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Mission name: Glad Tidings.
Mission rank: C-A.
Objective: Accelerate Konoha trade by giving.
Location: Marketplace.
Reward: 2/3/4 EP + give an item of equal rank to the mission. [See Details]

Mission Description: It's that semi-commercialized time of the year! Think about your Ninja Way and those of others on the Day of Vision; work with the smiths, tailors, and craftspeople of the Leaf to give something special to someone important.

Mission Details: In the giving spirit of the Rinne Festival, you're allowed to grant this mission's item reward to another player in the thread with you as a present! (That person joining the thread counts as another ninja accompanying you, letting you take this mission up to 1 rank higher than your own rank.) You can only take this mission once.

Mission done at A-rank

It was the second time that Fuyuko was going to wear her Kimono since becoming a full-fledged kunoichi. However there was a distinct difference between the two occurrences. Last time she went to the festival to just enjoy the festivities. While that’s also true for this time, it’s just that this time she’s going together with someone. Together with the man she loves spending her time with. Not only that, it was an extra special occasion. Today marked the day that they were dating for a year. For the past few weeks she had taught herself how to make a shirt and had been working on it in secret. It had been quite the task to do so however and hiding it while she worked on it proved to be quite the hassle as well. Although admittedly she had been a little dumb about it. She was going to hide the present with a seal on herself while the two of them are enjoying the festival which she could’ve done during the making of it as well. She let out a small sigh at the thought while she continued dressing herself.

Fuyuko was a sucker for traditional things and so preferred the silky feeling of the kimono of the more common yukata of the present day.  While traditionally one would wear a thin layer of clothes underneath, further she would personally also wear a bit of underwear for personal comfort. But not on this day, today she was feeling a little bit risky. So she decided to not put on either her panties or camisole. No she was going to be completely naked underneath her kimono. Ever since they had done it the first time whenever they had the opportunity they’ve been at it, almost as if they’re rabbits. This being such a special occasion, at least in her eyes, she figured she would treat Takao to an extra present. Her kimono had a typical cherry blossom design, however all the red and pink were changed with shades of blue, primarily the colors azure white and azure. However Fuyuko didn’t use the sash that was made for the Kimono, instead she used her headband to keep the piece together, just like last time.

From somewhere in the house she could her Takao yell asking if she was ready yet or not. All she could do was roll her eyes and sigh. Talking to herself she said “Do men just expect everything to be done in the blink of an eye?”. When she finished complaining to herself about the boys impatience she replied “Not quite yet! I’m almost done!” While on one hand she felt like he was being impatient on the other hand, she did understand where it came from. When the two of them left the mist village, which seemed like an eternity ago by now, he sounded really enthusiastic and passionate about everything that had any kind of relation to the village. Thinking back about how much of a little kid he seemed to be, a kid that was ready to receive his presents for his birthday, it put a smile on her face. She grabbed her silk international klein blue colored hair bow and started her wrestle match with her hair. The hair bow was something she found really pretty and she felt pretty whenever she wore it, but it was a pain in the ass to get in by herself. The position of the ponytail was high up and somewhere in the middle of a traditional and a sideways variant. With the hair in the right position she started to warp the silk fabric around her hair to keep it in place. Running her fingers through it a couple of times to make it a bit messier and lose, resulting in bits of her hair resting upon her left shoulder while the rest falls in front or behind it. Making a couple of slow twirls while she watched herself in a full body mirror to make sure everything looked good.

When she gave herself the okay she left the room and headed towards where Takao was. “Well how do I look?” she asked him, twirling for him just like she had done just now in front of the mirror to give him the full view of her in the dress. When he had replied she gave him another question “So what is this festival exactly? All you said was to get dressed for it and that we’d be going to it, but I don’t really know anything about it…

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Anniversary | Takao D6ehE4O

He was hardly able to contain his excitement. The Rinne Festival was in full swing and the village had indulged itself in its entirety. People not only from all over the Fire Country, but even from neighboring nations, had come to enjoy the holiday. The Leaf was a cultural meeting point and trading hub, thus it was an unmatched business opportunity on top of it all, especially given the gift-giving tradition that had only grown exponentially. Today in particular was special, as it was the day to celebrate Saṃsāra on top of it being their anniversary, which meant that he had the perfect opportunity to make it memorable. After he called to check on Fuyuko and she responded, he turned to the wall mirror near the front door and fixed the collar of his kimono.

It was a unique piece that his mother had gifted to him for the Rinne Festival, likely out of fear that he would don more lax, non-traditional clothing for the event, which was entirely the case had she not given it to him. The ensemble was colourful; the kimono was short, stylized and more of a mix between tradition and modern in a way that suited him. The right half, which sported a single short sleeve in contrast to the left half's long sleeve, was plain red. The left half, which the right half was tucked into, sported several unique, colourful designs across the torso. The sleeve was primarily black with a white spot under the armpit, and a gold design on the shoulder. The sash tied around his waist was similarly ornate, more of a bronze-gold colour with darker coloured designs. Beneath the sash, the tunic sported more designs, reaching each spectrum of colour in a way that managed to not look so busy or mismatched. He had opted for black shinobi slacks beneath the tunic-style kimono, and much to the dismay of his mother, had donned his trademark-pending, trademark boots. Festivals and celebrations, fun as they were, did not dismiss the fact that he was a shinobi first and foremost, and thus he felt the need to be prepared.

He, like her although unknown to him, had been hard at work with his gift. Of course, he lacked the artistic ability to do so himself, and couldn't even begin to imagine the process of constructing the item in which he wanted to create. Thus, the help of a local, reputable item-making industry quarantined to the northeastern border of the village. Noise pollution, as it seemed, was a big issue. But, the items were done, sealed and secure within the bandages hidden by the sleeve of his left arm. He was giddy with excitement, every time he thought about it, the corners of his mouth pulled high into his cheeks and he felt so antsy and anxious that he could hardly contain himself.

"Whadaya think bud? Fancy pantsy, eh?" A nasally snicker followed his words as he glances to the dog, seated beside him at the half-mirror he stood in front of, admiring the clothing. Although he did like it, it was something he would never buy for himself.

"I could even fight in it if I had to," He rolled his shoulders, tucked his elbows, and sent two jabs quick as lightning into the air in front of the mirror. The fabric, while much baggier than he preferred, didn't seem to hinder him whatsoever.

"Not that I w--" Interrupted by the sound of footsteps, his voice trailed off as his gaze moved away from the mirror.

Greeted by the sight of Fuyuko, dressed in a silky white-azure kimono with the classic cherry blossom design, suiting her perfectly, in his opinion. His eyes traced her figure, paying special attention to her curves and lingering on them for what one might consider an indecent amount of time, he found himself much too interested in indulging himself at the sight of her form to respond.

Watching her spin, his expression quickly built into a wide smile as he snapped out of his daze and moved closer to her, hands lifted to her cheeks as he leaned in to kiss her.

"You look gorgeous," He said softly after breaking the kiss, keeping his face close to hers.

"Your kimono is beautiful too, although..." His tone pensive, he pulled his hand back to rub his jawline.

"I think it would look a lot better on the bedroom floor." Only able to hold himself together for a brief moment, he snickered hard at the half-joke.

"Oh! I didn't tell you about it?" He asked, in disbelief, having been so sure he would have rambled on and on about it by now. Then again, their time together in the village had been fairly preoccupied, now that he thought about it.

"Right, well, it's the Rinne Festival! It's a huge deal in Konoha, everybody loves it. It started as a time for praying for the deceased, but it kind of evolved over the years into a gift-giving holiday alongside remembering loved ones." Takao explained, gently taking her by the hand, interlocking his digits with hers, and leading her out the door. On the way out, he made sure to not only grab a coat, which he was sure would come in handy later, but also to wave and make a promise to walk him soon to the dog sitting at the threshold of the genkan, tail wagging until he saw the door close without him.

"...Aaand tonight is super special, but I'm not gonna tell you why." He said, a wolfish grin crawling onto his face.

"At least not yet. It's a surprise!" As quickly as the wolfish grin had appeared, a brighter, wider smile overtook it, apparently excited at the prospect of the aforementioned surprise. Still walking hand in hand, Takao continued to lead her down the street, explaining the intricacies of the festival and the culture with childish cheerfulness. Perhaps, as they drew closer, she might take notice of the growing sounds of a crowd, as well as various other noises such as music.

"In the meantime though, we can have some fun here!" He said as they rounded the corner.

Before them laid a long stretch of road leading north to south. Hanging from the buildings that bordered the street were lanterns of various colour, vibrant banners, and other coruscating decorations. The streets, however, were easily the main attraction. Every inch was filled with stands, ranging from food vendors, exotic merchants peddling unique foreign wares, and more gimmicky carnival-style games than one thought could fit in a single expanse of road. Given that it was the main attraction for the festival, the road was understandably packed with people, all dressed similarly or similarly enough to them in traditional clothing.

He had half a mind to let her lead him, but given that this was her first time experiencing the beast that was a big holiday in Konoha, he thought it best to give her a bit of guidance, just to start.

"C'mon! There's tons of games, and so much good food that you can't get anywhere else. Oh, and people come all over to sell cool stuff too for gifts, so we can look at that stuff too!" Each step was taken with a slight kid-like bounce as Takao lead her by the hand into the crowd. The celebration itself was exciting enough on its own, but being able to share it with somebody that was unfamiliar with the culture, and more than that, somebody that he loved, made it even better.



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A red hue on her cheeks and a soft smile on her lips. That was Fuyuko’s face after Takao had kissed her and told her how he thinks about her looks. It stayed there when he moved onto her dress, but it disappeared halfway through that sentence where it go replaced. Her replacement expression can only be described as baffled with her jaw dropping. Takao himself following it up with a laugh was so typical of him, but that also increased the urge for herself to get back at him. However her mind couldn’t think fast enough of some sort of witty retort and so instead she decided to slap him on the arm whilst saying his name. She quickly changed the subject to what they were about to do to hide her embarrassment.

Her initial facial expression returned to her face as they made their way out of the house whilst she listened to Takao explain the festival they were about to attend. She had heard the name ‘Rinne Festival’ now and then whilst walking through the streets. However seeing as she was not from these lands they meant very little to her. So it was nice to learn more about the culture that Takao came from and even more so to learn it from him. To top it all off, he seemed to be in an incredibly mood, he wasn’t kidding when he said that he gets excited when the festivals come around when they made their way to Konoha from Kiri.

As they were talking about the festival. Well mostly just her listening to the tons of things that Takao explained about the festival, he made sure to also let her know that tonight was extra special. She wondered a little bit why he would say that. Two possibilities came to her mind. First off, there was more to this festival than he was giving off. Something special about the festival that only happens on a single day of the festival or perhaps something even more rare. The second thing, and the thing that was probably more likely was that it was something way closer to ‘home’. Something that was related to just the two of them, their one year anniversary. It widened her smile a bit, the thought that he had remembered this occasion was heartwarming for her. She tightened her grip a little bit and clung onto his arm more all while moving over a bit to walk closer next to him.

While they walked the sound of a group of people kept growing and growing. A lot of people passing by all dressed up at the end of the alleyway they were walking through. As they walked out of the alleyway a street filled with stands as far as the eyes could see. There was sooo much to see that she had no clue on what to focus. Perplexed by the size of the festival she was just standing there until Takao tugged her along to start doing things instead of just standing around. Him just doing the initial was enough for her to almost instantly take over control. While it was cute to watch him act like a kid, it was probably not his first time participating in such a festival. Instead she was going to lead him and enjoy all the things to her own hearts content.

Hey little kid, let me be the kid” she said to Takao in a teasing way. With giving him room to reply to her statement, she wiggled her way past him and took the lead instead. Fuyuko was somewhat torn on the inside however. On one hand she wanted to visit as many stall as possible, but that meant she couldn’t see as many stalls as possible. Quickly she decided to just go for option B and see as much as possible and not necessarily participate or visit each and every one. So they strolled past a couple of stands until her eyes fell upon a certain type of stall. There were a bunch of fish in a tank and people were trying to fish them out or something. It looked interesting and so she took a sharp turn towards the stall. Wrestling her way to the other side of the street.

Hai!! I’d like to try it out please!” she said to the owner of the stand. She got a brief rundown of what she was supposed to do. Her initial thought after receiving the instruction was that it was going to be extremely simple. Scoop into the water, grab a fish and if you can bring it to the plastic bag filled with water it was yours to keep. On top of that she just saw a little kid manage to do it, so surely she would be able to di it.

After having only attempted it for a little bit it became abundantly clear that this was going to be a lot harder than she had initially anticipated. The fish were first of all very alive, doing their best to not even be touched by the capturing device. The mand had told her she would only get 3 attempts at it as well. That wasn’t referencing to the fact that she could only scoop three times. No the thin sheet of whatever material it was, was incredibly susceptible to breaking. The moment the fish got out of the water the started move around a lot, slapping their body against the net and breaking it, thus they fell back into the tank. Fuyuko tried over and over. She had gotten to the point where she had spend so much money on it that she wasn’t willing to back off any longer, she wouldn’t go home without one now. Any attempt from Takao to help her was refused. She could do this by herself, not only that, it was also to proof to herself that she was capable of doing that.

Countless of attempts later finally, with a beat of ‘cheating’ later, she managed to capture a clownfish. The man wrapped up the bag and handed it over. “Thank you very much.” She replied and turned herself towards Takao. “Look look! I got it, isn’t it a cutie?!” Acting like a small kid and as if it didn’t cost her too much effort. “Where to should we go next?” she asked to see if there was anything particular he wanted to go. She was too into the game and because of it had lost track of time, so in case the special thing was time bound or restricted, it was better to see if they had to hurry somewhere or not.

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Anniversary | Takao D6ehE4O

Fully indulged in the festivities, Takao hadn't the presence of mind to realize that perhaps Fuyuko should be the one to let go and experience the childlike wonder of the Hidden Leaf's magnificent festivals. and holidays. He simply couldn't help himself when it came to the culture that he had been raised in; the Rinne Festival especially put him such a nostalgic, elated mood that felt so unlike his normal demeanor. For a little wild, he could just let loose. Thankfully, however, Fuyuko was there to remind him that the day was not solely his, and in fact, he would much prefer to focus on her enjoyment of it than his own. This was something that he had experienced nearly every year of his life, after all, yet it was the first for Fuyuko. More than that even, it was their Anniversary, so he had a plethora of reason to make the day special.

Hey little kid, let me be the kid!” She said teasingly, pulling him out of his state of childlike glee and refocusing him. Fuyuko slipped past him but he followed just behind her, their arms still linked if he could help it, letting her take the lead and guide him through the crowd.

They arrived at a peculiar stall of her choice. It was primarily occupied by children, all gathered around a large tank filled with water and fish. From what he had gathered from watching for a moment, the goal was to capture one of the fish using the flimsy, breakage-prone equipment provided. Personally he had no interest in it, fish were merely food to him, but watching the happiness overtake her was enough for him.

Fuyuko spoke to the stall vendor who gave her the instructions, close enough in-line with his assumptions. Scoop out a fish and it was yours to take home. Of course, the challenge in these little festivals was not the game itself, but the way the weaselly vendors stacked the odds against the player. In his eyes, that was why the games were worth playing. It was not so much a matter of player versus game, but player versus vendor. Fuyuko began to attempt the game and he observed failure after failure of attempting to retrieve the small fish, all the while sporting a gradually widening smile. Even though he didn't particularly like seeing her grow frustrated, and he desperately wanted to help, he knew better than to try to force his way into helping. Instead, he watched at her side, and when a bit of 'divine luck' sent the fish into the net, his smile warmed considerably. He had no problem with 'fighting fire with fire', in this case.

Fuyuko turned to him after, holding up the bag and displaying her prize, a little colourful fish from the tank. His warm smile persisted and his eyes, normally cold, softened.

"It's very cute," He said, lifting and dropping his hand onto the top of her head, patting it lightly. "Well done."

"We have a bit of time to kill," Takao said, taking her hand into his and interlocking their digits. He lead her down the street, stopping at certain stalls, playing a few games here and there, including one especially rigged ball-throwing game. Takao would have overlooked it, had it not been for the large Kurama plush toy hanging in the vendor's stall. Eager to win it for Fuyuko, Takao approached the stall, paid for the opportunity to play, and noted how it was rigged against him. A stack of metal bottles lay at the end of a short throwing gallery. As he was handed the three balls, he noted that they weighed little, and had a rubbery feel to them. It was immediately clear that the weighted bottles would resist the stunted force. However, the vendor had not accounted for Takao's willingness to cheat back.

He tested the game with his first throw, putting little strength into it. As expected, the weight of the balls was not enough to topple the bottles so easily. So, Takao tried again, this time winding his arm up, tensing his shoulder and back, and preparing to put his might into the throw. With all of his strength, he whipped the ball with such intensity that the sheer speed that the ball reached elicited a high-pitched whine. As it smashed into the bottles, they topped with ease, thrown about the stall with such vigour that one might not have noticed the ball had shot straight through the back of the cloth tent.

"This is for you," He said after retrieving the nine-tailed fox plush toy from the reluctant vendor. Smiling warmly, he offered to carry it for her, given that it was large and awkwardly shaped.

"Ohh, let's get something to eat before the surprise!" Takao said, leading her by the hand deeper into the festival. Knowing the ins and outs, he lead her to a few different stalls, tried some of the holiday-specific foods that were unique to the Rinne Festival, and enjoyed a few more games with her before it was time for the surprise.

With their bellies full and their hearts content from the games, Takao lead Fuyuko out of the main area of the festival, and down a few side streets. He said nothing as he walked, focused entirely on getting to the spot in time. The evening sky had darkened into a cool night since they'd arrived at the festival that was quickly winding down in preparation for the 'final event'. Takao, with Fuyuko's hand in his, lead her to the top of a small grassy knoll, where a blanket had been laid out and kept in place by a pair of kunai. Retrieving them and tucking them away, Takao sat, patting the spot beside him.

"You're gonna love this." He said as he sat the plush toy off to the side, holding his arm out for her.

After Fuyuko sat, if she did, a few moments would pass with Takao's gaze set forward. From the elevated position, they had a good view of the village, overlooking the streets illuminated by warm orange lights. His arm would snake around her waist as a single red light rose from the streets, a lit paper lantern gradually ascending skyward.

It was followed by another, then another, gradually multiplying over and over, until hundreds of thousands of paper lanterns were rising into the night sky, their deep, rich red light creating a sea of flickering red as they floated upward. Hoping that her attention would be set on the lanterns for at least a moment, Takao took the opportunity to unseal his gift to her for their anniversary. A quiet cloud of smoke erupted from his wrist and a black box appeared in his hand, wrapped in a small bow. After letting her enjoy the lanterns for a few moments longer, he turned on the blanket to face her, and offered the box to her.

"Happy Anniversary, Fuyuko."


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The feeling of Takao’s hand on top of her head had left her with a feeling of conflict. On one hand, she felt like she was being treated like a little kid where the hand was a sign of her to calm down over something so small. At the same time, it could also mean a sign of him being happy for her. Seeing the mood and the place they were at, the feeling of conflict that she had quickly subsided making room for other feelings to take over. Primarily the feelings of content and happiness. While Fuyuko has been fairly happy and content for the entire period of their relationship together, things still happened in the back of her mind that gently nibbled on her consciousness. However, being here together with Takao at the festival, on this special day and surrounded by the loud and cheerful crowd, those things too subsided.

Fuyuko locked her hand with Takao’s as she followed him through the streets again. They seemed to have a bit of time left, but she wasn’t sure how much so it was better for her to follow him around. Not that she minded either, she had been leading the date for a while as well, dragging him from place to place. Sampling all kinds of foods along the way and playing a vast array of different games without using their ninja powers. They had all been fair, unlike the fishing game. They had stumbled upon a game where you throw a ball against a stack of cans and get a prize if you knock them all over. Takao was very intent on playing it, but she wasn’t entirely sure why that was. Regardless she watched as he threw the first ball. She noted a couple of things. First of all, Takao threw waaay underneath his capabilities, even if he was holding back to come back to normal human strength. Second of all, this game appeared to be rigged in favor of the host as well.

What came next was not what she expected at all and she quite simply found it somewhat outrageous, but at the same time, she didn’t feel bad about it either. It was just a little bit overkill. The way he swung the ball at the stack of cans with all of his might was just ludicrous. She turned her head away from the shop owner so that he wouldn’t catch a glimpse of her facial expression. Her left hand covering her mouth and her eyes wide open at the thought of what she had just witnessed. Takao stood in front of her with a small smug smile on his face as he handed a plush toy over to her. It was of cute fox, she found it kind of funny it was a fox of all possible animals. Her perplexed feeling was still all over her face while she thanked him.

The two of them walked through the streets a bit more, eating a couple more unique foods that were only present at the festival. The food was so good that she had a hard time holding back, she was sure she had eaten at least her weights worth in food in the time they had been there. After having filled their stomachs to the brim Takao once again led Fuyuko around, this time however they went away from the crowd. Seeing as how he didn’t say anything, Fuyuko was certain that she was being led to the surprise. They walked uphill ever so slightly before arriving at their destination. A small smile appeared on her face as she saw a blanket laid out on the grassy hill. Fuyuko put the plush toy down before setting herself down closely next to him.

Her head rested gently on his shoulder as she watched in front of her over the lit up festival streets. She was wondering what was going to happen but was sure that time would eventually tell. Just as she could feel his arm wrapping around her, so did her arm wrap around his waist. A small light started to rise above the orange light of the streets. The light of a single lantern against the background of the starry night sky. It wouldn’t take long before a couple more joined. Quickly followed up by hundreds if not thousands more. Painting a pretty sky across over the night sky. Fuyuko was mesmerized by the lights and so everything that Takao was doing went unnoticed, despite the fact that it happened right underneath her nose. The poof of smoke that breezed by snapped her out of her trance and made her focus on Takao again.

Awww” she replied and gave him a quick kiss on his lips before taking the box out of his hands. “I wonder what’s inside,” she said as she started to unwrap it. After taking off the lid it revealed a pair of gloves. “Thank you, Takao.” She replied with a smile on her face. She was very surprised by the fact that he had remembered that it was their anniversary, she didn’t think he was the type to remember such a thing and so had no expectations for something. “I also got something for you.” she continued whilst rolling up one of her sleeves which revealed a seal. Honestly, she was a little bit embarrassed because she hadn’t wrapped it up neatly like he had, but it was too late to do something about it now. Fuyuko unsealed the seal and a black t-shirt appeared in her hand which she handed over. “Happy anniversary to you too love.


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6Anniversary | Takao Empty Re: Anniversary | Takao on Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:22 pm



Anniversary | Takao D6ehE4O

As thousands of lanterns rose into the night sky, painting the backdrop with a warm, distant glow, Takao's eyes stayed firmly on Fuyuko. He watched expectantly as she opened the box and examined the contents. On the surface, it seemed like an odd gift, surely. A pair of gloves was hardly what one might think was romantic, especially for a first anniversary. However, Takao was more practical than romantic, and his choice reflected that facet of his personality, even though he was aware that it might've seemed odd. Scooting closer, Takao put himself shoulder to shoulder with Fuyuko, and leaned over.

"I had those special made for you," He said.

"They're called the 'Master Key'. Since you're so good at fūinjutsu, these are designed to help. Both of them can actually pick up and move seals that you make, and it requires such a minute amount of chakra input that its entirely negligible. Also, it lets you store a technique indefinitely, so you can time casting without needing to actually mould chakra." Takao explained. When he finished, his mouth pulled up into a wide, goofy lopsided smile.

"I know it's not the romantic present ever, but I wanted to give you something you'd be able to use. But there is this..." Leaning forward, Takao reached into the box and took the right glove, unfolding the cuff to show the tag sewn into the inner fabric lining. A crude, childlike drawing that vaguely resembled the pair eclipsed by a heart had been printed on the tag, which he showed to Fuyuko.

"--and before you say anything, I know it's shit, but I'm not an artist! I just wanted to have a personal hand in making some part of it. That's... unfortunately... the best I could do." His voice trailed off.

Finally, and thankfully, the topic was changed. She presented a gift of her own for him through a similar method that he had done for her. She had opted for an article of clothing as well and he laughed warmly at the coincidence as he accepted it. Leaning close, he planted a quick kiss on her cheek, then set about examining the present. He tugged down the collar of his kimono tunic and slipped his arms out of the sleeves, leaving it to hang around his waist as he pulled the shirt over his head. It fit perfectly, snug enough to his body without being tight.

"I love it. Thank you," Takao said as he turned to Fuyuko, his hands lifting to cup her cheeks as he leaned in for another kiss, letting this one linger a bit longer.

After parting his lips from hers, he left face close. A smile quickly built across his features and, suddenly, lurched forward to push her down and pin her against the blanket.

"Now let's have some real fun!"

Then he did an sex at her.



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