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Kejido would sigh as he brushed hair out of his face. He was in the middle of a dispute happening between a farmer come to market and a merchant. Of course this would be his kind of day. Listening to others and their issues His white glove parted perfect straight black hair as silver eyes examined the situation. He was essentially an officer now so he couldn't simply pass this on to a higher up anymore. He was expected to do more than simply file a report but to reduce the conflict and resolve the situation. Of course this would be the pain of his new found office. Even if it came with a nice bankroll for it the whole concept still made him irritable. Not to mention the migraine. He couldn't help but feel like this whole scene had been crafted just for him by some demented hand of fate. Out to spite him for its own humor. He had very little patience for this low level crap but at the same time he couldn't just ignore it. Appearance was everything and this just happened to be one of his duties as an officer in the army. Not just some low class shinobi,

Still he looked every bit the part. Standing on the southern road leading to the main gate of the village known as Iwagakure was a young officer known as Warrant Officer Heishi Kejido. His black slacks were pressed and creased without a speck of mess on them. His black boots were polished except where dirt inevitably got on them from the road. He was wearing a white belt with his clan symbol on the front in a gold plated belt buckle. A single Katana rested on his left hip looking almost like it was there ceremonially. A dark scabbard with a cloth wrapped Bamboo hilt. The cloth matched his uniform as did the wood polish. The guard matching his belt buckle. His free hand resting on the hilt. Both hands were covered in pure white gloves tucked into a military dress uniform shirt of black and red colors. Symbols of his rank hanging from his left breast. His collar was crisp and buttoned all the way up as the rest of him. Everything about him suggest a level of military formality that he kept up on the regular. He was an officer after all so he would keep up the part.

For now it appeared like the farmers cart had been run off the road by the merchants carriage. The farmer hadn't evaded in time and was now putting on a new wheel with a quiet note about him. A witness or two had mentioned the merchant had been tearing down the road forcing people to evade him to avoid injury. For now the merchant was screaming and hollering as he kicked a cabbage head because there was a piece of wood broken off his carriage paneling. The farmer had lost product and a wheel but the merchant wanted reparations. He was throwing a fit when he noticed that himself and Kejido and one of his guards were essentially alone now. People were coming down the street but they were too far away to hear him if he kept his voice low. Instead he suggested verbally to Kejido that if he let the guard rough the farmer up a little for being to slow he might be willing to pay the nice officer to look the other way. However this turned the silver gaze onto the merchant fully now. Staring into his eyes with unblinking contact in silence a moment. The merchant left feeling uncomfortable stepped back a little. Letting his oversized guard step between them as the man towered over Kejido. Still Kejido would speak quietly as his eyes looked to the arrogant guard. The hand resting on his sword hilt now gripping it firmly.

"Do you think yourself on par with me dog? Your masters leash might be tugging but even a dog should know when he is outmatched. Now we can have a scene, you and I. We can see how this plays out but down that path you find only pain and confusion. Despite his standing the merchant is at fault here. He will pay for any destroyed product and for the wheel to the farmer. Or, we do it the hard way, and your carriage takes the two of you home naked and bloodied."


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