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It had been a few days since the first battle, the lingering bruises having faded away due to the genetics afforded by his father. He still sported a single bandage that sat on his left cheek, just below his eye that had been placed there by Shizuka after the little boy just couldn’t fathom the fact that Taiho had managed to get in such a scuffle. Taiho himself didn’t find it such a big deal, the fight had ended in his favor, and his opponent wasn’t too badly beat. He didn’t even kill the guy and honestly it was probably the most fun he had had since the exams themselves. The guy honestly had a really solid right hook if he was honest, but it wasn’t enough to topple the practically famous, Boxer of Iwa. Regardless, Taiho had a pretty free day today. His body had healed, his mind was clear, and his schedule was relatively empty.

Sitting outside on one of the many park benches. He watched with casual ease as many children and younger shinobi played about on this crisp saturday morning. With no major duties aside from possibly missions, it was no wonder that the park was practically packed with people and thus made for the perfect place for someone to just sit down and take in the environment. It left a smile on his face to see so many children just enjoying being children. But this left him with a problem. He just had too much energy, too much free time. His blood boiled to think that there was so much he could do to further improve himself and here he was not doing a damn thing.

Pushing himself off the bench, he’d immediately start heading towards the training grounds. His shoulders rolling with his steps. He moved with a purpose, his eyes ablaze with intent to cause and receive bodily harm. He hoped the young man he had done battle with before would be there, the prospect of throwing down with a similar minded individual made the idea of fighting even more exciting.

Combat Summary

Resource Management


Word Counts

Post WC: 348
Mission WC: 348/1500
Bonus Ryo WC: 0/1200 (+300 Ryo)
Bonus EP WC: 0/5,000 (+2 EP)
Topic EP WC: 0/12,500
EP Gained:

Mission/Training/EP Tracker

Mission name: Exhibition Match
Mission rank: D-S (Repeatable)
Objective: Perform a spectacle of combat.
Location: Konohagakure no Sato -> Any Notable Location
Reward: 150/300/500/1000/2000 Ryo + 1/2/3/4/5 EP.
Mission Description: The festivities surrounding the exams are brought forth by a sportsmanship and drive to witness combat; new abilities or items and ingenious strategies. Keep the audience captive for the main event by stoking the flames of intrigue!
Mission Details: You can take this mission only at a rank equal to your own rank, and this mission must be taken alongside another player. The bout in question must qualify for the Guidelines' rules on combat, and thus must be at least 2 posts long. Do your best to exemplify your skills and execute creative maneuvers - it's all a show!

At the end of the mission, you and your opponent must decide who wins for the purposes of the mission; the winner puts Victory Count: 1 at the end of their exit post. The next time a victor takes this mission, they link their previous Exhibition Match to the first post of the next one.

For each Exhibition Match you win in a row, you gain one stacking extra EP from each successive match you win, up to 5.


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