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Mission Stuffs:
Mission name: Kill or capture the Escaped Gorilla
Mission rank: C
Objective: Take out or capture the gorilla
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300 ryo
Mission description: A gorilla escaped from the inclosure, in konoha and you have been instructed to either capture it or kill it,they would pay you more though for a live gorilla.
Mission details: The gorilla in held up in the small forest, terrorizing the animals in the area and destroying plantlike also.

Chiaki had decided to dress, today, in a blue kimono which was form fitting and slit down the sides to allow easy walking, rather than bunching up around her ankles and not allowing for any movement. She had also opted to wear her hitae-ate around her waist as a sash, along with her belt of senbon. She was, in a word, "On call" for the hidden leaf, and had put her name into the administrator's office this morning. There was a good reason that she was on call, and that was… she was completely broke for the month. She had paid her rent, of course, but now she was surviving on plain ramen noodles, homemade and frozen so that they wouldn’t spoil, but there wasn’t even milk in her fridge. Her dress felt a bit loose as she had not eaten a decent meal in about two days and desperately needed a mission.

She had decided to lounge in front of the city gates, trying to see if there were any missions that the guards would need done in an impromptu fashion. A raven jetted up from the administration building and its piercing gaze met hers as it flew straight toward her. The ravens of Konoha were shrewd birds, and smarter than most of the other animals in the employ of the shinobi of the hidden leaf. The Kimono she had picked was actually not only for style, but also because it was easy to move in, lightweight and she had it tailored to withstand the rigors of battle. It was also one of the reasons she was broke this month. She chewed her bottom lip as the bird dove out of the sky and landed on her proffered arm.

“Hello there.”
She said to the small bird and offered it a ryo. It took it in its beak and offered its leg in return. She nodded and undid the small tie. Closing her eyes against the sudden rush of air as it took off in a whirl of feathers and beak she clung to the small missive.

Chiaki took the paper and unrolled it, turning it over, as it was upside down she read, “Urgent! An escaped gorilla has been seen heading west into the forest, recently escaped from the zoo this gorilla is considered dangerous, and should be treated as such.” She nodded. The instructions further said that the gorilla was to be returned to the zoo unharmed if at all possible, but terminated if it should prove too dangerous. Tilting her head from side to side to stretch her neck muscles she nodded. Well, best to get this on and over with. She then, noticed some script at the end of the note, “Wait at the front gate for your partner.”

Well, she wouldn’t complain, a partner on this mission would be welcome, and would mean less damage to her. She was not a close quarters combatant if she didn’t have to be, but she would be if necessary. The technique that she had up her sleeve was called “Heavy water” and she wanted to try that on the gorilla if at all possible, holding it up. Tilting her head out, and leaning forward, her legs dangling delicately in front of her she pursed her lips and waited at the gates for her partner. A look of expectant boredom pervading her features with each passing minute, a sense of urgency starting to arise in her stomach.

WC: 585


A mission had been issued. It was low, tedious, but then again, what missions had been issued so far that weren't? Akaneya always felt that the village was using her in the wrong ways, wasting time and effort doing all the wrong things; despite this, she held faith in the decisions of the elders. They knew her skillset and trusted that, if they assigned her to a mission, they considered her to be the right candidate for the task. After all, a captured gorilla posed a very serious risk to close-combat fighters, but her specializing in distance and genjutsu meant that she could keep a distance and indirectly incapacitate the beast. It might be assumed her partner would either be much of the same, or someone to defend her while she worked her musical magic. In either case, it would be no issue.

With her silent walk, Akaneya soon found herself looking to the village gate. A memory came rushing to the front of her mind, of a day only a few years ago. A time when she could barely be described as conscious, walking but without mind or reason or awareness, until she crashed into that very gate and passed out. It was how she arrived in Konoha in the first place, and it would change her life quite dramatically in a very short time. She still did not entirely understand how easily she had been accepted into the village, but that was a story for another day. For now, the mission awaited. Her partner, or a girl she presumed to be her partner, stood in the gate awaiting her arrival. Best not to waste time.

Approaching the girl, she silently eyed her up and down for a brief moment. An assessment of her form, and character. "You're my partner, then?" she finally spoke in a seemingly dull and perhaps disinterested voice, "We don't have much time to waste. Let's get going." Just like that, she was walking again. Assuming that her partner had simply decided to follow, without missing a beat Akaneya presented a simple statement and a simpler question: "I am Kotone Akaneya. I specialize in genjutsu and restrictive techniques. Am I right to think you are likewise?"

Already, half-listening to the answer she was being given, Akaneya debated potential battle plans. She knew her own limits, as well as her own strengths. That of her partner was yet to be accounted for, but surely there was something to be had. While a gorilla's arms were a deadly force, it was the legs that allowed it to escape. With paralyzed arms, it could not fight back. With paralyzed legs, it would need to drag itself to move. That was settled, then - Akaneya could target its legs for paralysis. The tactic was set into place, silently and without notice of her companion, who had not yet finished talking.

Akaneya reached into her pouch, counting the tools she had at the moment. The mission had been issued somewhat hastily, and there had been no proper time to prepare. The threat posed by a loose, potentially aggressive gorilla had all but prevented any such preparation. She felt only three senbon, and a single kunai. While not ideal, with these trinkets working alongside her flute, she could make do. Had she not learned well how to adapt and work through problems quickly and without warning, she would not have survived nearly as long as she had.

Post stats:

Word count: 582


Unused WC: 11,947



“I am your partner.” Chiaki said to the girl, as she studied her as well. It seemed like she was at least as talented as she, if not more. She seemed to be a genin, or perhaps a chuunin, and judging by the way that she carried herself, in a relaxed manner, she seemed to be comfortable with herself and with the mission. She adjusted her kimono, making sure she was decent and blinked twice. “I agree. Let’s.” She said as soon as she heard the girl’s plans to just go ahead and go on with the mission. She would aim for the legs with her heavy water jutsu, she had already decided, and let this girl do what she did best. Whatever that was.

She listened to Akaneya and nodded to the assumption. “I am likewise, but I am also a medical Kunoichi. I specialize in detaining and healing, mostly. You could say I am a support-nin.” She rattled off. “I only know the basic academy techniques, and have self-taught myself the Guanyin needles, a technique called heavy water which paralyzes two of the limbs of my choosing using the lymph in the body, and also a lightning spear. I can heal you if you are hurt in the battle, but let’s try to avoid that if at all possible, wouldn’t you agree?”

They headed off into the forest, Chiaki taking to the trees, and followed the trail of the huge ape. It was conspicuous, the trail that it left, and Chiaki called out, “We can follow it pretty easily, it seems like it kicked up mud on the trees, and cut a swathe through the underbrush. I don’t know if it is a male or a female, but it seems to be a sizeable ape.” She looked around and took up a branch, about as thick as her arm and snapped off a bit of it, making a makeshift spear. She nodded. “Seems like I will probably want to distract this ape, can your limiter jutsu take care of him from a long range?” She tilted her head with pursed lips and furrowed brow, trying to plan it out before they got to the ape, “I have to get close for Heavy Water and I was thinking of serving as a distraction until you take care of some of the problem. If he can’t get away, or can’t use some of his limbs, that would help. Or if you are able to trap his mind?” She raised her eyebrows with the question, “Because I know Genjutsu is a scary thing to go against.”

She drove the stick, blunt end, into the ground, and used it as a walking stick the rest of the way, jogging to keep the pace with the enraged animal. They would soon be nearing the ape that had escaped. A massive gorilla of twisted muscle and rage, who was terrorizing the local wildlife. She couldn’t get the image out of her head of it hurting the vegetation, and perhaps some harmless animal. Not that she could hear or see anything now, they were too far out.

WC: 532+585=1117


It would seem that Akaneya's partner wasn't the type to rush blindly. That was good, it would stop her having to guide and regulate her actions. A proper kunoichi never goes into battle without thinking at least a few steps ahead, that was the key to success and survival. Even in battle, one had to try to set things up, to act quickly and improvise as necessary but to altogether tie every action into the next. To adjust as necessary, but always know what to do next. That, in the end, was the way to survive, and to thrive. At least, that's how Akaneya had made it this far.

A voice came nagging in the back of her head. Oh, Akaneya. Always the tactician, never the strategist. The speaker came into her vision, a foul man by the name of Noboru. He was a year or two her senior, significantly taller, and had the mind of a snake ready to lunge at any given moment. It was for that reason that her master favored him, treated him as an assistant in a sense, rather than a prisoner like she was. He didn't have the brand on his skin, but he didn't need it. She could still see the smirk on his face, outlined by his starchy white hair, and his eyes the color of venom and stinging just as harshly.

She rest on the ground, defeated, pinned down by Noboru. The two exchanged spiteful gazes as the grinned his pointed grin and leaned in, tightening his grip on her arms and pushing down harder, "Oh Akaneya. Always the tactician, never the strategist." While she had shown a mastery of the battlefield, she failed to keep up with him and to stay in control of the situation. He had, in short, outplayed her. He had done so previously, and he would go on to do so again. Feeling his warm breath on her face, she was almost relieved to hear a voice in the corner of the room command: "That's enough. It is time." With that simple instruction, Noboru released her and walked away, leaving Akaneya to get back to her feet and continue her training.

The ape lay ahead, that much was clear. Akaneya looked up to see her partner had already taken to the trees. So be it, she would cover the ground. "Paralysis of the legs is paramount. Such apes move with both their arms and legs. Without its legs, the beast will be unable to fight back, relying on its arms for movement. I will take care of its legs to make it safe for you to continue with your plan." The entire thing was quite blunt and matter-of-fact in its delivery, but could one argue? Probably, but Akaneya would not make it easy. "Attempting to 'trap its mind' would involve too much risk for our situation. In the time it takes to do so, the beast might be able to retaliate, or it might be able to resist through sheer strength. Paralysis is straightforward, direct, quick. The specific genjutsu form is more difficult for the target to apply brute force to. Even if it can regain control, it will not be able to see its limbs."

Just then, the animal came into view. A hulking, angry gorilla, smashing its way through the woods. Stopping for a moment, raising her hand to tell her partner to do the same, she began a stealthy approach. With careful steps, avoiding brambles and twigs and other problematic foliage, she made her way to the creature. Once within range, she stood up and, in a swift, elegant, and fluid motion, pulled out her flute and placed it to her lips. The melody began, rapid but flowing with ease, and in only a matter of seconds the gorilla seemed to lose its balance and fall.

The beast tried to pull itself up with its arms, but Akaneya played a shrill note to disturb the animal's ears. Thrown off balance and disoriented, it fell over once more. As the animal struggled to make its way back to a stable position, and with its legs still paralyzed, Akaneya looked to her partner. If she hadn't already started, the redhead would gesture to make the move before the disorientation wore off. The mission was simple, the threat low, but only with rapid and efficient movement. There was no time to waste.

Post stats:

Word count: 748

Total word count: 1330

Jutsu used: Melodic Binding, Cacophony


Unused WC: 11,947



Akayena, Chiaki observed, had slowed imperceptibly and was seemingly looking inwards rather than outwards. She paused and looked Akaneya over a bit before Akaneya turned back into, what she assumed to be, her normal self. Chiaki blinked and licked her lips, wetting them and feeling parched. Perhaps it was nerves? She shook her head to clear the muddled feeling that had taken over. She would make sure to keep her mind in the game, rather than on her feelings. Those would only slow her down. She settled into a half-meditative state as they neared the ape and Akaneya started talking. She nodded along, it sounded like a good plan. She would have to think of how to build on it when they got there. There was also, as she realized now, much that she had to learn about genjutsu users. It wasn’t all just smoke and mirrors, but rather an entire world, or partial reality they were weaving. She didn’t think that she had the mental stamina nor fortitude to create such a world in her own head, much less those of others.

“You go for the legs, I’ll get the arms.” She nodded, “There is one thing though that I wanted to-” She stopped, shutting her mouth and looking around at her surroundings. There wasn’t much room to make her way through the branches anymore without making noise so she dropped to the forest floor. She would have to take to the aerial attacks if it came to that later. Nodding that she understood Chiaki would make her slow way into the underbrush ahead of Akaneya. She didn’t see the fluid motion, but heard the flute instead. It seemed like it was like.. Well it was like a river, or a blade of grass moving in a breeze or… Well she couldn’t really pin it down. She looked back and her eyes widened in annoyance, her lips pursed. Akaneya, however, was focused on the ape.

Chiaki, a mere moment later, looked back to the gorilla who looked their way and snorted. A rivulet of mucus flying from its flared nostrils as the melody started, it seemed to relax and sway a bit. This was Chiaki’s time to strike. Like a panther, actually, like the small panther that she had encountered on the mission with the medicine, she slunk through the underbrush when a shrill note pierced the air, and the gorilla stumbled. She wiggled her limbs, keeping them limber and then launched the spear through the air, weaving hand seals with one hand and taking out senbon with her other. She threw two senbon towards the beast’s left knee joint, the other towards the right as she dove in with her hand outstretched towards the gorilla.

A warcry came from her lips, the time for stealth over. She just had to touch the thing and it would all be over. The powerful arms would be out of commission if she did so. The spear was aimed for the animal’s face, but she knew it would block it out of self-preservation alone. Meaning she would have one giant limb that could strike her if she was unlucky. If she was lucky, she would be able to touch any part of the animal and it would be over. A simple mission, cut and dry. The hard part, she was sure, would be transporting the stupid thing back to the village.

“Heavy Water Jutsu!” She roared as she stretched out her hand, the finished seal on it. She was, as her partner would probably have found out, quite efficient with her hand seals, only having to have one hand to complete them.

WC: 621+1117 = 1738

Jutsu Used
Name: Heavy Water
Origin: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Water
Range: 0, contact
Specialty: Ninjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous (1 post)
Cooldown: 0
Hand Seals: Monkey, Hare, Boar, Serpent.
Description: A technique where the user channels chakra into their hands and attempts to touch the victim’s torso. It uses the victim’s lymph in their body, or latent water, and makes it four to five times heavier, creating a temporary paralysis in the victim. This manifests itself in the victim’s limbs, rendering two of them of the user’s choice to become immobile for 3 posts. The strain on the user is high and concentration and contact are a must or this jutsu will fail. Costs 25 chakra.


Just like that, the great beast was subdued. A single, rapid chain of events, unbroken and unfaltering, had managed to overcome the danger of the situation to accomplish the task. Now, the two kunoichi picked for the task might well have had an advantage, specializing in this particular need, but all the same it proved to be an effective solution and a supreme demonstration of efficiency and competence. That is all that Akaneya could hope for out of any mission, and this one went even smoother than she had anticipated. The gorilla was now immobilized, and all that was left to do was to carry it back.

Flute in hand, she overlooked the scene. "If you're capable, you should run and get guards to help carry this thing back. I will stay here and maintain my jutsu." With only letting Chiaki get a few words off in response, she placed the instrument to her lips and began playing her melody once more. The dulcet tune wove its way into the ears of its bestial victim and toyed with its brain, keeping it in place with no small amount of help from her partner in the total capture. Now all she had to do was to wait.

Looking at the dazed, somewhat confused, gaze of the gorilla, she noticed as it started to pacify. The once-aggressive monster had ceased its rage and fallen into a pit of surreality. In any case, it had calmed quite considerably, and might no longer rampage if it was set free. That caveat, however, would not come to pass - Akaneya was dedicated to her mission, as she always was, and in no time at all her partner came with a handful of guards to get the beast back to its enclosure at the zoo.

Post stats:

Word count: 300

Total word count: 1630

Mission req: 1630/1500



Unused WC: 11,947



Chiaki looked up, and as her hand touched the beast, she thought of its arms. The beast’s arms dropped like they were tied to lead weights to the ground, his cry of defiance shaking the forest’s foliage around her. She and Akaneya had won. She gave a triumphant grin over her shoulder, only to be told to go and get the guards to help carry the gorilla back.

“I will go and get the guards, but… you be careful, don’t let it get you.” She nodded, “That jutsu should last a while.” Chiaki took to the trees in a flash, weaving between branches, getting little scratches to her cheeks and arms, the branches tearing at her clothing, but not breaking the new clothes she had bought. Good, they were of good fabric then.

Speeding into the gates, she skated to a halt at the guard post and caught her breath, “I need at least two or three of you to help with the gorilla. We have it in custody.” She received only questioning glances from the guards, and she rolled her eyes, “I mean the one that escaped the zoo.” They were two female guards and they nodded to one another. One grabbed a bit of rope, and the other sprang off with Chiaki, her partner soon behind her.

The three kunoichi sprang through the trees, squirrels were no match for their agility and speed as they came to the clearing, the haunting notes of the flute echoing through the glen. She paused a moment, looking at the serene scene, the gorilla was basically napping, its limbs useless, and its eyes glazed over. Akaneya was playing the flute and Chiaki’s heart skipped a beat, her face turning red as she thought of the girl in a new way.

She seemed, in the heat of the music, a beautiful and rare thing in the middle of the forest. A bright red star in a sea of green. She cleared her throat and pointed to the animal for the guards, who hurried with the tying of the ape and put some sealing scrolls on the bindings.

One guard, then, picked up the ape and tossed it onto her shoulder as if it were nothing.

After exchanging some pleasantries Chiaki and Akaneya headed back to the village and turned in their mission. Chiaki went home, and thought about the day’s events, wondering, perhaps if she had a new crush? “Tha thump, tha thump” went her own heart.

Tired, and covered in mud, she let the hot water cascade over her small frame, letting the water wash away her feelings, her attitudes towards the day, and the memories of the ape and its ferocity. It was surprising, but when she stepped out of the shower and grabbed her towel to dry herself, all that she could think of was that last moment in the forest. A scene that would permeate her dreams that night and into the day tomorrow. A lilting melody for someone who might be someone to her now.

WC: 2250

Mission completion -1500

Leftover 750, using for training ninjutsu to A

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