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While Yukino had no idea how he managed to do it, her father was able to schedule a meeting with the Hokage. Rather, it was supposed to be a sort of training session. The gravity of the situation caused her head to spin. While she had felt anxiety from previous missions and experiences, it was nothing like. It blew her mind that the Hokage saw her as someone who he would take his time to train. Out of tens of thousands of fellow shinobi, he chose to focus his attention on one little Genin who hadn’t been out the academy long enough to even be looked at to be promoted to Chunin. All of these thoughts swirled in her mind as her father continued to speak to her.

“Listen girl, you must present the Hokage with proper etiquette. You must do this, or you bring dishonor to the Sarutobi name, do you understand?” Yamato said as he stared directly into her eyes.

“I guess so, but father! You’ve still yet to tell me how you managed to arrange such a meeting in the first place.” Yukino cried out.

It was almost too much for her to bear, though she knew she could never show this weakness to her father. If he saw this, he would make her pay before she even got the chance to train with the Hokage. Yukino sat on her pillow with only a table separating her from her father. Yamato was also sitting, though he was in robe. Today was one of the only days he had off in a while, and this his how he normally chose to spend it. Yukino herself was dressed normally, her hair already braided and ready for the day ahead of her. She waited for her father to answer, though he took his time, sipping on the tea she prepared for him. Her hands, resting on her thighs, began to ball into fists as she waited. Finally, Yamato put down his cup and once again made eye contact with Yukino.

“There are some things you will never understand, girl. That being said, I don’t report to you, therefore you will receive information whenever I deem it to be so.”

Yamato said, his deep voice being the only noise throughout the whole house.

“You will go meet with the Hokage. You will learn as much from him as you can, and you will return here once it’s complete. Do you understand?” Yamato asked, though it was more of a rhetorical question

“Yes...father.” Yukino said as she got up from her pillow and made her way out of the door. Before she left, she turned her head slightly towards Yamato. “Thank you...father.” she said. There was no response, but she didn’t need one. Closing the door behind her, she knew exactly what his thoughts were. She knew what his plans with her were. His ambitions had been instilled within her for almost as long as she could remember. She knew the time for words had already passed, it was time for her to prove to him exactly what she was capable of.

All of these thoughts ran through her mind as she made her way to the Hokage’s main building in the center of the village. It was midday, so the traffic leading up to this point was dense. All the different shops and stalls were crowded with people. The various sounds of haggling, laughing, and conversation could all be heard, but none of it was intelligible on this level. The world famous Hokage Rock stood behind the Hokage’s building, powerful and imposing. Looking at it always reminded her of how small she was. In this case, it served as symbolism, showing to her the disparity in strength between herself and the Hokage. She walked into his building as the anxiety within her was slowly building, not knowing what to expect next.

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The Monkey meets The Dragon [Takao, Yukino] D6ehE4O

He hadn't wanted this. A full decade ago he had sat in this very same chair, staring at a marginally different panorama of the village, filled with anger and playing at war like the child he was. The situation today was no different from then. He had only taken the chair and the hat because the Hokage, Kenta Inuzuka ten years ago and Rippa Chi in present, had been assassinated. Anger boiled his blood, but this time, it was not solely at the aggressor. This time, it was at the village. For ten years, the village had displayed such humiliating weakness, electing sub-par Hokage after sub-par Hokage. Some had defected, some were merely so incompetent that they chose to disappear rather than face with their ineptitude, but they all had one thing in common. They did not embody the core belief that the position of Hokage was not solely a pillar, but a pedestal to lift others up with. The core belief that the Hokage position was there to protect the village's Will of Fire and, equally as important, the 'King'. No longer would the Village Hidden in the Leaves be lead by a disgrace to the name. He had decided that a standard would be set, a new standard, to compete with the large shoes that the Age of Heroes left to be filled.

His quiet musing raged on like a wildfire in his head as he sat motionless, blasé expression overtaking his face, while seven different individuals all spoke in unison ad naueseum, each blurting out what they wanted to say with little regard for those that stood beside them, creating a headache-inducing chorus of white noise that he tried, desperately and fruitlessly, to block out. He truly wanted to take whatever they had to say seriously, but they gave him no opportunity to focus, only picking up trace nuggets of what they said and what they desired from him, all different and opposing, yet none spoken so clearly that he could make out what purpose they had here.

"Alright," He said, yet his words were lost amidst the sea of conversation erupting around him, adding fuel to his growing frustration.

"I said--" Again, interrupted, spoken over, and unheard. Voices erupted in his head like an active volcano, flooding his physique with unthinkable suggestions. Kill them, burn them, make them scream and cry, run for their lives and hide in fear. Boiling, boiling, until finally, the kettle would burst.

"Enough!" The deep, guttural, roaring resonance in his voice shook the room and startled the half-dozen and some change into silence. He stood from the desk, his six-foot-three frame towering over the shorter and smaller individuals that shrank in surprise.

"I've sat here now for thirty minutes listening to you seven bicker like children to no end. There is nothing I can do if you all can't have the courtesy to speak in turn." He was not finished speaking, but their mouths had opened, ready to erupt into another symphony of arguments.

"You all are going to turn around, leave this office, go downstairs, and talk to the receptionist, one at a time. You'll set up individual meetings, I will speak to you all individually, and we'll continue from there. This is not up for discussion. You are all dismissed." The last word he spoke was laced with a sort of venomous absolution that shook the seven to their core. With nothing more than his expression and tone, he had conveyed to them that their opportunity to speak had been spent, and that they were to leave. They did so, submissively, and left him alone in the office, granting him a brief, fleeting, yet savoured moment of silence that was interrupted within seconds by the creak of the door reopening.

The receptionist, a young woman with dark hair that looked to be in her early 20s, gingerly stepped inside, having overheard the interaction moments prior.

"Uhm-... Hokage-sama," She said, gingerly, not wanting to be another burden atop the mountain on his shoulders.

Takao straightened his posture, no longer leaning on the desk, and set his glance upon Tomita, the receptionist, as she spoke, and as he tugged on the hem of his shirt, black and short-sleeved, to adjust it on his shoulders.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you--"

"No, please. Don't be." He said, falling back into the chair unceremoniously with a huff and slumping into the comfortable leather fabric.

"What is it?"

"Well, your midday appointment is here. She's waiting in the lobby." Tomita said, clutching a clipboard close to her chest. Takao tilted his head back, exhaling a sigh of relief.

"Thank the Sage," He said, returning to a more respectable posture in the chair.

"Finally, something productive. Send her up, please?" Takao asked, politely, earning a smile from the receptionist who nodded and quickly departed from the office, heading down the hall, two flights of stairs, and around the corner, back to the Administration Building's lobby. She spotted the dark-haired girl and approached with a smile, clipboard still held tight against her chest.

"Excuse me, Yukino-chan!" She said, her tone bubbly and chipper, per the usual.

"The Hokage will see you now. It's the last office on the third floor, you can't miss it, okay?"





A part of her wished the receptionist would stay with her as she walked up to the Hokage’s office. While the directions were simple, and Yukino understood them with no issues, nothing could’ve helped how she felt on the inside. The walk up to his office was long, almost too long. In reality, it may have taken only a couple of minutes to reach his office, but once she did; she paused right outside his door.

“Oh crap, I’m really here. I’m really about to do this.” Yukino thought to herself as she head was positioned downwards. “Is it even okay to be this nervous? Am I just being weird about the situation?” she continued to think to herself.

She never foresaw herself meeting the Hokage this early. Maybe when she was already a Jounin would she have the honor to meet him, but not this early. Yukino hated her father because of the situation he had put her in today. She also respected and feared him even more because of it as well. Yukino wasn’t as immature as to fail to understand his actions, no matter how much he tried to cover them up through his decision to be aloof. No matter hard he was on her, he always had his own way of showing his love for her. At the same time, she always understood what he was trying to do when he was training her. Even if she didn’t like it, it helped her become a better person, and even better ninja.

More recently however, he seemed to be hung up on making sure the Sarutobi name didn’t get drug through the ground anymore than it already has. Yukino never learned where that came from all of the sudden, and her father never elaborated on the issue. Still, she had to push herself to continue to grow; and she had to push herself to walk into the Hokage’s office. Almost as if she could hear her father telling her to go, she steeled herself and walk into the the Hokage’s office.

“I am Yukino Sarutobi, it is an honor to meet you, Hokage-sama.” Yukino said calmly. Or at least, that’s the way she hoped to have said it. It probably came out more hesitant and timid than she would’ve liked. She did make sure to bow however, to make sure she showed the proper respect to the village’s rightful leader. She was only going to rise again once the Hokage let her know that bowed enough. This was what her father told her to do, so she planned to not seem as though she had no respect for the title, as well as the man. Her eyes were closed while in her bowing position, though she had no clear idea as to why.

“I hope I did everything right.” she thought to herself as she waited for the Hokage to give her the green light. Once he did give her the greenlight, she would rise and listen to what he had to say.

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The Monkey meets The Dragon [Takao, Yukino] D6ehE4O

It had taken a moment for the expected knock on his door to arrive, but when it did, a breath of relief escaped his lungs. He had worried for a moment that he might have to return to the less desirable facets of his job, and not utilize a well-timed excuse to escape the stuffy office. The door opened, a girl stepped in, and she introduced herself, calmly, as 'Yukino Sarutobi'. She was a member of a clan that Takao respected greatly, the legendary Third Hokage, a man revered by the shinobi world as a God, boasted similar blood as she. Her words were laced with timid hesitation, which Takao noted, and she bowed.

Slowly, Takao rose from his seat, standing at his full height about a foot and some change above her that became more evident as he moved around the desk. He was dressed in semi-traditional Hidden Leaf Jōnin garbs, with fitted black underclothing worn beneath a Jōnin vest so dark green that it might as well have been black. Facing her, she couldn't see it, but embroidered on the back was the kanji for "Thirteenth", denoting his place in line as the thirteenth Hokage. Interestingly enough, he did not wear the traditional shinobi sandal-type of footwear, but instead donned a pair of black, polished boots, laced a quarter of the way up his calf.

"Yukino Sarutobi." He said, testing her name. He nodded as his right hand extended out to her, scarred digits extended, offering a shake.

"I'm Takao Kimura. It's a pleasure to meet you." Polite despite the cold, boding countenance he wore and the way his voice carried powerfully throughout the room, seemingly without effort. Perhaps it might be clear to her from that mere test of dialog that he, with considerable ease, commanded the room with just the manner in which he carried himself and the tone in which he spoke.

"I understand that you're interested in training," He said, retreating his hand after the shake, should she have accepted it, to be tucked into the pocket of his trousers.

"Is that correct? I believe I spoke to your father... Yamato-san? He mentioned that our preferences aligned quite conveniently. A penchant for fire release techniques and specializing in hand-to-hand combat alongside ninjutsu, I believe." Takao recalled their conversation hazily, but remembered the details that interested him the most. He certainly had a soft spot for training the youth of the village, so 'convincing' him hadn't been much of a chore. Now that he stood in front of her, though, he wondered if perhaps the girl was reluctant, or uninterested in learning from him, and this was merely something forced upon her by her father.

"I can work with that-- was there anything specific in mind that you're interested in learning?"




The sounds of the Hokage’s footsteps as he rose from his chair reverberated within her skull as she was hyper aware of his movements. Her eyes were still close, but from the sounds of his footsteps, she could tell he took his time in making his way towards her. While each step was surely heavy from his own body weight and shoe, it was also light, soft. Telling her that while he was the single most powerful shinobi in the village, his training and awareness was always active.

Then, without lasting a moment than needed, he spoke her name. Yukino responded by straightening herself, lifting her head up first, followed by the rest of her body. His voice was deep, rough even, similar to her dads. She took note of his uniform, though due to her inexperience, could never pick up the fact that his jacket was darker than a regular one. Still, he extended his hand out towards her, Yukino following it with her eyes for a brief moment.

While there was definitely some hesitation in her action, she moved to shake his hand in the most casual and relaxed way she could’ve. Once their hands met, the Hokage continued to introduce himself. “Takao?” Yukino thought to herself. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say his first name before.” she finished thinking as they both ended the brief handshake. By this point, she could feel her nerves starting to get back in line as he spoke to her. Once she had gotten past the fact that she was indeed talking to the Hokage, she realized that he was person like he was. Albeit, a very powerful, near godlike person in comparison to her, but a person nonetheless.

He would go on to mention her father and point out that their abilities were similar to one another. “Y-yes sir! I’ve been training in Ninjutsu with a focus of Katon while also training my Taijutsu.” she would confirm to him once he got done listing their abilities. To her delight, he approved of their training, easing her mind a bit more. Then he posed the question of if she had anything specific in mind to learn from him.

Yukino definitely didn’t think about this before hand, and it had never occurred to her that he would ask a question like that. Though in hindsight, it made total sense that he would ask her that, almost being silly if he hadn’t. Her face would change quickly from a surprised look, to a more thoughtful one as she placed her hand on her chin in thought.

“Well, I would like to add more versatility in what I could do, maybe while still utilizing Katon?” she said while her chin rested on her hand, her face looking more so to the ground initially. She would then raise her head up to look at the Lord Hokage’s face while she finished her statement. “I also don’t have any defence for Genjutsu at the moment, though I don’t really know how to fix that.” she would say casually, almost as if she was talking to one of her classmates. Catching herself do this, she had hoped she wasn’t sounding too picky and quickly bowed again.

“Honestly Lord Hokage, I’m here to learn as much from you as I can! I’m motivated and more than willing to put in the work to become a better ninja. Whatever you feel you wanna teach me is what I’d be more than happy to learn!” she said with a slight timidness, while still bowing. Now she could only wait for his reaction, and hope she hadn’t found a way to screw it up.

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The Monkey meets The Dragon [Takao, Yukino] D6ehE4O

Takao remained silent, but listened carefully, and the ever-present intense expression on his face acted as indication of such. She explained, briefly, of her practice with fire release-natured ninjutsu and dabbling in taijutsu. Both areas that he specialized in, perhaps more so than anybody else in the village at present. Although an unwarranted tinge of pride traveled up his chest like a shiver, his face didn't move in the slightest.

"My specialties," He commented idly, letting her continue after inserting his bit of dialog into the answer.

"Versatility whilst retaining the application of Fire Nature, and defense against genjutsu." He said, contemplating a moment, mulling over the repertoire of techniques and knowledge that he kept stored upstairs-- in his head, not the literal next floor. After a moment, he had arrived at a conclusion.

"I have just the thing." Walking past her, Takao moved to the door, perhaps giving her a brief glimpse of the embroidered kanji on his back. In the past, Hokage would oft don ornate capes, cloaks, or shrouds, decorated in various ways, and displaying their number in the line of succession. But Takao took after one in particular, the sixth Hokage, who wore his number on the back of a Jōnin vest. It was, in a way, symbolic to him. Takao was not an ornate Hokage, nor was he the 'face' of a village. He, if he could help it, would never see his face upon the mountain; it would be an insult for his mug to sit next to the greats. Instead, his Hokage garment displayed where he believed his place was. He was a soldier, a shinobi first and foremost. His life, through and through, was dedicated to the village.

A tool to keep the Will of Fire burning.

"Come," Takao said.

"Walk with me."

He expected her to follow, and if she did, he would lead her down the hall, opposite to where she had come from. From there, he would open a pair of double doors, and lead her up a flight of stairs. Continuing, the staircase lead to the roof of the Administration Building, but he did not stop there. Following another path, he took another flight of stairs that lead up the sheer face of the mountain.

Hundreds of steps would lead them to the summit, a flat expanse of dirt with sparse foliage, a perfect landscape for training, and one commonly used by the shinobi of the village for their more destructive preparations. There, stood atop the mountain, his gaze fell onto the village, sweeping slowly across the bright, midday landscape. It was a clear day, one could see the Fire Country go on for miles, and the people bustling through the streets of the Hidden Leaf looked like mere ants.

"It's a sobering view, isn't it?" He asked.

"You feel so big up here, yet at the same time, so small. In the grand scheme of things, we truly are insignificant," Turning to face Yukino, his expression remaining in its trademark neutrality, he finished the thought.

"Yet at the same time, our actions are like a small snowball rolling down a hill. Even a small action can create a massive change." There was no particular point to his musings, nor did he explicitly intend for there to be a lesson to learn. Merely, he let his mind wander, and his words escaped.

"Anyway. I'm going to teach you two techniques. One of them is of my own design."

"The Fire Clone technique, which is a staple of the village, and a technique I call 'Parasitic Chakra Destruction'. We'll start with the former first. To begin, I want you to make three clones using the technique you learned in the academy."




Hearing the Hokage muse to himself about what she said drew her attention back up to him. Rising from her bowing position, she watched as the Lord Hokage came up with an idea as to what train her in. It didn’t take long for the leader of the village to come up with a plan of action as he instructed Yukino to follow him. Walking past and in front of her, it was then that the young Sarutobi caught the sight of the Hokage’s custom made flak jacket. His number proudly showing on it, only now fully realizing that his jacket was almost entirely different than the ones other ninja wore. “Woah..” she simply said under her breath as she hurriedly caught up to him, keeping her distance behind him.

Whether she would realize it or not, the Will of Fire that was inside of her was already started as she followed the Lord Hokage. As this was her first time being in the administration building in this capacity, she had no real idea as to where they were going. “We must being going to the top of the building.” Yukino thought to herself as they continued to walk up the stairs. As they walked, she come to appreciate the training she had already done, otherwise she might have gotten winded from the sheer amount of steps.

Even though it seemed like an actual eternity since they started their trek upon the stairs, it may have only actually taken a few minutes. Still, once the Hokage led her to their final destination, she was at a loss of words. The first thing that hit Yukino was the cool wind that hadn’t been present down in the village. Taking her off guard, she closed her eyes, only to open them again to the view that was presented to her. The Lord Hokage stood in front of her, taking the view in as well. “This view must mean much more to him.” Yukino thought to herself. While it was significant to her, the responsibility of millions must’ve hit the Hokage the moment he saw the bustling mass of people below them.

It was here that her thoughts were cut off by the Lord Hokage as he seemingly started to talk to her. That was when it was as if he had been in her thoughts not even an hour ago when she first walked up to the building. “He really is just another human being..” she thought to herself, if it didn’t ring true earlier, it was definitely clear now. The young Sarutobi being as young as she was, didn’t have the life experience behind her to really understand everything the older man in front of her was alluding to, if anything at all. She watched as the Lord Hokage turned to face her, though his emotions were a mystery to her. If she had to guess, she would say it sounded almost as if the man was sad or depressed. Whatever he was feeling however, was not made easily known. Perhaps, if Yukino was older and had known the Hokage a bit better, she would understand.

Regardless of whether or not she was able to truly follow what he was saying, the blue eyed girl knew that this was also apart of her training. For there was more to training than running around or lifting weights. It was about imparting knowledge onto another person, that extending to the intangibles. This was something that was drilled into every young Sarutobi, and one day, Yukino knew that it be her duty to impart knowledge onto the younger generation. Finishing his musings, the Hokage told Yukino about the techniques he had chosen to teach her. After which, instructing her to create three clones using the jutsu she learned while still in the Academy.

“Yes sir!” the young girl said energetically as she weaved the hand signs with one hand. Weaving said hand signs with one hand was easy for her, and to do so at this point was second nature to her. While the dog hand sign was slightly altered to fit into her one handed style, the last two didn’t see much deviation. Once she was done, not even a moment later, three clones came into existence around her, all standing ready at attention. “Like this, Lord Hokage?” Yukino simply asked, not sure what to do now.

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The Monkey meets The Dragon [Takao, Yukino] D6ehE4O

Takao's cold, scrupulous gaze was more often than not a detriment to the students he took on. The way he watched them and their actions thoroughly was necessary to instruct them, but in many cases, they would feel uncomfortable being watched so closely, something he surely couldn't fault them for. In the end however, it was a necessary evil. 'Stage Fright' was something that a shinobi would have to get over if they were going to be effective, because their opponents would be watching them just as closely, if not then even more than Takao himself was.

He watched, carefully, observing even the smallest of details. She weaved the necessary seals with a single hand, which was quite the feat for a genin, as many were not able to do so at all, much less so efficiently. She produced three clones, as instructed, and Takao nodded, his arms folding over his chest.

"Perfect," He said.

"Now, I want you to concentrate on and think about what you just did. You're projecting your chakra into a shape outside of your body and manipulating it, right? The Fire Clone technique is exactly the same concept, all you need to do is project your chakra."

"You've been training with Fire Release ninjutsu which means you should have some handle, even if it's not very refined, on adding Fire Nature chakra to a technique to produce an effect. Do this with the Academy Clone technique, and pump more chakra into it. You should aim for about a tenth of your total pool. You won't get it at first, that's perfectly normal, chakra isn't so easily quantifiable. You might just need to do it a few times to get a handle. Just remember, if you don't know how much to put in, don't go overboard. It's better to put in less and gradually build up than it is to overload it and exhaust yourself on the first go."

Takao explained the process in detail. The intricacies of utilizing a technique were quite difficult to articulate; the process was such a matter of 'feeling' that it was nigh impossible to accurately explain what exactly one needed to do.

"For now, dispel these three that you've created, and focus on creating a single clone imbued with Fire Natura chakra. When you're able to create one without any trouble, we can move on to the other technique, and you can practice creating more on your own time." Tilting his head slightly, he considered something else. Motivation and reward-based praise was often the best way to teach, at least that he'd found, and thus an idea was born in his head.

"...and to make it interesting, how about a little wager? If you can create reliably create three of these clones by the end of the week, I'll teach you one of my jutsu-- any of them, your pick. But if you can't, then you owe me dinner. Sound fair?" He said, smirking slightly at the notion. Now for him, it was a scenario where he could only win. Imparting the knowledge of his jutsu was no loss, so if she won, all the better. But, if she didn't, he got free food. The perfect crime.




The young Sarutobi listened carefully to what the Hokage said to her as her three clones still stood at attention. As they didn’t have an actual physical form, they were undisturbed by the wind that was trying its best to mess up Yukino’s hair. She noticed how the Hokage went into a level of detail that they rarely even did while she was at the academy. Chakra control and nature transformation was never really practiced in the academy. She had assumed that the instructors thought of it as too complicated to explain to young kids. Due to that however, most kids would more than likely become a Chunin before they found the need to practice such a thing. While in theory, it should be simple to do, in truth it was going to be a bit more intensive. On the bright side, Yukino had undergone nature transformation with her father before, though it wasn’t for long.

Heeding the Lord Hokage’s instruction, Yukino dispelled her clones and began to concentrate on creating her fire clone. “Let’s see, one tenth? I’ll try to do that.” Yukino said as she tried to picture what that meant in her mind. Following the same process as creating her academy clones, she slowly tried to insert fire nature chakra in with it. It was hard to control as fire nature was always difficult to handle. Her face was scrunched up as tried to make her clone. Once she felt like the clone had enough, she unleashed it. While she felt like she did it right, one look at her failed clone on the ground was evidence enough that she didn’t do it right.

“Crap! What the heck is that supposed to be?” She yelled out of frustration, her forehead showing the signs of her exertion. She glanced over to Takao, to see that he was looking at her with eyes that could only be described as scary. “Damn, now he’s gonna think I’m not a capable ninja.” she thought to herself as she grit her teeth.

“No, I’m not gonna allow it.” she said aloud without noticing. She dispelled her failure and went back to concentrating on her jutsu once again. “The issue was that I didn’t put enough chakra into it last time, so maybe if I…” she thought to herself as the fire within her started to burn. Fire nature chakra was extremely volatile, and required a steady hand to mold it into more advanced jutsu. It also required one to not be timid or scared of fire.

Following the same process as before, this time however, she started to put more chakra in the to clone. While it was impossible to tell beforehand whether or not the clone was going to be stabilized enough to function properly, Yukino could tell if she put more chakra than needed. She could feel that if she summoned the clone, it was simply explode, and that’s the last thing she needed with the Hokage standing next to her. So she pulled back some chakra, and unleashed the clone.

It was an immediate difference as the clone didn’t look dead on the ground. It looked like a perfect replica of Yukino herself, and even more so than that, it was physically there. She hadn't thought about it before, but it was weird to see herself in front of her, albeit in the form of a emotionless fire clone, but still cool. A couple of sweat droplets were visible on her forehead, but she didn’t notice as she looked towards the Hokage. “I did it! And I’ll take you up on your bet. I bet I could even do it in less time than that.” Yukino said respectfully, but with a smirk on her face. “What’s next, Lord Hokage.” she said as she bawled her fist in anticipation. Her Will of Fire was burning full force within her as whatever nervous jitters she had before were melted away.

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The Monkey meets The Dragon [Takao, Yukino] D6ehE4O

Strong winds painted the Hokage Monument with broad strokes. While Yukino made her attempts, Takao stood with folded arms and watched behind half-lidded eyes. His sedulous gaze didn't waver for a moment, watching even the smallest action, noting the failed attempts but making no comment. There was little he could say now to help. She knew the theory of moulding chakra, she knew the basics of imbuing her techniques with her affinity, all she needed was to endure the tedious practice of repetition. He thought little of her failures but revealed nothing with his expression.

When she shouted in frustration, he couldn't help but crack a faint smirk that pulled the corner of his mouth toward his cheek. There was a plethora of techniques that he'd endured similar frustration with when he was younger. It was a vital part of learning perseverance, so again, he said nothing, and let the cards fall where they did.

Takao turned halfway to his right and paced with a leisurely stride. His folded arms fell lax and hands chose to clasp behind his back inside, watchful eyes remaining locked on his charge whilst she drilled the technique.

After a few tries, she produced a proper clone. His scarred eyebrow rose curiously as he approached the clone, leaning forward to examine it closely. The replication of appearance was as perfect was one could expect from a clone, and more than that, it had the substance of a properly imbued doppelganger. A broader smile built across his features and he straightened his posture, standing straight. It was a good start, but merely producing the effect once was not mastery. Until she could reliably replicate herself in triplicate under stress, he wouldn't be satisfied.

"Well done," He said, turning back to Yukino.

"You got the hang of it quick. I'm impressed."

The broad, crooked smile eased at Yukino's proclamation that she would take him up on the bet and, not only that, but claimed she could do it in even less time. Eager to push her to her limits, Takao spoke again.

"Oh? Well, in that case, let's up the ante. If you can do it in three days, then I'll teach you any two techniques."

There was more training that he could offer than just the techniques in his arsenal, surely. Battle theory, actual combat practice, strategy, supervised training, and even more beyond those, but much of the village's youth was focused on expanding their repertoire of jutsu. For the most part, it was what set them apart from the normal citizen, after all.

"Now, the other technique..." Takao tucked his hands into his pockets, falling silent for just a moment as he mulled over the explanation he could give.

"This one is called Parasitic Chakra Destruction. It's the one of my own creation that I mentioned. The core concept is that it uses your own chakra coursing through your body to identify, attack, and purge foreign, hostile chakra from your system. It can be used against genjutsu, chakra-based poisons, things that attack your system internally through the use of chakra, and even acts as a defense against things like the Aburame's Kikaichū."

He wouldn't disclose that the technique had been specifically made to combat the Aburame, per Takao's own paranoia. He had a contingency for nearly every clan in the village, just in case the worst were to happen.

"It's a bit more complicated to practice than the other one, which is why you'll use these..." Reaching for his right forearm, he placed the palm of his left hand onto the bandages wound tightly around his scarred limb. A seal hidden in the fabric appeared, extended to the palm of his right, and procured a small glass case of red and black capsules from a cloud of smoke. He tossed the baseball-sized case to Yukino.

"The capsules in that case are a harmless chakra-based poison. They do nothing but place foreign chakra in your system for the purpose of practicing techniques like this. You'll be able to feel it in your chakra pathways like your own chakra, but it'll feel a bit off so that you can identify and focus on it." He explained, returning his hands to their respective pockets afterward.

"For this one, take one of the capsules, hold the tiger sign with your eyes closed, and focus on sending your chakra to attack the virus. You'll immediately feel when you've done it successfully, but keep in mind that the poison will be continuously moving, so you'll have to chase it, and it won't be easy. This is also a good exercise for learning fine internal chakra manipulation and control."

[ Threat Exited. ]


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