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1Let's B Frends Empty Let's B Frends on Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:25 am

There were too many places to be and too many people to maneuver through, and under what stroke of serendipity would one find themselves crawling across the average streets of this pleasant village at this time of morning? The echoes of timid alcoholic bellows and illicit illegal misfortune were not to be taken lightly, but oddly enough they were everywhere, and there was a keen beauty in the other, darker, more grim side to the lustrous Ninja-life that we are all known to enjoy.

Mugen knew none of these, however, and throughout his endeavors ensured little communication with those of the illegal world. Simple jeans strapped to his legs whilst old sandals comforted his legs. A dark, but otherwise unseen undershirt hid beneath his not-so-designer black hoodie. He was running errands for his parents at the time and didn't want to get too caught up in pleasantries with other people. He hoped to find his way to a very common spot within the minor outskirts of the central village where he could train in peace.

Despite running his errands he was rather quick in his movements. A sense of anxiety overcame him when he learned that he forgot the milk and had to bump shoulders with too-too many others in the marketplace as he struggled to find a fresh enough gallon. It took him some time to finalize everything and make his way home. He spoke with Jane, the Florist, but that was about it. He was mostly focused on his speed, taking the moment to push himself and his speed to ensure all was done by noon so he could train on his own.

After a couple hours, morning turned to noon, and with his afternoon to himself he set out to a small open field close to the village, but not necessarily anywhere centrally located within it. It was a small place set up by people who wanted to train on their own and was a well-known spot for many talented genin and upscale chunin, etc. There were large blocks of wood seemingly glued to the ground in a circular fashion several feet apart.

The field was rather large and stood on a rocky foundation, as fitting for the Village literally Hidden in the Rocks. Mugen was actually training his speed at the time as had been the primary focus of his morning. He was attempting to go through life at a faster pace in hopes that it would allow him to pick up his own pace of personal progression. To start out, Mugen was jogging in a circle around the large field, taking short breaks to practice his hand-to-hand combat at the logs scattered around the field in previously stated fashion.

Mugen considered this jogging exercise to be good for a warm-up. The field itself had a handful of other training shinobi, but they all either paid no mind to each other or were training with one another. His previous apparel was replaced with a black t-shirt and black-shorts and complimented by casual ninja sandals that did not hinder his movement in the slightest due to his years of experience walking and running in them.

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It was another rocky day in Iwagakure, with lots and lots of rocks visible on the distant mountainous horizon. Such a view greeted Isei every morning when he got up to train, and it was starting to wear on him. With an expression of dissatisfaction, Isei got himself ready for his training session, grabbed a piece of toast and left his house. Given his lack of social tact and fashion sense, he did little to tame his mangey bowl cut besides a morning shower, giving one the impression that he might be socially retarded. Besides that little detail he was wearing some simple clothing like a white t-shirt covered by a solid black hoodie. He was also wearing some black joggers and some black boots.

It was early enough in the morning that there weren’t many people out and about. Besides a few degenerate types and early birds, his morning journeys were usually peaceful and introspective. As he ate his toast he made his way towards his favorite training location, which was on the outskirts of a popular practice locations for lower level ninja, all the while observing the people of the village as he skirted past them. While he was somewhat socially inept he was still intelligent enough to understand that his detachment from his village wasn’t a normal way of thinking, and that even though he was at an age where he should be out getting into trouble with friends, he had no friends to get into trouble with. Whether he knew the reasons for that was another matter of course, but such brooding put him in a somewhat foul mood, a mood that was further aggravated when he noticed somebody was using his spot, running around and stopping at random spots like a weirdo to punch some wood.

Normally Isei wouldn't care about some random dude training there, as it was a pretty common occurrence with a location as popular as this, but as his mood was sour he felt as though he had to let off a bit of steam. The man in front of him seemed to be quite a bit older than he was, and he definitely had an advantage in height, but given Isei’s predisposition towards overconfidence, he wasn’t intimidated. The man’s haphazard style of training only made Isei’s belief that he was some random chump more likely. This was not a healthy mindset to have of course, but one couldn’t really consider Isei to have a healthy mind in the first place.

Isei’s overflowing confidence didn’t show on his face as he approached the training field and a normal walking pace. His expression was more of a slight scowl of disdain as he made his way towards the white haired man, making sure to keep his eyes trained on him as he did so. His actions were done in plain sight of the man, making it obvious that he was the object of Isei’s annoyance. Isei doubted there were be any abrupt start to the violence, but he was prepared for it anyways should it happen. When he reached two meters in front of the man, facing him, Isei said, “You’re in my spot”, as though he held sovereignty over it. It was a preposterous thing to say of course, but Isei was itching for some conflict and this seemed like the best way to start some.

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Mugen had been running for quite some time and was working up a plentiful sweat. He even took off his shirt at some point in order to feel the breeze on his skin to help with his perspiration. He was drenched and using his shirt to wipe away excess sweat in a spot-cleaning fashion on certain parts of his body, but mainly his face, as the salty sweat dripping between his lips was, by all definition, unpleasant. He maintained his current training with no end in sight of stopping. He wanted to put his all in today's training with expectations of progressing, if even by a percent. He would take casual breaks in his running to place himself in front of an open log and shadow-sparring with himself. Feinting dodges and shooting jabs relentlessly in the pursuit of a more refined fighting style. Even as a Genin, he knew very little techniques, and was focused on honing his average body into something worthy of praise.

He would be training and training and training and while coming to a halt on a log and training his punching technique he could hear a faint, seemingly stunted statement, but had no face to put the voice to. There weren't many people here, of course, but it didn't seem as if anybody really went out of there way to say such a thing despite it being heard in his immediate vicinity. Mugen wouldn't reflect his actions by taking a pause and would instead immediately stop slamming his bare fists into the indented log before him and would take a quick look around. Moving his head to the left and then to the right and even extending it over his right shoulder without, of course, damaging himself or pulling a muscle in the process, as he was warmed up, and his muscled refreshed from the exercise. He kept his wits about him for all intended purposes, and held keen senses due to his latent affinity for sensory techniques that he has yet to fledged out to its full potential. He would then peak around the log, seeing a young boy two-meters directly to his front.

"Oh. He thought to himself as he muscled a sheepish smile. He was unsure on what to expect because the young boy seemed rather perplexed that someone could have the audacity to take his spot. Mugen would step to his right, the boy's left, and take said single step while clearing his throat. Mugen wasn't against confrontation, but just wanted to get along with others in all reality. Mugen would take it upon himself to act upon his maturity and take the chance to ensure enhanced training with another peer of his village.

"Uh, uhmmmm, mmmmmm."[b] He would go on, looking around, but keeping his eyes out for abnormalities to act on. He was doing so, almost, tauntingly. Not allowing the log before him to get in the way of his sight as he searched. As if he was too busy to respond back to the boy. [b]"I-uh, I don't see any names. Nope, definitely don't. Wannaaaaaaaa spaaaaaaaaar for iiiiiiiiiiit? He'd emphasis near sarcastically, but with all seriousness.

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There was more fuckery afoot it seemed. Through some baffling contradiction of time and space, Isei was both in plain view of the man he wished to speak to, and obscured from his vision. Such a weird occurrence was irrelevant however, as Isei still had to continue his attempt at starting a conflict. After getting closer to the man Isei had come to an almost disgusting realization that the man had removed his shirt and that he was covered from head to toe in sweat, making him look as though he had just rubbed a tube of vaseline all over his body, pretending to be a slug. He would not be deterred by such details though and as such, he mustered up his resolve and his reflex to gag in disgust as he prepared to fight the man. These observations made him even more angry that the man had the audacity to train in his spot, even though it was a public training area. Perhaps it was just one of those days where Isei was just having a shitty hormonal rage fueled experience, leading him to take out the rage of youth on some unsuspecting dude.

While he was keeping his eyes trained on the man he noticed that the man had stepped to Isei’s left, putting his head a meter away from Isei. Of course, this gave Isei a clear path to strike the man with no obstructions as the log was not large enough to still be blocking his view. The taking of Isei’s spot and the man’s sweaty body were bad enough, but it seemed as though he was almost taunting Isei at this point, disregarding him as though he was just some little brat throwing a tantrum. This was pretty much true of course, but that didn’t stop Isei from being offended by it. Such an offense would not stand, so Isei prepared himself to strike at the man’s head before he could finish saying spar. As they were now within a meter range, Isei decided that he should just throw the first punch and get it over with.

From a casual standing position he moved his right leg using a c-step towards the position of the man, though this would just bring him into punching range rather than touching him. Simultaneous to the c-step Isei would raise his arms, being careful not to telegraph his movements, placing his left forearm six inches away from his face, with his arm bent with his elbow pointed towards the man. Such an action was meant to protect his face from a counter attack of course, or to continue with his strike should he need to press the offensive. As he prepared his guard he also threw a straight right punch, making sure to begin the strike with the palm side of his hand facing the sky, rotating into a normal punch just before the strike would connect. As the man was taller than him his punch was aimed towards the left side of his opponents jaw, making the strike require a bit of a vertical component to it. This was what Isei attempted of course, but to his dismay, his c-step was performed with bad form in his anger, and instead of sliding across the floor as it should be done, he had lifted his foot slightly before placing it down, causing him to step on top of a very large and rotund acorn. This lack of attention to his surroundings would be catastrophic to his planned attack, causing him slip and fall forward while attempting to throw the strike, and leaving him open to a vicious counter attack. “Oh shit”, was all that he said as he slipped.

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Mugen wasn't one to necessarily cause conflict, but under his understanding he wasn't in the wrong to hold his ground against an intimidating adversary. This could make for amazing content, and Mugen was hoping to make a new friend through the corresponding spar he intended on initiating against this several years, younger than he, bowl-cut having ass boy. Mugen had years of experience under his belt and had fought his fair share of cats while simultaneously saving them from trees. Doing such a thing requires mindless training and reflex to ensure the cat doesn't get the first swipe and you are able to take it down within an instant. Yes, Mugen was an experienced cat herder, and looked upon the boy as a cat necessary of herding, and all intentions reflected his want to win this battle and make himself a new friend by default.

The boy would be closing the distance and Mugen was curious on what was to possibly come. The honor of a shinobi reflected on how they presented themselves and Mugen was by all means an honorable individual. He did not hold it against the child as Mugen did see his previous actions as taunting, but held good intentions for himself, and believed that the young boy would come around and allow for a bout upon the readiness and confrontation of them both.

Instead the boy was motioning towards combat before him with the ferocious stipulation of attaining the first strike. Mugen would take note of the boys bad form, as he was several years his superior, and could perceive the fluctuations of movement as flawed. The boy would inevitably step on an acorn and much to Mugen's dismay would fall forward, presumably on to his face, but possibly anywhere he could position himself in that short frame of time. The acorn would go flying in to the air and unfortunately towards Mugen, smacking against his forehead and shattering.

It would have hurt, and would have stung stung, but all it did was leave a light mark of red above his right eye, below his hair line, but was not something that would reflect on his exterior, and he did less of a flinch against the tactic, and more of a hardening as he anticipated the trajectory of the item towards his very eyes - quite literally.

"Ow. He would mumble instinctively as the boy cursed. His falling down was of concern to Mugen, but not enough to outweigh the possibilities of acorn-weaponry that ran through his head. He would bend down and pick up the same acorn that had done them both in, and reflect on the actions of the boy. Coming to a conclusion, he would take the acorn and toss it back to the boy.

"You can keep it, but you owe me an acorn. He would say to the boy as the acorn curved from its upward trajectory pinpointed towards the general head of the boy, wherever it was located at the time.

"My name is Mugen, and we can do a best two out of three, for the acorn, and the training spot?" He would ask. Hoping to best the boy in actual combat than taking an oddball win.

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Who would have thought that a boy so focused on his own power and capabilities would make such a silly mistake as not checking his surroundings and slipping on an acorn. Apparently his lack of control over being taunted coupled with his displeasure at having his spot taken had overridden the logical part of his brain and stimulated the lizard one. Regardless Isei was now falling after having failed to throw his strike. To his surprise there was no counterattack as he fell, and the man was expressing pain rather than chastising him for what he had just tried to do. Before his body fell to the ground, Isei utilized his natural agility to halt his fall utilizing his arms in such a way that he avoided injury to himself. Then he used the force of the fall coupled with the force generated from stopping that fall to springboard himself back off the ground and onto his feet, making sure not to slip on more acorns as he did so. As he landed the evil acorn he had slipped on made contact with the top of his head. Isei was peeved and embarrassed enough by the situation, but the man seemed to be bent on continuing to throw passive aggressive taunts, saying some weird shit about the acorn.

Isei had landed in a neutral stance a meter and a half away from the man, facing him. Having just been struck by an acorn, he was aware of its trajectory as it fell. He caught it with his right hand and tossed it at a nearby squirrel casually, knocking it in the head and making it upset. Being a squirrel, it just ran off to tend to its hurt pride, or whatever weird shit squirrels do when struck by flying nuts. While he was performing this flying nut attack, Isei heard the man introduce himself as Mugen. It was surprising to see that the man still wanted to fight and that he wasn’t laughing his ass off at the situation, but Isei really need to let off some steam at this point, so he said, “I’m… Isei.” He was still embarrassed at the situation, and social interaction wasn’t his forte, so he had some delays in his speech, still trying to process the situation at hand. After pausing for a moment he said, “I don’t know about the acorn, but i’m fine fighting for the spot if you are. How about you start this time?” He managed to get the words out without issue this time, preparing himself for the man to strike at him at any moment. It was only fair of course given how Isei had tried to start the fight. He made sure to be aware of his surroundings this time, noticing that there were no more acorns around to step on, with the one he threw being just below a log about five meters away. There were no obstructions between the two and they stood one and half meters apart. Isei wasn’t really sure if this was only a taijutsu fight, but he was going to stick to taijutsu for this one, and for whatever reason he assumed his opponent would too.

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Isei seemed to be rather nimble and ready to pounce back on to his feet upon a moment's notice. Despite the embarrassing acts that had been previously portrayed Isei was able to gain some composure, despite the acorn connecting to his head, and Mugen continuing on with his wordings. Mugen was impressed that upon the acorn making contact with Isei and bouncing off that he was able to catch it. It showed that despite his young age he had keen reflexes that he has probably been training since he was young. Mugen was taking note of small actions and their meanings as he was mentally preparing himself for a short bout of bullshit. The nut was then chucked to a nearby animal while Mugen was speaking and introducing himself. He didn’t feel inclined to comment on it, but his face revealed visible disapproval of hurting such a small animal, but then it dawned on Mugen that maybe Isei was just being nice and giving the squirrel a snack.

He would reflect with a sense of cognitive dissonance as he attempted to come to a conclusion on whether the action was inherently good or bad. Sure, he threw an acorn at a squirrel, but squirrels eat nuts, and acorns are nuts, so they eat acorns, and it confused Mugen very much so. He completely zoned out after Isei’s introduction, and was rather vulnerable, but he trusted Isei, despite him trying to just hit him in the face without a proper bow, and was sure nothing would come of it.

Of course, Isei’s pause was also in the middle of this intense self-reflection and much wasn’t missed. The boy would go on with his dialogue and match Mugen on his challenge. Giving Mugen the the first shot, even, and Mugen saw this as honorable, and began to like Isei’s change in attitude.

Mugen was absolutely fucking useless and knew little to no techniques and was going to completely rely on punching Isei in the face as soon as possible to claim his victory. There was no other option, no other victory would satisfy Mugen; he held full intent on socking the fucking preteen for god-knows with internal reason.

Mugen would bow with expectations that it was to be honored; as a spar between villagers. As something that would mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The young-adult would get up from his bowing position and as he only bent his upper body an insignificant degree he would regain composure quickly without losing sight of Isei in case of any sudden movements. Mugen would quickly, will all his speed, assume a simple position, his feet shifting with his left forward and his right in the back, his hands shifting to his body as his right was held closer to the body at chest level in comparison to his left, that was held further out and at shoulder level, at angles that obviously made sense for the attack that was to come.The beginning of a hand-seal on his right hand being an assisted movement to his quick battle-ready position.

With Mugen’s sudden change in position he would simultaneously ensure the planting of his feet to burst forward as his arms shifted as the hand-seal was beginning to form, his right hand already winded and his position bursting forward. The hand-seal would instantly turn into a fist with hopes of faking the boy out and punching him in the face. The tactic itself was very stupid because Mugen did not take the significant time to ensure his form was completely met and instead attempted to do this action upon the realization of his footing as his upper body was still taking form with the faking of a hand-seal taking place. The end result being a simple winded-up right punch with a fist that probably wouldn’t be completed by the time of impact, with a bent wrist, that if connected, may or may not sprain his own.

But fuck it we’re both just Genin we’ll figure it out later.

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It felt like Isei had been standing in the same spot for ages as some theoretical dimension’s separate timespace continued on, but this was probably just some manifestation of anxiety resulting from his attempts to predict what his sparring partner was about to do. Their exchange so far had been quite one sided given Isei’s inelegant sneak attack, so he wasn’t quite sure how competent the man before him was. The angry squirrel looked on from a distant tree, planning his revenge on Isei. He was too old and feeble to do it himself, and so he plotted to pass down his hatred and spite for the young man with a bowl cut to his descendents, making sure they remember the one who brought their ancestor such humiliation. Isei paid no heed to the squirrels or even remembered what he had done to the poor creature, but perhaps that would come back to haunt him at a later date. His focus was now on the opponent before him, making sure to be aware of anything in his surroundings that could harm him in this situation. He didn’t notice any of course as the ground was free of anything that could cause him to trip, injure himself or fall over.

As he was watching with such attentiveness he noticed Mugen’s movements the moment he made them. From what he could tell the man was preparing some massive haymaker that he telegraphed with every fiber of his being. Now Isei wasn’t one to criticize given his previous performance at the beginning of their encounter, but he could tell in an instant how poor Mugen’s form was. Seeing such an attack made Isei recall something he had read about in a book in the library. It was something about how the forehead was the hardest part of the skull and that if someone punched it with enough force, then it could shatter the bones in their hand while the person’s forehead got off with limited injury. This situation in which his opponent was throwing a punch that could very easily injure his hand, made Isei think that such a counter might be a good idea. This sort of thought stemmed from the inexperience of his youth and his focus on training on his own. No competent ninja in their right mind would just slam their forehead towards a fist coming at them, especially if they could see the blow coming from a mile away. Despite this rational contradiction to his plan, he just decided to go along with it and headbutt the incoming fist in such a way that it would strike the hardest part of his forehead, perhaps cushioned against the blow at the microscale on account of his poofy bowlcut. Of course doing something like this would lead to both his opponent’s hand being broken due to the force of the connection on top of the poor form. It would also lead to Isei being knocked out cold for a moment on account of taking a haymaker to the forehead. It was a horrible plan, but Isei was determined to put it into action. Both blows seemed impossible to stop at this point, so all that remained to be seen was the outcome.

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Mugen's fist would connect with the fuckers hard ass hell forehead. The connection of motion was fluid from the squirrels point of view. The squirrel would probably be feasting in the glory of the aftermath as their retribution was handed to them. The fist of the young warrior would slam straight into the socially inept child's forehead as he used his own head to match the blow. The collision causing several fractures in Mugen's hand as his wrist stretched an inhuman amount downward and inevitably broke. Mugen was numb and couldn't feel anything. All he noticed was that after the hit on the poor boys head that on the drawback he could not move his wrist. Isei would flail and fall as his consciousness faded. He would fall backwards due to the impact of the flow and find himself on the ground, knocked the fuck out, like a little bitch, hah, gang gang. Whole lotta gang shit.

Mugen would try to bend his wrist, but it wouldn't move. He would just look at his broken wrist and back at the young boy. Taking a step towards him and softly picking him with his foot to make sure he was alive. As he was doing thing he would take his other hand and wrap it around his broke wrist. Forcefully forcing the bone structure back to what would be perceived as a more comfortable position, instead of it being crippled at an angle, it was crippled in a linear fashion, with cracks being heard as it was forcefully moved into place. Mugen cringing at the sounds, but being unable to feel the action, and therefore assuming that he put the bone back in place and that it would probably heal by the next day.

The victory was obviously Mugen's because Isei was unconscious. Mugen would poke the boy with his foot a couple times waiting for him to come to.

"AY, Waaaaaaaaaaake up. I wanna go. I'm bored. You owe me some acorns. I want my payment, now." He'd demand at the beaten down boy. Hoping to leave soon and acquire his acorns.

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