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1 Record Transport, [Konoha D-Rank] on Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:26 pm



Mission name: Record Transport
Mission rank: D
Objective: Help move the boxed records from the Administration building to the new storage facility in the Construction Areas.
Location: Starts and ends at the Administration Building.
Reward: 50 Ryo
Mission description: Assist in transporting the boxes between the buildings, nothing more.
Mission details: Simple case of carrying the boxes.
D-Rank Mission Word Requirements : 600 Words

Alucard arrives at the Administration Building dressed casual. Anbu shinobi shoes , black pants and his chuunin jacket with no shirt. He thought if any ladies where around they'd at least get a look at his muscles. Dumb thought really, he needed more ryo for more scrolls. He takes a deep breath and opens the door and walks in. "Ahh you must be Alucard!" an unfamiliar voice yelled out. A short brown haired man, wearing traditional shinobi robes was smiling in his direction. He proceeds into that direction of the man. "Yes sir that me." alucard said proudly. "Kenta told me that you took the task. All I need you to is transport the boxes from point A to point B. I will show you where, please follow me." Without thought alucard just followed the man without knowing his name. He didn’t really care about it. All he wanted to do is complete the task and claim his reward. He followed for another minute; they came around the corner and stopped. "Alucard these are the boxes." the man said while he turned the door knob and opened the door. "Take all these boxes and take them down this hall. Go all the way down and it’s the room on your left. I'll leave the rest to you. You'll receive your reward when you finish." The man smiled and walked away.

*WC: 233

2 Re: Record Transport, [Konoha D-Rank] on Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:50 pm



Alucard took two steps and walked through the double doors. He took a quick glance around the room and calculated it was at least 200 boxes. Move 200 boxes for 50 ryo, yeah right. Konoha act like it’s still paying as if we were still in a war. Either way I still need the ryo. Alucard notices a cart in the corner. At least they made it a little bit easier. As he thought to himself he reached for the cart, moved it into the middle of the room. He started piling the boxes on top of the cart.

Alucard loaded 25 boxes on the cart, which was the limit. Good I only have 8 more trips to go. He pushed the cart out the door, hit a sharp left and sped up. Cruising down the hallway, he came to the end of the hallway. Looked on his left, there was the destination for the boxes. He started to unload the boxes. In a matter of seconds he was done and out the door. Flying on the cart back down the hallway. He reloads the cart again, this time he ideas to make this as fun as possible. Going back down the hallway, he hits the corner kicking the wall causing the cart to hydroplane. To get control the cart he kicks another wall, spinning the cart.

Almost at the end of the hallway, a person steps out in front of the path of the cart. With quick thinking alucard places both feet on the ground slowing the cart down. Screechhh the cart stops. Some boxes fell, but he just picked them up and apologized to the person and went back to business. Finally reaching the room he unloads the boxes and goes back. Reaching the over room again he repeats loading and unloading the boxes. On the last two runs alucard has seen a beautiful girl that always looks his way when he passes by. He was kind of shy, but makes excuses because he’s on a job.

So he didn’t even really bother really. He also things girls want you more if you ignore them, some stupid idea he learned from his sister which is a girl so she might be right. Unloading the last load of boxes, the old man returns. “That was quick alucard, you must be strong.” The old man said examining him. “Anyways as promised here’s your reward.” The old man handed him 50 ryo. “I’ll make sure to send a letter to the Hokage telling him that you have completed the task.” Alucard shook his head, and thanked him for the work. Then walks through the corridor, heading to the door.


3 Re: Record Transport, [Konoha D-Rank] on Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:41 pm

Kenta Inuzuka


I'm sorry for the delay Alucard; I honestly forgot I hadn't looked at this. Mission success, 50 ryo awarded.


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