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1 Away from Home [Open] on Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:48 am

Chigetsu Hōzuki

Chigetsu Hōzuki

Kumogakure no Sato was his next destination. The Chuunin Exams in Konohagakure weren’t yet finished, but with the removal of all participants from Kirigakure in the early rounds Chigetsu found himself losing interest. His meeting with that one child from Iwagakure seemed to go well, but he could only see if that was an investment worth his while in time. Genin were so squishy and fragile, almost like an egg. There was no way to tell if that egg would end up hatching or instead end up as a fox’s lunch. Once the exams finished in entirety he would have to look up who the finalists were. If they were anything like the last two finalists Chigetsu would have to pay close attention to them. The thought of those two honestly sent shivers down his spine, even now. With how things were looking the last time he remembered it was likely they would be from Konoha, but he could only hope that wasn’t the case. Truthfully though he doubted there would be any on the level of those two, which was another part of why he felt so confident leaving while the event was still going on. There were more important things in Kumo than watching the last few matches drag on and then whatever celebration that was going to happen after that.

He was able to travel by land, unlike the last time he had come to the Land of Lightning. The caravans took a much longer time than the boats had. The Land of Hot Springs and the Land of Frost had to be traveled through first before even reaching the Land of Lightning, and traveling through the Land of Hot Springs Chigetsu had to be careful not allow himself to be tempted by the plethora of tourist attractions that dotted the country. The appeal of resting deep within one of the nation’s famous hot springs was incredibly strong. He had to resist though, or else what was supposed to be a quick trip would end up being dragged out. He could come visit the hot springs on the way back as well. Or perhaps he wouldn’t. Spending time in a hot spring without anyone else to accompany you seemed like an awfully lonely thing to do. It had been a long time since he had gone on any long trips away from home like this by himself. He had attempted to get in contact with an old friend, Raphael, that he had met years ago during the last Chuunin Exams, but he had no luck. It was a shame, and something that made things a bit more difficult on him. He would be arriving into the city without a single friend, starting over completely from the beginning. It was exactly like his visit to the city during the last Chuunin Exams, only without the serious altitude sickness that made him vomit every few hours. The slower incline coming up from the land allowed him a longer time to get used to the mountains, and so his stomach didn’t seem to be in threat of erupting.

There was one lead that he had, although it was… Well. It wasn’t the most reliable. There had been times in the past that he had heard Verdandi speak about this mysterious man from Kumogakure… Somebody named ‘Daremo’, apparently. He knew very little about him, other than apparently how attractive he was. He had heard her go on and on about how good he looked without a shirt before… Chigetsu would be lying if he said he wasn’t jealous. That Verdandi made contacts with him and apparently went on some sort of missions together made Chigetsu incredibly uncomfortable, but at least spoke a bit about his skills. He didn’t really have anything to go on other than his name and that he was apparently very pretty, but it was the best connection that he had.

Once arriving and making arrangements for a hotel, one that was much more luxurious than what he was used to in Kiri, he would set off on his search. Chigetsu was a shinobi after all, it shouldn’t be that hard for him to track someone down. Even with what little information he had on the man it shouldn’t be impossible. Of course his usual status of having Hunter-Nin contact when information Chigetsu was left naked and afraid in this foreign land. He was nearly blind in comparison to in Kirigakure, where he could have information pulled up and on his fingertips at a moment’s notice. As this trip to Kumogakure was one of his “extra-curricular” activities that he didn’t exactly tell his village of in advance there would be no assistance, even if they would by chance have any intel on Kumogakure. He wasn’t sure if there were any reliable cells present in Kumo in the first place, even if he did have the village’s resources at his disposal. And so Chigetsu would be left prowling the seedier streets of Kumogakure, attempting to gather information with what was the oldest trick in the book. He was just asking around. It wasn’t exactly the most subtle approach, to just walk around asking if anyone knew of a “Mister Daremo”, but it probably couldn’t hurt, right? He brought along what he could in terms of pocket change for the potential of bribes as well, but so far it seemed as though there weren’t any fish that were biting. He was too out of place. Chigetsu was very obviously a foreigner to anyone who looked, from the way he spoke to the bumbling manner in which he navigated the city. It was clear that he didn’t know where he was going just by looking at him. He stuck out like a sore thumb.



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While some others would have stayed around for the conclusion of the Chuunin Exams, Daremo did not. He, along with his family, had left the exams early, even before quarterfinals had started, and headed back home. None of this year participants interested him. Unlike the previous years, this group of genin looked to be more green than anything else. They lacked the edge present with the former years of the exams. Though, that could have been due to the proctors coddling the children, preventing them from causing any serious harm to one another. The mere thought of babying genins was a foolish, and idealist one. There was no babying in the battlefield, one expected to put their life on the line, for dancing with death is the core of what been a shinobi is. Thus, by removing the aspect from a controlled setting, it defeated the purposes of the exams, at least in his eyes. Therefore, he returned home, at least to place he called such, to deal with other pressing matters.

Kumogakure no Sato, the place which he called home, for now. He had returned back, after not setting foot in the land for some time, to help a friend in dealing with the evil that had embedded itself into Lightning Country. The evil being in the form of the Raikage, Hastur. The self-proclaimed God amongst men. The one who, at least according to what he knew, excuse the actions of Mitsuo Sarutobi, the one responsible for the destruction of Suna, and offered the man a place within the Kumo military. Though, while some believed the criminal had got off scot-free, Daremo was not too sure about that. He believed that Hastur only wanted Mitsuo to be apart of Kumo. to keep an eye on the man. To keep constant surveillance on a dangerous individual, something the other nations seemingly could not do. Of course, if he had his way, the Sarutobi would have been publicly executed with the other Kages as witnesses, but alas.

However, it was not the circumstances surround the Sarutobi that had Daremo in agreeing to help with his friend’s idea of removing Hastur, but, due to a personal attack against his family. There had been rumors of the Jashin cult showing up more frequently since Hastur came into power. The violent, but usually quiet, the cult had seen a resurgence the moment Hastur became known to the world. People began to speculate the two were connected somehow, but, the exact connection was not known. Nevertheless, the cult had made a fatal mistake is kidnapping Daremo’s daughter, who he rescued, and considering the cult was tied to Hastur, the silver-haired male was aiming for them both. It also helped that the Herald of Hastur also gave him information on the Raikage, and why the man should be removed. Though, he did not know how much he could trust someone who used to work the same man who is tied to the Jashin Cult.

The aforementioned reasons were why Daremo returned back home with his family and integrated himself with the rebellion who wanted to see the Raikage overthrown. He joining the rebellion was not because he cared for their cause. While it was a noble one, his priorities would, and always will be, in the interest of himself and his family. He could have cared less about what Hastur did to the country, as long as the Raikage did not come after him or his family. He took a passive and observant outlook on things, preferring to wait to see how things unfolded before making his move. This was one of the few times, asides from his dealings with a former snake, he would be taking a semi-active approach to something.

Having left his family at home, not before telling them where he was going, Daremo wandered through the shady parts of Kumogakure no Sato with practical ease. Dressed in a black and grey kosode, symbolizing the duality of his personality. Tied around his waist was a black slash holding up a black hakama. A pair of black jika-tabi covered his feet. His silver-hair was pulled up into a man bun with a pair of twelve-inch senbons sticking out of it, and holding the hair in place. Moving through the seedier part of Kumo, Daremo found himself at peace within the district. The place reminding him of others he had visited, or lived in, at one point. And while he might not have integrated himself fully with inhabitants, he did made numerous connections with the local prostitutes, drug dealers, and illegal dealers who called the place home.

It was through this that Daremo received word of someone looking for him via one of the prostitutes who overheard the person asking for a ‘Mister Daremo’. An unknown male, at least that what she assumed, had been asking people about his whereabouts. Protecting one of their own, none of them gave up the information to the stranger, knowing not what they intended to do with it. Intrigued by this, Daremo told the prostitute to tell others, if she did not run into the male herself, that he would be at a local cafe waiting for them. With the message passed along, Daremo made his way towards the cafe. Ordering a green tea, he took a seat that allowed him to see who enter and exit the establishment.

While waiting for this unknown person to arrive, Daremo ponder on what exactly this individual wanted with him? Why would he be seeking him out? Could it be someone from his past? Did this individual know who he was, as in his real identity, and not who he portrays as? Was this someone associated with Hastur? He did not know, but, he was looking to find out.



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