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The Mission:

Mission name: The Wolf Pack
Mission rank: B
Objective: Take down a pack of cunning wolves.
Location: Any non-Village
Reward: 500 Ryo for 2500 wc (+ 25 for 100 wc, up to max of +500 ryo for +2000 wc)
Mission Description: An emergency! A pack of wolves has gone rabid and is attacking travelling civilians and farmers alike. You have been dispatched to deal with this marauding animals, a warning pressed upon you to mind their tactical cunning.
Mission Details:
Wolves are tactical fighters. They will never attack alone, surrounding their prey and attacking from blind spots over and over again. When a prey is tackled, others will join to keep their prey pinned and will attempt to bite the throat for a swift death. If one wolf remains, he will attempt escape unless cornered.
The pack contains six members and consists of one alpha, two betas, and three pack members . The difference between each is too subtle to spot easily, requiring B-2 perception to distinguish. They have the following stats and abilities:
Strength : C-3, Speed: C-1, Endurance: C-3, Perception: C-3, Reaction: C-1
- The alpha of the pack can 'command' once/three posts to bolster his allies endurance by +1 tier. This buff lasts for two posts. (B rank jutsu boost).
- The betas of the pack can bolster their bites to fracture bones (C rank jutsu damage).

Requires 2,000 wc to complete due to mission word reduction item(listed below)

Stepping through the front door of his home, Daremo was just about to remove the white medical coat when movement was heard behind him. Turning around, while in mid-motion of removing the coat, citrine eyes locked onto the courier-nin who was rushing towards him. Blinking at the male, Daremo waited for him to catch his breath, and speak on the matter at hand. Having dealt with them before, he knew something could be wrong considering the hastiness of the courier-nin. “Kobayashi, Daremo?”, at the mention of his name, he nodded, “You, and some others, are ordered to remove a looming threat that has been harassings merchants and other travelers that leave and come to Kumogakure. Full details of the mission, along with who you are working with, is listed within the scroll.”

Retrieving the scroll from the courier-nin, who left immediately, Daremo opened it up. Scanning over the material within, the mission detail information regarding a pack of wolves that have been terrorizing travelers and merchants heading from Kumogakure no Sato to Hiromitsu. There had been a number of different attacks that occurred throughout the evening and day. Some eye witness reports even said the wolves seemed to be stalker individuals, disappearing from sight whenever spotted, and returning soon afterward once they were not focused on. The report stressed that these wolves were smart and cunning and that it is imperative that they are dealt with permanently. Reading the rest of the scroll, the names of the others occupants joining on the mission were listed along with what time they were needed to be meet up at the southern gates: 10 am. Additionally, the scroll made it clear that he was supposed to lead the mission.

Sighing, Daremo glanced at the clock within his house, noting that he had an hour to get to the gates and wait for his teammates. Walking further into the house, he removed his medical jacket, tossing it on the sofa. Wearing light brown kisode, dark brown hakama, and black geta, the Kumo-nin did not bother in changing his attire. He must prefer working in kimonos than the stereotypical shinobi attire. Grabbing a pair of senbons, he used them to hold his hair bun in place. The last thing he grabbed was the Kumogakure no Sato headband, wrapping around his forehead, giving it a tug once or twice to make sure it was secured. With that done, Daremo left the house, though, not before feeling a familiar weight resting on his shoulders; Hiretsu, the King Vulture, greeting him with her notorious pecks at his hair.

Walking through the streets, Daremo’s thoughts drifted towards the mission and those who were accompanying him. The mission itself seemed fairly easy to do, and, if he was honest, he could have done it by himself. Though, the number of wolves and their cunningness might have been a nuisance for him. Playing the numbers game was always a bad thing to do when you did not know the full capabilities of the opposition. His thoughts drifted to the teammates. How well will the group get along? Would they be able to immediately work together without any problem? At the sight of the gates, and noting in being the first one there, he shoved the thoughts to the back of his mind, and focus on the issue at hand.

Leaning up against the gate, Daremo began petting Hiretsu while waiting for the rest to show up.


Wearing this Headband, and apply the effect to all:

Cloud Headband | S-rank:

Troublesome Wolves[B-rank Mission - Open] 03gLaVv
Name: Hidden Cloud Hitai-ate.
Type of Item: Headband | Non-Combat Item.
Rank: S
Elemental Alignment: -
Quantity: -Unique-
The Hidden Cloud is renowned for their talented shinobi, who are always prepared to prove their worth. Because of this, when this item is in the possession of a shinobi on a mission, they incur a 20% Word Count Reduction on the mission in question. This reduction may also be used by other shinobi who are participating in the same mission as the user, but cannot be used on different missions, and can only be used on one mission per thread

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Masu walked from away from the administration office as she had registered herself into the system and began walking towards the direction of the hotel she had been staying in. No less than a minute passed as someone barged from the office and called out to her. "Miss! Miss uhh I don't remember your name! Hey, stop! The young girl began to slowly turn around and noticed a man a little taller than herself began to run her way, she would stop and stare him down as he came closer and to herself. He huffed and puffed seeming out of breath as if it was something urgent, he slowly pulled out a small scroll seeming to have important information upon it. The man opened his mouth and held out his hand for her to take the scroll, "Considering you have just registered with our village and your qualifications meet the standards, we need your help for some village work. Simply take a look at the scroll and it'll tell you all the information that would be needed. Thank you for your service! Masu took the parting gift from the man and thanked him for his service.

She would slowly start to double check her equipment so she could make her journey to wherever the starting point was. She unraveled the scroll and noticed the details and what she would have to do. Currently, a few attacks constituted with some wolves attacking travelers, luckily Masu hadn't encountered any wolves on her trip to Kumo at the time. She considered Kumo to be one of the smartest villages and definitely wealth to spend but the lack of proper understanding by the current Raikage didn't help their situation. Masu was utterly disappointed with the state of the village the once thriving nation now looking to be set into a civil war of unrest. The air had become humid as she noticed that the time of meeting was set at 10 am and the leader of the mission came from a name she had hadn't heard of before but seemed very interesting just by name, Kobayashi, Daremo.

Masu was more than eager to start working with new people in Kumo and finally hold residence in a proper village. She wanted to make Kumo her new home and helping out with the needs of the village was a great start and hopefully, it would all work out in the end. Sadly her boyfriend was not with her at the moment and she wasn't the happiest sport about that but she would get to see him soon. As the wind breezed on she realized she didn't have time to dilly dally, the clock seemed to start reaching closer to 10 am and she needed to walk to the village gates making sure she would make it before the time would finally past the mission start time.

She walked around a little lost about where she was heading realizing she had gone in the wrong direction multiple times. forcing herself into a circle. She was too stubborn to ask for some help but put it aside and went up to a small store nearby and asking the women in charge. "Excuse me, whereabouts it the village gates?" She looked into the women's eyes and smiled and glanced at her until she gave a non-verbal response pointing to the left of her. Masu assumed that it would only just be left from her current postion and thanked her.

She walked west realizing she only had 5 minutes to make it to the meetup point. She could see the village gates and began to smile, it was fianlly time to start doing some missions once again. As she reached the village entrance she noticed a man standing much taller than her own height, with grey hair and some luscious hair. She noticed he was very much toned but couldn't tell his ages from sight alone, but a vulture was resting upon his shoulder she knew this was someone related to the mission and took a stab in the dark. She slowly walked up to him and greeted him, smiling and tilting her head before she opened her mouth in a kind and excitable voice, "Hi there, you wouldn't happen to be a Kobayashi Daremo would you?"
As she smiled and awaited his response to her king offering for infomation.

WC = 741


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T found himself on one of his little strolls throughout the village. He liked these walks even with the heat beating down on his head and body. He showed no concern of getting a tan considering he was already an medium-Brown skinned individual. He walked With Hands stuffed inside his pockets with a thoughtful expression those thoughts were on Kumogakure.As one of the Five Great Shinobi villages T wore his white forehead protector with a unmeasurable amount of pride and admirations for his home and land. As he walked though the village he was greeted with the usual sights and sounds of kumo. being a village literally hidden by the clouds due to the high altitude the village was built in the village was home to many species of hawks and mountain cars that called the high steeps of the mountains their home. Acourse due to this close proximity of shinobi and animals it wasn’t to uncommon to see  kumo-nin with Hawks and large mountain cats such as Panthers and lions in a similar way Shinobi from kohona made use of Ninkens. The gorgeousness of Kumogakure was only possible cause of the land it was built in. The Land of lighting. In the centre of Lighting country are vast mountain ranges similar to the ones Kumogakure are built at, whose many thunderstorms are said to give the country its name. From these mountain ranges, many rivers flow to the sea, creating a very crooked coastline that displays an impressive oceanic beauty. There are many hot springs located within the nation.

T liked to think a shinobi with his level of loyalty and love for his village was hard to find yet he secretly knew that most shinobi probably thought the same of themselves. Almost in a peaceful trance as he walked he was almost mad when he was disturbed from his blissful Walk by a man around the same height and Body size as T himself. He wore a blank expressionless face as he pulled a scroll from his pocket reaching out to hand to apparently give it to T. T took the scroll and before he could even ask any questions or unravel scroll to read its contents the Delivery boy was already walking away likely to deliver his next scroll. He opened his mouth to speak up and ask before he was out of sight he quickly changed his mind and closed his mouth simply looking down at the scroll with curiosity. With a hand placed on top of the scroll and with another gripping the paper ready to pull down he readied himself for whatever it could be. With a shallow breath he ripped the scroll open and carefully read its contents to the best of his ability. “ Mission?” He said aloud to himself surprised at the outcome. He personally was expecting the worse to be frank,Something like the death of a friend or god forbid a family member but to T they were one in the same. T had Blood family or his clan and he had his non blood family or his friends both were family and as such he cared deeply for them. Luckily today wouldn’t have to be the day he heard any new on the passing of any of his family. No, today he was greeted with a mission to hunt down a eliminate a pack of wolves who have been running wild for a while terrorizing villagers. The most interesting part of this mission was at the bottom. As he scanned though the last sets of sentences they gave out the leader of the mission by name and to Ts surprise he knew this man. Kobayashi, Daremo was his jounin instructor. With him leading this mission could this  be a squad assignment? He thought. However in any case he was ready for this assignment, a bunch of savage  dumb Wolves didn’t frighten him yet he  still did a check up all his equipment before heading to the village gates to meet up with sensei and whoever else was coming.

T hoped the other individual would be someone he knew namely one of his Squad . As he walked to meet up with what he hopped to be his squad at the village gate he did a last check of his current attire making sure it was suitable for fighting. As usual he kept his long mattered hair in a low ponytail with a white forehead protector tied around his head which he wore with pride. At his toros he wore a grey sleeveless zipper hoodie with the sleeves having appeared to be violently ripped off. Without any sleeves this fully exposed his shoulders and thous his 2 tattoos. T had stylised characters for water (水) and lightning (雷) tattooed on his right and left shoulders respectively, denoting his chakra's nature affinities, Water Release and Lightning Release, as well as the fact that he has a kekkei genkai, the Storm Release. He wore red cloth bandages around his wrists and Pass his torso he wore pretty standard black pants that lead down to his ankles where he wore Kumo-nin shin guards, and shinobi sandals. Upon finally closing in on the gate he easily noticed his sensai along with a women that was far to tall to be Zaylee and not the right Body size to be Atsushi. As he got within normal speaking distance it was perfectly clear that person wasn’t one of his teammates yet he still wore a smile and addressed his sensai. “ Yo boss, good to see ya”  he said with his usual high levels of enthusiasm.



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The sounds of chaos and confusion was like a symphony to the boy's ears, as he watched the unstoppable army move into the village. Man, woman, or child made no difference to the monsters that marched through the village streets killing all those in their path. The resistance within the village put up a valiant effort, but in truth they stood no match, their energy would have been better used in fleeing. The boy had to give them credit, despite being over ran with an overwhelming force the warriors of the village did not tuck tail and run as he assumed they would, though it would have been the smart thing for them to do in their situation. A maniacal laughter broke from the boy's lips as the army arrived at the bottom steps of the Kage's building, it would not be long now until his families destiny was realized and just as he knew he would be, he was the one leading them to victory.

Boom, boom, boom, boom. The sudden sound took the boy by surprise, causing him to shoot up in his bed. The young shinobi let out a groan as he looked around his small one bedroom apartment, it was another dream. "Damnit," Jaes' said aloud as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, the dream had felt so surreal it almost felt like he was actually about to achieve his goal. Boom, boom, boom, boom. There was the sound that woke him again, the boy looked to the door of his apartment, whoever it was that was causing that noise was banging on his apartment door. It was then that Jaes realized that Grimnir was standing in front of the door growling, the little fur ball was no bigger than a fist and yet held such fire within it. Boom, boom, boom, boom. "Calm down your going to break the door, I'm coming." the boy shouted across the room as he stood from his bed. Hearing the voice of his master, Grimnir gave up on his attempt to growl the door into submission and ran to Jaes' feet and sat down as he tried to look cute as the boy pulled his pants on.

Jaes bent over and pick Grimnir up as he headed to the door, the last thing he needed was for Grimnir to take off out the door again as soon as he opened it to see who was banging on it. With the Wolverine cub in hand he opened the door to his apartment to find a rather short man with an irritated look upon his face, "can I help you?" Jaes asked though judging by the man's outfit the boy already knew what this man was here for yet he could not figure out why the man was being so impatient about his delivery. "Immediate action is required, you have been selected to be part of a team that will be sent to deal with a threat in the nearby forest." The man spoke fast, hardly taking a breath between the words as he quickly reached into his bag and pulled out a scroll and handed it to Jaes. "You are to meet with the rest of them at the village gates," the man finished before turning around and running down the street to his next assignment. Jaes closed the door and walked back towards his bed, sitting Grimnir on the bed the young boy began unraveling the scroll as he grabbed an apple from the table and sat down on the bed allowing Grimnir to climb into his lap.

Jaes took a bite of the apple as he began to read, a smile formed on his face the more he read of the scroll. "Finally a real mission," Jaes said aloud as he dropped the apple and removed Grimnir from his lap so he could stand and begin getting ready. The simple reading of this scroll had the young Tsuyoi's blood pumping, he had been cooped up within the wall of the village for weeks now. All the mission they sent him on were the ones no one else wanted to do so they got dumped on the low levels and not truly worthy of a warrior such as the boy's skills, but this mission this was a true mission the one he had been waiting for. The boy arranged his tools along the hidden pockets of his sash belt before placing it around his waist and securing it with his Hitai-ate, Grimnir must of picked up on the boy's excitement as he began feverishly attack his stuff animal that was on the bed. A smile formed on the boy's face as he pulled on his cloak, of course the young wolverine cub was all worked up Jaes thought to himself, he has been stuck inside the village just as long as I have. Jaes grabbed the cub from the bed and sat it on top of his head, Grimnir instantly found a comfortable spot in the boy's long hair and laid down. This has been the way they travelled for quite sometime now, the little guy just could not keep up with the boy yet but Jaes just could not bring himself to leave him behind, besides unless Grimnir lifted his head up the boy's hair hid the cub fairly well keeping him out of the way as well as safe.

Jaes exited his apartment and dashed down the street, luckily for him his apartment was not far from he gates and so it would not take him long to get there, the excitement of his first real mission pushing him to run faster and faster. As he neared the village gates he saw a small group forming off to one side, the good news was that he was not completely late at least. As he arrived the young male came to a skidding stop kicking up a small dust cloud as he did so, the dust was his plan for a slight cover as he caught his breath from the run. Once the dust settled the boy would look to the faces of those gathered before bowing slightly keeping his head up so that Grimnir did not fall off his head and introducing himself. "Hello, my name is Jaes Tsuyoi."



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