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The Mission:

Mission name: Birth of the 7 Swords || Prologue: Awakening
Mission rank: A
Objective: Protect the Nation from the attackers
Location: Kirigakure
Reward: 1000 Ryo + 1EP
Mission Description: "Three figures walk into the center of kirigakure streets, three locations, each clutching what appears to be a crimson gemstone in the shape of a pick. Light from the gems catches an eye from a stranger, as the pick is raised to strike at the heart of a citizen, a hark goes out! but it's too late, and the deed is done. Soon-after, alarm bells ring across the city as fire rises from three locations across the lands. Fire and smoke billow from districts across the nation and brave ninja lay dead on the streets. confront the triplicate threat."
Development References: Returning of the 7 swords
Mission Details: A mysterious weapon has been thrust into 3 of the citizens of Kirigakure no sato. Within moments they were transformed with terrifying power, nature chakra thick in the air around them. The beasts which transformed from the innocent few have begun destroying the nation around them with reckless abandon and seem to be resistant to the effects of ninjutsu. This mission can be undertaken 3 times, one for each of the locations / beasts felled. But all 3 need to be completed before this mission can be handed in.

The threat:
Name: Chakra Beast
Age: Unknown
General Appearance: Hulking behemoths, standing at about ten feet in height and built like an ox with its muscle. Red crystals cover their bodies in sharp horns, spikes tusks and claws which brim with potent nature chakra.
Personality: They are murderous monsters which attack any living thing that moves without thought or consequence, but they are not mindless, merely focused on their deep blood-lusted rampage.
Goals: Destruction.
Abilities: They each have SS-3 strength, SS-3 Endurance, A-3 speed, A-3 Reaction time and A-3 perception. They take -2 ranks of damage from all chakra bases sources due to the energy the crystals seem to emit. The crystal at their heart can be destroyed with 5 basic attacks of S-0 or higher, twice as many for each tier below S-0 the ninja is. They're capable of producing a limitless number of one-foot wide chakra empowered, straightforward blasts from their crystals which travel 80m, these interact as A rank jutsu with max speed and damage for their rank but the beasts may only emit one at a time.
Items: The sharpened crystals over their bodies are considered A rank weapons, dealing the maximum damage of their rank.

The fires would rise over the village hidden in the mist as the third and final of the colossal beasts would continue its rampage across the market district of the city. Slamming its fist into a Chuunin and crushing her ribs into little more than paste, massive crystal blades rending through flesh as it would hurl her across the market, barrelling her through a building before it would charge its ruby beam within its jaw. Unleashing it upon civilians and ninja alike as they would leap in an attempt to defend them with hastily prepared jutsu, only for them to shatter outwards in a primal show of power. The monster was large, powerful, and the ninja of the village had been taken totally unaware. While hunter ninja were likely on their way as well as on assignment, the home guard for the nation was busy with the first phase of attempting to isolate the damage, evacuate people and lock down the area.

Massive barriers were about to be raised at a moments notice, but in the meantime, at ground zero people were dying... it was time for the ninja that were there to rise up.


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Theme Song
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EP: 5

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