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Travel Rules.

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1Travel Rules. Empty Travel Rules. on Wed Jan 16, 2019 1:36 am

Saga Rules

Saga Rules
It's not required to write about your travels from one village to another, however you do need to leave behind a thread where it shows that you're going from place A to place B. Traveling threads should be made in the border of each countries board with clear titles. The best format is "Traveling to x" where x is the name of the country you're traveling to. Example of a thread name: "Traveling to Hi no Kuni". As threads always need content unfortunately, just writing "Traveling." is enough. It's always possible to still write a story about your travels, it's just not mandatory. Note: Traveling to minor countries is not required and they can be posted in while residing in any country.

You're allowed, at any point in time, to have two threads that are not present within the borders of the current country you reside in. You do not have to travel to the country that the threads are happening in to start those threads either. Leaving a country and going somewhere else whilst having open threads will count towards this thread limit.


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