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Spider island had grown ever more still as time had passed. The beast at its center having drifted into slumber shortly after a gigantic pendulum grandfather clock appeared behind the throne. The only motion the majority of the time in the throne room was the steady swing of the massive blade. Its dark metal ever so slowly rising to one side only to teeter and swing back the other way. Never slowing, never adjusting tempo in the slightest. Far too slow to actually be used as a clock. Though each swing took about ten seconds exactly. As if it had been balanced to do so by whatever crazed smith had done the deed. Sero however was not one to be denied long so it had been done. However this creation was not merely powered by a system of balance but rather a connection to the source of power within the island. A seal beneath the manor and deep within the Unmei compound was placed upon a large tomb. The heavy stone door kept in place there and guarded by members of the clan. Almost worshiped by them. Holy ground they called it. A warning was scribbled along the stone above the door.

"Here slumbers the father of horrors."

Some might scoff at the name. Not knowing of the man if he could be called such anymore. Sealed away within to be called upon in Kiri's hour of need. A last resort should they awaken evil to combat evil. The ex captain of the seven swords and the executioner of the mist. He had created his legend in blood and simply left it to his students in the end. The tomb connected to the pendulum as It clicked in rhythm. Sero slept within quietly. Preserved in a constant state of rest with the sealed space. Time did not ravage there, light did not touch him as darkness preserved his power and being. Sleeping as he was though he could sense his connections. Distant like a voice muffled through water but Chigetsu was powerful enough to be heard. His strength had grown and now he was what Sero had once been. Perhaps a better choice. A hope to the people. Sero hadn't come to in order to aid the boy but now stirred as the boys power grew ever more. Another beast so much like himself but entirely different. He would need to congratulate him.

The seal would seem to hum and a red glow would spread like metal heating to a red hot point. Spreading and steaming along the seal until the door shifted. Above the pendulum would suddenly stop swinging pointing straight down mid swing as the grandfather clock would chime loudly. Echoing across the island and even to the mainland. One single chime. However Chigetsu would easily sense it. That faded connection snapping back as the being he had met in the house in the Hansha stirred. Dead grey eyes opened and immediately Chigetsu would be able to feel it. Like the eyes of the dead watched over him once more. Beckoning him to the manor. Beckoning him home. Sero wished to see him and it could be sensed. A heavy fog would roll into the village as the sun set and Sero prepared to receive a guest. Nothing out of the ordinary but the island was suddenly a buzz. The Unmei spiders skittered excitedly that father was up and about. Tea and sandwiches were being prepared as they were expecting a sibling of sorts. As far as the island was concerned the little puddle was one of theirs. A great and powerful sibling.


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