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Defeat the Bandit:

Mission name: Defeat the Bandit!
Mission rank: C
Objective: Stop the Bandit
Location: Konoha
Reward: 300
Mission description: Not a ninja, the bandit is still strong enough to cause a headache. He only appears at night, and will steal as much coin and goods as he can carry.
Mission details: Hang around his normal targets and you'll find him easily. He'll attempt to fight you, but he's not very strong physically and only carries two kunai on his person. The man has D1 STR and SPD, but has C3 END, C1 REA and PER.

The Bandit, and a couple of places where he likes to hang out was the only information that was given to her as she prepared herself for the night. Yukino had to partner up with someone for the mission, but something inside of her didn’t mind that this time. She had always caused a scene in the administration building because of the way they handled missions. She didn’t care too much about the fact that she always had to have someone else bothered her. For she carried the pride of the Sarutobi wherever she went, always having a certain air about her that may have been off putting for most others. At least, those who didn’t also come from such a family, and yet, it was also something deeper. She felt this need to always compete, and the way she saw it; she was in constant competition with her peers. Whether they shared the same rank or not, she wanted to be the best. Yukino wanted to test herself, and learn more about her limits. Though, this may have been a weakness for her. This may explain why she always had trouble with group activities at the academy.

Nevertheless, she had to complete this mission, with a partner nonetheless. The time seemed to tick by as she continued to ready herself for the night. The file for the mission gave the order to meet her partner near the Military Police Station by night fall. She planned to keep to this time table, as to not appear to be some sort of slacker. She left her house early, and made her way through the busy village crowds. The village always seem to be alive, but especially so during the night, or at least a different kind of crowd. While she had been out at night, never really by herself, and never for a mission like this. It sort of filled her with a sense of anxiety that she only felt a few times before. Thanks to the way she dressed, she didn’t really stick out from the crowd, not drawing too much attention. She figured that she and her partner would most likely travel by the rooftops once the mission started. Her partner, a Kunoichi named Guayin, Chiaki. While she didn’t recognize the name from any of the big families in the leaf, this was also a common occurrence for her at this point. Besides, she could never allow herself to judge a person by family name alone.

Once she got to the police station, she looked around for her partner. Yukino knew she was early, so she was prepared to have wait a little while for her to show up. Although, it was entirely possible that her partner was somewhere near and Yukino just didn’t see her yet.

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Chiaki dressed and waited for nightfall, she decided, since this was a mission that required her to battle someone else, and bring them to custody, she would wear the chinese style dress that she had tailored. The threads on the dress were sewn together so that they wouldn’t snag, and it had a rather high thread count for what she usually could afford. It was emblazoned with a red hand print on the front, about thigh-high. The dress itself was the same color as her hair, a dark blue which when it caught the light almost had a luminescent quality to it. She smiled at her fingernails, painted with shilak to keep them from chipping. She had chosen a midnight blue with swirls of deep red and bright flecks of golden glitter. It almost looked like the night sky through a telescope, far beyond the reach of any ninja. Or rather, far beyond where she would go.

She blew on the hand with drying nails as she ran her fingers along the side of her dress, tracing a dark yellow trim on the dress. It was form-fitting, and was made for combat. Around her upper left thigh was her senbon, ready to fling at her opponents. On her other, less dominant side, was a kunai which she used defensively if she had to. She had opted for the sandals which she had purchased not a week ago, rather than the flats that she had worn before, as these sandals were designed to help dampen footsteps. Another quick outtake of breath over her fingernails and a couple quick steps took her to the bathroom. She used one hand to start braiding her hair on the left side. She had done it so much, and had practiced hand seals with her fingers enough that it was childsplay to braid her hair close to her head. The movement, as she blew on her fingers again, wound down her hair, ending with a securing of this strand with a small rubber band. She started again, making another small braid. Finally, her other hand was dry enough to touch her hair, which quickened her pace. She braided five braids, getting all of her hair into individual strands, before she twisted it into tight bun at the back of her head. Twisting a hair tie around it, she placed two ornamental needles into her hair and applied a bit of makeup. She wouldn’t stand out, as it looked like she was on a night on the town, but she did want to impress whoever she was working with.

It certainly would not do to lead the person to believe that she was a slouch. Chiaki’s eyes darted down to the piece of paper that she had received earlier that day, it said that she would be working with someone called Sarutobi, Yukino. So she was descended from one of the hokage hmm? Well, that didn’t perturb her, she had worked in the hospital, and there everyone was on equal footing. Royal blood, pauper, noble, or grocer, everyone came to the hospital, and everyone when they had been stripped of rank, clothing, and dignity were the same. That was the harsh reality of the hospital, and she knew that even if this girl were to put on airs, she would be able to work with her. After all, she had worked with the hokage before, why not this girl.

Chiaki looked up, gave her head a tilt twice to each side, before looking down and up. Her makeup done, she smiled at herself. Good, no slouch. She looked at the clock. Fourty minutes until she was supposed to be there. Well, best to be early then. Her fingers twirled the paper back into its pre creased pattern, folding it into an easily concealable size and she placed it into her ninja tool pouch at her left side.

She left her apartment, locking it behind her, and slinked to the rooftops where she moved at the same pace as the other people that used them, a slow run.

Spying the Military police office she slid down the roof’s sloping edge and landed softly a few feet from the girl that she assumed to be her partner. She sized her up for a bit as she introduced herself, “Guanyin Chiaki, and I can only assume you’re Sarutobi Yukino?” A small smile bloomed on her lips, her features soft in introduction. She enjoyed meeting new people, but she was also terrified that they would hate her from the first moment they met her. A social drawback that she had from a very young age, and that was tenderly cultivated by one of her peers who now resided in the Anbu. If Yukino was perceptive enough, she could see that while the smile was easy, and her features were soft, Chiaki was nothing but a bundle of nerves.

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While Yukino didn’t see it in action, she could hear the soft tap that only another ninja could make after descending from a greater height. The first thing that caught her eye was the elaborate clothes that her fellow kunoichi decided to wear. While it wasn’t off putting for her, Yukino couldn’t help but become hyper aware of her own clothing choice. After all, she only wore a basic, long sleeve shirt and athletic pants. Even though her both of their clothes would be well suited for the night to come, anybody could see who cared more for their appearance. In fact, a regular passerby may even mistake Chiaki to be a member of the Sarutobi while Yukino herself came from a regular family. This thought agitated her, and she could feel her competitive flare ignite within her. One of her first thoughts after that was to run back home and wear some of her more decorative stuff so that she could win this little fashion contest. These thoughts however were cut short as Chiaki introduced herself.

While it was clear who was the better dresser, Yukino could tell that her partner was humble from her greeting alone. Yukino could see which one of them was the more confident one, though she couldn’t put together whether her partner was nervous about the mission, or just from new people. Regardless, this seemed to cause the flare within her body to settle down as she could take the victory over confidence versus clothes. Now that all that was sorted, Yukino stood up a little straighter, just as her father taught her before introducing herself. “I am Sarutobi Yukino, part I will be your partner for this mission.” Yukino said. Although she didn’t say her introduction in a snobbish way, a way that some of the other great families would come off. It was more so the face that she made that was well out of her control. Yukino had this sort of look that seemed as though to look through you. This is something that she also inherited from her father, as unintentional as it was. She continued to have this look as she spoke more to her partner. “Since we’re both here now, I think it’d be better to move onto the rooftops. It’ll keep us from interacting too much with the general populous here. It’ll also be better for overall movement.” she finished as she waited for a moment before she sprung up to the rooftop of the police station.

Once she got made to the rooftop, she began to speak again. “Have you ever worked a night mission like this? Personally, this is my first time.” Yukino said. She said this while looking over the city as the sun only had a few more minutes before it was completely gone beyond the horizon. The lights were already on in the village, and she could hear the faint sounds of the night time crowd just now beginning to celebrate the end of the work day. She kept this in her mind as she continued to scan over the village. It was somewhat hard for her to believe that there was someone who had the guts to rob these different establishments. Though from her scan, she could already see weak points. Places where there wasn’t much traffic. Darker areas that  didn’t have as much light. There were only so many police officers, and they were all sure to be stationed where most of the bigger crowds was. While she didn’t necessarily agree with this, she also knew that was because she had extra information. It made complete sense for the police officers to be where they were. To respond to different fights, or just to keep the peace. It was the job of ninja within the village to fill the holes that no one else could. This became more apparent to her as she did more missions. Still, she looked around to see her partner and hear her response to the question.

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Chiaki decided that this girl, though she was fresh from the academy and had much to learn from the world, was probably a good person deep down. She seemed to look Chiaki up and down when she landed and introduced herself, but didn’t talk down to her. Good, at least they were on equal footing. She smiled to the girl, Yukino and nodded to the plan. “The rooftops are probably the way to go, as the target will be on the ground, most likely.” She took out the paper, springing to the rooftops as well, and nodded, “I actually know one of these people, Uyehara-san was one of the people from my mission with Takao-sama, and it seems like she would be an easy target to trail. Her over the top personality and bright way of dressing makes her stick out like a sore thumb in any crowd.” She folded the piece of paper and placed it back on her hip, smiling to the girl once more, “That is unless you would like to trail someone else you know?”

She would wait for a response, but answered the question. “I have done a night mission before, but it was well over ten years ago. It was a bit harder to figure out back then.” She admitted, “As it is dark, and we’re not nocturnal, but it has been a good thing to practice in the dark with my kunai and senbon. So my night vision has improved.” She looked around, noting that the girl was looking at the darker spots of some of the establishments around. She was probably thinking along the same lines as her, that these were prime spots for their target to hide. “We can also go with one of the establishments that they rob, perhaps catch them after they rob the place, or as they’re entering. I don’t exactly want to try to apprehend them inside, just in case we cause a ruckus.” Folding her hands together behind her back, she would wait for the other girl.

“I am also quite fine with you taking the lead on this mission, as it seems like you know what you’re doing.” She deferred to the girl, almost ten years her junior.

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Yukino heard Chiaki agree to moving to the roofs mid jump, not giving her the proper opportunity to reply. This was her own fault as she preemptively acted before properly coordinating with her partner before acting. She had a bad habit of this, and so she would try to fix this during this mission. This, or at least try chip away at this problem as much as she could during the long night ahead of them. While she was scanning the village, somewhat deep in thought, she heard Chiaki mention that she knew one of the people associated with the main target. Chiaki mentioned this while also casually speaking about someone in particular. “Takao-sama?” Yukino thought to herself. “As in the Hokage? How did this girl work on a mission with the Hokage?” Yukino thought to herself. While her first reaction was to satisfy her inquisitive nature by asking Chiaki about her previous mission, she knew she had to keep her priorities in order. Though she wouldn’t let this slide, and would surly ask Chiaki about this first chance she got. Her thoughts shifted back to the task at hand as she listened to the other pieces of information that Chiaki gave her.

“ Uyehara? Are they some sort of criminal as well?” Yukino asked. “And you think she may be the weak point in their network as well?” Yukino asked as she placed a hand underneath her chin. Yukino would still look as though she was scanning the city while saying this, though her head would be tilted somewhat down with her hand still under her chin in thought. “Then that would probably be our next move.” Yukino would say in agreeance with Chiaki, as she herself didn’t know of anyone connected to the mission. Yukino would go on to listen to Chiaki’s story of her own experience with night mission before keying into a certain piece of information that must’ve slipped past her. “Wait, she did a mission like this ten years ago?” Yukino thought to herself. “The only thing I remember about her within the file was her name. It’ll probably be beneficial to look at my partner’s age next time.” Yukino thought to herself as she found herself slightly embarrassed by this slip up. Chiaki would go on to even bring up how they could try to travel to some of their favored spots to rob. “No, I agree with your first plan the most. It’ll be better to find some fresh intelligence regarding our bandit.” Yukino would respond casually.

It was at this moment that Yukino realized she had been standing there with her back turned towards Chiaki the whole time. It wasn’t her intention to seem as antisocial as this. She removed her hand from her chin as she turned back towards Chiaki. This motion would cause her long black hair, that was already put into a ponytail, to twirl around her. She did this as Chiaki would mention that she would allow Yukino herself to take the lead on the mission. That’s when it had occurred to her that she had probably failed to present herself as one who could cooperate or follow instead of lead. While a part of her would’ve loved to take the lead in this mission, she knew that her own experience paled in comparison to her partner. Chiaki having a full ten years on her, and someone who knew the Hokage personally. Yukino decided that she wouldn’t let her own hubris become a liability in a mission such as this. Though she was never quick to submit, she also knew her place. So, with somewhat of an scrunched up face, she bowed toward Chiaki to show respect.

“No, I think it’d be better to go with your lead with this mission.” Yukino began. “You have much more background information on the matter and experience than I do. I shall default to your judgement for the mission.” Yukino finished as she raised herself to face Chiaki. She would wait on the response of her partner before moving forward. A part of her hoping that she didn’t already push her partner too far away from her.

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“Uyehara is the name of a woman I actually questioned on my first mission. Her house was a target for vandalism when I was just taking my first mission. It wasnt all that long ago.” she said, a bit of color coming to her cheeks. The girl, yukino, said that she wanted to have chiaki lead. Well, that would work too. She nodded, and realized that Yukino was still watching the street.

“Ah, alright!”she spoke up to make sure she was heard before yukino turned around and looked a bit abashed. The two of them were quite the pair. Chiaki didn't want to offend yukino, and yukino seemed the same. It was strange, but gave her a little bit of a nostalgic feeling hearkening to her academy days.

Shaking away those, and a bit of the embarrassment she cleared her throat. “alright, Uyehara will be meeting the girls she is friends with probably tonight. She frequents an uptown bar often and I have had the misfortune of bumping into her once or twice there. Not that shes unpleasant but she is just…” she trailed off trying to pick the right word for it. Coming up with bone she sighed in exasperation and gave a slightly irritated look to the night sky. “well you will see for yourself.”

A small grin and they would be on their way, winding north towards the bar. Chiaki would start to walk and talk, wanting to get ahead of uyehara if possible. She knew where the over the top lady lived, and was aiming to meet her halfway to her destination and stay out of her sight, but keep her in surveilling range.


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Yukino listened to Chiaki’s plan as they took off from the rooftops. Jumping from such a height always seemed to cause Yukino to get butterflies in her stomach. “I wonder when that’s gonna go away…” Yukino thought to herself as both her and her partner landed on the street. Chiaki would take the lead when walking, as she knew what Uyehara looked like. Yukino would follow close behind as she kept her guard up. It wasn’t hard to blend in, especially now that she was with Chiaki. Even though Yukino was only 13 and wouldn’t be out normally like this at, Chiaki looked almost like she was her sister. Because of this, it wouldn’t be hard to blend in with the crowd as they weaved in and out of body traffic. The smell of the village around this time always took Yukino off guard. It was mixture of alcohol and fresh food that was being fried up to serve the drunk patrons. For a moment, she thought about how everyone was living in their own worlds, unconcerned with the goings on of things that didn’t directly influence them.

Before she trapped herself in such deep thoughts, Yukino turned to Chiaki as she continued to lead the way. “So..” Yukino started in a low voice comparative to all the noise that was around them. “What’s the plan when we first make contact with this woman?” Yukino asked sincerely. “Wouldn’t her first reaction be to run away from us on sight?” Yukino asked. She asked this, fully prepared to chase after their target if need be. In moments before Chiaki would respond, Yukino would visualize her reaction to such a thing. Her first thought was to simply use her above average speed to hawk down Uyehara. While it wasn’t the most well thought out or strategic plan, she didn’t really see too many other options. That’s why Yukino would follow Chiaki’s leadership, as she had too little experience in the field to really make such fast decisions. The moon was now visible and hung above the village, though the stars were drowned out from the light pollution around them.

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“Well, the first thing we’re going to do is we are going to surveil her, keep back and see if the thief targets her. She is a wealthy woman so it should be good with using her as bait, to find that thief. She is a bit over the top. In everything.” As they rounded a corner, the woman stepped into the light and Chiaki drew to a halt, looking at Yukino briefly with a ‘play along’ sort of face.

“So I said to her, that woman is never going to get to doctor. But she proved me wrong.” Both of her eyebrows went up and she gave a quick glance over to Uyehara, who gave them a cursory glance before continuing on. She was in a laced white dress, headband to match and high high heels, almost too high for her. The way that she walked it looked like she was both used to them, but extremely uncomfortable. A figure moved to her and said in an exuberant voice, “Well hello Uyehara, it’s been ages since we have been out with the girls, and i absolutely love your dress.” The other figure was a woman, about Uyehara’s age, about fifty or so, and she wore a bright blue sequined dress. A plume of radiant blue jutted out like a peacock’s feather from a bun and she wore entirely too much makeup. The blending of both woman’s perfume wafted over, an overpowering odor that any person, ninja or not, could follow easily.

Chiaki moved to the other side of the street, keeping back about twenty paces and lowered her voice, “That’s Uyehara, she’s not a thief, or at least I don’t think she is, and I also don’t think that she has anything to do with any criminal activities. But I have been proven wrong before.” A raised eyebrow and a smile and she would continue tailing the women.

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The young girl was beginning to get really annoyed by the crowd around them. While she had a vast amount of patience, she couldn’t stand constantly being bumped into by strangers. While she was still paying attention to what Chiaki was saying; she could feel her annoyance slowly being ignited as her inner fire was stirring. As it happened, someone else bumped into her. Right before Yukino was able to go ballistic, Chiaki’s arm moved in front of her. This halted her movements instantly as her emotions were put to the side for the sake of the mission.  

At first Yukino didn’t understand what the sudden stop was for, looking to her partner for guidance. Once she their eyes met, Yukino read her partner’s face telling her to just go with whatever was about to happen next. While her first reaction was tense up in preparation, she quickly relaxed her muscles and tried to keep an open mind. She managed to figure out who Uyehara was by following her partner’s eyes and was met with a most distasteful sight. Being a Sarutobi, effectively made her a sort of nobility, though she never let it go to her head. That being said, she had been around elegantly dressed individuals before, and this woman was not it. “They look...dressed for the occasion.” she said in a more questioning tone that she was sure her partner would pick up on.

Yukino kept her own judgements to herself as Chiaki moved them to the other side of the street. At that moment she saw another lady walk up to Uyehara, seemingly having failed to notice the pair of ninja. The young Sarutobi watched carefully as they got up moved through the crowd. While they were far enough away to evade detection, the perfume women wore was not tricked. Or rather was indiscriminate in how it made its presence known. Yukino sneezed once the scent hit her nostrils as she looked up to Chiaki. “Is this some kind a jutsu or ward?” she seriously asked her partner as she rubbed her eyes. “Cause whatever it is, is working.” finishing. Yukino listened to her partner, following her lead as they tailied the women from a safe distance. “Do you know who the other woman is?” the blue eyed girl asked, gathering her bearings after her sense of smell got used to the aroma.

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