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Kejido had managed to make his way home where the tactical tent was waiting. It wasn't unusual for him to return from a mission and be debriefed on the situation as he had encountered it. There was a lot of need to know in the clan. Likely most of his clan members hadn't known about his top secret mission. Of course they had sent out scouts to confirm mission success parameters had been met the moment he made it back to the compound. As this had been an intercept the threat search and destroy type mission confirmation would be rather simple. If not on the gruesome side. He would inform them of the success of the interception and the accuracy of their intel. Of course they wouldn't reveal their source in order to prevent a security breach but this told them they could rely on it in the future more. One stopped terrorist threat gave whoever the informant was some considerable faith within the clan. Still he had dinner plans in a couple of hours so he needed to be quick. He would make his report with his promotion pending the confirmed results. With that done he would salute his commanding officer for the op and then find himself excused for the time being. His work was done for the night. It was time for some rest and relaxation. No need to burn out the generals grandson. Or at least that was what he would hear mumbled as he left the tent.

While he was aggravated that he was once more being compared to that man he knew what was expected of him. He was someone that was bound to surpass everyone else within the clan and take over his grandfathers position. A part of him felt the adrenaline from battle still as he sped across the compound. Making his way outside of it to his apartment as fast as he could to the point that he was out of breath by the time he made it into his apartment. He would do a once over once within to make sure he was alone. Keeping his own security in mind. After all he had just faltered a terrorist attempt. Not well funded or well trained besides the one he had taken out immediately but still with some training. That suggested there was someone pulling the strings and whispering in ears here and there. It might not be difficult for that kind of person to intercept the name of the man who thwarted them. Still his apartment was empty. So he would make a call. There was a small diner that served some more classy dishes but was also rather inexpensive. It had only recently began taking reservations at night. Luckily now he had enough pull that after only a couple of minutes on the phone he had paid for the entire establishment for an hour. One attendant with one chef and some privacy. A little splurge with his newly acquired bank roll.

An invitation would be sent to his recent mission partner for a fine dress dinner experience with his name written on the bottom of the card and hand delivered quickly to her address. Where ever that happened to be. They had agreed to dinner so an invitation with a location and time was to be expected. Still he would put down the phone and notice on the edge of it was a fingerprint in blood. He would look to his gloves and sigh. He had let the adrenaline get ahead of him and was still stained from the battle. He would shed his weapons and gear before walking outside his door with a cloth in his pants only. Spraying it and cleaning the dried blood off of it before stepping back inside and wiping down anything he had touched. Meticulous in his methods. Only once there wasn't a spot of blood out of place would he step into the shower and was the remains of his enemies and the forest away. Careful to scrub away any stains and even get under his nails. Covering the scent of his kills with lavender and lots of it. The hot water felt good as the red tinted water swirled the drain. His body missing any marks at all. As if the battle hadn't really been that. Instead the scene the scouts came across was purely a slaughter. They reported that the mission was a success but a little gruesome. Still the promotion was passed by the time he was through his clean up process.

He was mid way through slipping into his uniform. A pair of slacks with a black undershirt on. A white towel drying his hair when his doorbell rang. He would shift to the door and peak out before recognizing a messenger unit from his clan. He would open the door before he was presented with a box. He would salute and be saluted in return before he excused the messenger and closed his door. Setting the box aside with a smile. He would finish putting on his dress shirt and then his overcoat and shined shoes. His white belt accenting the black and red uniform with a ceremonial kunai sheathed there. Something that would change soon. Still he would finish by opening the box and pulling the new pin free. Another mark of rank for him. He would place it above his stripes. A solid white bar. For anyone who knew that marked him as an officer now. More so than your average grunt. He was making progress, He would tighten up his collar before smiling and checking his creases. With a grin he would exit his apartment. Locking it behind him and pocketing his keys and purse before leaving his building with high regard for himself. He would even take a carriage to the diner to preserve his scent and crisp attire. Arriving just as the last of the previous reservations finished clearing out. Stepping free from his carriage his silver eyes would look about him. Likely she would blend in easily. flowing about from nowhere as was her way. Even as the others began to leave he focused within himself again. Feeling out for that massive chakra signature. Shifting his gaze in the direction she would approach from once again. Always seeming to know when she was approaching him without revealing to her how he did.


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