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Mission name: Setting up Camp.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Help the soldiers set up perimeter camps.
Location: Konohagakure wilderness.
Reward: 150 Ryo.
Mission description: Soldiers of the Land of Fire are setting up camps at various locations throughout the vast forests of the nation, these camps are for signalling and testing of communications equipment and they would greatly appreciate any eager young ninja's help with setting up any of the equipment.
Mission Details: You're helping to carry encampment supplies to a desired location and helping to set them up. You'll surely be recanted with many war stories from the soldiers who will be working with you.

While it was true that Yukino just graduated from the academy not even a week, and true she was also a genin. It was still discouraging that her first job would be something a little “You want me to what??” Yukino asked loudly to the Chuunin who gave her the mission. Her sudden reaction got the girl off guard, causing her to flinch. “As I said, we need Genin to help carry supplies to th-” “I’m fully aware as to what you said.” Yukino said, cutting the other girl off. The Chuunin who may have only been a couple of years older than her, still outranked her. These outbursts from Yukino went against the customs and courtesies of the rank structure. Especially since all of this was happening in the Administration building, with all other sorts of people trying to handle their business as well. The commotion, in fact, caught the attention of a Special Jounin who happened to be in charge of the Admin building while his superior was away. “Is there a problem over here Sakamoto?” he asked the Chuunin. “Sir, this Genin is just somewhat disappointed about her first mission.

Yukino looked at the Special Jounin who eyed her up and down. He then looked at her file, and that’s when something caught his eye. “Sarutobi eh?” he said as he picked up her file. “That is correct...sir.” Yukino replied, trying to watch her tongue, knowing it would only get her in more trouble if she kept her attitude. “I see, well. Even if you do come from such a prestigious family, you have to follow the rules of the Hokage. Regardless of whether or not your graduated top of your class at the academy, there is an order of progression to these things. It’s for your own safety; do you understand.” Yukino looked at the Special Jounin, still feeling mad about the situation, but deciding to accept her task. “I understand sir.” she replied dryly. “Good. Carry on then Sakamoto.” he said as he walked away. Sakamoto studied Yukino, easily being able to see the disappointment in her face. “Look at this way. You have high marks, and you come from a good family. As long as you train hard, you won’t be a Genin for long.” she said softly. Yukino looked at the girl, regaining her composure. “You’re right, well then; have a good day.” “You as well.”

“Oooooh I see.” the man said as he marched along. “You should be happy you didn’t get in more trouble.” He said almost jokingly. “A buddy of mine once went off on his CO, got completely discharged from the army. I think he works for the railroad company now.” the finished as both he and Yukino marched along. Not even an hour later, she found herself apart of this little road march carry a pack that was easily double her three quarters of her body weight. She joined up with a platoon sized element of engineers as per her mission, though the pace at which they went was extremely uncomfortable, and she found herself working up a good sweat. The men she marched were all at least 18, and they all seemed to be used to the pace, most of them even joking with each other as they went along. “Lord, what have I gotten myself into.” Yukino thought to herself before the man catching her attention once again. “Say, I don’t think I ever caught your name.” the man said, turning his head toward her. “My name is Yukino Sarutobi.” she said, trying not to show her discomfort from the march. “Everyone here calls me Ryo, so you can call me that too.” She said with a smile. “As in money?” Yukino quickly questioned. “Yep!” he replied followed by a hearty laugh

“Alright men! This is the spot. Start setting up camp.” the platoon’s CO said as he took off his pack “Yes Sir!” everyone replied as they dropped their gear before taking everything out and beginning to assemble the camp. Yukino began to do the same, but before she could unpack everything, the platoon’s CO called for her. “Sarutobi! Over here.” “Coming!” she said as she picked up her pack once again and jogged over to his location. “You have the other half of my tent and my main communications array in your pack, so I’d thought it’d be better for you to come her.” he said with a warm smile. “I trust the march wasn’t too hard for you?” he said as he looked over to Yukino, watching her unpack the equipment. “No, it wasn’t too bad.” she replied. “You guys carry  packs this heavy every time?” she asked as she looked over to him. “Yes, but you get used to it after a few times.” he said with a sense of amusement. Yukino sensed there was probably an inside joke in there, but she wasn’t in the know enough. Still, she helped him set up his command post, which took no longer than hour.

“You can go on and head back Sarutobi, the men will take care of the rest.” the man said with a grin. Yukino was surprised by this, as she was sure she would be there for the whole. She didn’t protest however, after a quick bow, she used body flicker to quickly disappear from his sight. As she jumped from tree to tree, she began to wonder why he let her off the hook like that. In that moment she remembered she never got the man’s name. She would have to check the paperwork again once she got back to the village proper. This in mind, she increased her pace to head back faster. She was ready to heed Sakamoto’s advice and train to become stronger, and leave the Genin rank as fast as she could.

-Exits Thread-

TWC: 997

750wc - mission completion
200wc - ryo
Discarding 47wc

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