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The sky is painted a dark navy blue with slivers of light blue peaking out and soon the entire sky will be a bright blue along with the arrival of the sun. It is 6:00 in the morning and the wind is lightly blowing causing the flora to rustle. Walking towards the front of Konoha's administration building is a groggy Ashiro with a bucket of red paint and a paint roller. Immediately, the guards see Ashiro approaching and cheerily ask, "Hey, are you the genin in charge of repainting this old sucker?" while gesturing to the administration building. Ashiro replies with a low and coarse, "Yep." aurally confirming to the guards that Ashiro still hasn't entirely woken up. As Ashiro walks next to the wall, he thinks to himself, "It must be a different world to be a morning person." Taking a look at the dilapidated wall, Ashiro notices that the color of the paint has begun to lose its color and sheen, some parts of the wall even have bits of paint peeling off. "It's definitely time for the walls to be repainted", Ashiro thought, "but I never thought I'd be the one to do it. Why is my first ever mission as a shinobi one that I could do without going through the stupid academy, even after all I did my last year!?!?" The look of defeated rushed through Ashiro's face as he yielded to his frustration and took the lid off the paint bucket. He grabs the paint roller and dips it into the red paint. As he lifted the roller from the paint a line of red paint emerged connecting the paint roller and the bucket. Looking at the paint, Ashiro couldn't help but look at the shape of the paint, reminding him of his clan. A clan that he loves, a clan that specializes in the manipulation of shadows. To Ashiro, the paint looked liked the Nara clan's specialty jutsu, Shadow Manipulation Technique. It was strange, in every living being there is a yin to their existence and most of the time the yin of each individual resides in harmony with the yang, however, every so often, the yin and the yang interact. Although this time, the yang was acting like the yin. A copy of the shadow, instead of the shadow copying the real. The paint connected the paint roller and the bucket, a connection that can normally only be formed through shadows, since a shadow is fluid and malleable. It was a bridge between the two souls, well if the two were living things. At least that's how Ashiro viewed his clan's jutsu. A one-way technique that connects two souls in such a way that one can feel the will and actions of another. The line of paint grew thinner and thinner, as Ashiro pulled the roller further away from the bucket until the connection between the two broke. Ashiro moves the roller to the wall and begins repainting the administration building. Patch by patch, line by line, the paint coating the administration building made it shine. As Ashiro gradually went around the building the paint that started the tranformation began to dry. Finally, when Ashiro finished painting the walls it was already a bit past noon. The sun baking the paint onto the administration building and giving it a new sheen and brighter colors. Doing more boring manual work than usual, a exhaustion stricken Ashiro went to sit in the shade of a medium sized oak tree, as he watched the building's paint harden. Lazing around and watching paint dry was the actual pinnacle of boredom for most people, however, Ashiro, surprisingly, didn't mind this boredom since he was watching his hard work in action. The building that most citizens would consider the leaf village's heart is revitalized, at least on the outside. Looking at his work Ashiro exclaimed, "Welp, that looks as good as it's ever been." Grabbing the paint bucket and the roller, Ashiro heads off to return the equipment and to report back his first mission. With one final look at the administration building, he begins to see that the purpose of this mission may have been to instill some nationalism within Ashiro. Seeing the old steadfast building glow with brilliance similar to his days as an adolescent, forced Ashiro to feel the connection between the Will of Fire and the Land of Fire, the connection between the shinobi of Konoha and Konohagakure. A feeling that his clan is always suppose to recognize, the connection between all things.

WC: 774

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