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With a population of over 6.8 million, Konohagakure no Sato, also known as the Hidden Leaf Village, is one of the most populous villages in the known world. Renowned as the first Shinobi Village and a consistent setter of trends in the shinobi lifestyle for the other villages, the Hidden Leaf has withstood the test of time, continuously rebuilt after even total destruction, each time growing larger than it was before, cementing its place in history as one of the Great Shinobi Villages.

The village itself rests at the foot of a large mountain, hidden deep within dense forests whose canopies scrape the skies at nearly a hundred meters tall. At nearly seven kilometers in diameter, putting the village close to fourteen meters from one end to the other, even the village proper hosts tis own unique geography to a certain degree. Rivers big and small run through the village, filling its paved and cobbled streets with bridges and passageways. Depending on the location, the architecture may be dense like a city or rural like the countryside, as the buildings become taller and closer together at the foot of the mountain and the Hokage Monument, while closer to the walls the landscape is dotted with tall oak copses and smaller fields of farmland. Yet regardless of where one might find themselves within the Hidden Leaf Village, they will usually be met with characterful architecture made from wood and plaster, with roofs painted a myriad of colours ranging from orange to blue with a plethora of green foliage mixed in.

Seven gates permit entry into the village, each with a check-in station guarded by two or more Tokujō level shinobi, where visitors have their chakra signature registered. Unregistered entrants that manage to enter the village are tracked by the Barrier Team and are typically confronted by the ANBU Black Ops, Military Police, Ops Team, or any blend of the three.

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The Konohagakure Shinobi Academy is a large building in Konohagakure located directly at the base of the Hokage Mountain. It is where prospective ninja are trained and where official ninja receive their assignments. It was founded by the Second Hokage out of military necessity, and has since become a cornerstone of shinobi culture both in Konohagakure as well as the world. After the Fourth Shinobi World War, the Academy was altered; while still offering a top-level training curriculum, it began offering non-ninja geared courses, ranging from history, geography, mathematics, and introductions to trades. Proper academic scores were required for graduation, regardless of chosen course. Whether or not a student graduates the ninja exams, they may continue forward in the Academy to further their studies in other areas.

As previously mentioned, the Academy building itself is expansive with several wings, long halls, and large classrooms. The exterior features a clean, well maintained building with lush landscaping, white walls, and orange roofing tiles. The academy runs from autumn until spring, leaving the premises rife with students for three quarters of the year.

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Amaguriama is a popular sweet shop located on Konoha Tea Avenue, specialising in chestnut candies, such as chestnut jellies and jams, and roasted-chestnuts. The shop serves many other sweets like dango, mame-daifuku, manjū, and sweet bean paste. Amaguriama has two shops in Konoha: one in Tea Avenue and one located in the Hot Springs District. The first shop allows customers to eat outside, while the second shop allows them to eat outside or inside.

Both Amaguriama shops are single-story, open floor restaurants with several tables that seat a myriad of parties, as well as a long bar for older patrons. Decorated colourfully year round, the Amaguriama are especially festive during the holidays, and choose to thoroughly bedeck both the interior and exterior.

The restaurants feature a constantly revolving menu of sweets and treats while keeping the regular favourites on their shelves year round. As of recent, they have begun to add small meals to their repitoire as well, which has been well received by the rest of the village.

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The Fire Park is a zoo located in the western portion of the village, found within the more rural areas inside of the walls. The zoo itself is fairly large and hosts a myriad of animals on exhibit, ranging from 'normal' animals such as lions, tigers, and bears, as well as more hybrids and exotic finds, such as the Taiko Tanuki, Pseudo Hare, Miniature Monkey, Giant-Manged Wolf, Racoon Bears, and more. As a selling point, the zoo insists that all animals on exhibit were born and raised within the park. The animals are not the only attraction, however, as the zoo hosts a myriad of restaurants and kiosks with plenty of products to indulge in. Although admission is relatively cheap, the concessions are notoriously expensive.

Not unlike the village itself, Fire Park is colourful, the buildings are relatively well maintained although some are lackluster given its rural location, yet the landscaping and flora are lush and well kept. Most of the park consists of long, paved paths that wind through the landscape within the gated zoo, with various benches and spots for guests to rest along the way.

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The Hokage Monument, also known as the Hokage Rock, is a mountain overlooking Konohagakure that has the faces of the first seven Hokage carved into the stone. It was envisioned by Hashirama Senju as a symbol that the Hokage would always watch over the village. The Hokage Rock is easily the most identifiable feature in the village, such that when the village is destroyed during Pain's Assault, only the presence of the Hokage Rock confirmed to others that the rubble was once Konoha.

For the first few decades of the village's history, the Hokage Rock is left mostly untouched, being used only to house the village's archives and protect its villagers during times of attack. In the years since the Fourth Shinobi World War, Konoha has expanded to the plateau above the monument, although large portions of said plateau remain unused. The portions of the plateau that have been built upon are largely residential, as the view overlooking the rest of the village is a coveted luxury.

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The Information and Receiving Center, also known as the Mission Headquarters, is a large building in Konohagakure that was built sometime after Pain's Assault. Shinobi go into the premises to be given missions from the Mission Assignment Desk, as well as to receive briefings and debriefings, or work on and hand in mission reports. This building is a popular hangout for idle shinobi, allowing them to socialize and converse with one another, as well as search for and form temporary squads tailored for specific missions and assignments.

The Information and Receiving Centre is, as previously mentioned, a fairly large building with a well maintained interior and exterior. The interior is cleaned regularly, and features colourful walls, supports, and decorum, with the exterior not being much different. A large sign in front of the door indicates the purpose of the building.

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The Jōnin Standby Station is a special, restricted section of the Information and Receiving Center where the heart of the village's power, the Jōnin, stay when waiting for the Hokage's orders or during emergencies, as well as when they are off duty. As the name would suggest, only Jōnin are permitted within the lounge, however Tokujō often frequent the lounge as well, usually accompanying a Jōnin and seldom on their own.

The lounge inside the Information and Receiving Center is a moderately sized circular room with multiple windows and numerous long red sofas that surround a several pillars with plants growing around them, as well as lockers to store personal effects. The floor-to-ceiling windows open up into small balconies, allowing Jōnin to air the room out if necessary, as there are utilities to cook with within the lounge, should the awaiting shinobi feel the need to utilize them.

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The Kikyō Castle is a historic site located in the eastern portion of Konohagakure's mercantile district. The colourful, several story tall Japanese-style castle features two large shibi, shaped like shachihoko. Previously, the Kikyō Castle was used as a centerpiece in Konohagakure for political discussions between the village and the Daimyō or other villages, and was once used to hold the Nine Tailed Fox before it was sealed within a vessel.

The original castle was destroyed during Pain's Assault, however an exact replica was rebuilt and repurposed as a museum of Konohagakure's history. The lobby boasts a large, anatomically correct model of the Nine Tailed Fox itself, as well as smaller renditions of other tailed beasts, and several posed scenes of famous battles, such as the battle between Tobirama and Madara.

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The Konoha Archive Library is a large archive built into the same mountain that has the Hokage Rock. Information on the shinobi of the world — past and current — is stored there, as well as other points of interest such as Akatsuki and other sensitive village information. The secrets buried within hundreds of years worth of scrolls and documents is vast; it is even rumoured that rare, powerful techniques are hidden within the long halls of shelves and books.

Because of its location within the Hokage Monument mountain, it is renowned as one of the safest places in the village, and is often regarded as one of the go-to evacuation safe spots during times of crisis. Despite it being carved into the mountain, the exterior looks like a normal building with white plaster walls and colourful wooden roof tiles, yet when one enters they would be met with clean, well-kept tiles and painted metal walls. Progressing further into the archives, guests find that the walls soften with normal plaster and warmer tones.

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The Konoha Aviary is a building in Konohagakure where messenger birds such as hawks deliver messages, and also rest after delivery. They work very closely with the Tracking Division, Ops Team, Intel Division, and Barrier Teams, and these messages that these birds transport are also received and dispatched from here. Konoha primarily uses ravens, crows, and to a lesser degree hawks as their messenger birds.

The aviary is a circular building built into the top of a tall tree with a spiral staircase. It consists of multiple bird cages lining the walls where the birds stay. It also has a long brown table in the middle, a circular platform on the ground where the ninja can sit while waiting for a message to arrive, and in the front is a U-shaped platform where the birds perch when they arrive and are processed at the aviary.

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The Konoha Bank is a financial institution located in Konohagakure, owned by the Fire Daimyō and managed by the Maki family. The building features architecture slightly more modern than other buildings in Konohagakure due to its relatively recent development within the last century, with clean edges, large panes of glass, and very well maintained landscaping and facilities. The interior appears cold, with bright white marbeled floor tiles and walls, the latter covered with paintings and other decorum such as plants scattered about in an attempt to warm up the rooms.

Due to the large amounts of ryo that are kept within the vault, shinobi are often seen on the premises, acting as guards or deterrents to potential criminals or thieves. This is especially so for shinobi that utilize Dōjutsu, who are often specifically requested to act as guards by the management. Despite the high-end facility, the bank is notorious for only having a single teller during even the busiest hours.

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The Konoha Cemetery is where citizens of the village are buried and is located at its western outskirts, near the base of the northern mountain. The cemetery has a large sculpture at the front, representing the Will of Fire of the village, and has the kanji for Hokage (火影) inscribed on its base.

Graves are typically a cement base with a large headstone either carved from or cast from cement as well. The name of the individual is inscribed upon the slanted surface, as well as the Leaf of Konoha. A small inscription may be engraved into a lower portion of the headstone. Two vases are present at the corners of each headstone, allowing mourners to place flowers. Academy students are shown performing cemetery maintenance, such as gravestone cleaning and replacement of flowers.

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The Konohagakure Central Post Office, otherwise known as "Konoha Postal", is a large, several story tall building located in the center of Konoha's densest residential area, just south of the Hokage Monument and Administration Building. The bottom floor is used as guest facilities, allowing civilians of the village to mail letters and packages both domestically within the village as well as nationally within the Fire Country. At the moment, it is not possible for civilians to mail things internationally to other villages or countries through the post office.

The top floors are various offices and sorting facilities, as well as resting lounges for courier shinobi before and after delivery assignments. Shinobi are occasionally hired as additional help, especially during the holidays.

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The Konoha General Hospital serves the medical needs of ninja and other villagers in Konohagakure. The staff is well-trained and are skilled enough to treat most basic ailments as well as perform surgeries, however Iryō-nin are almost always present on the premises to help handle more severe injuries and to improve overall operation success while reducing recovery times. Security for the hospital tends to be fairly lax, however there have been efforts made by the village administration to increase the amount of able-bodied shinobi guarding the premises.

The kanji for "medicine" or "healing" (医) is printed on the front of the building at the main reception area. The building itself is several stories tall and features long windows, allowing guests and patients a nice view of the village and plenty of light and fresh air during their recovery. The walls of the hospital are typically white to match the floor tiles, however the recovery room walls are typically painted pale pastels, and feature up to 3 beds separated by curtains.

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The Konoha Library is a public library located in northern Konohagakure. It is centrally located within the densest part of the village and is accessible by all residents, civilian, shinobi, and visitors alike. The building is large, with several stories holding the village's largest collection of non-restricted literature, ranging from many subjects such as advanced medical textbooks to self help books about social interaction. Sensitive subjects, such as intimate information on the village and her workings are understandably unavailable, however the myriad of history books that can be found recount events with great, unbiased detail, highlighting both the successes and failures of the village.

Outside of the library, there is a moderately sized courtyard with well-maintained landscaping and plenty of places to sit and enjoy the weather while reading. The library is almost always swarming with the youth of the village during the Academy season, granting the premesis a strong feeling of activity and life.

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The Konoha Mountain Villa is a large hotel built at the top of the Konoha Mountain, approximately a quarter of a kilometer away from the Hokage Faces Monument. The hotel itself is grand in both scale and quality, typically used to host important guests of the village, whether it be the Fire Daimyō himself or other visiting diplomatic officials. The Mountain Villa consists of a main building and two wings on either side, and features a beautiful view overlooking the village, as well as lush gardens and courtyards, large and fancy suites, and a plethora of activities to keep their guests happy and entertained.

Shinobi are often present on the premises as peacekeepers, as it is a common mission for intermediate-level shinobi commissioned by the Villa's administration.

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The Konoha Orphanage is a facility located in the western portion of the villagein a small thicket of woodland. Originally created to house the children orphaned by shinobi wars, the extended periods of peace have significantly lowered the amount of children within the orphanage, although the lifestyle of shinobi still leaves plenty of the village's youth without parentage. The building itself is made of wood with blue metal roofing and plenty of windows for light. The entrance features a tall tower-like construct with a staircase leading to the top, where one can access the large clock, or look out into the distance.

Although generous, the facilities are not ideal, as most of the children share a room with at least two others in order to save space. The orphanage is funded by the village, and allows children up to the age of sixteen. Because of this, many of the children housed in this establishment strive to enroll in the shinobi academy, and the caretakers are often shinobi who help train prospective shinobi.

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The Konoha Hot Springs is the public bath of Konohagakure, divided down the middle with a large wooden walls to separate the gendered baths. Since most homes already provide facilities for bathing, the Hot Springs have become more of a place of relaxation than hygiene. There are several baths within the rebuilt hotsprings, which are fairly large, allowing for smaller parties to enjoy the facilities or larger groups to relax in more public areas. Hallways lead into locker rooms for changing, and towels hang on racks at the entrance of the baths for patrons to cover or dry themselves.

Shinobi often use the baths as a training ground for basic chakra training, using the hot water from the baths as motivation, the trainee is more focused in using their chakra to support themselves on the water.

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The Konoha Hot Springs is the public bath of Konohagakure, divided down the middle with a large wooden walls to separate the gendered baths. Since most homes already provide facilities for bathing, the Hot Springs have become more of a place of relaxation than hygiene. There are several baths within the rebuilt hotsprings, which are fairly large, allowing for smaller parties to enjoy the facilities or larger groups to relax in more public areas. Hallways lead into locker rooms for changing, and towels hang on racks at the entrance of the baths for patrons to cover or dry themselves.

Shinobi often use the baths as a training ground for basic chakra training, using the hot water from the baths as motivation, the trainee is more focused in using their chakra to support themselves on the water.

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Shinshigai Station is the first commercial train station in Konohagakure, located in the southern portion of the village. The station features four separate tracks and platforms that lead out of the gates and travel in each direction, leading to every major town within the Land of Fire. Travelers can buy tickets to their designation at the stations, and seating along the platforms is present to allow passengers a place to sit out of the elements while they wait for their train. The trains are large, iron steam-engines with several passenger cars and one or two luggage cars toward the back.

Shinshigai Station also features two secondary sets of tracks not available for civilian transportation, and is used to ship large quantities of goods in and out of the village, typically from Teichaku or Yakekoge. The train tracks run all throughout the Fire Country with more being laid every day, gradually increasing the ease of commuting within Hi no Kuni.

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The Memorial Stone is a monument in Konohagakure listing all the ninja who died in service to the village during the first three Shinobi World Wars and the Nine Tail's attack. Located near the Third Training Ground, the Memorial Stone is a large, kunai-shaped shard of polished dark blue stone and a U-shaped base, sitting upon a circular flagstone platform. Approximately two-meters tall, the smooth, flat front surface of the stone is engraved with the names of every shinobi that was killed in the aforementioned events, including the first two Hokage.

Originally left rather unkempt, the Memorial Stone was restored in the last century, and is regularly maintained by visitors who train at the Third Training Ground as a growing tradition for using the training ground regarded as the "Birthplace of Heroes".

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The Naka River, also known as the "River of Joy", is a river flowing through Konohagakure, entering through the northeastern portion of the village where it joins the village's main river, the Tobirama. The river flows directly into the village from the Valley of the End, and passes through the land where the Uchiha clan once lived and prospered, even passing through deep ravines, and transitioning from white-water rapids toward the Valley of the End to a more gentle, slow-moving river inside the village.

Many rumours surround the Naka River, ranging from it being haunted by the wandering souls of restless Uchiha killed during the Warring States Period to the chance that the riverbed is full of ancient treasure and gold. Within the village, certain spots of the river are popular for fishing and swimming during the warmer months, and the wider portions of the river are common ice-skating locations during the winter.

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The Ninjutsu Research Center, also called the "Shinobi Tool Research Lab", is an institution in Konohagakure that is run by the village administration and ambitious ninjutsu-talented but combat-inept shinobi. These shinobi utilize the facitilies to develop jutsu of all kind, not just Ninjutsu, for the benefit of the village. The facilities are split into two divisions: Domestic Development and Military Development. The Domestic Development team works on developing non-combat ninjutsu that aid the village in various ways, such as providing power outside of the clay pot batteries that are widely used. The Military Development division develop techniques intended for combat usage to defend the village or increase the success of shinobi on missions.

The facility is a large building that restricts entry to only allow approved personnel inside. Jōnin are allowed entry as they see fit, however lower ranks require permission or escort when touring the facilities, and the building is heavily guarded by village shinobi due to the nature of the research. The lab is located along the Tobirama River, overlooking the river from the top of the embankment.

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Ichiraku Ramen is a ramen restaurant in Konohagakure founded by Teuchi during the era of the Third Hokage's initial reign. Ichiraku was always popular with Konoha's villagers because of Teuchi's strong commitment to taste, giving the ramen an almost artistic quality. Since his passing, Ichiraku has stayed within the family line, and is currently run by the descendents of Teuchi, who have expanded the initial building to include an inside dining area with large amounts of seating. Ichiraku Ramen is renowned for being the legendary Seventh Hokage's favourite place to eat.

The building is rather unassuming from the exterior, featuring minimalistic decorum and simple white walls, while the interior is much more pleasant. Bright, vibrant colours decorate the walls and seats, as well as paintings of famous patrons, the founder himself, and other decorations such as plants. Ichiraku retains the original bar-style method of serving their food, however the option for seating away from the bar exists as well.

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The Senju Park is a large forest area in Konohagakure, that is associated with the Senju clan. It contains a giant tree which is surrounded by a pond, a large statue of Hashirama and Tobirama, and a playground popular with children of the village. The park is the largest in the village and is located near the denses portion of residential buildings, thus resulting in its popularity. Because of its ties to the historical founding clan of the village, the park is exceptionally well maintained.

Featuring long, winding pathways through fields of flowers and deep thickets of forest, a multitude of locations to stop and rest, as well as many ponds, creeks, and small rivers, the Senju Park is a picturesque view into the peaceful lifestyle of the Hidden Leaf Village. In the autumn months, the chakra-laden forests hold their vibrant technicolor foliage for longer, and the location becomes popular with young couples.

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The Shushu-ya, also known as "Shushu-ya Pub", is a Chinese-styled restaurant/pub in Konohagakure that sells their own brand of choice sake and serves large-platter cooking, when all the food is put on a single large plate. The restaurant is large with pillars that supports the building, high ceilings with multiple small lights, a bar with stools that display most of their alcohol, and multiple wooden booths for the customers to sit in.

The Pub is located on a stretch of road filled with over twenty restaurants and bars, making it a popular stop for adults embarking on the ambitious "Konoha Crawl", where villagers attempt to drink at every single pub and bar in a single night. A small, unnamed park that sits in the middle of the promenade, and has been dubbed the "Pass-out Park", as most of the pub crawlers tend to pass out there.

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Yakiniku Q is famous restaurant located in the heart of Konoha, and is renowned for its grilled meat and exotic dishes. Importing ingredients from across the world, nearly any delicacy can be found within its walls, and the establishment often plays host to shinobi about to depart on, or returning from missions as it offers hearty meals giving shinobi the energy they need to perform their duties, or recover from assignments. Because of this, the restaurant is affectionately referred to as Tōka, or the House of Passage, for its reputation to play host to ninja as they come to and from the Hidden Leaf.

Vegetarians beware, the cuisine offered here is exclusively carnivorous, offering a wide variety of flavor blends and meat not typically native to Konoha. The Salted Beef Tongue served here is nationally regarded as one of the finest meals on offer, and considered good luck by Konoha shinobi to eat before a mission.

(credit to Kirei)

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Yamanaka Flowers was founded during the era of the First Hokage, and was popularised by the late Yamanaka Inoichi. Originally, the shop was a small building based in Konoha's mercantile district, and was managed and operated by the Yamanaka clan. The shop had been once destroyed during the Pain assault, but was later refurbished and made into a more modern version by Ino Yamanaka and Sai Yamanaka with larger facilities, and when owned by the 9th Hokage, Mori Yamanaka, a botanical garden was added on for visitors to tour.

The shop features many beautiful, exotic flora that are grown domestically, and often with chakra to help promote their growth and longevity. Yamanaka Flowers also cross-breeds flowers and creates unique variants, many of which have become staples in Konoha culture, such as specific bouqets of unique flowers being given to loved ones in mourning, or to confess one's romantic feelings.

(credit to Masu Raiu)

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The Konoha Ninja Tool Research Facility is a facility founded by an engineer named Iō and his assistant Shōseki. The facility designs, engineers, tests, and produces new weapons for the shinobi of Konohagakure to use. The facility was originally constructed in the heart of the mercantile district, however due to noise complaints, it was later moved to the northeastern most border, and is surrounded by a large forest to help dampen the noise.

The facility has a safety feature inside to prevent anyone to be injured if an accident occurs. Rumours also speak or a secret room located behind closed doors which had been left prototypes of Iō's more ambitious and dangerous inventions and tools. The shop is now a household staple for getting items and weapons created for your benefit, even taking requests and blueprints in to be developed in due time. Because of this the facility has become one that ninjas from around the world come to have their weapons welded and forged by the minds inside of the facility.

(credit to Masu Raiu)

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Konoha's Strict Correctional Facility, also known as "the Hole", known as the place where some of the most harboured criminals of Konoha serve their sentences once captured. The facility is located underground within a mountain, build in the centre of a volcanic area on a triangular island with a long Bascule bridge connected to a watch-house and all-stone castle. Because of the violent nature of the prisoners, riots and hostile environments occur often, leaving its security to higher ranking shinobi.

Food in this prison is very rash and lacking in any flavour at all, often inciting the aforementioned riots due to the uncomfortable conditions. The island has a massive exercise area on the front portion of the island, where people main train in character building, however chakra usage is strictly prevented by drainage seals placed on the prisoners and on the ground. The prison houses the nation's worst criminals; murderers, defectors, and the like can all be found within the facility.

(credit to Masu Raiu)

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Konohagakure no Sato Locations. B7e8lYs

The Zeroth Training Ground, also known as the No-Hunting District, is a misleading location as it is not actually a training grounds. In reality, it is animal preserve for exotic and strange animals, many of which are brought to the Fire Park to be put on exhibit. It is home to many mystical, intelligent animals, some even capable of talking, with skills on par with shinobi. The field was once used for the Chūnin Exams before becoming a nature preserve, as it was deemed to be unnecessarily dangerous for prospective Chūnin candidates.

Much like the Fourty Fourth Training Grounds, the Zeroth Training Ground is surrounded by a chain link fence covered with signs forbidding entry. The interior of the training field consists of a forest containing many insectivorous plants, wide open plains with few trees and many large cliffs.

(credit to Kashiki)

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Konohagakure no Sato Locations. Bsb4VoL

The Third Training Ground is both a historic location as well as a place for shinobi to hone their skill and teamwork. This training ground is one of the most historic locations in Konohagakure. It is renowned the place where both the Legendary Hero, Naruto Uzumaki, and the Legendary Sannin began on the path to becoming powerful ninja, leading to the training grounds being known as the 'Birthplace of Heroes'.

The field is a tract of land, mostly forests. A small open glade with three stumps in the middle, used to tie ninja to during training, both Jiraiya the Gallant and Naruto Uzumaki were tied to these stumps. A large, deep river runs along the glade and forests surround the rest of the glade. Large mountains shrouded in forest frame the grounds in the distance, and a tall chainlink fence provides boundaries for the training grounds itself.

(credit to Kashiki)

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The Forty-Fourth Training Ground, also known as the Forest of Death, is a dense forest used for the chunin exams. It was specifically designed to test the fighting and survival skills of those aiming to become Chunin during the exams. Its extremely dangerous, filled to the brim with giant, often poisonous, flora and fauna. Some of the usual inhabitants include leeches, tigers, bears, and giant centipedes.

The forest consists of huge trees which shroud the ground of the forest in perpetual darkness. A river runs through the middle and splits near the edge of forest, and a huge tower has been constructed in the center of the forest. A chain link fence surrounds the forest, the only way to enter is using one of the 44 gates equally spaced around the perimeter. The forest has a radius of about 10 kilometers.

(credit to Kashiki)

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