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“I have been.” She nodded in response to the ‘busy’ comment. “Or rather, I would like to think I have been.” Chiaki looked across the table and nodded to his comment about the place in the hospital. “I was wondering if you could tell me if there is any missions that you hear of in the hospital, if you could let me know?” Returning her own gaze to the menu, she looked it over. There were too many choices, and she chewed her bottom lip, her brow crinkling with a bit of thought as she considered the menu. She would like something to drink, but didn’t know what Takao would go for. She wanted to treat herself and the hokage, but after all, she wasn’t made of money.

Her thoughts were interrupted by his making sure she didn’t make the same one again. “I’ve actually started to study some of the things from the anatomy books around in the library. My father always said, ‘a smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from other people’s mistakes.’ So naturally, I would like to learn from those who came before me, rather than making my own stupid ones the next time that I go into the hospital.” She looked back down to her menu, perhaps she could get some Sake for them to share, she didn’t know if he liked the plum sake, the one mixed with whiskey, or the hot sake.

“I already said that I would take care of it.” She said to him, looking over the menu and nodding, it was an expensive item, and normally would serve up to three people, but then she looked back to him and blinked with a bit of confusion. It dawned on her that she had misinterpreted that he wanted to eat all of it and split the bill. She blushed and stammered onwards, “Ah uhhh. Yeah, That sounds good to me, let’s split that.” She nodded, looking up at the waiter with an apologetic smile.

The waiter bustled off after taking their order and she leveled her eyes on Takao, no longer did the menu require their attention, and they had them collected by the waiter. “You were saying something, as I had made a fool of myself with the mission.” She grinned and teased him on, clearly wondering what he thought and getting a good response was what she was here for. That and to catch up.

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Part 2 of Treating the Hokage to Brunch D6ehE4O

As Takao folded the menu and set it aside for the waiter to take when he approached, he instead focused his attention on Chiaki. He nodded politely as she spoke, making sure that she knew he was listening attentively, gradually reclining against his seat.

"Of course," He said, agreeing to her request to inform her of any new hospital missions.

"In fact, I'll let my mom know that you're looking into that kinda stuff. I've given her your name already, but I'll make sure she knows you're actively looking for work in that field." He added.

His eyes maintained their piercing gaze upon her. It wasn't particularly intentional, nor was it not, it was merely how he was. Eyes cold like coal let their gaze linger, bobbing his his head in a slow rhythm as she spoke.

"Your father sounds like a smart man," He replied, musing that he recalled his father saying something along the same lines, what must have been nearly two decades ago now. His expression didn't change, but a tinge of unpleasant nostalgia washed over him like high tide on a beach. In the meanwhile, she seemed to have misinterpreted his offer to split the meal half-and-half with her, which helped to snap him out of the daze he'd fallen into. With a slight tilt of his head, he needn't reply, as she appeared to have corrected her understanding of his offer before he could explain.

"Oh," Takao said, catching the waiter before he left.

"I'd like some of the Single Malt Hakushu and a bottle of the plum sake too." Takao said, ordering a few drinks since the meal they'd decided upon didn't include any.

"Since you're treating me to the food, I'll treat you to drinks, okay?" Although framed as a question, he had already made up his mind, especially since he had ordered particularly expensive whiskey.

Meeting the gaze that she leveled onto him, his tilted head straightened, only to tilt to the other side thoughtfully, his own eyes threatening to wander as he mused over what she said but ultimately remained steadfast on her.

"Mm? Well, I was just saying that everybody makes mistakes-- Sage knows I've made more than my share." He said, searching her features as he spoke.

"I'll admit that you've sparked my curiousity, though. Almost charged with public indecency?"



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