have it whenever you see me PLEASE MASTER!" She began to feel her G-Spot get hit more and more as he became viscous, he could see an animal in him as the passion splashed her body and the lust was so influential.

He would pull his cock out every so often, and she was upset for just a moment until he smashed it back inside of her once again and she was pleased. She began to feel his cock become a lot more harder as he seemed ready for something to happen, quickly the couple turned over as he dug his fingers into her flesh, her moans so loud that the room echoed with them as she screamed for him some more. Her tight little **** could be heard squelching from his massive cock, as she could feel it tightening over him. Her legs rose to the air as she was pinned to a wall as he began kissing her, she felt a rise in wet little spurts emerging from her breasts she knew was was next. He went faster and faster fucking her brains out, she was slowly moaning so loudly "Shizou, I fucking love you, so much you're my master, please have me forever pleasee!" Her tongue out and her eyes going off in different directions before suddenly her pussy exploded, it wasn't like any of the other orgasms. This orgasm began to squirt everywhere non-stop as she was shaking in each direction as she couldn't even move her body, the spark flying in her body resulting in small little jolts in her body and head as her brains had been royally fucked by the most attractive guy she had ever seen. She didn't know what was happening at all but she knew it was good, her eyes looking like a deer in the headlights as she would continue to feel her squirting continually, white little spurts of cum was coming out of her pussy she didn't know if it was his or hers but she didn't care at all.


Moonlight (Masu)(NSFW)(Masu X Shizuo) Tenor

If you only look for darkness Guest, thats all you're ever going to see.

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Every motion she made and every sound drove the young man crazier and crazier. His body heated up to the point of boiling as his lust overtook his mind and he became a fucking machine whose sole purpose is to fuck her brains out till she could cum no more. She'd keep talking dirtily and beg him for his seed and his cock. His cock would grow harder and harder inside her. Her begging for his cock drove him crazy, the more she spoke of her pleasure and desire the more harder he became and the more his animal side took over him until his actions became pure instinct.

The young white haired man thrust his way deeper and deeper into her as he let his tongue roam the flesh of her neck. He'd then carry her and pin her against a wall as he pleasured her tight wet hungry pussy. He'd keep thrusting deeper and deeper into her as he licked her neck and moved to her lips giving her a sloppy messy kiss. The young man smiled as he looked into her beautiful eyes. He then let his teeth take hold of her tongue as he had her pinned to the wall. The young man would bite enough to draw a slight bit of blood only to continue kissing her. He'd sloppily keep kissing her before repositioning on the bed in a doggy position. He'd grab both arms and nail her from behind as hard and as fast as he could. While he fucked her from behind he smirked and let both hands go as he continued thrusting this time while grabbing her hair and pulling on it as he fucked her harder and harder. He'd smirk and slap her ass giving her a good hot spank every four or more thrusts as he enjoyed the tightness and wetness of her pink wet pussy.

He then leaned in and whispered into her ears as he nibbled on them "You're my slut now." He'd slide to her neck and give her a vampire kiss leaving a love bite visible as though marking her as his. He smiled as he took his cock out wanting to embrace her. He embraced her close as he was on top of her. He leaned in and kissed her lips another sloppy kiss unable to part with her lips and their delicious taste. He kept thrusting inside her as their juices collided and their kisses became sloppier. He took her to a nearby counter where he placed  small decorations, bent her over the counter and fucked her a few more deep thrusts as he slid his cock out only to go on his knees and eat her ass licking her pussy and enjoying the taste of her juices before getting up and start licking her ass. He'd bite her right ass cheek as he got up only to shove his hard cock deep inside her pussy one more. This time he'd lift one leg from her thighs and keep it close to his side as he thrust against her his warm breath ticking her breasts as he leaned in while fucking her and took hold of her nipples and bite them. He'd let his tongue roam around her nipples and tickle them as he sucked them roughly with his mouth.

The young man showed her pussy no mercy and would now reposition her once more. He carried from her ass as though a fucktoy he thrust deep into her pussy as he carried her and thrust into her pussy harder and harder. His cock would only go in and out of her faster, not slowing down as their juices gushed out with each thrust. The animal would  be driven into insanity more as he heard her say a few words begging him to fuck her every day and confessing of how good his cock made her feel. All of which drove the young man into becoming more of an animal, He smirked as he bit both of her nipples and pulled on them simultaneously with his mouth and began fucking her harder.

Soon she confessed her love for him in that moment the young animal blushed and as he pulled her close in an embrace he'd  speak "I love you too... You're mine, my slut, my cumdumpster." A sloppy dirty confession filled with lust and as he went harder and began fucking her wet juicy pussy more he could feel his cock thickening with cum as his fucking intensified and his thrusts became rougher and harder. He slapped her tits and rubbed her pussy as he slid under her and kept fucking her pussy till his legs went numb even then, he continued. The young man showed the slut's hungry pussy no mercy and he continued fucking her slutty pussy and kissing her and her lips. Teasing her body and keeping her wanting more as each time they'd come close to cumming he'd stop and as their fucking session intensified he'd shove two fingers into her ass gently as he continued fucking her more and more his thrusts becoming harsher as he finger fucked her ass.

He would finish his session with her  "Tell me what you are? Whose slut are you? Do you love my cum do you love my cock." He paused as he spanked her one powerful spank with all he has of strength. "Tell me how much you want my cum and cock you slut." He smirked as he pinned her head down on the bed lifting her ass up as he kept fucking her pussy and biting on her neck. He'd bite her neck harder as he thrust in his final powerful cum-filled thrusts before letting go of all of his pent up cum inside her pussy. His cock would twitch inside her as he came with a powerful surge of his semen flowing deep inside her pussy filling every nook and cranny he continued cumming until he couldn't no more before his warm hot sweaty body rest on her in an embrace. He cuddled her close and kissed her lips deeply as their tongue intertwined not letting go of her tongue or lips simply wanting to be glued to her. In his vengeance driven mind he found serenity in her kiss and warmth from her touch and he didn't want to let go

"I adore you~".


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Reaction time:  C0->C3 ; (575+600+700) = 1875
Perception:      D0->C3 ; (325+400+450+525+575+600+700) = 3575
Endurance:      D0->C3 ; (325+400+450+525+575+600+700) = 3575
Stength:          D0->D1 ; (325) =325
Total: 11225
Genius Perk WC reduction 20% on all training: 11225*20%= 2245

Total Training WC after -20%: 11225-2245 = 8980


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lots of love for mature people:

Masu's body quenched for his hot embrace as she continued to take the full brunt reducing her to nothing but a simple toy for him to use and abuse, she was fine with that deep down as it satisfied him and that's all she wanted. His hips drove down deeper and more animalistic each time, her pussy began to make disgusting noises because of him as if it was calling for his perfect long member each time. She stared him directly in his eyes begging for his sperm to flow deep within her. Her eyes began to roll and lose focus as her tongue once again stuck out with drool slowly coming down to her tits as she made a complete mess of herself in front of her new Master.

Her hot new white haired companion dug his way through her as she could feel his hot wet tongue explore her bare neck once again. Sparks once again surfacing from his immense touch and her sensitivity to his every moment. She looked into his eyes as they stared each other down even taking a small bite of her tongue, her smirk arose from this cute act as she giggled and continued to moan from his constant pounding. Her voice exhaling and letting out each bit of pleasure he constantly gave her, she could feel her delicate place being stretched as her own white cum began to drip slowly down her body and all over his dick. He rapidly grabbed her arms and nailed her from doggy as quick as he could manage, this began to nail a different angle compared to before as small little droplets of blood could be felt, but that was more than a turn on. " use me master for however long you want." She exclaimed as she climaxed in no less than a few seconds from the new angle. Her legs began to shake as her head quickly pressed down into the sheets as he began to slap her ass really hard.

He whispered into her soft ears, his robust voice made her melt even more as her head just planted itself into the sheets and her face dirty and messy from all of his action he had done. She began to feel the words of being "his slut" even further into her mind as she began to rattle at the idea of being with him, they had just met and he was fucking her pink tight pussy so quickly, that was his effect on her. More sloppy kisses came her way until he thrust inside once again making her lose control, "How are you so good at this, Master c..can we do th-this every night?"
She quickly was picked up and placed near a counter for him to thrust into her as she was bent over in a disgusting fashion to appease his manly needs.

Until he began to please her once again her legs spread from his licking of her juices, his bite her pussy as she let out a huge screech of satisfaction from his perfect mouth. Her face was so red because of him until she felt her juice flowing out and his tongue around her other hole, no one had ever licked that before but she was liking it until he suddenly shoved it right in her. He raised her leg and held onto her nipples biting upon them as she couldn't even stand anymore, he held her up as she just began to fall slowly from his pounding. Her sanity began to deplete from his perfect induced pleasure into her system. Her juice kept flowing out as it began to drip onto the floor like a desperate whore she was, she needed each inch and pound to punish the bad girl she had become.

He spoke once again as she was moaning confessing his love for her, as she was giddy from those "I love you.." words than instantly turned on even further by being called his cumdumpster. What was she to do, she was utterly demolished from his rock hard cock, but the thrusts just kept getting harder and harder, "Why was this so good?"
She thought as her little pussy lips began to pulsate because of him. He began to smack her tits and tease her even further she was about to have the biggest orgasm she yet to have. But he teased the poor little slut, as he then began fingering her round plump ass. "Da..daddy that feels good, why does that feel good?" She didn't know what she had just muttered, she was to turned on to even tell now as her ass was now being penetrated by his fingers.

He began to ask her questions and she didn't hesitate for a moment staring him in the eyes before pleading, "I'm you're dirty little fucking slut, and I need your perfect cock to cum inside of me so you can be satisfied, please master!!" She yelled at him as he began to smirk pinning her head down, rough and hard how she liked it. He kissed her neck as she began to feel the thrusts and her walls cave in on his penis. She began to cum and shake rapidly as his love seed began to enter further into her body, the warm delicacy being left inside of her as she couldn't move. She was stuck there in shock and total bliss as her pussy was cumming and legs shaking as her moans continued for a long amount of time. Her pussy delayed for just a moment but then began to squirt everywhere for him as a display for his perfect performance for her. She could feel the cum start to drip out as she took a little onto her fingers and began to lick it for him, unable to move from her back as her body was into much pleasure he began to cuddle her closely. His kiss was warm this time, not steaming hot but warm and sensual as rest of faith and her soft skin pressed up against him and his perfectly toned body. She muttered to him in a half zoned out voice due to her orgasms,

"I'm all you'res to adore."

WC = 10062


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If you only look for darkness Guest, thats all you're ever going to see.

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