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Izumi's raiton chakra was flooding the environment around her searching for her target. She'd immediately recognize the chakra signature when it was within her sphere of sense. Izumi was running from rooftop to rooftop with her sword on her back. She was searching for her night's prey frantically. This was a target of a more personal nature, some unfinished business of great import to her own sanity. Izumi hadn't seen the person for a long time, but it was time they met again. Izumi knew they'd be in the Leaf Village for the exams. Izumi hope to find them n the Shinwato district since they weren't around the arena. Izumi finally locked on to her, she was heading into a building that was she was presumably staying at. Izumi crept behind her target stalking them from a distance, she wasn't really worried about being noticed her target wasn't gifted without their tools which they wouldn't have out in public like this. A foreign kunoichi with a weapon was nothing of note at the current time. When the figure she was stalking finally limped into it's room Izumi was on it like a shadow and tackled the figure to the floor putting her hand around the figure's throat and giving them a deep passionate kiss. Izumi broke away to speak, “We need to talk.”

Izumi had a lot on her mind about Nova since last they spoke. Truth be told Izumi had been furious with her for a lot of the time they'd been apart how could she keep a secret like that from her. Izumi felt so hurt and betrayed that her lover had hidden the artifact that Izumi recognized as the puppet that once was the man Sasori. Izumi kissed her again, her grip on her neck tightening. All the bottled up anger finally came out when she screamed at Nova, “Why didn't you tell me!? You were acting so weird for so long I thought something was wrong and you were just hiding a puppet from me? Is that really it? What else was it? Tell me!!” Izumi's grip tightened as she spoke until she finally realized what she was doing and released her lover. She was breathing heavily over her lover and tears were falling on her. Izumi had so many emotions and things she'd wanted to say and do with Nova that she had been avoiding and it was all coming out at once. Izumi collapsed on Nova sobbing into her chest and hugging her.

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Nova Makato


It was another late night in konoha, this one accompanied by an overcast sky and endless drizzle of rain. Chilly but not cold, it was enough that one might not linger outside but would not avoid a walk through. Nova had spent a lonely evening at a bar and grill near the room she had rented in town. It was a short walk, and the smell had hung tantalizingly over her head nearly every day as she walk home. Nova had made her way there around sunset, started with the drinks early and kept sipping them until long after her meal was ordered, eaten, and cleared away. Soft beats of music over the speakers around the seats had kept her company, but soon she found herself longing for the softness of her bed and the fall into her dreams. In one hand she held a bottle that she still nursed upon, one for the walk home. In the other a small bag with a dessert pastry inside that she couldn't find room for whilst there. Finding herself at her door before realizing it, she struggled to unlock it with full hands and drunken state of balance. After a long moment of struggling she would stumble into her dark room, currently in a state of dissarray from her fumbling through clothing to find an outfit for the night. It had turned out her entire closed before she had settled on a pair of black leggings and looseknit sweater that hung low on her chest and shoulders.

It was this cushion of clothes that provided a soft landing for Nova as she found herself suddenly tackled to the floor from behind. The world tumbled around her, disorienting from both the fall and the drink. When things stopped spinning, her emerald eyes would open as a familiar pair of cornflow blue moved in fur a deep kiss at the same time she realized there was the pressure of a hand around her throat. Nova's heart was sent fluttering by the oh so familiar eyes of her assailent, it felt like a dream she had had a million times where her lover game dashing through the door into her arms but perhaps that was the lack of reason often attributed to alcohol. “We need to talk.” That was so different from that dreams picture of the interaction that it seemed to scare sense into Nova for a moment, her eyes fluttering for a moment as the fact this was real crossed her mind. Talking was not something she could do as Izumi would press her lips against hers again more roughly this time, her own breath halted as Izumi's hand would clasp tighter of the pale neck of her lover.

Though Izumi would pull her lips away, the grasp on her throat would not loosen and Nova's breathing became shallow as it clasped down ever harder. Eyes that had previously glowed with the affection of seeing a loved on that hadn't been seen in some time would make the subtle shift to a glint of rage that Nova had never found herself the focus of before. “Why didn't you tell me!? You were acting so weird for so long I thought something was wrong and you were just hiding a puppet from me? Is that really it? What else was it? Tell me!!” Stars would burst at the edge of Nova's vision as the lack of oxygen would begin from the grasp around her throat. Weak hands would flutter uselessly at Izumi's back, Nova far to weak to barely even make resistance felt. If there for maybe even a moment more, she would have faded to black and lost consciousness. But the hands were gone and now instead she felt the head of her lover pressed between her breasts torn somewhere between sobbing and laughing. Nova would gasp for air as her windpipe would open back up, but even before she caught her breath she would wrap her arms around the shoulders of the woman who just moments before held her fragile life in her hands. Rolling slightly to the side she would let Izumi fall beside her onto the padding of clothes still in an embrace, “Where have you been?....”

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Izumi's eyes had already welled up with tears as she realized what she was doing. Izumi squeezed her lover tight. Nova had asked her where she'd been. “I've been silencing problems. I missed you so much but I was just … so angry. I couldn't believe you wouldn't tell me. Why didn't you just talk to me about it. I knew something was wrong, what else is it? I need to know. Where'd you get it? How long have you had it?” Izumi was all over the place, her thoughts unable to stay headed in one direction, her emotions swung back to anger and she rolled on top of Nova, grabbing her by the wrists and pinning them to the floor there was no chance of her escape. Izumi stared into her eyes and began to prepare her dojutsu. She was going to force Nova to answer her questions one way or another. She would talk, Izumi knew that much. The question was how far she would have to go to force it. Izumi had to know she could trust her lover. Izumi's paranoia had served her well thus far, why stop now? It had kept her alive through war and assassination after assassination. Her meticulous planning had always helped, she wanted to be prepared for anything. She hadn't been prepared for this. Izumi pressed down harder on Nova's wrists leaning into them while her knees squeezed into her ribs.

Izumi's eyes burned with rage, “You're going to answer my question Nova, you don't have a chance, I caught you and you're going to tell me what I want.” Izumi's grip tightened again she had to make it clear that Nova had already lost, there would be no fight only Izumi's questions and Nova's answers. “Trust me, I can make you tell me. I don't want to make you but I need to know.” Izumi's tone left no question to the seriousness of her demands. This wasn't a game, Izumi was truly enraged at her lover she had been hurt by her secrecy. Izumi's emotions rarely played into her interrogations this was different, this was a personal matter and she would be satisfied one way or another. Izumi new Nova's puppet sometimes summoned itself so she planned ahead for that, bringing her arms above her head she pinned them with one hand while she made hand seals with the free one. When she grabbed Nova's wrist again a seal would be placed on it preventing her from using her puppet strings, even if the sinister machine found its way out she wouldn't be able to control it before Izumi extracted what she wanted.

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