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Verdandi was pretty content that she had almost taken care of everything that was left to worry about. A few last tasks would have to be dealt with over the coming days. It was certainly a moment of significance to face the very truth that she was about to leave this very realm. But she wasn’t going to do it alone. Some of her friends had already moved ahead, more would be following soon. A lot of her belongings wouldn’t make it to the other side. Many things and objects of value would have to remain here where they always belonged with. Verdandi watched how the elders had opened the portal to the next realm and her family was already stepping through, her mother would probably be the last one to leave the plane, considering how she was trying hard to put the leadership of Heidel into the new guys hands.

He would do a fine job she was sure. They had done more than enough work to make everything prepared for them to live a steady and peaceful life. Skuld and Urd would wave to their sis before they hopped past the silvery gates. Verd was packing up her things and made sure all her swords and valuable gear was properly fetched up in the wraps of clothing that once belonged to her. The fabrics were of no use but maybe the person receiving all of the items within would find some sentiment and use within them. Verd’s face was adorned by an eye patch, the Sharingan she had borrowed for her journey had been removed again. Part of the whole pile of goods to eventually return back to it’s rightful owner once more. The lengthy ceremonies of transfer, the seemingly endless number of goodbyes. All had already been taken care of. Eventually even mother would step past the shimmery gates of the chakra loaded gate.

Verdandi was dressed in her casual princess gear. While weapons were not allowed in the pessage to the new world. She could at least take along her valuables and also the things that usually were forbidden to remain in this world for long. She giggled as she could see Pebbles move in. Summoning him from Hansha was hard but at this point, many physical rules were bendable as nothing would remain to bother anyone. The castle was pretty much empty at this point. The new owners would get to redo it in their own image once the Dao’s had left. Only one last goodbye was missing. Avalanche was slowly trotting his way towards the gate, but he could smell whom was here to visit. He wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world to give his best friend another hug. It was uncertain when they would end up seeing each other again. It could be years from now at worst. Fate didn’t always kindly meddle with its strings. But the knowledge of them getting reunited someday alone was already soothing at least.


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Chigetsu Hōzuki

Chigetsu Hōzuki

There had been a dull ache in this chest for hours now. The news hadn’t been something he had comprehended the first time it was told to him. It was more as though he didn’t want to understand though, than he couldn’t. She was leaving. They all were leaving. Not just Verdandi, but her entire clan. It was painful. He knew the first of the Dao clan were already stepping through to the otherside, but he couldn’t manage to look. His eyes would be firmly glued to the ground. It made him remember the first time he had come here, to the Land of Snow. It was entirely luck that he had ended up fished out of the waters off the bay of Heidel. That snowstorm could have just as easily sunk blown him into the Land of Lightning, or sunk him somewhere there wasn’t someone waiting to save him. Some other people would probably call that first meeting to be fate. Chigetsu wasn’t really sure what the difference between luck and fate was. Was he fated to meet Verdandi? Was he lucky to meet her? He wanted to say both.

The memories of all the time he had spent in Heidel came back at him like a flurry of arrows, each sticking deep into his chest. The memories of when he first met her ran through his head on repeat. After just thawing out in the warmth bath waters and regaining consciousness he had mistaken her for an angel, or a goddess. Looking up up at again now he could have just as easily made the same mistake. He tried to smile. Chigetsu had stood in the doorway for long enough, and it came time to finally say goodbyes. Avalanche was already upon him as he made his first steps forward, and Chigetsu would immediately be giving the cute little polar bear gentle pats on the head and affectionate scritches. The pats and scritches would turn into a hug, Chigetsu buring his face into the bear’s warm fur. It was hard.

“You’re beautiful.” It was the first thing he said to Verdandi, once Avalanche released him. It sounded a bit better in his head. He wanted to say more. There were so many things he wanted to say, but the thoughts and words caught in his throat. Away from the affectionate polar bear, each step towards her felt more difficult than the last. With trembling legs he would embrace her, wrapping his arms tightly around her back. Bubblings thoughts all immediately came to mind. He knew he couldn’t beg her to stay, even as much as he wanted to. Chigetsu understood that she had to leave now, as painful as it was.

“Thank you.”
It was the only thing he could decide on saying. “For everything.”


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