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1Rinne Festival gifting Empty Rinne Festival gifting on Mon Jan 28, 2019 5:59 pm

Yuki, Akuryō

Yuki, Akuryō

C-rank mission:

Mission name: Glad Tidings.
Mission rank: C
Objective: Accelerate Konoha trade by giving.
Location: Marketplace.
Reward: 2/3/4 EP + give an item of equal rank to the mission. [See Details]

Mission Description: It's that semi-commercialized time of the year! Think about your Ninja Way and those of others on the Day of Vision; work with the smiths, tailors, and craftspeople of the Leaf to give something special to someone important.

Mission Details: In the giving spirit of the Rinne Festival, you're allowed to grant this mission's item reward to another player in the thread with you as a present! (That person joining the thread counts as another ninja accompanying you, letting you take this mission up to 1 rank higher than your own rank.) You can only take this mission once.

Akuryo was looking into the mirror in the left foremost corner of her apartment given to her by the village, she observed her naked figure slowly rolling her eyes over the entirety of her body from the very tip of her toes going up to the end of her neck, her bruises were healing up nicely and soon any evidence of her past life in the Yuki clan estate would disappear, unfortunately despite her body healing the mental scarring she endured was not so easy to heal.

Akuryo finally looked pass her neck to her face as it held a blank expression, but she wasn't focused on trying to give a smile that she didn't truly feel was genuine, she was looking at the left side of her face as her left hand slowly reached out to her left eye, she looked at the violet coloring and the snow-white hair as opposed to her rights black eyes and hair. A curse, that's what Akuryo referred to her left side when she was alone, as far as she was concerned that was exactly what it was because if it wasn't for her accursed left side she may have had loving parents, she may have grown up along with the other children and got the chance to train alongside them.

But alas that wasn't the reality of the situation, the reality was that she was treated like an outcast for genetic flaws that she hadn't had a hand in, forsaken and abused because of it, orchestrated by her peers and called a Yuki 'onna for her violet eye color, and then exiled for taking a stand. It had been nearly a month since then but to Akuryo it felt as if it happened just yesterday. Taking a deep breath she turned away from the mirror to put on her clothing, although that was her past her future still remained unwritten and what's more, she had the pleasure of starting fresh in the village of Konohagakure as a genin rank leaf shinobi.

This was her chance, a grand opportunity to reinvent herself and do things she wasn't allowed to do at the Yuki clan estate, she wasn't going to keep letting past memories block her actions or at least she was going to try. she began dressing in her usual dark purple dress as she tied a pink ribbon with a red line running through the center to tighten it, she then slipped on her thigh-high purple black boots and long gloves that reached up all the way to her forearms although fingerless. She took one last look in the mirror taking another deep breath before heading towards her door to head to the village's administration to receive the first shinobi mission in her entire life.

When she exited her home she was quite surprised when she saw the streets were practically littered with strangers, among the crowd she even noticed citizens that were dressed similarly to Kirigakure and Kumogakure which made her more curious of what was going on, her initial thought was that they were being infiltrated but she could also see leaf shinobi amongst the crowd smiling so it instantly ruled out that possibility.

She didn't know what was going on, but she hoped that once she went to the administration office to get the details of her mission she would find out or at least figure it out along the way.

WC: 585

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Yuki, Akuryō

Yuki, Akuryō

By the time she had reached the administration office of the village she had already been late by a few minutes, the reasoning behind her tardiness being that she was new to the village and got lost and had to ask for directions to find her way. Knowing her partner or partners for the mission wouldn't be pleased with her she rushed straight ahead towards the briefing room remembering the number for the door and how to get to it, however when she made it to the door she was meant with it closed and locked and the only explanation why was written on a note on the door that read "The mission has been canceled, return back to you're regular schedule and wait for an update." The note by far was disappointing, Akuryo had been looking quite forward to her first mission and now it was canceled and she would have to wait another day, a long sigh escaped her lips as she felt defeated and began the way back home feeling sorry for herself.



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