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'Xion, what is the color of the universe?

Trees swathed the clearing in an umbra. Delta's heard running off the Naka River in the distance, before it rekindled near the ravine closest to the the old Uchiha settlement.

Among the cries of owl and ravens, could be heard the mowing of a blade against bark. Whetting and honing the refined edge, and scarring the oaks. Xion approached the tree where his scythe had been flung, and removed it swiftly. In his peripheral, just above him, he could see the glistering bouquet of stars that always filled the sky. That metaphorical dark sea of silver stars. 

'So long ago, Xion, the Uchiha walked this same forest. They held eyes inherited from ancient, otherworldy beings.'

"So we've all been told." Xion said in a thin voice. Under the moonlight, he could almost swear that he,or in better words, this different version of him,was actually there. But after experiencing these voices for so long, he knew better.

'And some how, they destroyed everything for themselves. Now all that is left for them is a dark pit, an abyss. It is hell. Look around: An ethereal shadow is cast before them, ghastly. But not as unusual as the creature that cast it. Don't forget that.'

Xion's lips parted as he sighed. He'd come realize that is words were but a reflection of His innermost thoughts. Though if he were to say that aloud, He would insist that he has his own sentience. Perhaps it was not his conscious,or a demon. Maybe it was something in-between. This tulpa of his' was capable of being anywhere, so long as he was conscious. He seemed to defy physics and logic. One moment he could be standing right beside him, and in less than a breath, he'd be suspended in the air. Looking down at him with eyes that seemed to be void of any humanity.       

He dragged the scythe by it's beard, doing his best to ignore his other self, staring off into the sky. After the never ending lights of the village, Xion always wondered how he seemed to underestimate the utter blackness of nighttime in the woods. In his mind the trees would be black trunks against a bluish charcoal sky, the path would become deepest brown and the moonlight would bleach the stones within it. Hadn't every painting of woods at night been like that? Even if there was a moon tonight its silvery rays would not penetrate the dense canopy above. He was in too far in to turn back, the twilight he had mistaken for night had passed rapidly. It could be no blacker in a coffin, six feet under and piled with dirt. The air was always so cool here. When he was younger it felt as if the darkness was pressing in on him. in on him from all sides and his body screamed for him to run. Only now, does he reach out the trees, letting their cool bark soothe his own spirit

"Don't you think it's odd how tree's stretch towards a light they can't see?" He asked his other self. He turned to find him gone. Typical he vanishes as soon as he appears. Only showing himself when he feels most vulnerable, or lonely.            
Frustrated, Xion gathers all his might and thrust the scythe into the darkness ahead. Only more irritated now, because he realizes he must retrieve it.

Xion negotiates the tap roots that litter the ground. The paths that were illuminated just hours before become lost in a blackness that even moonlight cannot help. The trees that are magnificent in sunshine, tower over Xion as he steps across the borderline between the seen and unseen. The air is several degrees cooler and soon he begins to shiver. On his frequent stops, Xion listens for signs of life around him, but there come none. Back in the village, such a silence would be tranquil, but out here it is more like the quiet of the graveyard.


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Chiaki had found herself a little bit of wanderlust and had chosen to follow it. She had dressed in a white shirt with patterned stitching which circled her arms and accentuated her curves, or what she hoped were curves. A set of jeans were tucked into longer boots than she normally wore, flat because she wanted to go for a walk. They came up to the middle of her calf and buckled on. On her left wrist jangled a bracelet and she had opted for earrings today, out of a whimsy. They were two globes, dangling from a turquoise band, situated in each earlobe by a loop. She readjusted one as it caught a stray strand of her hair and she closed her front door. It seemed to be a good day indeed, for a walk. A little kick off of her ledge and she landed on the street below, rolling and getting up, dusting off her back from the dust that she had just collected.

Now, the rooftops, or the street? Why not the rooftops. She grinned and ran off towards the woods. She was in a… woodsy mood today. The rooftops clattered beneath her boots, and her thin shirt billowed out behind her in the breeze. Surely it was a day for the woods, a good relaxing walk, pensive and serene. Yes a good day for it. She hummed a bit to herself, a song that she had heard in the place where she liked to hang out, usually alone, and drink. She ran across the rooftop, flipping in mid air and landing on the next one. Today was a day of whimsy.

She soon found herself in the forest, the thick of it, and didn’t really know where the time had gone to get there. The sun faded into the trees, and the cool air greeted her through her thin shirt and pants. She walked along, becoming more and more inward. It wasn’t a bad thing, she was going over what she wanted to do tomorrow, next week, and in her life. Tomorrow she would do some mission, preferably alone, since she didn’t have anyone to do it with tomorrow. Everyone she knew was either civilian, didn’t take missions, or was too high ranking to take missions with her. A grumble as she walked through the forest and her brow furrowed.

It was in this deep state of thought that a flash blasted through her vision and she heard a soft “Thump!” to her left. The scythe hummed from the vibrations of being thrown and impaling the tree. What in the? She looked around and a blue and red set of Drakpo appeared in her hands. She didn’t know this area so well, and perhaps, perhaps someone had made it into the borders of Konoha and were on a mission to collect Konoha heads. She gulped and looked in the direction of where the scythe had come. He, or she, would be coming from that direction.

“I know you’re there.” She shouted, “And I know you know where I am. Come out and we can settle this without bloodshed. I am a shinobi of the village hidden in the leaves, and I am not afraid to use my jutsu on you if you should engage me in combat.” The words were mostly air, she was, in fact a shinobi, but she had little to no training. She had apprehended one criminal before and, it seemed, that she might be in trouble. A gulp couldn’t be helped as she took a fighting stance, her red, offensive, drakpo ahead of her, and her blue drakpo above her head. The blue one was mostly for deflection, or to suture wounds shut should she need. Her face was a mask of nervousness and determination. She could feel her brows come together in a tight knit. This was going to be a fight to the death, probably.

WC: 662

Jutsu used:
Guanyin Needles:
At the cost of -10 chakra and -5 chakra per turn per needle; the Guanyin is capable of generating a 1 foot long red or blue thin sewing needle made of their own stem cell chakra. The needles while active are solid and can interact as a weapon to block basic strikes but can be broken by a technique of equal rank.

At this rank the Blue needle upon piercing a target is absorbed into the victim and spreading its energy over a 1 foot radius area that is capable of filling / repairing minor wounds of up to three quarters of an inch, up to first degree tissue damage & and painful bruising at ¼ of a meter per second. While the Red needle, instead, kills cells within that area to inflict a painful blackened bruise like wound with a thin needle-stab at its center which becomes numb and lifeless.

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A small voice called out from the darkness. Ringing out just as he heard the scythe dig it's tooth in rough bark ten or so clicks away. A female no doubt. She sounded more startled than angry, rather than writhing and in agony. He'd missed, thankfully. But probably not by a lot. He followed the feminal tone through the thick foliage and nocturnal fauna. Each threat here and there letting him know that she was not happy.

"If she insists on maundering me to death about it, then I'll gladly return the the favour."

'Oh Xion.' His tulpa returned. 'Why not meet the mettle behind the mouth?'

His lips parted in a sigh. "Fine." He emerged from the deepness of the distance. With skin as dark as his, he wouldn't be surprised if she had not spotted him, before he spotted her. 

"Oh, a shinobi?" There was almost a tinge of delight to his voice. Her eyes were big and opaque. She was in good shape if his sight wasn't failing him. Dark hair as well. His head pivoted to acknowledge her, and then over to his scythe that was starting to lose it's grip. 

'Look Xion. It intends to defend itself. Quaint." He mirrored Xion's on own amusement. A bit too defensive, if his opinion was wanted. Though perhaps if he was mere inches from having weight off his shoulders, he could sympathize. In the black of night, he could just make out two small senbon in her hand. 

A thin titter rippled across the otherwise silent clearing. "Those are tiny."

He walked directly passed her and removed the scythe like it was a skewer. His carriage was  amused at her unintimidating weapons, aside from it's usual indifference. By the snaith, he twirled it his grip. The tooth of the blade mincing the grass before it came to rest. He looked her over once more. Eye brows furrowed as if she were frowning, but her face was steeled.

'It looks conflicted, Xion--" He smiled.

"I see. She must assume I'm a bandit or something."

"--No. It is the void, did you forget? You reek of it." Xion rolled his eyes, and rested the blade across his frame, so that the tooth was parallel to his shoulder. The soft susurration of the leaves that had been the night's lullaby through the evening became a fierce rustling, loud enough to drown out the chorus of crickets.  In his experience, all eightteen years of it, the wind did not arrive all of a sudden. It should built up gradually and it should weave through the tree trunks and canopy. The canopy above was even parting for it, the myriad of charcoal hues was now punctuated with shafts of moonlight. The promised wind pushed through the gaps, touching down into the soil and whipping leaves that had long since fallen. It was quiet for a wind with this much of a kick. 

A loud, yet thin wind it was, like a fine sour wine, searching the marrow and bringing no bloom to the cheek.

"Actually, I had no clue where you were. If I had, I wouldn't have missed." He looked at her half-lidded, expression blank. "You say you aren't afraid--are you trying to convince me?"

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Chiaki watched as a figure emerged, dark skinned and light haired from the undergrowth with a "fine.” Her eyes narrowed to slits, and her head lowered a bit. She stared, much as a cat would a mouse, or a bird, and she grumbled as he kept his distance. She was five foot nothing (or about 152 cm tall) and her blades to her were like swords, each measuring a foot in length. One glowed a chakra infused blue, while the other was a chakra infused blue. She couldn’t help but grumble as he circled her, giving her a look of mild bemusement. She had no idea what he could be amused about.

“A shinobi of Konoha.” She looked him up and down, searching for any sign of his affiliation, any sign that he might not be a foe, but rather another ninja that was training in the forest. She hoped. There was no way to gauge his power, no way to gauge it unless she fought him. She didn’t want that, but she would defend herself, and besides, it was easier to keep these drakpo going rather than letting them go. Her grip tightened as he retrieved his scythe. It looked grim, almost inhuman. No one in their right mind would use that, right? No one except perhaps an enemy?

Compared to his scythe, she supposed that her senbon were “tiny” as he remarked. But then again, his scythe was roughly the same size as her. Her eyebrows knitted together, a tiny spark of anger lighting inside of her, and her red drakpo glowed a bit brighter in the dark of the forest. She decided she would qualify it with a remark of her own, “Like me, their size belies their true power. I would be careful or you might find yourself on their wrong end.”

“Who are you talking to?” Her eyebrow raised as he talked to, seemingly, himself and she looked around, trying to find the person he was talking to, perhaps telepathically. Coming up with nothing, her eyes focused on him once more. He said that if he had known he wouldn’t have missed. She just needed one more piece of evidence to know if he was an enemy. Only enemies would give barely veiled threats right?

“You said you wouldn’t have missed. Are you a killer for fun then? Or have we met?” She seemed more puzzled than she had been, and when he asked if she were trying to convince herself, her grip tightened further, her shoulders lowering into more of an offensive stance, keeping the red drakpo between herself and this new person she shook her head, “A warning, in case you didn’t know who you were dealing with.” Her voice didn’t shake, but her inflection sounded more pleading than definitive. Perhaps she was trying to convince herself, but she also was trying to hide it. She was frightened. This was the first time that she was against a foe on her own. Or perhaps, the first time she was with a newfound friend on her own. She could feel the scales tipping more towards the former than the latter, but she could use the latter rather than the former more.

WC: 1205

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He took note of her change in posture. She looked like a corned animal ready to strike. She began to sing her own praises, and speak in big-notes. Remarks of her own latent power, behind her otherwise petite exterior.

'Giving herself airs, Xion.'

"Yes. She really knows how to preen herself. Though, I did say I 'wouldn't miss'." 

His tulpa perambulated leisurely to his side, extending two fingers along the tooth of the weapon. 'It is often that, when we guess others' motives, we only reveal our own. If she seeks quarrel--"

His own hand eclipsed his, beckoning for him to raise the weapon. '--Please, why not give her a reward? '

Xion looked the girl over once more, and then his tulpa, who's smile held a rapturous delight. Their intent to harm was apparent. He would maim her himself if he could. Xion, slightly disturbed, practically wrenched the scythe away from the otherwise imaginary version of himself. But his voice was persistent.

'Go on, Xion. Be brave.'

His face moved a little too slowly, as he was expecting a darker approach to the situation. Then he grinned. As he did, Xion himself could swear that the temperature of the forest fell a little. Even in the dark forest, Xion saw his other self's bared teeth. They were overly white;  It was a cheshire grin of sorts, the kind that was so wide it was more as if he wanted to eat everyone rather than say hello. Once again, his imaginary companion was making his motives known; he was a mocker, one who enjoyed whatever torment he could inflict on others.

"I can't." Suddenly Xion felt dizzy, as if he'd recieved a blow that caught him rather low, so that he was almost winded and could not breathe. He stood rigid, paralysed as a winded man is. But he wouldn't let it be seen. With all his will he prevented himself from gasping. Only through his parted lips he drew tiny gasps, controlled, nothing revealed to the other two. He was in control. Not Him.

'Do not turn away from me. Darkness is reality. And reality is the finest flesh, oh Xion, and are you not--hungry?'

"Enough!" His holler reverberated in his own ears like a clap of thunder, such was his rage. It was a roar of pure anger. The voice never rested, and asked of him such gross things. He wondered if it was really his conscious of some entity of the deep. He certainly does not think thoughts like this of his own accord.

Not unless He is here.

He didn't dare face the woman. Without looking, she was probably bewildered. She might run.

As his breathing gradually became less labored, his lanky frame was once again ramrod straight. Apathy  washing over him like heavy water, holding him to the ground.

Was he a murderer, she asked. Acquaintance even? He answered with a a simple rebuttal to both, "No. I'm not."

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She narrowed her eyes at his mentioning of preening herself. She didn’t want to say that she was preening herself, but at least he was honest. She wanted to make herself big and scary to a potential threat. She looked him up and down, wanting to make sure that he wasn’t going to make any sudden and aggressive moves. His face went through a menagerie of different emotions, and it didn’t scare her as much as concern her. She didn’t know if he was well, mentally, and stable enough to have a weapon. She marked his appearance. He was certainly a shinobi.

He said, “I can’t” Suddenly, and reeled a bit before standing rigid. Her breath caught in her throat and she listened to his, a small rasping sound that barely could be heard over the whisper in the trees. Her body relaxed a bit, it hurt from her holding her offensive stance for so long. She kept the drakpo in her hands, just in case, but her stance relaxed a bit, more to a standing stance than a fighting one. She gave him a pitying look before he shouted, “Enough!” The hollar reverberated around them, echoing throughout the forest. It was an angry response. She had remained silent, so he was definitely talking to someone else. Something else.

She didn’t know who it was, but she wanted to help him. It was her bedside manner that did this, the feeling of being a target melted away into a feeling of concern for a mentally conflicted individual. She hadn’t treated patients with Schizophrenia before, nor Multiple Personality Disorder, but it seemed like he suffered from delusions nonetheless.

She looked him up and down, his chest heaving up and down like her eyes, labored breathing finally coming to rest before he answered her questions with a simple negation. He wasn’t a killer, and she hadn’t met him before. Alright, perhaps she could help him. She noted his weapon and dropped her own. Her mind stayed wary to the threat of attack from this boy but she smiled an easy smile, the smile that she had used on dementia patients, or those suffering from a great pain. “I am Guanyin Chiaki, let’s get acquainted properly. I am a genin, graduated nine years ago from the academy, and you?” The smile slipped into a friendly one, rather than one that was wary. She wanted to make a friend today, not a foe.

“If you would like, we could go for a coffee, I am needing something to wind down.” She knew that coffee was usually something that gave people energy, but she opted for using it as a treat. That way she didn’t get addicted to the caffeine, or maybe she already was? Anyhow, she didn’t use it for a wake-up, but rather as a treat. That is what made it seem like a wind-down drink. Her limbs were still full of adrenaline, and her heart still was pounding, but she wanted to make a friend, wanted to be able to let her guard down with someone. This individual, while tormented, might make a friend. Right?

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Xion's countenance looked wearily as she gave her name. He acknowledged her introduction with a very circumspect, "Xion."

He gave pause to her assertion of being a shinobi. It was such a fleeting career, he thought. Their mortality rate is high. Hardly if ever, did he see someone old, who'd claim they were a shinobi, walking around. And he surmised as much for her also. Light warbled off the tooth of his scythe, as to reflect the moonlight above. His hair parted for the breeze as he stared up. The clear nebula meeting his gaze.

Almost a decade's passed, he thought. Just what would make her choose to go for all of that fatuous doctrine now?

'Now Xion, she is new. And by her offering: Indulgent. Show her benevolence, Xion. So that if you might need an ally, you may call upon her--and expect an answer.'

His gaze wandered to his side where his other half appeared. Sounding much more calmer, yet calculating then he had previously. It is hard to believe that, having been inches from losing her head, she was ready for a casual evening out; ready to relax with something bold. He wondered if she had her wits about her. They say that eyes are windows to the soul. His icy pair drowned in her own. They were innocent, big and dainty. Yet the kind of blue eyes you forget while looking at them. But they also reflected light easily, he observed. To him, they were the patina of goodwill. But beaming benevolence is not inherent. It was nurtured rather, through jade and old souls.

"Nearly beheaded, and the first thing you offer me is a sit down?--" His lips curled. He might even consider himself flustered. Her young mien had the freshness of youth. His head cocked to the blade of his scythe, and he stared daggers into his own reflection. 

But, she's got me curious. Why someone like her, would be here at the witching hour? It is pitch black out here. Though, I guess it doesn't matter. So long as she only encounters people like me. His bare feet crunched on the long-since-fallen leaves, sprawled across the charcoal forest floor. The cold, coarse foliage sending a chill up his spine.

In a swift, cadent gait that discreetly closed a bit of distance between the two, he smirked--just a small pouting of the lips; a narrowing of the eyes and a tilting of the head. It was subtle. Coffee and a chat, huh? He smiled. As if he'd been slightly scorned, maybe even cheated deeply, harbouring a feeling of scheme and rebellion; but only expressed by the slightest curve at the mouth's corner and a youthful confidence worn in a light raise of the eyebrow above a quizzical, joyful eye. But that grin was short lived, as it dissolves into a puddle of thin laughter. 

He looked at her, he could tell that she meant the offer, and expected to be taken up on it. Moments from losing her head, and she yet so quick to make a friend? An interesting air about her. Maybe it was he who should be wary of her.

"--Yes--why not? I'll join you, how's that? As--penance for my disregard."

He grinned, maybe a little pissed. "Well, lead the way, Ms. Chiaki."



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To his question, she shrugged, “It wouldn’t be the first time someone has thrown a deadly weapon at me and I have made a new friend out of them. Why not?” She shrugged in what she hoped would be a nonchalant way. It was practiced, practiced until it was art. It was the nonchalant shrug that she gave that sent the message to the dementia patients that all was forgiven. If they were angry, they soon forgot it, as their minds sometimes had a five minute reset. All that they could really remember, after they were upset with her, is the fact that they were upset. This boy, as she looked him up and down warily again for a split second, was twice as deadly, but probably had a swinging personality.

All that she could do was either hold on tight and try to make him dance to her tune, or wiggle with him where he went. Since he wasn’t showing hostility anymore, she might as well try to wiggle. The midnight stroll was what she did to unwind, but she didn’t want to say that to him, no, it wasn’t the thing that you say to people that you just met. He must think she was a bit nutter as well, being out here in the forest alone.

The laughter caught her a bit off guard, her eyes hazing for a moment in defense. She was ready to go back at it, and dance the night away, or at least until the morning’s light would bring help for her, but at the end of it, she found penance, or at least the offering of such.

The grin was a bit strange, and she could sense some hostility behind it. Perhaps someone else like her had come around? All that she could think about was getting somewhere public, making a new friend, and perhaps testing the waters where someone would find her body should this tango fall down the steps and break two ankles.

She led from the side, walking at a pace which he could easily keep up with, keeping a close and watchful eye on him in her periphery, but not staring directly at him, making light conversation all the way to the coffee shoppe. “The midnight air is bracing, and it seems like the chill of the morning hasn’t set in. Perhaps we should have our coffee outside.” She tilted her head in a thoughtful way toward him with a small candid smile, “And as for before, penance is a strong word. You probably were training in the forest, and I lost my cool. It is me who should apologize. I showed my claws before anything else, I seem to have somewhat of a short fuse.”

WC: 2207

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The sky was black tranquility married to a poetry of stars. It was the softness that called body and brain to rest and let the heart go to its steady rhythm. He understood her motives. Another night owl, he presumed. What was so wrong about taking advantage of the best part of the day? Perhaps then, that was one thing they had in common.

She apologized and cast the blame on herself. This made him feel guilty and vulnerable, so he said nothing. He was silent. She kept her pace just fast enough to stay ahead, stealing glances at him whenever she was able. And reassuring him with her girlish grins, that she may or may not have been feigning. He was expressionless. She certainly had her ninja-wits about herself. He supposed she'd been putting that shinobi training of her's to good practice.

The woodland seemed ominously quiet. Xion paused. Now that even the sound of their own footfalls was silent, all that could be heard was the susurration of the leaves in the gusty wind. Tipping his head back, he was  transfixed by the myriad of fluttering leaves that danced in the high boughs, making a living roof above them. It was calming, almost hypnotic, but the longer he stared the more the leaves looked like eyes staring back down at him and the boughs seemed to draw closer, blocking the moonlight as if they were forming a cage around them.

From the roof of leaves, he noticed more and more stars the longer he looked. And the blueshift as they scattered across the sky.

“You call it a short-fuse. Why not cunning?” His voice cut the silence; a few words to pick her brain. So far, what it appeared she lacked in physical strength, she made up for in an innocent, front. Lightning reflexes upon the reveal of her needles, someone like her must be able to think quickly and carefully.

“Personally--”, A grin tugged at his lips, “--I think you're probably more deft than me. That's a compliment, by the way.”

“Earlier--you said after almost a decade, you've decided to pursue the career of a shinobi.” He treaded carefully. “You have a mentor, then?”

They approached what he could see was the shoulder of the sandy, market street. The main road. Marked by the even cut, browning grass and low brush. The next tree they passed he stood his scythe behind. A better option than dragging a rill-filled weapon on his person, and catching the stares of everyone. He'd make a mental note to retrieve it later. It's obscure location and the cloak of night should suffice as an adequate hiding spot.

They passed quite a few derelict shops, past rusty street lamps and holes in aged buildings. That during the day were abandoned, but at night became more lively, and saw more business then the honest sellers just hours before. He knew they were close when he smelled the bitter aroma of ground coffee beans. It had managed to soak into his clothes before either of them had even entered the shoppe. He couldn't see the exact colors of the building, but under the warm, hot street lamps, it looked particularly neutral.

The gentle murmur of voices from a few late night patreons, could be heard above the harsh stomach churning sound of the coffee machine as it struggled to produce its product after a long day. Xion could see a worker or two walking behind the counter not in any particular rush. One had light hair, and dark eyes and he gave them both a courtesy smile, before she disappeared into a backroom. He would probably be with them in a moment.



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“Well.” Chiaki paused to think, letting her guard down with a frown and furrowed brows. She looked to the cobbled stone as if it were going to spell out the answer to her internal question. She stayed silent for a bit and he started again, giving her a compliment. A bit of color came to her cheeks and she cleared her throat.

Chiaki wasn’t used to being complimented, least from someone who was a night owl like her. They were usually partiers, dancers, drunkards, or pensieve people who kept to themselves. The wind licked the houses and stuttered over the stones, whispering about the feet that had been there that day. She couldn’t understand it, but it talked, all the same.

“Thank you for the compliment. She finally said, looking back up at him, light dancing behind her eyes, the same light that her blue drakpo had. The light of healing, perhaps mending some of her previous thoughts that she had let come between her and her new acquainted friend. “I ah, I didn’t think of it that way. I have only been in the village’s employ for a little.”

She nodded to the question and sighed, “It’s ah, yeah.” She shrugged and her gaze turned inward again, “I don’t have a mentor, more like… a shadow?” She thought of her first mission, with Takao, and wondered if that was an appropriate thing to call the previous kage. His name meant “shadow” so why not? And everyone had a bit of shadow in them. It just didn’t seem to stick to him and his scarred arms though. Which is why she hesitated.

The boy put his scythe behind a tree, and Chiaki nodded, she weaved a set of hand seals, the same for her drakpo and conjured the red one. She wrote the kanji for protection and it turned black, she explained, “So that we remember where it is for later. I can also heal it later.” She grinned, “I am a medical kunoichi.” She blinked and sighed, “I ah, I can explain my bloodline jutsu at coffee if you’d like?”

They walked along, and the fences were working late, it seemed, or at least on towards the middle of the night. Chiaki noted that there were good sellers for poisons in this district, both ingested, all the way to topical. She remembered having to get these poisons for the hospital, once, and having to pretend to be buying them for herself. She had come across some deadly weapons that could be bought that were too dangerous to be handed out to the common folk. With enough money and the right people behind you, however, you could buy just about anything in Konoha under the very noses of the Military Police.

The odor of coffee stung her nose and woke her more than she already was, and her stomach gave a little grumble as she neared the building. In the daylight, when she would see the sun peek out over the mountains, it was a light brown color, but under the lamplight, it was a tanned color. She nodded to the person who disappeared to the back room.

Chiaki didn’t know what to do with the time that they had, so she opted for pulling up a chair on a bar height table and scrambling up, offering the seat in front of her to Xion. She hoped that they still had her favorite, a triple shot dark chocolate mocha. She licked her lips in anticipation.

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It's late and despite a long day, the barista struggles to get the machines to warm, and Xion ponders over the young man's shoulder. He’'d let him sort the contraption longer, and drink in the aroma of this place. The barista has tired eyes, yet there is that glimmer, a give away of his good heart. A tiring job no doubt, but he's one of those surviving sparks, one of the ones who held on to who they really are. He turns them, a bemused smile plastered on his face. As if no matter the situation, that trill of a smile was permanent. Xion asks him for a freshly warmed, honey toast, and a part of him apologizes amid his own tired smile.

“I'm sorry for being one of those guest. To ask of you such a thing while you already seem so busy.”

The light haired man looked him over. Xion could feel his eyes trace the jet black hue that adorned him. It wasn't atypical. To be caught off guard by the deepness of his skin. Then Xion sees his spark glow a little brighter, his face more relaxed, a smidge more joy in his eyes, “Too late for that, right?" Xion steeled his face, not wanting to grin. “Toppings?”

Xion titters a bit unexpectedly, a fringe of ‘Himself’ trying to suppress it. “Whatever fruit you have lying around. I'm not picky.”

“Whatever I've got? Careful there, I’ll hold ya to it.” He winked at them both, and disappeared into the kitchen behind a hinged door. It swung out behind him, and swayed like a pendulum until it lost its energy. The sign of a high volume kitchen, that surely hummed to life during the day.

He supposed that's why he liked it here, in Konaha. That despite what calamities were to befall places like Suna, and anywhere else in the world, a place like this tiny café, huddled despondent among the evil of the world. Or washed out under the overcast sky, to hunch in itself, fighting against the drizzle. Still it would stand as a place for people to meet peacefully. Undoubtedly, he thought, hundreds of people rushed by it, outside on the crowded streets. The handful amount of customers glanced up as the door swung open, heralded by a blast of warm wind. Unlike the outside, the interior of the café is cool and cheery, with bright lights and colourful walls. Even now, as a customer came bustling in, a rarity for this graveyard shift, everyone returned to their conversations as the door swung closed behind the new entrant, and the warm breeze was forgotten.

Xion busied himself, settling his hands over and over. A buried glance over to Chiaki. Yes, she was still there. He was searching for anything to say, anything, be it pointless, to fill in the empty space.

“So--what we're you talking about earlier? About you're bloodline? Since you brought it up, I'm actually kind of curious.”

To his right, sat as if He was invited, he could feel that intrinsic dread. The sentience that always gave his mind and body pause. Xion's lips parted for a sigh, stealing a glance from the corner of his eyes. That billowing, dark brume accompanied by a soulless voice. Had it been earlier in his youth, the whisper in his ear would have sent all the air rushing out of his lungs. But now it was more of an inconvenience, and a battle of mental fortitude.
'You sly fox. Not an honest pick of her brain, is it?'

He leaned, though barely out of her earshot. “Hm? What do you mean?”

His otherself grinned. ‘We know exactly what I mean. Remember Xion, the trite that says honesty is the best policy was always met with criticism. Honesty is not a policy. Of truly genuine men--at least.’

“Quiet, you.” He waft his hand to and fro, waving the entity into a black mist. He took pause for a moment, hoping that Chiaki would somehow be aloof. It was quite easy. To be enraptured by the voices. He would have to keep that in check. At least for the remainder of their encounter.

The young barista returned, the pastry on an ivory platter, and disposable chopsticks. He looked a bit labored, but his smile was genuine. Caramelized apricots on a golden and crispy cake. Steaming tendrils still reaching from it. Xion thanked him with a nod,  and that was good enough for him to turn his sights to Chiaki, eager to get started on her order.


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((Exiting to take word count and use as rank up stiff))

1000 words for Guanyin sutures
1000 words for guanyin caltrops

187 towards ranking up suiton
250 words towards ranking up ninjutsu
364 left over

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